The primary aim of this mod is to get away from the current gameplay which for the most part involves spamming tanks. We are introducing gameplay that requires, scouting and using a variety of units to be successful. Tanks are not the do-all units anymore, instead you need artillery units to take out defenses, tanks to take out artillery units, air units to take out the tanks, and AA units to take out air units. It's basically bringing Rock-Paper-Scissors to the game which we believe makes it more challenging and interesting. We're also making the factions' abilities exclusive. By that we mean only Nod use mines (so no APC mine drops) and they are also the only ones that use cloaking technology. The same applies for GDI who use more EMP now etc. We think this better defines the play styles of the factions so that you aren't just playing each faction more or less the same way.

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Scorpion weapon upgrade
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█Black/Brunez█ Jun 15 2009 says:


You will add rocket pods for the predator, like on the concept?

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TalonH4wk Author
TalonH4wk Jun 15 2009 replied:

Well the predator has the railgun upgrade which gives it a lot of firepower already. We didn't think any additional firepower was necessary. I haven't seen those concept images, can you provide a link?

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Alomx Jun 16 2009 replied:

Just happened to notice this AWESOMENESS and read about the predator tank concept so i found a pik of it.

I love this idea of dual weapon scorpions. Can't wait til next release. Keep up the good work guys! :D

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gpm Jun 15 2009 says:

WOW nice ;D

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ApornasPlanet Jun 16 2009 says:


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Stoove Jun 17 2009 says:

So is that going to be balanced with an increase in the cost to upgrade? Just a slight one might be appropriate, I haven't checked if the upgrade cost for Scorps is the same as that for Preds but at the moment by rights it shouldn't be equal.
To simplify: Is this a fix for a current inequality, or is it a significant change that will need to be balanced somehow? :)
Good idea though =]
Regards to all,

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TalonH4wk Author
TalonH4wk Jun 17 2009 says:

In version 1.1 we implemented the per-unit upgrades but didn't set particularly high prices for them. It was more a case of getting them working first. In 1.2 we're looking much more closely at the costs for upgrades as well as adding new upgrades.

In the current working version for 1.2 we have the scorpion weapon upgrade costing 450. We wanted to find a price point where they weren't so cheap that people didn't think twice but equally if they were too expensive a player might never use them. This figure seems to working nicely in the tests, but it might change before release.

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Stoove Jun 18 2009 replied:

OK thanks for the info :)

You're doing great guys!


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kingbond Oct 7 2009 replied:

i think that you should lose some of the per unit upgrades and give them back to some buildings

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blazefire Jun 24 2009 says:

you know something? i think there should be walls and barbed wire fences just like in the 1st cnc. that would be great it makes ur base feel more secure and troops just cant just charge past your defences and kill all ur cranes and command centers always happens when i play online or against some brutal ais

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TalonH4wk Author
TalonH4wk Jun 26 2009 replied:

Well our mod gives you stronger buildings and deadlier defenses as well as affordable wall building options so you should have everything you need to defend against basic attacks. But if you sit behind those walls too long we also provided the tools to get you out ;)

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CncHunt657 Oct 11 2009 says:


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Nazara Nov 30 2009 says:

Really good job on this one.

Good taht my favorite faction actually gets beefed up.

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Oatesy03 May 18 2011 says:

I like how the lasers mean that they can hold their own against light infantry as well. Previously Scorps were just a spam tank, now they're jack-of-all-trades, not as effective against armour as Predators, but have better infantry-fighting capabilities.

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This is a preview of the upgrade that's being given to Scorpions in version 1.2.

Currently the scorpion upgrades to a tail laser and in the process loses the front cannon. This upgrade adds the tail laser without disabling the front cannon so that the scorpion has 2 weapons.

This gives the scorpion more firepower than a standard predator.

Jun 15th, 2009
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