Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Poll: What would you like to see next? (575 votes)
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N.Aaroe MDT Lead
May 6 2013, 10:48am Anchor

We have more aspects to share some light on and show in public.
At the same time this is our attempt to reward your patience and continuously share development progress with everyone.

Please put your vote to tell us which aspect YOU would like to have published next:
Something about gear and equipment?
Something about a-life?
A single New Ordnance weapon sneak peek?
Something about exploration?

If you can't see the options clearly (because of the CSS tweak) just highlight the lines of text.

The poll will close at the end of the week and dictate us what to reveal next.

Looking forward to seeing your pick.
Peace / MISERY dev team

AK.Stalker.XX Active Member
May 6 2013, 11:20am Anchor

Something about exploration Sounds Good


loner85 Feedback Artist!
May 6 2013, 12:21pm Anchor

I am going for exploration, too. Just because it is a rare option :)


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True Zone [PROJECTS]

May 6 2013, 12:41pm Anchor

Something about exploration. ;)

May 6 2013, 1:10pm Anchor


May 6 2013, 2:32pm Anchor

Exploration, of course.

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May 6 2013, 3:02pm Anchor

Exploration for the win! :D

May 6 2013, 4:01pm Anchor


May 6 2013, 5:12pm Anchor

exploring FTW!

May 6 2013, 6:44pm Anchor



Thanks & Best Regards,


May 6 2013, 6:49pm Anchor

Definitely exploration, although I've never played Misery before (in fact I'm still working on my first vanilla play through) I'm hoping that despite the high difficulty it will still be possible and rewarding to explore the game world! As always thank you guys very much for all your hard work and for taking the time to update us so often on progress!

May 6 2013, 8:49pm Anchor

to exploration we go!!!!!!!!

May 7 2013, 6:40am Anchor

Real Stalkers chose exploration. What else?

May 9 2013, 11:31am Anchor

I'm gonna be a hipster and vote for gear and equipment.

May 9 2013, 12:16pm Anchor

I find combat equipments to be most important for all Stalkers but exploration will win anyways.

It is the first voting surge that counts.

May 10 2013, 2:23pm Anchor

What? No one wants to hear about A-Life? That's what makes STALKER be STALKER: the incredible environment and dynamic creatures!

N.Aaroe MDT Lead
May 10 2013, 2:25pm Anchor

.Krinkov. wrote:What? No one wants to hear about A-Life? That's what makes STALKER be STALKER: the incredible environment and dynamic creatures!

20% voted for a-life. With 500 votes that's 100 people voting for a-life


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