In The Rising, there is no place to hide, there is no escape, and you will not be rescued. The only hope available for mankind will come from your determination and resilience. The time of avoidance and submission are over. The only option is to resist.

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Gradius Dec 4 2010 says:

Hmm, playing a video that's still processing bursts static and death into my ears. I guess I'll have to remember that in the future.

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jackar Dec 4 2010 says:

improve the mapping, and it would be really fking scary

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Firesprayer Dec 4 2010 says:

Flares could use a bit of work, but the gameplay itself is pretty neat.

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Dec 4 2010 replied:

They are still a work in progress.

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DarkPivot Dec 4 2010 says:

Oh god, I'm gonna be scared to play this. O_O (Of course I'll still play it though :P)

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Hitelf Dec 4 2010 says:

The map has a really interesting look and the weapon mechanics.
The flares look really awesome but needs some work (I bet its still work in progress) and overall just AWESOME :D
How many flares can you hold btw? :P

oh and 1 more thing...BEST MOD EVER :D

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HounderKnight Dec 4 2010 says:

Looks brilliant, and you've hit a great note when it comes to atmosphere; eerie and tense. It seems to have the quality and ambiance of a polished single-player mod, and that's definitely a compliment. Aside from the flares needing a bit of adjusting (I understand they're WIP of course), things are looking great so far. :)

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pfannkuchen_gesicht Dec 4 2010 says:

the shadows fail, either turn the default shadows off or set a proper shadow direction

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Death_7149 Dec 4 2010 says:

It will definitely be interesting to play a multiplayer game which can still scare you, instead of becoming competitive.

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VerbNoun Dec 4 2010 says:

I kind of was hoping eventually you'd show team play.

Off that, this is splendid but the design of the building, other then the rooms as you go up the stairs seem empty and like they were missing something.

other then that its a great step forward and im excited to see part 3. :D

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Dec 4 2010 replied:

I removed a lot of the props because it gets really annoying when you are trying to move around and you keep bumping into stuff.

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Gradius Dec 4 2010 says:

Looks nice but after playing Zombie Panic for so long I'm anticipating a mad agressive rush towards that shotgun's spawn point everytime the players reach that point.

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Dec 4 2010 replied:

There's tons of shotguns already in the subway.

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dafatcat Dec 4 2010 says:

So was that dead guy Dr. Carpenter with his diary?

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TaylorMoe Dec 4 2010 says:

Looks amazing! just 1 small suggestion that I've heard a bit is that the flares should be a bit more realistically bright. Im not sure if you have already addressed this and I know they are WIP.

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Dec 4 2010 replied:

Pause at 1:25, it already has a huge light radius.

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Mkilbride Dec 4 2010 replied:

If by huge, you mean 3 actual in-game inches, then yes.

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Deremix Dec 4 2010 says:

Awesome! Can't wait for more!

Oh, and, just a side note... you know... it kinda reminds me just a little bit of I Am Legend. Which is a great thing. =D

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Craka_J Dec 4 2010 says:

Intense. I like the flares idea. Does the flashlight still exist?

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Mkilbride Dec 4 2010 says:

Uh, you saw him use the Flashlight in the video, didn't you?

Agreed, most flares provide up to 10FT of illumination in real life. If you could please do that, most games in recent mind only illuminate like 2-3 feet, very unrealistic, and sometimes a game, even a horror game, can be TOO dark.

Also, don't be ghey, I hate that about HL2 and some other games, Flashlights burnout within 30 seconds? They have ones that can last days, ON now, it just gets lame.

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Dec 4 2010 replied:

I was able to light up an entire room at 1:28 in a matter of seconds.

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EricFong Dec 4 2010 says:

This is ******* awesome!

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FishMan:E Dec 4 2010 says:

Why you are'nt using shotgun? O_o

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Foxtrop Dec 5 2010 says:

Hud for picking up looks good but a litle big( to me) I gues that the map is for the outside places cause doesnt look useful, I dont know if the flares doesnt light enought or theres is to much light in the room so the bright looks smaller, the I.A reacts to light in someway? cause the first creature attacks when the flashlight is turn off. I love the movement of the second creature, it zigzag before attack
The first floor looks like to empty or too open.
Anyway is an awesome mod

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Mkilbride Dec 5 2010 replied:

He said he removed props from it to not be as cluttered.

Also, there is no AI, it's MP, so that's a person, I assume, probably Willkill, being a bitch.

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JohnnyMaverik Dec 5 2010 says:

I was ******** myself just watching it...

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Spenzerr Dec 5 2010 says:

Looks so awesome i can't wait to annoy people on the mic with my girly screams of terror!

and btw the flares are perfect they light up enough to see the shapes of the necro but isn't enough to make it easy enough to immediately recognize them which serves the purpose of atmosphere and tension. This isn't about realism its about doing a objective, fighting crazy monsters and doing it while scared as all hell.

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MatthewD Author
MatthewD Dec 5 2010 replied:


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IGotzNoSkittles78 Dec 5 2010 says:

God damn it, that first . . god, that scared the **** out of me. I can't wait until you guys release the mod, it would seem really scary to play it solo.

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KEEP_IT_UP! Dec 5 2010 says:

great atmosphere and awesome animations (maybe i would change the animation played often after throwing a flare), but proportions of the handrails are a bit wrong, i also would add way more details (not simply props), positioned with intent (like the effect you got there at the windows). the mapping of the interior-parts need more work.

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.#BlackouT Dec 5 2010 says:

that will be a better horror mod then all horror games on the market if i could play this mod i would test it to myself and see how fear it is

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Sklarlight Dec 6 2010 says:

Reminds me of I Am Legend so much for some reason. Looking great.

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Emil_4444 Dec 7 2010 says:

I like it! :D

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Quansword Dec 8 2010 says:

holy crap i almost skipped a heart beat the first time i saw that shadow outside the doorway.


o! and you might want to make the flare animation faster and start earlier.

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Guest Dec 11 2012 says:

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