READ DESCRIPTION before start a new game since you'll probably find everything you need to know here, I'll not answer to anything you can find in description.


-Kingdom of Jerusalem
-Principality of Antioch
-Knights Templar
-Knights Hospitaller
-Ayyubid Sultanate
-Sultanate of Rum

-Teutonic Knights (can be created by )


- The folder WARCRIES AND VOICE ORDERS has crusader and muslim version for voice on commands and warcries and also crusader female voice, choose the one you want and copy/paste the wav files to sounds folder and sounds.txt to Sands of Faith folder, replace when asked. To perform a warcry press "N".

- The folder USER INTERFACE has optional muslim ui, if you want to change copy/paste the .dds file to Sands of Faith Textures folder and replace.

- By default companions you make lords have Teutonic map icon, if you want to change open the txt file Companions Optional Map Icons in Sands of Faith folder, copy the one you want, open map_icons.txt and almost at beginning replace ikon_tevton_knight with the one you have chosen.


- Advanced diplomacy system (Diplomacy 4.3)
- Abillity to join faction armies (Freelancer) (to join cavalry you need to start the game as an "impoverished noble")
- Advanced formations system (PBOD)
- Start as one of the faction leaders or lords or just an adventurer, you chose
- New animations, scenes, graphics, audio
- Epic and voice acted battles (including immersive warcry for )
- Sea travel and battles
- Ability to duel the greatest knights in the Holy Land
- Ability to play as one of your companions in battles (Custom Commander)
- Ability to chose between "battle continuation" camera or to play as one of the regular troops on death (Auxiliary )
- Advanced trade system, including sea trade, merchant ledger, bank system, trade with caravans, moneylenders and landowners
- New quick battles
- Proper Middle-East map
- Proper faction banners and map icons (map icon for is determined by the horse equipped)
- Create Teutonic Knights Order
- Events with choice and consequences
- Advanced tournament system (Tournament Play Enhancement)
- Realistic recruitment system and historical troop trees
- Historical names for both characters and settlements
- Historical armors and weapons
- Build your own outpost/fort anywhere in the map
- Play fun card game with tavern keepers and try to earn money
- Tons of other great features for you to discover


Knights are not part of the troop tree and can only be recruited in towns and you need to be a lord to see the option and even then only knights from your faction, in towns owned by your faction will join. Knights can be upgraded once to the faction specific knight. Each knight cost 10x more than a normal recruit (100 denars vs 10 denars). The recruitment system for normal troops is similar however as only villages from your faction will have volunteers. There are no restrictions to recruit mercenaries (recruitable in taverns) but they're expensive and of worse quality. Special and unique troops can only
be recruit if you own one of the 6 initial capital towns. Battlefield Priests, Bishops, Muftis and Grandmuftis are special units that are weak in combat but have party skills. Lower tier ones add to Wound Treatment while higher tier ones add to Surgery and Leadership. The more of these units you have the more bonus points you get to a maximum of 3, Leadership however is not cumulative and you don't get more than 1 point.


Although technically you can create a random faction as in vanilla and other mods, this mod is optimized for the of Teutonic Knights. You create a new faction as usually, although you need to own a town (castle is not enough), then replace the default minister with a companion, get a chancellor and ask to change culture and choose Teutonic Knights. Wait like 2/3 days too so that it gets updated. Companions you make lords will have teutonic gear and banner. All you need to do either than that is giving the proper name to the faction and get the teutonic banner, but before make them lords remove all items from inventory and what they have equipped to guarantee they equip teutonic gear. Teutonic gear for yourself you can get from Jerusalem and Antioch stores. There are 3 companions wandering the Holy Land that perfectly fit to be Teutonic lords, they're easy to recognize with their German names (actually the names of the 3 first Teutonic Grandmasters).


Items you can find in stores depends on the faction. Some items are shared with few other factions (like crusader generic items are shared among all crusader factions), but faction specific items you can only find in that faction store.



- Press "I" to see Troop Ratio Bar, after using orders panel it will revert to the mini map.

