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No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell

First Person Shooter

No More Room in Hell the long awaited Source zombie modification.

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Love this mod! I have 70 hours on record and have only owned this for about a month or two. It never gets boring! Kudos to you guys! :)

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Just one thing. As a Czech player, I'd like to see the right name of our best weapon. Please, rename it from "CZ858" to Vz.58P :) "Vz." - "Vzor" - means "Model"; 58P - "P" marking for fixed stock (V model is with folding stock)

And btw: If are there some machineguns in plan, you can add UK Vz.59 Universal machinegun ;)

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[nmrihdev]-Maxx Creator

It isn't a v58, it's a CZ858, that's what the civilian version is called here in North America.

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Great mod, check out my impressions video on it at

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Looking forward for this game. I just hope it prospers and doesn't die off like a lot of other mods.

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Hey guys, I've having some issues downloading this. It keeps asking me to give my steam name to validate the download, but whenever I do that Desura crashes and I have to restart the process. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or am I just doing it wrong?

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Desura is very buggy with downloading mods. I suggest you don't use it for the time being and just download off a server host like Gamefront etc.

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I am having the exact same issue, I can play some of the half-life 2 mods but some I can't and for this one it causes Desura to crash and then I have to completely re-install it along with games, if anyone has an answer for this problem would be really helpful!

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If this eventually becomes a stand alone game for windows, Mac, and Linux it has the potential to do incredibly well and could easily become one of the top 5 mac games, (killing floor is at the top)

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It will become standalone, it has been voted into Steam Greenlight and the team is just ironing out bugs and such for the release. It will be free!

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