Clan Quest Mod is an add-on for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines that not only adds many new quests along with a myriad of other new features, but also integrates several other mods for the game, including the Arsenal Mod, the Camarilla Edition Mod, Companion Mod, and more!

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The clanquest mod is brilliant. Combined with the unofficial patch it has improved the game experience to a legendary level. I have played through all the clans with this mod and there is not a moment that i have been dissapointed, so it is really easy for me to give this mod a 10. This mod has been given the stability the game needed and a great depth to the story and the world.

Thank you so much for giving me this amazing experience!

One of the best mods for VTMB. Nothing more to say about it, just TRY it!


Sadly i am disappointed with this mod. After all this hype and (high!!?!? #@) scores i was expecting something good but... no. Firs of all it lacks atmosphere very badly. There is too many "LOLs" and "*****" and sexual themes. It felt very childish and premature. After couple of quests i wanted to uninstall this crap and start with the fresh install. To create quality video game there is some proper IQ required. And this chick date-quest thing, really??! (I am talking about the clan mod thing only, not the other like arsenal mod or patch which are great!)


The only good mod for VTMB.
Quests and voice acting is so well done you wouldn't even know it's not vanilla.

Cannot live without this mod! Superb work, definitely deserves 10/10, especially after hearing of Burgermeister's return. Practically drooling as I wait for what comes next.

Great lore integration and this mod really fits well into the WoD Lore.

Can't wait for more!

Absolutely phenomenal mod. It adds so much to the game, new quests, balance, items, me this is so good it is now my 'default vanilla' VTMB installation. Seriously, it adds so much and takes nothing away from the core game. And it has what is probably one of, if not the, greatest user generated content quests in any game ever with insanely good voice acting: Dance of the Thrashing Dragon, this quest and the lore/dialogue given in it is so brilliant this mod would get 10 from me just for it (ignoring all the other awesomeness of the mod). In short: get Clan Quest.


Played through the game with this mod on. Aside from the Arsenal mod's effects and of course the annoying blood loss and feeding not healing you effects, didn't encounter many differences.

Malkavians are comparatively overpowered, by the way, given that in the Camerilla version or whatever it is makes the change they have 2 zero blood cost abilities.

This mod is just a major improvment over the original game, it just adds more to some locations that just "felt" empty like the hotel in Downtown. If there are minuses i could name only one, original game music is replaced, i liked the original though. But anyway, you can't say much about a mod. You just have to try it out and see what it is in essence.

Hello for all you vampire bloodline people out this is a mod with vampire: bloodlines i found ver enjoyiable it offers the ability of a whom do you serve when you pick your bloodline you'll find out plus as a bonus you can help out mr. Plagues in spreading disease! a great 9/10 from me

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