Titanium Wars Mod for Dark Crusade ver. 1.00.31. All videos here!!! Videos about TWM-DC-campaign here.
NB!: Titanium Wars is very old well-known Mod for good experienced RTS-players and true W40k-lovers with real serious work over DoW-content. Do not search here the popular-casual-gameplay. Popular does not mean the best.
NB!: Also please read the rules of moderation of comments in the end of this page (press on "READ MORE").
NB!: Do you need new versions of this old DoW-mod in the year of its tenth anniversary??? Voting has begun !!! The voting rules are HERE. Your voice is important! Write your vote in this topic. In addition, TWM-players created a community in Discord [click] for regular online gaming in the Titanium Wars Mod. JOIN TO IT! It will be interesting. From your votes and the activity of this gaming community will depend the further life of the Mod.
Grumbling Orc Game Development,
Grumbling Orc Great Hall, December 2008 - April 2015.
NB!: This Mod only for Dark Crusade ver.1.2 (not for Soulstorm)!!!
Soulstorm version see here.
NB!: Before ask here on ModDB any question about the Mod,
read Titanium Wars FAQ here in forum section. Also look on Change log.
Thread on Warforge forum - official forum of the Titanium Wars Mod.
Thread on Relicnews forum - old TWM-forum.

Welcome to the World of epic wars on Titanium Wars Mod arena.

This is almost classic gameplay DoW Mod but with almost all GW units. If you was tired by "revolutionary revision of gameplay" mods you are welcome here. In this Mod you'll see very interesting dynamic extended gameplay with fully functional single campain, skirmish, and multiplayer. If you dream about epic Warhammer 40000 battles then this is your Mod. If you want to see all Warhammer 40000 units in one mod then this is your Mod. This Mod is a kind of a superstructure over original masterpiece from Relic and it isn't a radical revision of all gameplay ideas of DoW. Main motto of this Mod: "All Warhammer 40000 units must be in DoW!" See Mod's readme-files and visit the official forum of the Titanium Wars Mod on Warforge for more information. This is HUGE Mod. So much work was done and so much work awaits in future development!

Good luck in your epic battles in Warhammer 40000 Universe!!!

Features of this mod:

- Many-many new units and buildings. Extended tech tree.
- Many-many new abilities and upgrades.
- New Heroes and fully functional Heroes wargear.
- RPG elements from CutterShane's Heroes System. Experienced units after battles.
- Fully functional single campain, skirmish, and multiplayer.
- And finally Titans and Titan-like units!

Important remarks:

- Main goal of this Mod: all Games Workshop units in DoW game.
- This is high quality Mod. This Mod was made with Relic standard of quality (and even higher for some parts and aspects).
- This Mod was the first DoW mod when you can see Titans and Titan-like units in all game types (campaign, skirmish and multiplayer).
- This Mod changed mind of DoW Community about Titans in game (balance issue). Now we see many mods with Titans.
- A lot of work was made in this Mod framework on 3D-level and in OE-code for Relic and DoW Community models. Many units and buildings were reworked to more quality variants (behaviour especially). Titanium Wars stuff are used in many other mods now.
- This Mod is new view on DoW Dark Crusade campaign. You can see new quality of game in campaign (especially in strongholds with new scar-code scripts).

Installation instructions can be found in readme files (file setup(eng).txt in Mod's folder in archive file) and/or here on ModDB local forum.

Note about known software problem under Windows 7: Known problem with campaign playing. Old DoW engine is not truly compatible with Windows 7. (Maybe Windows Vista and Windows 8 too. No any problems under Windows XP 32bit.) The problem is only in the end of some Strongholds in campaign. Sometimes DoW game crash after playing outro before end-mission-screen. This is software problem. Methods of solution are described in Titanium Wars FAQ item 2.11. Please read and use one of these methods.


