Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Jun 6 2013 Anchor

I do agree with having foggy weather, like thick fog early morning and at night and sometimes during the day, but permanent fog would ruin sniping and other such things. If the fog comes on quickly and unexpectedly it could lead to interesting situations were you have to improvise to survive, but it should not be permanent.

Number 2 is... not a good idea. The maintenance cost is already a sort of limiting factor in this regard, as a new player would not have enough money to use a high end weapon.

Eastern weapons should be more widespread, but not extremely so. There still needs to be variety.

I do not think there should be less NPCs, but if they are spread out more in areas that they could not go to before, there would seem like less.

Jun 6 2013 Anchor

Im not to sure about the Fog, I noticed in the Current Public Version of MISERY that sometimes you could Save just before doing some Sniping, Fail Horribly, and then Re-Load into an Enviroment thats now suddenly Very foggy with 5m Visability.... Was really annoying....

Fog, would be good if implemented realistically, keeping low to the ground and away from up high instead of being just a plain "Ahhh! you cant see past 10 Meters now!"
It would be awesome going though the Dried Waterways and seeing a fair bit of ground fog in the Mornings, but currently, I find it more of a Game breaker than a Adder to the Game, Restricting weapon usage to a point where it was pointless to carry around a Specialised Snipers rifle as you had a seaminingly 50/50 chance of the Fog either being a wall, or non Exsistant

Jun 8 2013 Anchor

Hi there folks!

Did you know that mushrooms attract radiation magically? Even today you can find contaminated mushrooms all over Europe! This is literally begging for an implementation into the mod!

I thought of mushrooms spawning randomly all over the Zone, different types at different locations.

Those mushrooms could be collected like any other item lying around randomly (e.g. the stashes), and of course new mushrooms constantly grow at new locations, so that it's always rewarding to scavenge already visited areas again. Those mushrooms should have their value, not too high, but not too low either, as they could compensate a bit for those really scarce artifacts in Misery.

Raw mushrooms always have negative effects like poisoning, radiation and so on, but some of them can also have a good effect, so that you could eat them in emergency cases, further supporting that "survive at all costs" feeling of the mod. If you are about to bleed out and have no bandages left, you could eat those red mushrooms growing in caves, which increase your wound healing, but drastically lower your stamina regeneration and pollute you radioactively, forcing you to take consume some anti-rad remedies as well. Another nice effect could be puking (long animation played, rendering consumption during a fight extremely dangerous) or simply losing consciousness.

Collecting those mushroom could even be bound to some conditions or challenges:

The green swamp mushrooms for example can be collected the usual way, but upon doing so the spores emit a toxic gas cloud, making the harvesting of green mushrooms always involve the loss of health and being poisoned, unless you have like 100% chemical protection.

Or you could have those yellow mushrooms, only growing in forests. When harvested they are nothing else than worthless, yellow mushrooms, emitting radiation. But if you harvest them around midnight, they become a sort of night star mushroom, glowing golden and having phantastic effects!

There is no need to limit that whole collecting thing on mushroom, other plants could do the trick as well, although they would lack the style factor of mutated mushrooms!

Those "plants" (as wrong this term is biologically) could be used for different stuff. You could have the Scientists or any newly created witch-doctor type of character make drugs and medicine for the player. It would simply work by dialogue option, and you'd need to pay money and the raw plants to get useful medicine back. You could even have items improved! Let the with doctor treat your bandages with a secial ointment of red mushrooms, further increasing the wound healing capabilities! Or do you perhaps want him to drip your 5.45x39mm-bullets in poison made out of green mushrooms, adding poison damage to the regular weapon damage? Just give him the mushrooms, the item to improve and some money, and you are good to go!

And as we are already about it: if we have mushrooms attacking you while collecting them, and we have anomalies, attacking you while walking by, and we have mutated animals attacking you - why don't we have mutated plants attacking you? Yes, I know, Burnt Fuzz is the first step. But what about some flat plant grabbing and eating you once you step onto it on the ground? Plants with long tentacles beating you? Some cactus-like plants shooting with thorns? Red moss burning you when you touch it? Grass which is sharp like razorblades? You know, stuff like that, which adds more or less to every aspect of the game - style, survival, immersion, fascination, difficulty etc.

