Sins of a Solar Empire is often described as a 4XRTS game, or a game that tried to merge the action and tactics packed gameplay of a Real time strategy game with the deep, complex, empire wide strategy of a 4X turn based game. It's up to debate whether Sins succeeded in this goal, but I think all can agree that of the 4Xs of "explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate", Sins is much more focused on the exterminate than on the others. This mod seeks to give more depth to the other 3Xs of the game by adding additional game elements or refining the existing ones to reward players who give more strategic thought to the non-combat side of the game. Combat will still be the center point of the game, but players will find that the non-combat options available will be much more rewarding. Spying, exploring, sabotage, diplomacy, culture, and economic development have all been added or changed in innovative new ways. Regardless of what you think Sins is, this is the 4XRTS it should have been.


  • Faction Diversity - Exploit all new racial and subfaction bonuses and techs to crush your enemies.
  • Hero Units - Lead your race's champions into battle with their powerful new abilities to base your strategies off of.
  • Random Encounters - Keep your eyes peeled when scouting, new challenges and opportunities await you in the distant parts of space.
  • Embassies and Espionage - Adds more depth when dealing with other Empires, and removes some of the annoyances of the old system at the same time.
  • Ship Upgrades - Customize your capitalships and titans with unique upgrades.
  • New Planets - Your Empire will never look the same again with 10 new colonizeable planets. Meticulously balanced for competitive play.
  • New Skyboxes - 12 unique skyboxes provide a fantastic backdrop to your conquest of space.
  • New Artifacts and Bonuses - Your Empire contains great secrets to be found, if you take the time to look...
  • Civics Matter - Almost all civic structures have an impact on your Empire. You must develop your planets wisely to get the most out of them.
  • Culture Matters - The hearts and minds of the galaxy can now assist you greatly in your quest for victory.
  • Customization - Play the game the way you want it with a growing library of optional minimods and enhanced mapmaker support!

For those new to the mod or wanting more details on the features, check out the Beginners Guide.

Details about installing the mod or technical problems can be found here.

Enhanced 4X Mod 1.841Mod of the Year 2015 Top 100

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Hello all,

It has been a while, but I'm please to announce today that version 1.84 of the Enhanced 4X Mod and Star Wars Interregnum Alpha 3.32 have been released today. While both focus bug fixes, one of them, the infamous "Advent Freeze" bug, was slowing development on new features because of how game breaking it was, as well as how difficult it was to solve. Despite this, Interregnum features one exciting new piece of content, the mining colony of Kessel, as recently seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

We also have some good improvements to the mod's public infrastructure. Most importantly, we have a new community discord for players of E4X and Interregnum to meet each other and hopefully arrange some multiplayer games! If you're reading this article from the Interregnum page, you may also have noticed the new design of the mod page.

Enhanced 4X Mod 1.84 - End of the Freeze Bug

The reason a mod update is happening now is pretty much for a single reason, the dreaded "Advent Freeze" bug has finally been figured out and solved. If you have not experienced this bug yourself, this was a somewhat uncommon bug that could cause the game to almost completely lock up. In some cases the game would be unresponsive for 30 seconds or more before finally progressing a few seconds, only to be locked up again. In effect, this bug was preventing games from being completed as completely as any crash, yet unlike crashes all my debugging tools and methods were having no success in tracking down the cause.

That all changed thanks to a single user, In_dy, who sent in a save and observation that killing the Advent hero unit Anima Kreia resolved the freeze. With this critical bit of information, it was determined that the reflect damage part of the Reflective Aura ability was somehow bringing the game to its knees. I am guessing that deep down in Sins' code, this function is not optimized very well and was overwhelming the CPU, causing the freeze. This ability has now been reworked and should ensure E4X runs even better than unmodded Sins, as is one of its goals.

This update also includes many smaller bug fixes reported by users, as well as an abundance of minor fixes to the vanilla game by user BigBantha. It is no exaggeration to say he has made hundreds of icon and text fixes that should make your game experience more polished than it has ever been, even if you never noticed the deficiencies in the first place.

