Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Lоner Forum Badmin
Aug 31 2012 Anchor

Please list your suggestions here guys :)

Please keep in mind that both the Moddb and Tzp© forums rules apply here, keep it civil.

If you are suggesting an idea / several ideas, please use the points format:

  • Idea one,
  • idea two,
  • etc.

Try to maintain an easily readable text structure, don't crop everything together ;)

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Aug 31 2012 Anchor

Can I suggest guns?

Lоner Forum Badmin
Aug 31 2012 Anchor

No, _xXxTwist3DxXx_ will handle that department :)


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Aug 31 2012 Anchor

Okay thanks!

Sep 2 2012 Anchor

Iv posted my ideas on the comment section of the mod!

Sep 3 2012 Anchor

It'd be neat if you had a graded scale for selling back weapons, IE;
red/damaged weapons would be worth 10% base 'trader will buy at' value
yellow/ half damaged would be worth 30-60% base 'trader will buy at' value
and green worth 70-100% of the base 'trader will buy at' value.

The idea is a trader buys back a mostly refurbished [Green] weapon so they can quickly sell it off; A moderately damaged [Yellow] weapon has to be broken down for parts; a heavily damaged [Red] weapon is basically useless, with only the stock and ecetera being salvagable, so they buy it from you very cheap.

I just noticed the main difficulty is actually generating enough cash to feed yourself and afford ammo; this would be a nice way to balance the income without taking away all the difficulty; But you guys have probably implemented something already for 2.0, this is just a quick thought. :P

Lоner Forum Badmin
Sep 3 2012 Anchor

ImpulsiveAltair wrote: Iv posted my ideas on the comment section of the mod!

Dont, do it here :P otherwise we might miss them, we get 10 / 20 comments a day :)


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Sgt_Marlop That Guy
Sep 9 2012 Anchor

make the red dot sight on the unique 5.56 carbine (sorry forgot the name) easier to see. i find it very hard to utilize the gun because of this problem.


A picture for your enjoyment: Moddb.com

Sep 10 2012 Anchor

Well if you guys could add some variation to the NPCs like different Gas Masks to the Stalkers, and maybe add a faction presence from Duty and Freedom in every map. That would be awesome.

Sep 12 2012 Anchor

There are several issues that I'd like you to correct.
I always do missions during the day because it is more safe than during the night. But every time I go on a mission and there's the sun and I die, when I quickload I get different weather(fog, rain, thunders). Every single time. Can you correct this to not happen anymore? Thank you.

Sep 14 2012 Anchor

I believe na1347225613 (wow, that name is hard to type!) is referring to the FAR-15. The red dot in the sight is very dim. If I remember correctly it is fashioned after an Eotech holographic sight, which means the sight picture should look like this, even in bright and direct sunlight.

Now, some ideas (some of which I feel may have already been addressed in M.I.S.E.R.Y. 2.0):

  • Idea 1: Iron sights. These are a huge problem. I've turned off my crosshairs completely, meaning I rely completely on whatever optics are on the weapon I'm carrying. However, the iron sights as represented in M.I.S.E.R.Y. are incredibly difficult to use because rather than providing a correct sight picture, it's as if the character is leaning back and resting his cheek on the very end of the buttstock. This happens on almost every weapon. To visualize the difference this makes, think of it this way: When I shoulder an M4 carbine the sight picture takes up fully 1/4 of all of my forward-facing vision (with both eyes open; 1/3 with the non-sight eye closed). In M.I.S.E.R.Y., the sight picture is taking up maybe 1/20 of the screen. The effect this has is that if you're attempting to engage an enemy at any kind of range, the front and rear sights together completely cover your target, making it impossible to tell where you're actually shooting.
  • Idea 2: Traders. Give some variety, balance, and believability to their inventories. Let me buy 6 cans of tuna at once, or two energy drinks, or three boxes of 5.56x45mm ammunition. Point being, a guy who's in the business of buying and selling stuff it's going to get just one can of fish at a time. Save the 'quick save/quick load' monkeying for items that SHOULD be rare, such as RPG warheads, Thermite Grenades, and cigarettes (hey, I'm a smoker. I've only gotten 2 packs of cigarettes in my 2 playthroughs and I dare not smoke them because I might never find anymore D:<). Whoever's baking that bread I just bought, I'm certain they don't bake one loaf at a time...
  • Idea 3: Cigarettes. This is just a silly thing - is it at all possible to give them 'charges?' I never sit down, open a pack of cigarettes, jam all twenty in my mouth, and smoke them at the same time (GENTLEMEN). Perhaps, instead of showing a whole pack, change the graphic to a single cigarette.
  • Idea 4: Waiting. I know this has been suggested somewhere before, but give us a 'Wait' option so that in order to pass time we don't have to become tired and fall asleep. If this isn't possible, disable the 'You are not tired!' message.
  • Idea 5: NPC Inventory. I think this has actually been addressed in 2.0, but Stalkers and Bandits and Mercenaries and such need to be carrying more interesting things. With the introduction of drugs and cigarettes and porn magazines and sleeping pills and fun things like that, I'd like to rifle through Stalkers' inventories and discover the occasional 'recreational' item in addition to the normal 'Oh cool, he's carrying a long arm, a sidearm, ammunition for each, and one RGD-5 grenade.'