- Press "N" to perform a warcry.

- Press "M" to call your horse.

- When on your ship if you go to camp menu you'll have the option to "try to catch some fish", this is related to foraging skill.

- Press "T" key while wearing an "Helm" to get helmet view, you need to use also "R" key to change to 1st person view to getthe proper view. Pressing "T" key again should reverse the helmet view but when on battle is bugged so press "Esc" to go to "Options Menu" and then back to battle and it will reverse.

- The default vassal title when you're a faction leader is Baron, just go to camp menu / manage your kingdom / custom vassal title and replace with the one you want.

- In taverns if you talk to the tavern keeper, you can choose to play an interesting game called "Find the Lady", you might get lucky and earn some denars or get greedy and lose everything.

- When starting the game as King or Lord either than the troops you have in your party, you also have a complete army in your town or castle, so go there and chose manage this town or castle, manage garrison and get all the troops you need.

- Talk to your Chancellor to set your kingdom policy if you're not getting money from your fiefs.

- Before start go to camp menu and look at all options available, there are tons to tweak your gameplay, most of the behavior in this mod is optional. Also for ai to use formations properly (if you want to check it) you must also put ai setting at maximum in Diplomacy options.

- You need to replace your default Minister with a companion to unlock all the special dialog options.

- You can trade with caravans.


- Akathir for the town scenes
- Bismarck for Native Module Compilation that I used as base module system with Diplomacy and Custom Commander merged
- Feyd1979 for the great map
- el xabeo de la cova for the release of the source code with his mod Hispania 1200 wich made possible the integration of the script to start as king/lord and many other scripts and to allow me to use Hispania 1200 scenes, all credits to him for all the new scenes (towns, castles, villages, sea battles, lairs, meeting scenes), many scripts and few icons and items
- Crusaders Way To Expiation Team for the release of their great work which is the graphical backbone of this mod, all credits to them for almost all items, battlefield scenes, interface, textures, icons, shaders, flora, terrain borders, skyboxes, font and some sounds in this mod
- Goodfutter for doing crusader voices on purpose for this mod (also to Matmohair1 for the arabian voices pack)
- produno from A World of Ice and Fire for the help editing the campaign map
- ElPadrino for Sands of Faith dedicated ENB


Hispania 1200, Crusaders Way To Expiation Team, 1257 AD, Brytenwalda, Wings of Glory, Crusader Deus Vult, Native Expansion, Tocans Calradia, Gekokujo, 1429 la Guerre de Cent Ans, Native Module Compilation, Floris, Rigale

Akathir, el xabeo de la cova, Feyd1979, Bismarck, Waihti, rubik, taragoth, Caba'drin, Windyplains, motomataru, Jinnai, Arch3r, MartinF, Anardion, Checkmaty, lucky lancer, Tempered, einhar, Almansur, CounterPoint, Lumos, Lav, sphere, Duh, Ruthven, lazeras, Papa Lazarou, Iboltax, Slawomir of Aaarrgh, Jacobhinds, dunde, Shcherbyna, AndyYa, Goodfutter, Matmohair1, Ibidil, FantasyWarrior, Mark7, Melphiz, KuauiK, DrThomas, Sayd Uthman, Zimke Zlovoljni, Mikeboix, BlackDeer, TheFatty, zedpaolo, Nordous, produno, ElPadrino, HyperCharge, daedalus, Cernunos, somebody

Thanks to Henning Kleist for allowing the use of his great Templar Knights models in the forum banner of this forum, all credits for the model go to him check his page: Henning Kleist 3D Artist

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Sands of Faith v2.3 Changelog:

Freelancer reworked (to join cavalry you need to start as an "impoverished noble"), overhauled castle sieges, replaced naval battle scenes, fixes to campaign map pathfinding, autosell fixed, overhauled some muslim equipment/troops, overhauled some music, fixes/corrections to scenes, many overall tweaks, fixes and corrections.

