TNM is a huge singleplayer mod for Deus Ex based on the gaming community, finally released after 7 years of development.

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Developers from TNM share behind-the-scenes commentary on the development of the 'Downtown' hub area.

Posted by stenchy on Jul 24th, 2009

Although the team behind The Nameless Mod has already detailed some of the ups and downs of their 7 years of development in their post-mortem, (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) they still have a lot more to share! After all, any developer attached to a project for over 7 years will have more than a few stories to share. As a result, TNM developers Jonas, Lawrence and Nick have put together a series of developer commentary videos. The first covers the 'downtown' hub area.

A word of warning: these videos will contain spoilers.

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Icons by Iiro J├Ąppinen

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Dragonlord Jul 24 2009 says:

Nice one, especially the older designs. The backdrop buildings really did add a lot to the atmosphere. A pity the engine kicked your balls in that one. What goes for the temple in the middle it is a bit out of place. Up the hill it's nicely sitting there without being in the way. I'm eagerly waiting for the next video. Dever stories are interesting :D

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Jonas Creator
Jonas Jul 25 2009 replied:

Really glad you liked it. I'm flinching a bit at my own audio quality, but the next one (ATC I believe) should be a lot better because I used my VO mic on that one. Then it gets worse again for the third one as it was recorded right after this first one, but anything we do from now on will have better audio from me. Can't do much about the stupid accent though ^_^

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~Psychotic~ Jul 25 2009 replied:

That old map does look really nice (especially those backdrop buildings yeah lol). Too bad it's too big, I have a hard enough time walking in the Downtown sector as it is because it's so big, but I'm just lazy so it's probably just me.

I would've loved to see that map that was used in the opening cinematic left in-game, that actually looked really nice and the water features were really well done too, in my opinion.

Is there a chance you'd ever release these additions? The oversized maps, the content that was just cut (such as audio, maps, textures, etc) just so we could see it? Would be nice, also wouldn't feel like such a big waste then.

Oh and before I forget, why did Abomination ever kill the Board Guests in the first place? I don't believe any of you explained that, lol. Was pretty funny but so entirely random.

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nerdenstein Jul 25 2009 replied:

Wow i love these post-mortems and dev videos !! ^.^ Me want moree =P I was amased by the old versions of the downtown sectors which i think actually look really good .. Such a shame that they failed but hey thats life =D After reading Jonas comment about re-releasing the dvd versions (I downloaded the iso) with the lastest patches i jumped for joy and may have to buy it =D and the soundtrack !! *jumps for joy again!* Also I was kinda wondering if u would do and extra download for the old maps, textures, music ect.. That would be greatt! U could include it in V1.0.3 or whatever it is O.o And make it like an extra thing to unlock by finding all the eggs or something ... Just a suggestion .. Either Way Great Stuff!!

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Trestkon Creator
Trestkon Jul 25 2009 replied:

Sadly, although the menu map looks amazing, it's rather crap for gameplay, which is why it was cut. We didn't want it to go to waste though, which is why it's now the menu!

After the 1.0.3 patch we plan on releasing some sort SDK so we could fairly easily release old maps as well. The problem is that many of them no longer work with our new asset packages.

Abom killed the boardguest because he hates them. He actually had a couple of voice acted lines to explain it (which are actually included in TNM, but not used ingame) but we could never get it to work properly, so it was dropped.

Anyone interested in this stuff should definitely check out the Bonus Material, if you haven't already :-)

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~Psychotic~ Jul 25 2009 replied:

Yeah, the bonus content is wicked. The voice-over outtakes get me every bloody time.

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coolkid87 Jul 25 2009 says:

Hey ive been planning on buying the disk version. I have a question though, are will the disk versions going to be updated to the latest version. I think this great mod would be nice to have completely updated on a nice disk.

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Jonas Creator
Jonas Jul 25 2009 replied:

Yeah we're working on patch 1.0.3 at the moment which may be the last one (you never know with these things, heh) and once it's done, we're going to update the main .iso and .exe downloads to that version and also replace the DVD version on Kunami with the 1.0.3 build. We'll also be releasing a double-disk soundtrack CD soonish, and we may put together some sort of package for that, but seeing how we're only charging what it costs to produce these items, we can't really give people a discount for buying both :P

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~Psychotic~ Jul 25 2009 replied:

That's handy. I might consider re-buying that DVD version for convenience (I hate downloading patches, especially on ridiculously slow internet connections).

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formerlyknownasMrCP Jul 25 2009 says:

That was truly an amazing video, very well co-ordinated. I always love these sort of commentaries when games are released- yet so few developers do it. Its a great thing for developers to do. You guys have great ideas I can't argue with that. Seeing that massive downtown was like HOLY **** Unreal 1 can do that?... but apparently not lol.

Can't wait till the next one.

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Danboe Jul 25 2009 says:

Nice video, it is always interesting to see aspects of a mod commented by the developers.

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