TNM is a huge singleplayer mod for Deus Ex based on the gaming community, finally released after 7 years of development.

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Off Topic Produtions Recruiting Concept Artist(s)

[PAID] Off Topic Produtions Recruiting Concept Artist(s)

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off topic produtions recruiting concept artist(s) off topic productions anywhere artists off topic productions, the team behind the critically acclaimed "the nameless mod" for deus ex, is looking for a talented, dedicated concept artist to join our team and help us create the visual style for our next game! the project code named “project hyperion”, our upcoming game is an indie title with a total 2.5 year development time frame, 6 months of which will be pre-production (which is where the concept art will be done). the human race has expanded outwards into the solar system but there is a distinct lack of transporters, phasers, and other scientific voodoo. the aim for the aesthetics is gritty and realistic (think battlestar galactica and firefly). our goal building on our past experience, our goal is to create an rpg that focuses on allowing the player to solve each problem in multiple different ways while serving up a compelling narrative with believable, memorable characters. the game will be a commercial indie priced title with our sales goal being 20,000 copies. compensation off topic productions has been around for 7 years as a tight knit group of developers, however, we have only just now begun the process of incorporation into an llc. as such, we are paying all team members via a profit share system. we're offering 1.25% of game profits (our currently estimates put that at about $2500, but obviously we can't state that with absolute certainty) to the artist that signs on for half a year of part-time work. this will of course be laid out in a contract. job description we're looking for both environment concepts and character concepts. we’ll either be hiring one artist for each, or a single artist who’s capable of doing both. if you feel you'd be able to fill both positions, the profit percentage can be negotiated upwards. concept artists would be working with the lead designer and 3d artists in order to define the look and feel of the game as well as working up specific concept pieces, including characters, environments, ships, and weapons. team structure our development is coordinated via a private phpbb forum, and a lot of communication takes place via msn or skype every day. there are currently 11 team members, with management and planning meetings taking place weekly over skype and msn. google documents is used for collaboration on the bulk of the game documentation. our previous work our last project was the smash hit "the nameless mod", for deus ex. while our currently project is vastly different in many ways, we aim to carry over the fantastic player immersion that freedom that made tnm so appealing. of course, you don't have to take our word for it, here's a list of a few of the game media articles on tnm as well as a link to our post mortem: pc powerplay magazine - page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4 richard cobbett (pc gamer writer) - cd action (polish) - gamestar (german) - pc gamer (uk) - the nameless mod post mortem -

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