Either make them spawn randomly after Emissions, or have them at fixed places, or a combination of both, like we have with the anomalies right now.

And related to these ideas I'd like to ask if you could implement artifact cooking. AMK mod and a few others have it, and it revolves around creating or improving artifacts by throwing them (and/or other stuff) into certain anomalies and waiting some time. This adds so much to the atmosphere, I can't describe it with words!

Jun 9 2013 Anchor

Mutated plants acting like anomalies is a good idea. Some shoc mods (such as ogse) have Venus flytrap style plants which are flat on the ground, almost invisible in long grass, that kill you when you walk over them.

Jun 9 2013 Anchor

I saw that there was a discussion about quicksave limitations and thought I would give my idea. If it would be possible, make it only possible to save inside a stalker camp. It would add incentive, that I really need, to not get killed while not making you go through the entire game without dying. This seems like an impossible task but you have surprised me before.

Ohh, and is it just me or is Trapper a pathological liar. Meh, he probably gets his cardinal positions switched around. >:(

Jun 9 2013 Anchor

Omg Mushroom fest. We could have like Fleinsopp. Which the Vikings ate before they went berserk. Can give you higtent endurance, or maybe just make you see even worser things in the zone, so you get really afraid. As you can do when eating fleinsopp, those small ones which groves under trees.

Jun 9 2013 Anchor

Fleinsopp?...seems legit.
Another thing I would love to see...I mean love to "SEE"...would be those silent bloodsuckers from Clear Sky. When I played through the Red Forest for the first time, I heard the footstep sounds and freaked out, to be later disappointed that there actually wasn't an enemy and it was just an empty threat.
And I hope in 2.0 I will see NPCs in those buildings where the bandit exchange took place....so insignificant I forgot the name.

1.0 was awesome and now I will anxiously await for 2.0 haha, those burers are going to ne IEDed!, cant wait to see what you have done to Pripyat, the best map atmospherically (in my opinion).
After you release it you deserve a nice long break, then I will be waiting for 3.0, hopefully then we will all get a new map or a larger Pripyat :)

Jun 11 2013 Anchor

qwerty2316 wrote:I saw that there was a discussion about quicksave limitations and thought I would give my idea. If it would be possible, make it only possible to save inside a stalker camp. It would add incentive, that I really need, to not get killed while not making you go through the entire game without dying. This seems like an impossible task but you have surprised me before.

But then the Problem is if you have to leave your PC Unexpectedly, then your, Mind my French, Fucked

Mushrooms would be awesome! I would Imagine that having them work the same as Mutant Spawns? just have non-moving mushrooms that you can cut with your knife and collect? Maybe would be the simplest way? (Hell, could even have them spawn off Corpses somehow?)

Jun 11 2013 Anchor

Hey first post ever but I've been playing Misery for a while now and have some suggestions

1) Slightly modifiable difficulty
Nothing major like you suddenly becoming an immovable tank of a man but just minor tweaks that some of the less computer-centric players (like myself) can change on install (mostly stamina and health-regen related and loot related) without modifying game files because I have caused more crashes and mishaps than I have fixed (somehow managed to make bandages heal 20000 hp and have unlimited carry weight and stamina)

2) fixing scope
As a sniper class in every game I play I was super excited to start as a sniper but was immediately let down by the abysmal scope size in Misery.this is what I would prefer the size to be I.imgur.com I would love to see a fix to make the scope view much larger and if you found a way to "Red Orchestra" the scopes as in the view is only zoomed inside the scope that would be even better.

3) more weapon attachments
Red dots, Holo sights, Acog, Rifle Scope, Grips, Stocks, Barrels, ect.

3)In the true interest of realism you should add more international items and weapons, and Armour styles.
If items in the artifacts are so valuable then i have no doubt that there would be international military forces, mercenary groups, PMC, and civilian freelancers in the zone.