Star Wars Interregnum 3.32 - Making the Kessel Run

The main purpose of this July release for Interregnum is the same as for E4X, to get the Advent Freeze bug fix out as soon as possible. However, we do have a bit of exciting new content to add this release, though the New Republic is not yet ready for the public to use. However, with our last and greatest game breaking bug out of the way, I can how focus the entirety of my modding time on finishing Interregnum's final faction, which will speed things up tremendously (seriously, many weeks the only thing I did was try to figure out this bug).

With that out of the way, the biggest feature of Interregnum 3.32 is the addition of the planet Kessel. While often mentioned in passing, Kessel had not been seen in a Star Wars film before until Solo: A Star Wars story, and the new Disney canon made some significant changes to the planet. For the most part Interregnum follows the old Legends canon, by which Kessel is normally an asteroid, however I thought the planet and the new Nebula/Maelstrom surrounding it was so well done, it was too cool not to do it this way.

In the mod, Kessel is potentially the richest planet with a massive +500% bonus to trade income. However, the Nebula surrounding it reduces the speed and weapon range of larger ships fighting in it, making it a difficult battleground to fight in. And fight you will - with the Empire's withdrawal from the outer rim, Kessel is now operated by the crime cartels of the Star Wars universe, and they have sizeable defenses around their investment, including Providence class Destroyers and Venator Star Destroyers.

A number of balance changes have also been made to the Rebel Alliance faction, focusing on improving their lacking offense while reducing their excessive late game defense. In particular, the intended main strength of the Rebels, their Star Fighters, have received several buffs. Nebulon-B Hospital Frigates can now carry X-wings into battle, and a new research has been added to give X-wing and A-wing starfighters access to Proton Torpedoes, giving them greater damage against a wider variety of ship types.

The Mandalorians will also get a bit of an update with a new warship, the Vengeance class frigate, which will make their higher level raids much more effective against well defended planets.

Enhanced 4X Mod and Interregnum Community Discord

While Sins remains a remarkably successfully RTS game, finding games to play with other people has always been a challenge, and especially so if you prefer to play with mods. To attempt to fix that, we have created a new discord channel, where you can arrange games, discuss strategies, or perhaps even chat with us, the devs! I hope to chat with some of you there soon.

Interregnum Mod Page Redesign

Last but not least, Interregnum finally has its own custom Moddb page design. A few of the details are still a work in progress, so please leave your thoughts in the comments, but it should add a layer of immersion to the page and help attract new players.

That's it for this month. The next bit of content will be the updated set of minimods, which will include several new additions to help customize exactly what you want in your game. Heroes, titans, and even specific factions will be able to be turned on and off. The Beskar minimod will also be revised to resolve issues encountered in the first release, mainly that the AI sucks at attacking the strengthened Mandalorians.

The three types of Sins mods

The three types of Sins mods

News 8 comments

GoaFan77 shares his thoughts on the three different types of Sins mods.

Star Wars Interregnum and Enhanced 4X Mod Updates for Sins 1.90

Star Wars Interregnum and Enhanced 4X Mod Updates for Sins 1.90

News 14 comments

The Enhanced 4X Mod and Star Wars Interregnum have been updated again for the Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion 1.90 update. Major new changes to balance...

Star Wars Interregnum and Enhanced 4X December Updates

Star Wars Interregnum and Enhanced 4X December Updates

News 19 comments

A quick briefing of the changes to Star Wars Interregnum and the Enhanced 4X Mod this month. Warning: Includes Starbases and Mandalorians!

A quick E4X and Interregnum update for Rebellion 1.83

A quick E4X and Interregnum update for Rebellion 1.83

News 11 comments

A news article announcing small updates to Enhanced 4X and Interregnum for Rebellion patch 1.83. Read here to find out who should download them and when.

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Enhanced 4X Mod 1.841

Enhanced 4X Mod 1.841

Full Version 14 comments

The Enhanced 4X Mod version 1.841 for Rebellion version 1.92. Updates the mod to fully work with Rebellion 1.92 and a few minor bugfixes. Checksum is...

