19 years has past since 1187, when 'Allah warriors' lead by the Salāh ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūbi took control of the sacred city - Jerusalem and the Empty tomb! The Holy See in Rome reacted immediately. But, followed one by one Third and Fourth Crusades didn't end up as they were planned and Jerusalem still remained in hands of the 'infidels'. But this Crusades created a nice bridgehead on the Holy Land and Balkans.
The year 1206 has began and crusaders still desire to conquer Jerusalem and the Empty tomb! Meanwhile devout muslims want to drive away remaining rcusaders from their lands and that is where they have to 'win and get everything' or 'be defeated and lose' this sacred for both sides lands.
Many of those considered Crusades and the Holy war as a redemption for their God and Allah. After vowing to commit the crusade they enter the Holy Land and clash with the 'infidels'

This mod occupies time periods between Fourth (1202-1204) and Fifth (1217-1221) Crusades. It starts at 1206 and lasts till 1217.
Like warriors of that war, you must choose who will you fight with and who will evantually take control over the Holy lands during the Crusades!


  • The Sultanate of Rûm
  • Union of Antioch and Tripoli
  • The Kingdom of Jerusalem
  • The Ayyubids Sultanate

Also there will be:

The Order of Hospitallers
The Order of the Temple
The Teutonic Order

Planned features:

  • A large variety of troops - troop trees of kingdoms and orders (tampliers, hospitallers and teutons).
  • New bandits
  • New cloth, weapons, armour and horses.
  • Camels.
  • Historically accurate map, that includes new icons.
  • New locations on the global map.
  • New weather.
  • New animation.
  • Town become alive (you'll see 'how').
  • New unique scenes for some towns. Some towns will be really big. Castles and villages will have their scenes changed (final full version will have absolutely all scens changed).
  • New architecture, including unique and, most of all, historical buildings.
  • New scenes for the custom battles, which wll also have historical battles.
  • Almost no Native items, all of them will be replaced with new one's. New horizons.
  • Hiden and quest locations.
  • Reworked sieges, using new siege towers, ledders, battling ram and defensive constructions.
  • Improved siege AI.
  • New recruitment statistic.
  • Reworked economy.
  • New cosntructiable buildings (in towns and castles) that are desplayed on the scenes. They will also give some unique bonuses.
  • Tons of new quests. Complete the path from an unknown and poor adventurer to a glorious knight. Explore hidden places, seek for the religious items, prevent the assassination or commit them yourself, and etc.
  • Scripted battles.
  • The relationship system of your companions is changed.
  • Reworked management of your fiefs .
  • New sounds.
  • New music. Several tracks were written exlusively for this mod.
  • New type of NPC.
  • New heroes that will appeal during your adventures.
  • Sea travel and sea battles.
  • Improved trading abilities.
  • Water as a very important resource (like food).
  • And tonns of other gameplay changes (some of them are unique and can change the whole style of your game)

Development team:

ficus - team leader, 2D art, 3D art (models)
shturmfogel - coding
Mark7 - coding, 2D art, music, sounds
Jorge Martínez Corada - Concept Art
- scenes
back - scenes
Flanir - scenes
JoG - historian-consultant, item balancing

Additional help in animation and MS: MAXHARDMAN
Helped with 3D modelling: Narf of Picklestink, cмертник
Helped with textures: Andre de Bur
Helped with music and sounds: Rejenorst

And people who helped a lot, but, unfortunately, cannot participate in the development: Akill 11, Martin, tek0, VKVania (Nordwolf), Redlightriotvan, begemot, Kinderril, Max_marksman, GreyB, UFO, Gargul, Vallis, Peter Guewan, Antalius


This is our attempt to create a high-quality mod and there's a lot of things left to do. Our team is relatively small and we are allways looking for talented people who are ready to help the development. Particulary:
- modellers and texturers for architecture, ships, armours, civil clothes and flora;
- scene makers;
- animation makers;
- 2D artists, painters.

Theme in Taleworlds -

With kindest regards the Crusaders - Way to expiation mod development team.

Channel 1 (Game Detalls)
Channel 2 (Shaders)

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So,this day arrived,CWE mod is offically closed,it was not planned and it was realy sad to close it.Yes,it's a pitty because the devs wanted to create a uniqe mod, but modders were leaving the team over and over again.Some didn't want to continue the "crusade" because of it's high requirements and demands,others had their own problems.So there were only 2 developers who had to pull the mod,it was impossible.Anyway,thinking that CWE is going to be on Bannerlord it's too early,but these thoughts are not to bury.

We want to thank all the fans,wich helped in the developing of this mod.We know that you were helping us all over the world,on different sites and forums,hoping for this mod to come out one day.
And it would be stupid to leave you without anything,so we decided to leave the OSP version.

Good luck!

Need help!

Need help!

News 7 comments

Hey,what's up?For now the devs have little time for working on the mod,so we are asking your help!



News 13 comments

Crusaders-Way to Expiation-is an historical mod for Mount and Blade Warband,wich is developed by a russian/ukrainian team.We are developers wich like...

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Warband CWE v0.18

Warband CWE v0.18

Demo 25 comments

Last work version of the mod Crusaders way to Expiation.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 639)

I wish someone would follow this work at some point, I was looking at the images and I saw that Tripoli had archers, but I was disappointed to know that it is a demo and that, according to the comments, it is quite impossible to play. The truth was looking for a mod like sand of faith but with archers in the factions of the crusaders. I hope someone is encouraged to continue with this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Is this mod is dead??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

of course

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

The reason why this file is so big is because the team has duplicated the entire native folder and put in their own textures and items. In other words you download files which you already have int the native folder.
This mod has really awesome textures and this mod has the best models of arabs I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it is very broken and it had potential.

Either way, I am stealing the arab textures and I am gonna implement them into the deus vult mod. Hopefully you guys wont bother :)

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lol good luck

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

tracking! hope development goes well!

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Is there Bulgaria in this mod? After all Bulgaria played a major role in the 4th crusades against the Latin Empire and the Knights. The Bulgarians did what no one else could, they defeated the knights.

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Hey there, a quick question:

IS there some sort of special way you're supposed to add the OSP items to a mod, if you wish to use them? I'm trying to import some armors into native from the OSP items, and in game they appear as a smudgy, gray and white color. The texture isn't missing, but it's not being read right. Any suggestions?

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best battle blood mod ever

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I have just downloaded and will start to play now, but wanted to give 10 points for the developers who shared their resources with the community so that many other mods could benefit from them.

Edit: As I suspected, it is not a complete project, the devs probably shared the last working version for the other modders. Too bad they decided to cancel it, though it looks quite ambitious, there are many good ideas.

Aug 28 2015 by arduus

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