VTMB: Arsenal mod
System requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP sp 2
CPU: pentium 2.0 GHz or athlon 2.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Video card: GF fx 5200 or R9600 128 Mb
Version of Direct X: 9.0c
CD / DVD Rom: 16X
Language: only english
Crack: not required (depending on the version of the game)

uragh! Comrades! Finally it ceased work on the mod. I do not know how you, but I got tired of these terrible monotonous weapons care inherited from the "Troika Games" (dudes of "Troika Games" if you're reading this, please excuse me). All weapons have new models, features, rather than to the visual and special effects.
The mod has all three shared the file so is compatible with the Companion mod and unofficial patch or any others. important to put it on top of all other modes. The mod is recommended to use with the Companion mod, and not recommended for beginners, it will be difficult in some situations.


1) Install any version of the game, install the top mods, patches.
2) unpack the ARSENAL MOD folder and copy the contents of a folder.
3) insert the contents of a folder in a folder with a game (for example:E:\Games\Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines) with the replacement of files.
All the mod is installed, run and play!


1) Colt Peacemaker - revolver elementary level, but at least shoot it is now possible.
2) Colt 1911 - semi-automatic pistol, with a high catching action.
3) Dan Wesson PPc - heavy carcass, expensive revolver, with alternative modes of fire.
4) Thunderbolt - Professional weapons at the vampire hunter, shoots electric bolts, of course not absorb damage to electric power.


1) Mossberg 500a - Classic pump shotgun, a more powerful, more charges, but most of the variance ratio, is working on the area.
2) "Dragon's Breath" - 2-charge shotgun, shoots phosphoric shot, causing not absorb damage ignition for a short time, working the area.

Submachine guns:

1) modified mac10 - increase weight, shoulder thrust, provide sight to shoot more accurately, the low level of criminal.
2) M3 "grease gun" - a reliable, quick submachine gun, 45 caliber cartridge - high stopping action.

1) M16 - the usual, convenient assault rifle, quick, long-range, high accuracy.
2) G36 "bullpap" - powerful assault rifle, with a view, a more expensive, requires high skill.
3) Steyr scout - simple easy sniper rifle, a dual approach of requiring a high skill.


1) missile launcher m72 - shooting incendiary missiles, long range, concentration loss ignition for a long time.
2) "pocket Flamethrower" - enlarge canister of napalm, ignition loss of small areas.
3) hand grenadelauncher m79 - works like a small mortar, damage by explosion of bolschim areas.
4) Fragmentation grenade - the explosion of a huge areas, caused damage to the player.

melee weapons:

1) water pipe - so it is almost not weapons, although early in handy.
2) police baton - more suited for battle, so a little better previous.
3) Golf stick - long crushing weapons, well confusing the opponent's legs.
4) knife - good entry-level cutting weapons.
5) machette - good cutting-hewers weapons. slightly worse than the sword.
6) Norman axe - hewers of good two-handed weapon.
7) Medieval sword - the typical sword, excellent cutting-hewers weapons.
8) War Hammer - good long two-handed crushing weapon.
9) electroshock - secondary weapon, but does not absorb damage to electric power.
10) Bloody mace - good crushing weapon, leaving huge bleeding wound.
11) Soul Reaver - a fast and powerful sword, causing not absorb magic damage.
12) halberd - excellent long two-handed hewers weapon.

Major bugs
1) frag grenade on the some maps work unpredictable. More often than not, one grenade does not work, buy 2 or more (20). grenades for the m79 and fragmentation grenades are linked, buying one buys the other - first: because the game will not mach a lot of grenades, secondly: ammunition to all the weapons are not enough.
2) Grenade m79 - possible departures in graphically rich maps (example the battle with Ming-Zyao) all depends on the power of the computer.
3) When you hit from the Colt 1911 bullets stuck in the player, and the screen floats - that's OK.
4) when switching some of the sight of guns going long - that's OK.
5) mac10 and G36 Blinking with LOD level - in a game full of glitches you played and not arraignment, in short, I do not know how this fight.
6) Animation sometimes do not fit - so you ..., new animations do not add (if you know how - Write).
7)When does this by removing weapons it drops normally, but when you kill enemies often do not fall as expected.
8) A, what, as, any, I do not like these weapons - Listen, you already get, do not like - playing with the original weapons ...


Lenusk@ - it's me (Email - Lenusya@sibmail.com)

Technical Support:

Most technical support questions can be answered from the "bastard Games"Customer Service:
Call: On duty the police department, contact telephone 02
Write: Customer Service
"bastard Games"
Red Square, 1st house.
Moscow, Russian Federation
"Screw you guys , I'm going home" - Eric Cartman(c)

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VTMB arsenal mod

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VTMB: Arsenal mod

VTMB: Arsenal mod

Full Version 8 comments

VTMB: Arsenal mod - completely changes the weapons in the game.

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I love soul reaver blade can you add real soul reaver blade but dark.If you scroll down abit on this site you will see how its look.http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=148885

Make it large.

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dat broken english

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

hunters explosive shotgun is wayy to op dude D: max fortitude n def they still gang up on me and 1 shot me

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Does this have First person models too?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Why do I crash when I try to put some guns in containers?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

If you really want the old weapons, then you can use the Console Impulse 101, but I don't see why you would want the old ones when the new ones are awesome.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

awsome :) too bad nobody fixed the clumsy combat in the game, or added extra moves as you get better, that would be great :) will be so wonderful to play the game again with new mods, haven't played it for a long time and it's still amazing!

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This mod very nice, but bad what no russian translate. Sorry my bad english).

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