E4X & Interregnum Optional Minimods 1.84

E4X & Interregnum Optional Minimods 1.84

Script 13 comments

A series of optional minimods for the Enhanced 4X Mod and Interregnum to allow the player to customize their experience. Please read the entire description...

Enhanced 4X Mod 1.84

Enhanced 4X Mod 1.84

Full Version 18 comments

The Enhanced 4X Mod version 1.84 for Rebellion version 1.91. Fixes a major performance issue that could cause freezing, a number of mod and vanilla game...

E4X & Interregnum Optional Minimods 1.83

E4X & Interregnum Optional Minimods 1.83

Script 42 comments

A series of optional minimods for the Enhanced 4X Mod and Interregnum to allow the player to customize their experience. Please read the entire description...

Enhanced 4X Mod 1.83

Enhanced 4X Mod 1.83

Full Version 47 comments

The Enhanced 4X Mod version 1.83 for Rebellion version 1.90. Fix missing strings, rebalances Antistructure cruisers, minor AI improvements, and added...

E4X & Interregnum Optional Minimods 1.82

E4X & Interregnum Optional Minimods 1.82

Script 13 comments

A series of optional minimods for the Enhanced 4X Mod and Interregnum to allow the player to customize their experience. Please read the entire description...

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having issues with crashes - always when the input buffer locks up; waited 5 min just to see but no good; have used e4x v1.84 with sins v1.92 for about a week and am yet to finish a single games without a crash...? mod installation seems to be fine...??

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Hmm, I really don't know how feasible it is, but an idea that makes me think it would fit into the philosophy of E4X is the addition of civ leaders. I know something similar is added to the Imperial warlords in interregnum, but would it be possible to pick a play style/civ leader for each faction, even warlords? A sort of multiple choice tech that is mutually exclusive from the others with bonuses and penalties?

Thinking on it, I suppose it would be a major project and I would rather the vanilla rebels getting different heroes from the vanilla loyalists first but it is something to think about.

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GoaFan77 Creator

I did love the different Civ leaders in Civilization 4, but the Warlords could do that more easily since the Empire has combined ship/capitalship cap research, which left free space in the UI to implement that.

Sadly I made heroes before Rebellion came out so I had no idea at the time we'd have two versions of the same faction (I guess that alone is a bit like faction leaders in Civ 4).

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Do you have any plans to implement new heroes later? I imagine you want to at least get the New Republic finished in Interregnum first, but is it something planned as a long term goal? If so, are you welcome to discussion on possible new heroes?

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GoaFan77 Creator

No specific plans, just a "maybe it will happen someday".

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I understand. It is certainly workable as is and you do have your plate full with Interregnum.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions/suggestions.

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Hi again. I'm the same person who wrote last messages to you (with a cat picture as a guest). I decided to sign in to moddb.

I have another portion of bugs and suggestions with pictures this time:
1.Lack of capital letters in Y-wing description:

2.Cut logo I mentioned earlier:

3.Lack of proper description for MC30c Frigate:

4.Marked tech do not highlight after research or even during researching. It has still same dull grey colour:

5.Double space in text:

6.As I said for Carrack Cruiser to scale down its map symbol, then for Rebel ships you should make them thicker. In this perspective it is very hard to differentiate them, and they are barely visible (they are too thin). Look also at the other Rebel ships (not only those on picture)):

7.Trumvirate map start is broken and doubles everything on main planet (checked for GE and Rebel (for others probably too):

8.In "Harass" tech description there's no mentioning that it is available only for Corelean Corvette (it mentions "frigate").

9.Does Han Solo hero for Rebels use Millenium Falcon ship?

10."Salvager Outpost" planetary bonus on dead asteroid is half useless. Maybe should be substituted with other bonus?

11.I played as Rebels and I massacred other factions. After colonizing 3 planets and then capturing another 1 from another Rebels I had no competitors who even try to make some problems to me. I had Stronger Pirate minimod and it could be some reason for AI weakness. I also had some other game where I won just paying pirates some sum. Is it possible that rebels are too op? I had 1 Vasari, 2 Advent, and 2 other Rebels factions against me.

