The Zone's Call returns the player to the southern reaches of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, to once again, answer the Zone's Call. With all of the southern areas from Clear Sky, ranging from the expansive Marshes to the eerie Red Forest, along with some of the more well known areas from Shadow of Chernobyl, are used to help complete the world of the southern Exclusion Zone.

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Standing Guard
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Looks like **** lol jk Coming along pretty nicely man, always thought the Bar would have been nice to visit in Clear Sky, gonna have to come back to this game once this mods finished

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SetaKat Author

The blue patches right? I know.
I've got something like 100-200 textures (exlcuding detail and bump maps) from SoC that need to be converted from the SoC format to CS format, and its about a 5 minute minimum job per texture, and I need to guesstimate the settings so it looks right, otherwise its another 3-5 minutes to redo it if I get it wrong.
I'm going to cheat, and look at some of the CoP mods that add SoC maps, and just take the textures out of there, save me a lot of time. I'll still have to do some textures, but it probably won't be too many.

Weekend today, so time to do some more work on the bar

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Sweet ****, idk much about modding past config files for weapons mainly, always ended up changing weather in SHoC for a couple levels too so it wasn't always daylight out. Like anything else though it takes time, a lot of trial and error till it's right where you want it. I'm sure this mod will be outstanding once it's finished, otherwise I'm feeding your corpse to a pack of wild dogs ;P Hey, I could be a **** and tie you to a tree without shooting you first lol vodka

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SetaKat Author

Then who will fix the inevitable bugs you guys find if you do that?

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Setting up smart terrains (aka camps) on the Bar level now. Almost got this one finished, just need to get these guys to stand at their posts for a bit longer, otherwise they seem to enjoying playing musical guard positions.

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