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Hello everyone,

This is a quick little blog update to inform everyone that I am not dead and that various life things have made me too occupied to spend some time on the ModDB.

Also, since this is an update, I wanted to refer to something I have recently stumbled upon.

Long Gone Days - a "2D modern-day military RPG set in our current times"

Yes, this is a modern JRPG/VN/Action Shooter featuring the Polish Armed Forces equipment and uniforms. Now, this is generally something that I wouldn't have noticed but thanks to a message from a buddy of mine I managed to take a look at it.

Now, I must say that I really, really don't like any game(s) that claim to be a 'realistic, modern-day military RPG' when you have this Anime artstyle and long haired (by military standards) prettybois walking around and occasionally saying some philosophical mumbo jumbo with the intent of making the player feel guilty about playing the game as a soldier. In my humble opinion, the unique artstyle of Anime just makes me cringe when a serious situation develops or you engage hostiles that look like high schoolers. This is not an insult, just my personal opinion that is if you want some veracity from a war scenario, don't make the soldiers have this memory imprint (for a lack of a better word right now) of a high school boy à la Anime.

So, Long Gone Days is in early access and from what I managed to read about it has quite a backstory behind the development. It appears to be a one person passion project which is something the creator really deserves recognition and applause for. It is also interesting how little exposure this game has received enough though it looks like to be the second game every (first was Arma) to feature the modern Polish Armed Forces equipment in significant detail and have hypothetical Kaliningrad skirmishes as the central theme of the game.

This is not a reccomendation but merely just an update post that I thought it would be interesting. Personally speaking, the game is really interesting for the fact that the player character for the most part is stranded in place in which he does not know the language of, and the struggle of the military interaction with civilians is portrayed quite nicely. Especially when one is faced with a decision to surrender some of his/her valuable protection equipment in exchange for medicine for a sick civillian child. This is something that I honestly can't remember experiencing before in a commerical game with modern war as the main theme.

So, that would all for my return blog post. I might try to post some new things on the upcoming weekend but not promises. I hope you guys and girls are doing all fine in these early days of May! :D

- Reborn:X

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Reborn:X Creator


When a Korean director makes a fantastic drama about one of the most important events in modern history of Korea but ends up with an unironically bad movie title.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

The trailer looks good gotta add that movie to the list of movies to watch. You sent me a pm in march and now in May it looks like Koreans and Asia will have many problems solved. Next on the list the middle-east so we'll not have to watch more movies like these anymore.

Hm I've been watching many movies lately but nothing that I'd really want to recommend. That said I do know about this director who's made The Host. Imdb.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Reborn:X Creator

Hey, yeah.

I remember that movie from my teenage years, didn't watch it completely although I remember the most that scene with tilting your eyes backwards as a sign of lying.

Good movie, maybe I should watch it someday. :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

You once asked me from a good crime/action movie. I can't believe that I missed out on this one. Watched it lately on TV. Yeah the part with the eyes is gold to remember.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

hey mate, if you haven't gotten a trip down VRCHAT yet you should totally do. It works without a headset too (limited experience thou). But its a memorable experience for sure. I spent a whole night in there, and then another one. Totally worth it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Reborn:X Creator

Well, I do have a decent headset which I use for playing Project Reality mostly.

I know from recent videos on YouTube about VRCHAT being mostly a shitposting place of Ugandan Knuckles memes. Maybe that changed nowadays. I'll definitely try that on the next weekend. Cheers for the suggestion. :)

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Do u kno da wee of de devil? Spit on the fake queen!

They are hilarious. But don0't get yourself too occupied with them. The community in some places is really cool. Some are into poesy, some tell jokes, some lamentate. But you gotta pull through it wont come instantly.

Oh and upstairs of caffe le blanc loli avatars are making out. Be advised you have been warned.

There's that place where they dance all day. That one's awesome. Oh and you might get recruited by a bunch of prickles. If you can control your finger movement try sticking one into the mouth of a cute anime girl.

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Just wish you didn't run out of tank fuel.

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