4) Greatly increase the Emission Warning sirens volume. I mean I could hear crickets over it, I know that the great red cloud of doom is a great visual giveaway but if I am in a cave or building and don't see it I'm screwed.

5) Minor Fixes to being effected by an emission in safe areas
IE getting killed by emissions when standing in the main room of Yanov Station and an npc opens a door, or when i'm in a supposed "Safe Place" for no other reason that The kill radius was slightly inside the protected area.

Well thats basically it, Love the mod guys and am super stoked for the new one.

Jun 11 2013 Anchor

@ZProtestTheHeroZ: The engine can't support two levels of zoom, so Red Orchestra'ing scopes can't happen (this has been suggested before in the comments, would have been awesome).

Jun 11 2013 Anchor

Mushroom suggestion. Kantarells, those are very good mushroom and taste good. Could be made into a stew with cream, and be good zone food :)

Jun 11 2013 Anchor
qwerty2316 wrote:
Someone wrote:
I saw that there was a discussion about quicksave limitations and thought I would give my idea. If it would be possible, make it only possible to save inside a stalker camp. It would add incentive, that I really need, to not get killed while not making you go through the entire game without dying. This seems like an impossible task but you have surprised me before.

But then the Problem is if you have to leave your PC Unexpectedly

Yes, I thought about that. It would be a problem with my idea, but more so with the "only save once a day" suggestions. The only solution would be to leave your computer running. It would be a tradeoff between a more survival oriented gameplay and that problem. I guess its up to the devs to decide, if its even possible in the first place. I need it for me, just to get myself to not quicksave every three seconds. I personally think it would add to the survival aspect, but to each his own. And the maps are not very large so it would only take a min to run back to base if you did have the time.

I don't really like the red dot/holo sights in STALKER. Too high tech. Though it would be cool if they required batteries. You go into a mission and halfway through your sight goes dead. :O
Though it would require two models or something complicated.

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Jun 12 2013 Anchor

yea, I would love to see some more depth into Scopes, Having Batterys with 'Zone Quality' Batterys that can go flat, Akin to the Jamming of the Guns, and having to give your gun a Few good wacks to get it going again (The Scope/Sight) and then to have some 'New Import' Scopes/Sights that wont go flat (Very often, maybe if your running it for like the whole game, I donno). dont know how Fesable it would be programming wise...

But I would love to see some more Kobra's, and those Eclan or whatever the silly westerners use :p

Jun 13 2013 Anchor

Another thing I have been thinking about is a stalker faction change. According to lore the stalkers (not including the bandits, duty, etc...) are not a tight knit group of people. If that is true then why do all the stalkers love you when you help them, besides (spoiler) the guys at the dredge station and snag.
I think it would add to the immersion if the stalkers you know and love could suddenly shoot you in the back while you are out artifact hunting.

Another thing that I would like to see fixed, that probably already is, is the LR300 sights. I would love to see them aimed like the M4A1's sights.

Ok, another idea that I just came up with...so, all of the weapons start with minimal weapon sway and depending on your class very minimal, but, when you get hit the weapon sway becomes greater. I don't believe that you could hold a weapon still after taking three bullets to your torso.

I also read that you are not going to be adding a magazine system to MISERY, well that's a bit disappointing :( I encourage you to reconsider, but in the end you devs have the final say.


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Jun 14 2013 Anchor

I think with the whole Loners not shooting you in the back is because if they did, that would make them Bandits ;)

The thing that separates Bandits and Loners is that Bandits are purly the type of people that do things like that, while Loners arnt so much...

The Reason why all Stalkers like you when you help them is because you get a reputation, and when Stalkers go back to their Local Safe Place/bar and talk to other Stalkers the message that you are good/Bad will get around pretty quickly, with Stalkers going in between area's much like you do and talk to people.

