In The Rising, there is no place to hide, there is no escape, and you will not be rescued. The only hope available for mankind will come from your determination and resilience. The time of avoidance and submission are over. The only option is to resist.

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MacMonkey Nov 7 2010, 3:57am says:

There's no hip-firing? Only Iron-sights to fire your weapons? Whatever I like Iron-sighting anyways. Wow, looks like I'm here first that's what I get for not sleeping...

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J.S.F Nov 7 2010, 4:05pm replied:

I find it pretty nice keeps teamates from scared firing and forces them to AIM desently instead of wasting caps.
Still good aims model and textures.

And I think I speak for most :
Cant wait for it to come out!

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Murdouken Nov 7 2010, 3:57am says:

Looks incredible as always, but I think the sound feels a bit weak. That's just preference though, no idea how the actual gun sounds.

As I said, visually it's incredible. Can you fire from hip or just down the sight?

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Nov 7 2010, 3:59am replied:

You cannot fire from the hip. I think the sounds fit really well.

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KEVLAR60442 Nov 7 2010, 4:00am replied:

As someone who has fired a berretta, the sound is nearly spot on, and is a MAJOR improvement to the common "pop" sounds of most games.

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taiiat Nov 16 2010, 10:04pm replied:

yeah. most games portray either the 9mm beretta as either a mini cannon, or a paintball gun. either some immensely exaggerated blam, or just a piffle. it's pretty proper, and the minor bit that it is off, isn't of the utmost importance.

also, kudos for remembering to have multiple recoil animations, so that the gun doesn't always move to the same place and direction when you fire. too many mods forget that.
and i like the arms quite a lot! the hands look like he's been attacked and killed something with his bare hands but otherwise.

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Lord_Mordja Nov 7 2010, 4:10am says:

I know this may sound weird, but those are some sexy hands. :P Seriously though; great modeling. Only problem I can see is that his sleeves are really shiny.

E: The sounds are cool too.

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SneakySoft Nov 7 2010, 4:17am replied:

You are right about the sleeves.

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Mr.John Nov 7 2010, 6:19am replied:

That would be a normal-map / phong error. Too high value I believe. Nice work anyhow..

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cheesemoo0 Nov 7 2010, 4:49pm replied:

Phong or spec map.

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Mischa_Silden Nov 7 2010, 4:47am says:

Nice :)

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Andrzej_Kocur Nov 7 2010, 5:00am says:

nice map-radar in right-upper corner :)

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CorporalHicks Nov 7 2010, 5:06am says:

Thats bad that you cant fire from the hip. You know if you are overrun by monsters and they are 1 meter infront of you or you are making your last stand you will not shoot looking trough the iron sight.

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Nov 7 2010, 12:33pm replied:

At that distance, why don't you just melee attack them?

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Hendar23 Nov 7 2010, 8:15pm replied:

Have you ever tried firing a pistol onehanded? Without using the sights? You'd be surprised just how hard it is to hit anything, even at point blank range.

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Nov 7 2010, 11:02pm replied:

Yeah, it's difficult as is to hit targets with ironsights. Without them, you are just a fool who's going to waste a LOT of ammo. And in a time where supplies are limited, that's not a good idea.

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KEVLAR60442 Nov 8 2010, 5:42pm replied:

plus you have a tendency to aim on instinct.

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Craka_J Nov 7 2010, 5:37am says:

The only negative/constructive thing I can muster is: the sleeves are shiny. They look wet. The rest is great though.

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CorporalHicks Nov 7 2010, 8:06am replied:

Thats because the player wear leather jacket.

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Jokerme Nov 7 2010, 6:00am says:

I hope weapons are really strong because looks like it'll be difficult to shoot people like this.

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Nov 7 2010, 12:37pm replied:

Actually when hip firing and ironsights are available, people shoot in ironsights 90% of the time anyway.

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CakeMaster7 Nov 7 2010, 1:15pm replied:

Well, that may be true, but I prefer moving (running, sprinting, ect) NOT looking down the sights.

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Octopuss Nov 7 2010, 6:14am says:

This is so awesome!!! I get ******, please release it soon!!!

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Rukus_ Nov 7 2010, 6:51am says:

I haven't seen a monster in any of these videos. Strange.

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Nov 7 2010, 12:40pm replied:

What's the point of spoiling the monsters?

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CakeMaster7 Nov 7 2010, 1:16pm replied:

We might want to give ideas for them?

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MetalNinjaRed Nov 7 2010, 7:14am says:

Wow, that is some great work, right there! I love pistols, so I think this gun might be my fav, haha. I also think that the idea of only being able to fire in iron-sights is a really cool one; it kind of reminds me of the Resident Evil games, and those are just plain awesome.

