Tiberian Apocalypse is a Partial Conversion for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars with the goal to create a true Tiberian Sun sequel. GDI, Nod and the Scrin are getting a complete overhaul.

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'Been a while since I've last posted a proper news update, and I thought now would be a good time for one now. The Moddb page now has OVER 500 THOUSAND views.

Posted by Sarge_Rho on Feb 17th, 2012

'Been a while since I've last posted a proper news update, and I thought now would be a good time for one now. The Moddb page now has OVER 500 THOUSAND views.

I've done a few dramatic changes to the gameplay of GDI, Nod and Scrin. Most notably there is now not a single stealth-detecting units other than the Mobile Sensor Arrays, however all units reveal stealth units that are very close, standing on their noses basically. Radar has been move from the construction yard to the Command Post, Operations Center and Nerve Center, respectively for GDI, Nod and Scrin, so no access to Radar without these structures anymore.

The powerplant upgrades no longer require the tech center, but War Factories instead, I might switch that over to the Command Post and equivalents however. Airfields now require nothing more than a Tiberium Refinery. Superweapons have gotten some changes too. The Ion Cannon when hit right on the spot, will almost destroy a powerplant, but the damage falloff is pretty extreme. At the very edge of the AoE, the damage is not enough to fully destroy a powerplant. The recharge time for the Ion Cannon is 4 minutes, and 7 for the Nuclear Missile and Rift Generator. Disruptors damage everything in their line of fire, both friend and foe.

Next up are a few ballance changes. Both Avatar and Mammoth are notoriously vulnerable to bombers, that's Orca Bombers, Vertigo Bombers and Devastator Warships. Mammoths will most likely leave husks in the future. Nod's Heavy Artillery deals more damage per salvo than the Juggernaught now, and is faster, but takes longer between shots and doesn't have as much armor. A salvo of the Heavy Artillery is only one shot, while the Juggernaught fires 3. The Juggernaught has a bigger AoE thanks to that. Nod SAM Sites firs 3 missiles in stead of 6, and half as fast as before, however the missiles deal 110% more damage to compensate, so this is mostly cosmetic. Tiberium Silos give a bit of build radius again, and so do Power Plants and Barracks, Portals and Hands of Nod.

And last but not least: Some more screenshots.

That's it for now, I hope you enjoyed it.

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x-2bSkiiLLeD-x Feb 18 2012 says:

you deseved it! 500k thats a lot of people...

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ChadaFACE Feb 18 2012 says:

so far,so good eh?

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GooberTrooper Feb 18 2012 says:


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jasonboy16 Mar 17 2012 says:

the Ion Cannon is kind of unbalenced though

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Sarge_Rho Author
Sarge_Rho Mar 17 2012 replied:

I suggest you take a look at when I posted this and when I uploaded the last version. Notice anything?

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GeneralJist Feb 28 2013 says:

Good to hear your still trecking on.

Last time we chatted alms aid your almost done, is this still the case?

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Sarge_Rho Author
Sarge_Rho Mar 10 2013 replied:

I said that GDI was almost done, which is still the case. Only some buidings and abilities as well as 3 units left to do.

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