The Weapons are kinda effy, I would love to see a Magazine System, but I understand the Dev's reasoning behind not going for it. But the damage Aspect I hope is Fixed for both the Player and NPC, I hate pumping a Few rounds into someone's chest just to find out they can still be pretty dead on with Automatic fire, I understand Adrenalin, but it felt as if you have more reaction to damage than the AI

Jun 15 2013 Anchor

I agree that openly shooting you in the back would make them a bandit, but what would make them disclose that to the world?
Look at the guys at the dredge station, Major Degtirev (or whateverhisname) didn't know about them being a bunch of jerks until they took a few shots at him.

It seems that unless you removed those peeps your logic wouldn't work very well either. Though I do agree that the Stalker betrayals should be very rare as it would be hard for someone to keep that guise.

Spoiler again:
And look at flint, he went around spewing false stories and still remained in Freedom. I believe if he could be telling all those lies and actually stay in the faction, then I think it wouldn't be that hard for any other person.

In my opinion it would some suspense, but anyway, enough on that.

I'm glad someone else loves the mag system. I might play the Redux mod till 2.0, I heard that the MISERY devs for some reason discouraged players to not play 1.0, if only I could remember where I read that.

I had the same problem with the AI damage, they could start shooting me with usual accuracy as I was emptying a clip into their faces. And I'm pretty sure the AI can somehow see around corners. (or maybe I have horrible reflexes)

Something I think would be awesome to supplement the artifact detector you hold in your hand and the new wind up flashlight would be a compass. Maybe this is a horrible idea because I am not familiar with how compasses are used in the military, but it seems like a good idea to me now. I think it would be awesome to have compasses for directional guidance (since I hope they remove the minimap). This would seem helpful especially for pripyat, good luck finding batteries there!

Speaking of Pripyat, I think it would be cool if after the final main mission (if you didn't choose to end the game there) the stalkers would not show up for maybe close to a day. This also might be a horrible idea. Whenever I beat the game I always think (well yay, good thing the stalkers teleported in here just in time!) Well I don't know, thanks to the small size of pripyat it could get boring, but by that time you probably will get annoyed my the Major's yawning.

Good luck Misery team

EDIT: I don't remember ever being shot in the back by bandits, every time I have fought them was because it was a quest or I started the fight.

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Jun 24 2013 Anchor

Just thought I would pop in and link my gameplay balance suggestions for the U.S.S. Specializations system. It's in a similar format to what was reccomended at the begginning of this thread, but I doubt it's perfect, just a heads-up.


Jun 24 2013 Anchor

So vendors buy your ammunition really cheaply and charge you fortunes for it, but they have large amounts of cash making large transactions possible.

So, how about making it so that trading with fellow stalkers would allow you to sell your ammo for a (say 25% lower) price then vendors charge for it, but they have a very limited amount of cash and not all are even willing to buy.

It makes sense, you get more cash, and they save on it.

Jun 25 2013 Anchor

My suggestion would be better looking textures for the foliage since it looks really low-res :/ it can really do wonders for the graphics, imo. STALKER is a game which would greatly benefit from this since you spend most of the time in the wild.

If you need a environmental artist just let me know, i've done numerous mods, my Skyrim mod is probably the most well known: Skyrim.nexusmods.com

I've got thousands of foliage textures + around a thousand tree models that i've created over the years. Though i have no experience in modding STALKER, but i can provide you with hi-res textures or even new higher poly tree models if you need (if it's even possible to change them, i have no idea).

(couldnt find any contact info to the team).

[TZP]LoNer1 Forum Badmin
Jun 25 2013 Anchor

Wow, you're THE author of Flora Overhaul! It's a honor :D

If you'd like to PM me, we can take things from there, you might want to do this as I've some questions for you and some cool insight on certain things im working on which i could use your opinion on!

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Jun 25 2013 Anchor

Gee Vurt, from Bethesda games, to Thief and System Shock 2, to STALKER, I run into you everywhere. :P

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Jun 25 2013 Anchor

Where there's foliage there is vurt ;)

I can't seem to find a way to PM.. maybe you can email me at vurt72 at gmail.com

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Jul 18 2013 Anchor

It would be really nice if there was a jumping sound effect like an effect while in the air and a thud sound when you land.

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