- Games Workshop for creation our beloved Game Universe and serious support to Warhammer 40000 fans for many-many years.
- Relic as best game developers team in all Our World.
- Corsix's Mod Studio and its creator.
- Dawn of War Texture Tool and its creators.
- Brother Santos as creator Santos' Tools for 3Dsmax 2008.
- Annihilation, TTRU (especially), Firestorm (especially), DoW Pro, Steel Legion, and Craftworld creators. Without those mods, I would never find so many ready-made models and its corresponding elements (textures, icons, sounds) necessary for basic idea of this Mod. All permissions for using models were received from corresponding team leaders.
- Enthusiast-creators of new models, textures and FXs for DoW. This Mod was never created without good hard work of modelers and artists from International DoW Community. They created many beautiful good functional models for DoW Mods. Take my hot gratitude guys...
- Special thanks to Winterdyne as author of Warhound Titan model.
- Special thanks to Catwell as author of Great Unclean Ones and Keeper of Secrets models.
- Special thanks to Maestrorobertus as author of Stompa model.
- Special thanks to BoyChaos as author of Annihilation Barge, Doomsday Ark, and Ghost Ark models.
- Heroes System. Original Heroes idea and implementation by CutterShane 2006. Heroes Special rework by Arkhan 2007. Big thanks for their work.
- AI programmers from Dawn Of Skirmish Mod Team.
- Special thanks to Thudmeizer for his directions to some existing DoW models which were unknowing for me. (Needs list was partially satisfied.)
- Eugene Roshal for his great multi-functional file-manager Far.
- My best friend Vadim Nikitin for support.
- Alexei Yudichev, Evgeny Nikiforov, and Irina Fridman for their help with editing of English variant of readme-file.
- And you for reading this text and your interest for Titanium Wars.

Also great thanks to our donators. Look on file "Donations.txt" in the Mod's folder or follow to this link to make donations. List of TWM-donators can be seen there. Donations remind modders that modders have to work. :)

Sincerely yours,
Grumbling Orc.

Grumbling Orc Great Hall, November 2009.

- !!! - Please read the text below before write here anything. - !!! -

The rules of moderation of comments.

- Abusive, disrespectful and rude behavior is prohibited.
- Stupid questions are prohibited too. Please think before you'll speak and write.
- If you are not able to download files from ModDB, do not ask me about it in comments. Ask ModDB admins about it. Or use alternative download links on Warforge.
- Read Titanium Wars FAQ. Do not ask questions from the FAQ.
- Do not promote other mods (in any form). Also do not make any other offtopic.
- Do not ask huge questions about TWM in comments. Please go to the forums for that.
- Do not ask technical questions here. Please read Titanium Wars FAQ first. Go to the forums if you do not find the answer to your question.
- Do not use public comments as PM to me. Use true PM for private communication.

Comments (which do not comply with these rules) will be deleted. Please do not spam here. If your comment was deleted, it means that it does not conform to the rules. Just stop posting here. Go to the forums if you are needed the answer to your questions and/or discussions...

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RSS Articles

New update with new features. Many important cosmetic changes. Very important changes in campaign. This is another FC-version (FC = Final Candidate). In our time any TWM-version may be last. TWM-project is almost completed now.

Version 1.00.31 (19 April 2015)

Change log

- Teamcolour for Eldar Webway Great Portal and Space Marines' Demolition Bomb. Thanks to Dante.
- Now Necron Gauss Pylon have ability Gauss Annihilator Ceasefire.
- Teachings of Mont'ka and/or Teachings of Kauyon increases maximum squad size of Fire Warrior Teams (+1) and Vespid Squads (+3).
- Now cap of Ancient Builder Scarabs is the same as ordinary Builder Scarabs.
- Energy Core no longer increases squad size for Necron infantry squads (+2). Now this function belongs to Essence of the Nightbringer and Essence of the Deceiver researches.
- Tau LPs, Adv.Turrets, and barrack with turret were updated. Correct behaviour while aiming and after.
- Builder idle event was removed from all builders for all races.
- Fixed very rare appearing bug in all strongholds of TWM-DC-campaign -- attachable squads (heroes and mini-heroes) can stay invulnerable after campaign-inner-cinematic. Very rare bug, hard for testing, however it was fixed. Thanks to Skinnie for report.
- Fixed AI-bug with shrouding for Webway Great Portal. Now AI able to using it. Moreover the AI-algorithm for all Eldar shroud abilities was improved by GrOrc.
- New version of AI Donations scar-script (wincondition). This scar-script was improved by GrOrc.
- Fixed bug with firing Necron Gauss Pylon during first setup process. Titanium Wars FAQ item 4.1 is not actual now.
- Even more correct scar-code for Eldar and Necron Strongholds of TWM-DC campaign.
- Some important cosmetic changes.
- UCS-files were updated.
- Readme-files were updated.


Hotfix for TWM-DC ver 1.00.31 (10 October 2016)

Change log

- Fixed scar-script bug in Necron Stronghold related to the Beacon of the Void Dragon (right-bottom corner of the map). Thanks to gunbox for bug-reports.