So keep up the good work; look forward to more updates and such!

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SolidFake Nov 7 2010, 7:27am says:

really nice ambient sounds!
it feels like you are playing I am Legend :D

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KEEP_IT_UP! Nov 7 2010, 9:07am says:

just awesome animations and great models... only thing i would change is, speed up the "walk animation" when the player runs. it seems like there's no real difference between the two. :)

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Reluctant_Redcoat Nov 7 2010, 9:13am says:

Yay, trigger discipline! :D

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thelastlambda Nov 7 2010, 9:35am says:

No one noticed the flying error at 0:22? Look in the sky!

Anyway, very cool, I like the way the mod is coming. Maybe hip firing could be a perk?

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RedSlug Nov 7 2010, 9:38am says:

Are you planning a second reload-animation when one round remains in the chamber?

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Yronno Nov 7 2010, 1:25pm replied:

^ Please do this.

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Sn1pe Nov 7 2010, 9:43am says:

Longest pistol reload I've ever seen, The end of the reload also has this weird thing going on with the fingers, is the character amazed every time he reloads or is he mentally unstable?

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Fur-Man Nov 7 2010, 10:31am replied:

The reason for the fingers is that he was releasing the action. Do you want your fingers to get caught in there?

Also, I like the reload time. I feels like the person really is simply a survivor and not a trained policeman. I love how it feels like the person is rummaging around for the clip. The reload feels a lot like a Project Reality reload (which is a complement for me).

Also, a suggestion to ease people complaining about no hip fire: Make a system so that you don't have to click RMB to go to iron sights, you can click LMB and it automaticaly goes into iron sights and shoots. When you stop shooting with LMB it goes back out of iron sights. Just a system for quicker shots (although less accurate because you are doing it so fast).

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FredDurscht Nov 7 2010, 1:22pm replied:

ihmo the animation and the "only iron sight" shooting via rmb is pretty nice and shouldnt bei altered. its not that typical ego shooter style which fits pretty perfect to the whole thing. reloadtime is also nice..i like it very much

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Nov 7 2010, 12:30pm replied:

This isn't counter-strike.

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Sn1pe Nov 7 2010, 6:18pm buried:


Of course it is, Well at least it will be in the future am I right? You seem to adore the concept of playing a video game such as Rainbow Six, Brothers in Arms or Dead Space and then you're like oh cool mommy I want that feature in my video game modification. Talk about a lack of creativity, Overall the mod just seems like a realistic version of Left 4 Dead which is basically a Realistic POS.

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Nov 7 2010, 10:57pm replied:

Waiting for Harry to finish up the beretta = 1 Week

Spending hours with Collada to perfect the animations = 8+ hours

Watching sn1pe squirm in his chair as he desperately tries to bring down our efforts by trolling (since he clearly can't match us in skill) = priceless

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gabester Nov 8 2010, 12:58am replied:

man what's with this army of butthurt bad animators trolling this mod now?

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Sn1pe Nov 8 2010, 8:04am replied:


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gabester Nov 9 2010, 5:09am replied:

troll harder

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Swaggletooth Nov 8 2010, 3:39pm replied:

Funnily enough Sn1pe, your comments apply more to the mod you're working on than this.

These animations are extremely well done, the ironsight system seems to work well too. The more I see of this mod, the more impressed I am ;)

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Stealthgato Nov 7 2010, 4:28pm replied:

Longest pistol reload? Well, that pretty much proves you only saw a pistol in little arcade games like Counter-Strike and CoD with sleight of hand. Grow up and learn something please.

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ruMpel Nov 7 2010, 11:32am says:

I like it! It looks very damn good. And I also like that it doesn't zoom in when you use iron sights, because that bothers me really much in games.

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Nov 7 2010, 12:29pm says:

It's not coded in yet, but that is 1 of the 2 different reload styles (fast and slow). As you can see in the video, reloading slow saves the magazine (remaining rounds are saved) and reload fast (not shown here) shows him drop the mag out (animation is very fast and remaining rounds are lost).

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Fur-Man Nov 7 2010, 8:26pm replied:

Excellent idea. What I wonder is how you initiate either. Maybe the fast one is tapping R and the slow one is holding R for a little while?

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Nov 7 2010, 11:02pm replied:

You're getting warm.

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DaveTheFreak Nov 7 2010, 1:37pm says:

The animations make me wanna ***, they're so damn great!!!

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Vcc2cc Nov 7 2010, 1:54pm says:

Just turn on AA when you record a video form now on.

Looks good otherwise.

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