The primary aim of this mod is to get away from the current gameplay which for the most part involves spamming tanks. We are introducing gameplay that requires, scouting and using a variety of units to be successful. Tanks are not the do-all units anymore, instead you need artillery units to take out defenses, tanks to take out artillery units, air units to take out the tanks, and AA units to take out air units. It's basically bringing Rock-Paper-Scissors to the game which we believe makes it more challenging and interesting. We're also making the factions' abilities exclusive. By that we mean only Nod use mines (so no APC mine drops) and they are also the only ones that use cloaking technology. The same applies for GDI who use more EMP now etc. We think this better defines the play styles of the factions so that you aren't just playing each faction more or less the same way.

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Prototype Antimatter Reactor
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mapayne May 6 2009 says:

Very good looking model but my crit would be the connection between the three sectiond and the middle. Those pipes look very fragile.

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TalonRagingRedneck May 7 2009 replied:

It looks fragile, but its not, it survived a blast from an Ion Cannon(not a direct hit) but when other buildings fell around it, it was still standing. Now it did have little to no health left so it was very vulnerable after that so its not super strong, but it can last.

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█Black/Brunez█ May 6 2009 says:

I think I saw it on the campaign...

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samirkazi May 6 2009 replied:

Yeah its in the Temple prime mission. The things stopping the ion canon from firing.

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TalonH4wk Author
TalonH4wk May 6 2009 says:

Yeah this isn't a model that we created, it's just one we're using as a power structure in the mod.

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ApornasPlanet May 6 2009 says:


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Darius0101 May 16 2009 says:

lol looks like them vehicles from emperor battle for dune

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Sarge_Rho Sep 16 2009 says:

Antimatter is a bad powersource, you nedd 3,5 times more energy to create antimatter than you get out of it, but its a game, so screw realism :P

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CommanderDG Jan 11 2010 replied:

You are wrong!!!! it only to produce antimatter that require so much energy so that why it not effective. The only way to produce some for now is in huge particle accelerator. It can be linear like the SLAC(Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) or toroidal like the LHC(Large Hadron Collider). Eventually we will find a more effective way to produce it but for now we can't. that why you don't see much antimatter generator around. Also because a accelerator like the LHC is costing billions to build. Finally antimatter is a challenge to store. It must be keep in a magnetic-suspension container which use a lot of space. So storing a large quantity of antimatter could eventually be a problem. All this to say, antimatter is not a bad power source at all. It retrieve all the energy an atom contain(E=MC2 remember?), it just it very difficult to produce. It true for now it would not be profitable. But eventually it could be. Bad aways that was not to be rude. It just to expose the truth.

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keithktam Aug 4 2010 says:

very very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
absolutely luv the look and the idea. this is quite different from normal c&c concept, refreshing, and i luv that raw look of it.

i think if you can give reference to either scrin or tacedus for the source of the technology and science will be cool, and if you can give even a vague connection with tiberium would be cool. the reason is that i always feel that the difference between Nod and Gdi tech is that one base heavily on tiberium base Research and science while the other goes for a more familiar route with earthly science approach. this is why i think the noddy always have more advance technology cause they are taking a shortcut with the aid of tiberium, what ever that may mean.

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WerewolfGeneral Jul 22 2011 says:

Hey guys, don't forget that anti-matter is hightly unstable and if it touched with matter, the blast is as powerfull as a nuke.

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This is the new Prototype AntiMatter Reactor structure for Nod that will be in version 1.1. It allows them to make a building that gives them the power they require for disruption towers etc.

This tech was rushed to the front lines in order to help the massive power requirements Nod commanders had if they were to stealth their bases, however it's a new technology and as such is a little unstable still. So a few words of warning: Be careful where you place it! ;)

May 6th, 2009
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