I'm sure I'll think of more later on, just saw this thread now! I'm insanely excited for 2.0. I'm going to abort my current USS Recon game and restart as a USS Assaulter, and try to really roleplay it out as if Maj. Degtyarev is me. Because... Why not? :P

  • Idea 6: Pripyat. In both of my playthroughs thus far, I have tried to do absolutely anything and everything I possibly could in Zaton and Jupiter because Pripyat is just so incredibly boring. The whole place is just one giant ghost town, and aside from the story missions with the Military there is little or nothing of interest and no real danger to be had anywhere. Other than a Monolith outpost here and there, the presence of NPCs in the Pripyat area is sorely lacking for a location of such great importance in all three games. I would like to see many many more Mercenaries patrolling Pripyat, particularly after Operation One Shot wherein the player can choose to kill only the leader of the scientist team, thus not affecting the Mercenary forces in the area (I did this in my last playthrough, and ran into only one group of two Mercenaries). I would personally like to encounter a lot more resistance in the 'open world' areas in Pripyat, as right now it's pretty much, "Oh, I need to go to (x building) to complete this objective" and then a very uneventful run there.
  • Idea 7: Squad Aggro Chaining. I'm currently playing a USS Recon who hates Stalkers (sided with the bandits, etc. etc.). I am finding myself constantly frustrated by the fact that I can sneak up and shoot one guy with a suppressed accurized weapon, only for the others in his squad to instantaneously know exactly where I am and what I'm doing and start firing on me. Is there any way to make NPCs not attack the player unless the NPC has actually seen/heard the player himself?

I totally had some more ideas that I was very excited about posting while I was playing M.I.S.E.R.Y. last night, but it was 6 AM so I went right to bed. :/ Now I can't remember any of them.

Sep 14 2012 Anchor

I agree with what he said.

Sgt_Marlop That Guy
Sep 14 2012 Anchor

first of all, i agree with vengance on a few points. (and i chose to sighn in with steam which game me a weird name)

idea one- not really sure what you mean, iron sights always did me right so far
idea 2-i agree. especially with the variety aspect.

3- sure why not but idc

4- i think (dont get mad if it doesent work) that sleeping pills allow you to sleep during the day?(maybe)
5-agree. straight up.
6-yea agreed- the features list says that pripyat will be way harder in the 2.0 so hopefully it does offer some challenge (it is the final map after all)
7-YES!- the stealth in general in call of pripyat is very poor. i would be much much happier if it was improved. a good stealth system would truly benefit the game.
Now for my ideas
1. there should be a unique wep on the body of the stalker in the cave in zaton that houses the controller (or something else unique) i am aware of the drugs, but the empty body always miffed me.
2. FIX THE SHOTGUN SPREAD especially on the saiga. its a real problemo.
also the 1.6 zoom NATO sight doesnt work on the protecta while the 4x NATO one does.- really makes no sense.
also just fix all the other well known bugs in the game. also please fix grammar- there is NOTHING more immersion breaking than a misspelled word.
3. More unique armors- there are plenty of guns in misery, but im not sure if even one armor was added. please add more armors to the game(usable by the player! as in buyable or lootable)
4.more revolvers- there is only one. sadface.
5. pistols are unholstered faster- pistols are pretty weak in this game, and i think a fast draw speed would help a lot.(maybe a script that made weapons draw faster based on handling?) as i recall, handling just made the crosshair return to normal faster after sprinting.(correct me if im wrong)
6. this isnt an original idea, but make the scopes not black out everything around it. a blur would be preferable, to simulate eye focus.
ill think of more in a bit- and venganceCreed------ it was the FAR-15 i was reffering to, thanks.

