The Zone's Call returns the player to the southern reaches of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, to once again, answer the Zone's Call. With all of the southern areas from Clear Sky, ranging from the expansive Marshes to the eerie Red Forest, along with some of the more well known areas from Shadow of Chernobyl, are used to help complete the world of the southern Exclusion Zone.

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That's a damn good idea ! Are you also going to apply this feature on the few radios that are not playing any music ? (Like the ones in the military base and red forest for example)

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This'll be great, I wish I knew how to add the on/off capability to the COP version we have.

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Really good idea man, it may look like a small gameplay element, but since I like music (especially this STALKER russian music), I really appreciate that.

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Awesome idea! Merry Christmas, Stalker!

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Very nice. I really love radio in places where I mess with my inventory, like the vendor guy or near the base stashes and so on. Otherwise it is too quiet.

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Had this idea hit me when I was doing a freeplay run yesterday, trying to find any stroyline elements that I could accidentally trigger.
In CS, radios exist, however, these are static sound sources built into the levels, and are only capable of playing a single sound track. So I thought, this needs an improvement.

So after about 3 hours (including a break for pizza - very important for software engineers/developers) I have come up with this.
These radios will loop songs, and can be turned off and on by the player. They also should turn off when hit, however that isn't working yet (probably a logic issue).

I'm going to leave this one here, and might hide a few more throughout the zone, tuned to different stations. Ultimately, in the long run, I want to remove the static sounds, and replace them with one of these spawned radios.

The first radio to be replaced will be in the Garbage Depot Bar.

I didn't bother to edit this video since I'm kinda busy packing to head off on holiday over Christmas to catch up with family.

Since this will probably be the last update this side of Christmas, Merry Christmas Stalkers! See you all in the new year.

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