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Get a friend and take a look at the player-chosen results for the best multiplayer mods in the site's history!

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Multiplayer Mayhem


Welcome to the 20th Anniversary Multiplayer Category results! With votes across twenty friendship builders and score-settlers, the best ways to game with mates have been decided!

Some of the most remarkable and well-loved mods in modding history have been multiplayer experiences, letting players duke it out to decide the best, and entire genres, like Counter-Strike's, can be traced back to the UGC that kicked it off. In the end, only five mods from the poll could take pole positions, and you can find them below!

The first of two Company of Heroes mods showing the support for the World War II genre of games is alive and well in 2022. Eastern Front introduced a new faction back in 2010 in the form of the Soviets, and aimed to mimic the quality of an official Relic expansion pack - something which players feel they managed quite handily! Expanding the factions available in a game is good not only for singleplayer AI skirmish fans, but also diversifies the line-up for co-operative/competitive play.

The other showing for Company of Heroes on this list, Blitzkrieg works with the existing factions of the game but aims to expand them tenfold, with many new abilities for tactical play, expanded commander trees for more singularly-focused strategies, and new sounds and effects aimed at refreshing this time-worn classic. Players could only just about decide Blitzkrieg as their favourite of the two, but both mods for the game have been a go-to for thousands over the last decade or more.

RTS games are inherently multiplayer driven - battles for supremacy pitting teams against one another. Command & Conquer has been the score-settler for decades, whether putting your money where your mouth is with a group of friends or displaying your mastery of the game. Contra gives us an excuse to go back to one of the all-time greats, Generals, and bring some mates along for the ride with new generals, new units, and, if you'd rather fight with your friends than against them, improved AI for some intense engagements.

Hell's full, and the dead are walking. What's the play? In this zombie-killing total conversion, which has been a staple of the Half-Life 2 modding scene for over a decade, you team up with some friends and battle back the hordes with bullets, bats, and brains. Survive as long as you can and complete objectives to progress in a classic gameplay loop we're familiar with in many co-operative zombie games, and which this mod may've been the first to introduce to many players of the genre.

Star Wars has always been about good triumphing against evil by working together - and plenty of games in the franchise have allowed us to wage war with or against our friends in the galaxy far far away. Battlefront II is a strong example of large-scale player-driven warfare done right, and even despite a remake, it remains popular - in no small part thanks to a modding community, represented today by Star Wars Battlefront 2 Remaster. Bringing maps, models, sounds, and more closer to a modern standard, attention to detail has been a core focus of the mod's development and over time, it has become the definitive way to revisit this classic.

Congratulations to all the modders and community members who participated in the 20th Anniversary event! Stay tuned for the other category results coming up!

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