Tiberian Sun Rising was a total conversion for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars! Tierian Sun RIsing brings back GDI and Nod battleing it out during the Second Tiberium War, retelling Tiberian Sun as never before. This isn't just a remake of the hit title C&C Tiberian Sun. It is a mod making Tiberian Sun as it should have been originally so expect lots of new fun and originality while sticking to the feel Tiberian Sun had. Taking the mindset that this is the first time Tiberian Sun is being made and using the original game as a design concept. This mod will also include the additions made in Firestorm so it is a remake of Tiberian Sun and Firestorm as one to what they should have been.New abilities and units will appear in Tiberian Sun Rising as well as new kind of gameplay altogether...

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Nod Cyborg Control Centre
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SlayerX3 Dec 25 2010 says:

It would be nice if the Cyborgs went berserk instead of getting idle when this building gets destroyed, attacking any unit nearby friend, foe and neutral alike.

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AssassinCS Author
AssassinCS Dec 25 2010 says:

Actually they do :) if it is destroyed Cyborgs will go berserk,

Also if your wondering why it may look a little CABAL like in design this was intentional given CABAL is processing data from all of the Brotherhood Cyborg Control Centres.

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Alex_06 Dec 25 2010 says:


Aw, man, you should just give CABAL his own faction. :P

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AssassinCS Author
AssassinCS Dec 26 2010 replied:

We've defiantly thought bout it a CABAL faction would be cool I agree, but for now lets just focus on getting GDI and Nod finished and the Tiberium Ecosystem get a release out. Then we'll decide where we go from there ok :).

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*memory-on-Goldberg* Dec 26 2010 replied:

will there be a mutant faction? :)

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Scorpionov Dec 25 2010 says:

nice man

peace through firepower

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Scorponizer Dec 25 2010 says:

Wow. Will the cyborgs also be built here?

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AssassinCS Author
AssassinCS Dec 26 2010 replied:

Nope, this is used to control cyborgs, Cyborgs are produced at the Hand of Nod or if the Cyborg Reaper the War Factory. This will play a special animation when a Cyborg is produced however. The idea is that Cyborg production occurs at this facility then they are sent via Nods underground tunnels to the Hand of Nod or War Factory for outfitting with weapons & equipment and loaded with the appropriate command/battle data/software.

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Scorponizer Dec 27 2010 replied:

Nice. A fresh new idea is always welcome =)

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Harrier_Jumpjet Dec 25 2010 says:

It seems the team has full-filled our dreams of this mod :)

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Pyrodaimon Dec 25 2010 says:

This one I'm not so very sure. I like the idea that cyborgs are linked to a single building, but I personally don't think that the design fits Nod very well.

I think that the building, aside from being tinted Nod red obviously, should be less spherical and given a more capsule-like appearance, like the cloning vats or the bio reactor of RA2/YR. And maybe make the facility on the back a tad bigger so it seems like an industrial plant that has to "cyborgify" people 24/7. Of course, if you plan to make a CABAL faction or subfaction in the future, this building looks perfect as it is.

Of course, that's my personal opinion.

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AssassinCS Author
AssassinCS Dec 26 2010 replied:

The idea is CABAL is already planting down methods of control even in Tiberian Sun due to a thirst for power, knowledge, control. But he is loyal to Kane during this period none the less. But notice he does use these facilities to lead a Cyborg Commando squad to rescue Slavik from GDI Prison. So he already makes his own decisions to a degree even in Tiberian Sun. The CABAL design/appearance is intentional.

In Firestorm when he goes renegade these facilities allow for him to easily take control of the Cyborg forces of Nod.

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Jeffman12 Dec 25 2010 says:

This is just getting kind of out there, but I always thought Firestorm would have been cooler with an infantry harvesting unit that would capture enemy/neutral infantry to be used in creating new cyborgs. If destroyed, the captured infantry would come out like with the old APC's and probably fight for the side that freed them.
I know you guys are going for a more faithful recreation than not, but thought I'd mention it.

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Cypher_CS Creator
Cypher_CS Dec 27 2010 replied:

That was indeed the idea behind the fiction of the Nod Reaper.

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damius Dec 25 2010 says:

Ooh, cabal buildings. This makes me think if/when they do firestorms mission mode cabal may be having his own unique or altered building and unit designs. It look a little bit brain like to me, very fitting for the task it fulfils.

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AssassinCS Author
AssassinCS Dec 26 2010 replied:

Mabye, but we're not there yet. Plan is to get this GDI/Nod release out get going on the Tiberian Sun campaign first. See where we are at when we've done that ok ;).