12.In the same game as in 11 I visited Rebel capital and there was literally nothing. No ship, no defences no other infrastructure than starting one and capital ship factory. Later I noticed that AI focused on colonizing worlds on the other side of the capital, completely neglecting my presence just next to his capital. I have road wide open for conquer.

13.There's no planet siege frigate for Rebels. Only very expensive Cruiser. Are you sure it is a good move? I wanted to siege early a planet but I noticed that that ship is tier 3 tech. It is bit late don't you think? Maybe some frigate should have side ability to bombard planet (very weak comparing to cruiser) activated by tier 1 or 2 tech f.e.?

14.Is it possible to get Kessel or other special planet on some predefined map/random one or it is only available on Star Wars Theme maps?

15.I talked with you about same icons for every "deposit" resource. There's also some other group of bonuses but with 3 green lines icon (like signal ones, f.e. Greenhouse Effect). Is it possible to add some difference there too? Do you need help with this?

16.There's some small chaos in tech tree. You could move them around to fit them tematically closer:

17.About profile pictures: that one is the worst imho and should be substituted with something else. It looks really artificial:

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Hi! I just started testing your mod along with Star Wars: Interregnum part. It looks awesome even without some content. I just cannot wait when it will be polished.

I have some questions and suggestions for now (mainly about SW:I):
1.Do you plan to modify/adjust/polish "old" races like TEC, Advent or Vasari with new SW:I content (f.e. green crystal icon in tech tree)?
2.I noticed that you added many (maybe too many) "deposit" resources. They come up too often imho (I get 2 of them on each other one planetary bonus), they are too powerful (sic! Thorium or Berillium), and should be reduced because the difference between them is too small to notice. I also cannot understand why all of them improve population? And do you plan to add separate icons for some of them? For now they shae one icon, and it is somehow ugly. Instead of some of them you could add some original ones.
3.I have the feeling that map icon for Carrack Cruiser is too big and should be scaled down a bit.
4.Sometimes player can get "Imperial Homeworld" bonus and "Imperial base" bonus at the same time on starting planet. Isn't it too OP.
5.When I explored some planets there was unit without icon on them. It has only "x1" mark. Probably bug.
6.Orange and White backgrounds for units are not ideal. Contrast is too small and silluetes of units are barely visible. Also missing resource icon on white background is almost invisible.
7.Do you plan to improve UI quality or it is the final version? Rank icon could be improved f.e. and I'm playing on 1366x768 resolution and Rebel's Red Logo on top-left corner is cut in half. Was it intended? Also some pictures of leaders do not fit the style or are bad quality. The best quality is Darth Vader and Han Solo.
8.Do you plan to add some race or 2 to base E4X?
9."E4X" sign over some techs looks ugly and do not fit the style. You should use some original colour only if you really want to mark them somehow.
10.More awesome Star Wars music, please.

How is progress going to next update? Do you have some appx date?

Your mod is the best of all mods for SoaSER. I checked most of them. Keep on working! Good luck!

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GoaFan77 Creator

1. Not UI wise, I imagine the vanilla races would continue to use the crystals their technology was based on. But there are some Interregnum only changes for vanilla races that reflect them adapting to their now lives in the Star Wars universe, and there are more changes planned.

2. Those bonuses all come from the Infinite Space mod, which also added many of the planet textures used by the mod. They all add population as the extra resources creates more jobs in the planetary economy. The icon may change but I doubt they will all get a unique icon.

4. That should not happen, can you tell me what map it occurred on?

6. Red, blue, green, and yellow icons were already taken.

7. Sadly it is hard for me to test every possible resolution for the UI, but I'll double check 1366x768.

8. There are no plans for any new non-Star Wars races.

9. Strange, I've been getting a lot of compliments over how useful marking the new E4X techs with that overlay has been. I would say marking them is exactly the point!

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