Version 1.00.30 (15 November 2014)

Version 1.00.30 (15 November 2014)

News 9 comments

Jubilee version of the Titanium Wars Mod is available now! Today we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Titanium Wars Mod. 5 years ago the first public...

Version 1.00.29 (19 September 2014)

Version 1.00.29 (19 September 2014)


New update with new features. Some important cosmetic changes. This is first FC-version (FC = Final Candidate). Any version from this moment may be last...

Version 1.00.28 (17 July 2014)

Version 1.00.28 (17 July 2014)

News 1 comment

New update with new features. Wraithguard model was essentially updated on 3D level and OE-code (by GrOrc). Fixed some scar-errors in campaign. Some important...

Version 1.00.27 (31 May 2014)

Version 1.00.27 (31 May 2014)

News 4 comments

New update with new features. Chaos race was essentially updated in this version. Other races have new elements too. Even more correct work of AI for...

RSS Files
Hotfix for TWM-DC ver. 1.00.31

Hotfix for TWM-DC ver. 1.00.31

Patch 3 comments

Hotfix for TWM-DC ver. 1.00.31. Fixed scar-script bug in Necron Stronghold related to the Beacon of the Void Dragon (right-bottom corner of the map).

Titanum Wars Mod 1.00.31 (DC)

Titanum Wars Mod 1.00.31 (DC)

Full Version 18 comments

Features of this mod: - Many-many new units and buildings. Extended tech tree. - Many-many new abilities and upgrades. - New Heroes and fully functional...

Edited "DarkCrusade.exe" for using extra memory.

Edited "DarkCrusade.exe" for using extra memory.

Patch 14 comments

In the starter of this theme I wrote about the well-known technical problem in the campaign under Win7. I've found that editing the file in accordance...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 328)

So i play the first Tau Campaign Mission and there was no change at all.
No new tech tree, units or gameplay.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GrOrc Creator

You did not start the Mod. Read Titanium Wars FAQ item 2.1 and 2.10.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ok, I played DoW long time ago (had great memory of it), and now i wanted to take another look at it with some mods. Titanium is great but i dont understande why when enemy is in negative cover my army cannot shoot them at all ... I think in regular game it meant that you are not in any cover ... correct me if im wrong on this one.
I started with necron campaing and right now im assulting Imperial stronghold, this is where I found out about negativ cover invincibility ...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GrOrc Creator

To elenthar. Almost all weapons in the TWM (except flamethrowers and some other specific weapons) obey landscape restrictions. If unit have no line of sight then shot is inpossible. Change position in this case.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yeah ok, but does negative cover mean that i dont see them? because even when i send my troops right next to theirs they still wont shot. This applies also to gauss pylon and other static defences like monoliths, enemy is standing right under my monolith (in this stronghold mission it is the one submergend in water north from your base) and he is bashing it with melee and my level III monolith is doing nothing.
Here is the screenshot I took:
if i remembare correctly this was not the case in the original game, I always used to fortify this position on the map and annihileted anyone who wanted to cross the river, but now they just walk throug troops and defences. Only thing i found out about its that pariahs can attack theme but wont agro them, if enemy starts attacking them then they fight back, necron warriors wont do that, they just stand there and take a hit

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GrOrc Creator

I know about it. This is very specific place on that map.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So is it supposed to be like this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GrOrc Creator

Water place with deep almost man stature.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nerf the Nightbringer that is all i ask. It literally wont Die. I know ots supposed to be a god but what am i supposed to do against that as the imperial guard. My warhound titan dies but the nightbringer doesnt i have over 30 units shooting at them 1 of them being a titan and it just regens all the damage wheb it gets low. If you could decrease the insta regen that would be nice other than that everyrhing is balanced.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Can you nerf the necron a bit? they are way tooo op. how the hell are necron get their tech up so fast when i killed off all it's worker spend entire early game disrupting it's caping it still end up with more units than i can handle. and boy their super units are op, the necron lord transformation + deceivers + gauss cannon platform + active monolith????? they can have 4 different super units up at once! the Gauss cannon can become invincibility while still able to fire???

You should limit necron can only have 2 super units up at once. and if they did they can't have that many infantry. it's rediclous the necron can have legions of infantry and still have pop caps to make 4 super units.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


The Necron care not for your rules

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