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playmsbk Dec 26 2010 says:

i ll hesitate a lot to build cyborgs now :P

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ApornasPlanet Online
ApornasPlanet Dec 26 2010 says:

I aprove of this, a very nice idea.

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Templarfreak Online
Templarfreak Dec 26 2010 says:

I have to say it looks nice, though doesn't look nod but thats okay. However I was kind of hopeing that you would make a complete TS in a 3D engine before adding your own thing. (lol I already said it at the sumary but it was... WAY to late! xD)

+1 vote     reply to comment
-Golan- Creator
-Golan- Dec 26 2010 replied:

Sorry, but there are things we sadly *cannot* replicate in TW due to technical limitations, so directly porting TS is out of question. One of our primary goals is to stay true to the spirit of TS as good as possible however.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Pyrodaimon Dec 26 2010 replied:

What is it that you can't replicate?

+1 vote     reply to comment
AssassinCS Author
AssassinCS Dec 26 2010 replied:

Well one thing I can think of is individual soldiers. C&C3 is heavily built around squads to remove squads and put in individual soldier's creates a load of problems.

But that is fine, TS Rising's design was adjusted for squads and personally I think its better for it.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Sarge_Rho Jan 1 2011 replied:

Actually that is wrong. Removing squads doesn't cause problems, as long as you remove All squads.

+1 vote     reply to comment
AssassinCS Author
AssassinCS Dec 26 2010 replied:

That and the objective all along wasn't to just remake TS. It was to create Tiberian Sun best it can be, basically the approach we've taken is. If Westwood was creating Tiberian Sun now, what would it be like. So we are staying true to the spirit of TS with any new additions but hope you'll all agree it be better then ever. As Tiberian Sun though it is one of my favorite games of all time it was not perfect and many things were cut from the game.

Also I've already said, this does not look Nod is intentional. It looks CABAL because CABAL had a hand in designing it. He is using it to augment Cyborg control and also plays into his hunger for power. Though he is not renegade in Tiberian Sun CABAL still has a thirst for knowledge, power, control. When Firestorm does come he use's these facilities to quickly take control of all Nod's Cyborg forces when he goes Renegade. This structure is to better link Tiberian Sun/Firestorm together and also better link Cyborg production to a Nod base. As Cyborgs being produced at Hand of Nod and War Factory always seemed odd. Humans are sent to this facility processed underground into Cyborgs and moved to Hand of Nod or War Factory for fitting with equipment *so they still are produced at hand of nod/war factory but require this structure to produce and maintain control, without it they'll go beserk.

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EvilGoodGuy Dec 27 2010 says:

this is a great idea! reminds me of the robot control center in RA2.

few questions:

1. will the player only be able to have 1 built at a time?
2. If captured by a enemy player, will the capturing player take control of the existing cyborgs?
3. if power to the base is taken down, will the cyborgs go beserk, or power down? i think it would be cool if they powered down, and only went beserk if it was destroyed.

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Pyrodaimon Dec 27 2010 says:

Good point. In that case, I think you should keep the color pattern black and red when its Nod and, after CABAL's rebellion, change it to white and blue.

Macintosh cyborg army!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pyrodaimon Dec 27 2010 replied:

Bah. That comment was supposed to go above. Stupid posting system...

+1 vote     reply to comment
keithktam Dec 30 2010 says:

this is awesome! who did all the professional rendering anyway??

+1 vote     reply to comment
vimpel_zocm Jan 27 2011 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
FIN7 Jan 5 2012 says:

gabal and core defender this mod would be epic

+1 vote     reply to comment
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Through much experimentation over the year's since the First Tiberium War such prorams like "Project Regenesis" have finally developed a consistent process for developing Cyborg soldiers far superior in strength to the average human and capable of lifting heavier weapons platforms. The Cyborg Control Centre is used to link all Cyborg's into together and to send orders & receive information back from Cyborg force's. Cyborg's are produced at the Cyborg Control Centre and then are sent via the subterranean tunnels underneath all Nod base's to the Hand of Nod for outfitting with weaponry and loading battle data into each unit. It is also possible in the future Cyborg's may be sent to the War Factory for outfitting with heavier weaponry and augmented with more complex machinery. Due to the sheer amount of data & command decision's being transmitted the CABAL (Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform) has been linked to these structure's giving the Cyborg force's an advanced hive mind making them extremely effective on the battlefield. If this structure is destroyed you will loose the ability to produce more Cyborgs, and you will also loose control of your existing Cyborg force's in some test scenario's Cyborg units have gone berserk. So keep this structure well hidden and well protected Commander. Further intelligence of Cyborg models ready for deployment will be forwarded to you when available.

Dec 25th, 2010
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