Released OPTIONAL patches that shall fix performance and crashes related issues, read description of the patches in file description. It is save game compatible no worries. Anyone with weaker computer shall try the complete one and see how it goes.


- Extract to your Mount&Blade; Warband/Modules folder
- Choose Sands of Faith v2.3 on the launcher mods list
- Play and have fun

Sands of Faith Taleworlds Official Forum

Forum Caballeros de Calradia (SPANISH translation)

Forum Commando (RUSSIAN translation)

Other mods I recommend:

Hispania 1200
Crusaders Way To Expiation (custom battles)
Anno Domini 1257
A World Of Ice And Fire
Fires of War: A Greco-Persian war mod

RSS Files
SoF 2.3 OPTIONAL Patch (complete)

SoF 2.3 OPTIONAL Patch (complete)

Patch 17 comments

Reverses town scenes to old ones with much less demanding ini file. If you have weaker computer use this patch. Installation: Install exactly as the full...

SoF 2.3 OPTIONAL Patch (partial)

SoF 2.3 OPTIONAL Patch (partial)

Patch 2 comments

Reverses town scenes to old ones with the exception of Jerusalem and crusader town interiors with much less demanding ini file. If you have weaker computer...

Sands of Faith v2.3

Sands of Faith v2.3

Full Version 49 comments

Freelancer reworked (to join cavalry you need to start as an "impoverished noble"), overhauled castle sieges, replaced naval battle scenes, fixes to campaign...

Sands of Faith  ENB

Sands of Faith ENB

Effects GFX 20 comments

ENB Dedicated to Sands of Faith. All feedbacks are welcomed to improve this work !

SoF Alternative Music Pack

SoF Alternative Music Pack

Audio Pack

Some original tracks replaced with alternative like ibelin song.

Sands of Faith v0.8 Enhanced (OUTDATED)

Sands of Faith v0.8 Enhanced (OUTDATED)

Full Version 32 comments

OUTDATED (last version before scenes upgrade so it's useful if computer can't handle the new scenes) OUTDATED

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I would like to know where you got the music, it's glorious.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Great mod btw

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nice mod... but last version with old town's good, but could you repair Adratum town hall scene?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
thewanderingknight Creator

Yeah a couple towns from the patch were reported in nexus forum to have the hall messed up, this was some overlook while changing the code, I'll look into fix it when I have the time. But did you tried the other optional patch that only adds new Jerusalem?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I think no...but you can give me a link

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
thewanderingknight Creator

It's in the files to download, the one called (partial).

Reply Good karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I enjoyed playing the older version of SOF but gave up due to the amount of bugs that kept showing up & spoiling everything. I've been waiting to play the latest release hoping that these issues had been fixed. I was about to download 2.3 but read the comments first & see a lot of people still reporting bugs & game crashing. What a disappointment as this mod has so much to like about it. I'm not going to waste hours of time to find bugs like before. I think if this mod was fixed up it would be one of the few Warband mods i'd actually pay money for.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
thewanderingknight Creator

The only buggs are the ones in the buggs thread list, the crashes are just due to heavy textures combined with the huge towns, etc. There was tons of bugs fixed from the previous versions. Regarding the crashes in the towns, I admit we probably got overambitious with the towns design and believe me it frustates me that many have problems to play the mod due to the demanding textures/scenes.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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Highest Rated (12 agree) 10/10

Really great mod. Beats a lot of the other mods out there with its own style and diplomacy system. Also the ability to be able to choose if you want to be either be a King, Lord, or Adventurer makes the game even more to your taste. Great mod!

Jul 3 2015 by Jarod719

Lowest Rated (10 agree) 1/10

+9 for the mod, which has a few bugs, but enjoyable overall -3 for the developer who refuses to acknowledge bugs (when someone reported the date bug - date shows instead of name when someone gets imprisoned -, he said it was more important to see the date than the name of prisoner and it was no bug), after I reported the same problem, he said that the code has something to do with the freelancer and it would be difficult to fix it without introducing more bugs... -5 for the developer who accuses…

Sep 1 2015 by arduus

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