Sep 14 2012 Anchor
  • Get rid of the annoying sway just before you die
  • Ability to sell weapons at a lower condition (at least 2/3rds condition)
  • Items like batteries are just annoying, they don't add anything to the game beside a way to spend more money.
  • More ways to heal like sleeping restoring health, maybe a slow health regen if you are well fed and have slept recently to emulate natural healing.
  • Start the player with a few more mags of ammo
  • Make it so mutants don't knock the weapon out of your hand, but make you unequipp it like controller attacks do, or just put it in the player inventory so you have to enter the inventory screen and reequip the weapon to use it again. Dropping the weapon makes it way too easy to loose.
  • Shotguns have crazy spread
  • More ammo when unloading enemy weapons
  • Most of vengeance's points are very valid
Sep 16 2012 Anchor

Some what weird suggestion can we have a steady supplier of .45 hydrashock rounds seeing as in vanilla they were a very rare find

Sep 16 2012 Anchor

na1347225613 wrote: idea one- not really sure what you mean, iron sights always did me right so far

I realized my explanation was kind of crappy so I took some photos to illustrate because I'm a crazy person. XD

Incorrect (Current) Sight Picture
Correct Sight Picture

  • Idea 8: Shotgun Spread. This is seconding Lurkingbunny's point about shotguns having quite a lot of spread, particularly the Saiga 12K when using buckshot. With no choke, your average shotgun produces around 1" of spread for every yard or so that the load travels. So at 25 yards (23m) the spread is only about two feet wide (60cm). This varies widely according to barrel length and stuff like that, but you get the idea.

I keep thinking up ideas and then getting caught up actually playing the game for several hours and forgetting what I was going to say. >_<

  • Idea 9: Rodent Damage Adjustment. This might just be me because I'm being silly and running around with only an assault rifle and pistol... But jesus, Rodents do a LOT of damage for little critters that don't even come up to your knee. It might be because I'm wearing low-protection armor (Wind of Freedom suit) but seriously, these things are killing me in like 4-5 hits while I'm desperately unloading a magazine at my own invisible toes.

  • Idea 10: Artifact Spawn Rate Adjustment. I don't know if this is just me, but I will sometimes go 5, 10, or more Emissions before any artifacts respawn in the Anomalous Zones, and even then it's just one or two per map (i.e., Zaton, Jupiter, Pripyat). I dunno if it's supposed to be like this but it does make it impossible to build a good 'artifact loadout' because they simply don't respawn.
Oct 6 2012 Anchor

what about overhauling achivements

Oct 10 2012 Anchor

I would like to see a return of the sausages and tourist's delight. I know it seems like a small insignificant thing, but it just makes MISERY a tad less STALKER-y to me.

Oct 30 2012 Anchor

First i want to thank the dev. team for creating such a awsome mod! keep up the good work guys!
Second i have some suggestions of my own,
I agree with Na123... we need more armors and revolvers in this awsome mod, but perhaps u have already thought of that.
And talking about weapons, theres alot of firearms in this game, but only one kind of melee weapon, i would love to see some more melee weapons.
For an example, there should be some axes around, considering all of the fireplaces outside, and perhaps some of the less equipped stalkers would carry pocketknifes? And perhaps some of the "Pro" stalkers would use the cool looking spetznas machete.
Thanks again for a awsome mod.

Oct 30 2012 Anchor

Hey kappe how about a Spetznaz ballistic knife?

Nov 4 2012 Anchor

Hello :)
I like suggestion about adding more melee weapons to the game.
For example Spetsnaz is trained in killing with entrenching tool/Klappspaten/Feldspaten...
But one thing:
Do not implement things like this from now on, just finish what are you doing, fix bugs and give us MISERY 2.0! You can add more things later on.

Nov 6 2012 Anchor

hello miseryteam,
i enjoyed playing misery 1.1 and i have a little idea for some more "misery".
Disableing Quick- and AutoSave and have the player only have realy few Savepoints, maybe Save the game every 24 hours after 00:01, when players is awake.
Or there will be only Saves when the player changes Levels, this could be expoilted..
If this could be done, put it in an optional Mode.

trojanuch Gameplay lead
Nov 7 2012 Anchor


Hey - thx for such detailed feedback and effort.

I will reply in short (but I REALLY mean what I am stating):

POINTS 1-7 - all done. You'll need to wait to see how we approached some of these things specifically but please know that all of this has been recognized long time ago as things requring improvement and into some of them absurdly large ammounts of work have been put (point 5...) - but yeah, at this stage all this is finalized

POINT 8 - done and here's a referrence: I know that it might be long-range analogy but I personally like how shotguns work in Red Dead Redemption thus I wanted to mimic that in CoP - team supported this approach. v1.1 shotgun spread is now typicall only for sawn-off

POINT 9 - done as a part of much more robust overhaul of everything there is to mutants in-game: damage ratios, attack speeds, endurance (body part depended), movement speeds, a-life behaviours, sounds, species-relations, jump params, auras, loot spawn chances and types and every single other aspect of all mutants is long taken care of

POINT 10 - done too and also as a part of similar, robust overhaul of everything else there is to artifacts, anomalies, damage types, protections agains them etc.
Part of it is derscribed on this info-screen:

Hope you find this reply satisfactionary :)

Edited by: trojanuch


Nov 7 2012 Anchor

So trojanuch everything that vengeance mentioned has been changed in someway?

Nov 7 2012 Anchor

How can I rate +1 on what you said?

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