In a land torn asunder by incessant warfare, it is time to assemble your own band of hardened warriors and enter the fray. Lead your men into battle, expand your realm, and claim the ultimate prize: the throne of Calradia.

In a genre all its own, experience the one and only medieval combat and kingdom building sandbox game. Mount & Blade Warband is a unique blend of intense strategic fighting, real time army command, and deep kingdom management.

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A World of Ice and Fire v1 0

I'm extremely pleased to release the first complete version of AWoIaF finally out of it's beta phase. I will say however, this does not mean it's the final version, meaning no more updates. More content will come containing bug fixes and improvements, but I do consider this now to be feature complete.

Ship Battle

Myr Main Menu

The changelog for this release is pretty massive and can be seen below.


  • Added around 50 new face codes created by Shark8.
  • Gave Westerlanders new helmets.
  • Added two new armour textures from Kraggrim.
  • Companions will now recruit armies of the players culture.
  • Added Blocs Northerner Horses.
  • You can now learn how to read at a citadel.
  • Added some new locations to find.
  • Removed Craster as a Wildling lord.
  • Made various changes to the map.
  • All troops with throwing weapons should now correctly wield them.
  • Various adjustments to diplomacy. Essos wars are now unlocked but will not mingle with Westerosi factions.
  • Various adjustments to Sieges. Removed some of the ai triggers which caused a lot of issues with units
  • getting stuck.
  • Slight adjustments to castle/village walkers. Code taken from VC.
  • Added female children.
  • Tweaked children code.
  • No Lords will defect in static wars mode.
  • Some Lords will only auto-defect if they have -100 relation with their liege.
  • Added new battle standards/banners to every faction.
  • Re-wrote code for Septry's plus added a few more. You can now attack all septry's and reap various consequences.
  • Added some new events for static wars mode.
  • Adjusted some starting relations to slightly adjust game balance.
  • Added new Longclaw model created by Lotnik.
  • Completely re-wrote the religions and all code related to this. This has resulted in many bugs being fixed.
  • Added a new sword for Braavosi troops.
  • Added polished buildings.
  • Standardised most prop objects.
  • Optimised more collision objects.
  • Changed how merc companies work. This also fixes some bugs that occurred with them.
  • Reduced the size of the Arak.
  • Gave all northern footmen shields.
  • Tweaked flora code.
  • Added some new trees from CWE and removed some others.
  • Rechecked and changed all the companion reputation types.
  • Changed critical damage system to VC system.
  • Removed several conflicting triggers.
  • Tidied up the mission templates files.
  • Added AO to all items and any LOD's missing them. This fixes some of the 'popping' that occurred when changing LOD's.
  • Removed battle time and coop scripts etc.
  • Removed all instances of WSE as it was causing issues.
  • Added character menu presentations from VC.
  • Added camp menu presentations from VC.
  • Updated stamina code and presentations from VC.
  • Added build settlement feature, code and inspiration from VC.
  • Removed old options presentations and added new from VC.
  • Added ship travel from VC for player and AI.
  • Added sea battles and all features relating to this from VC.
  • Added new party icon scripts.
  • Re-added lords deal extra damage and take less damage from Custom Commander.
  • Added troop tree presentations from VC.
  • Added Companion presentations from VC.
  • Merged all menus etc.
  • Added the scenic view presentation from VC.
  • Removed loot wagon as it could be exploited too much.
  • Removed old menus and presentations.
  • Added new menu backgrounds.
  • Updated wound system to VC system.
  • You can now name your children.
  • Added 38 brand new tracks created by Milan Cizek and removed any native tracks left. Previews can be found here
  • Added several new ships.
  • re-arranged/tidied up the loot screen.
  • Adjustments to the path finding on the campaign map. You should hopefully be less likely to be pulled towards the roads.
  • Adjusted all map icon sizes and re-positioned some.
  • Added new ship icons and animations for all parties.
  • Updated decapitation from VC.
  • Removed jacobhinds moral system and used the one from VC.
  • Unsullied soldiers will never rout.
  • Added new ships modified by Kraggrim to work with the new sea battles. These include all new textures too.
  • Added the Iron Bank of Braavos.
  • Removed banks and the buying of land from all other locations.
  • Changed Maidenpool to a coastal/port town.
  • Changed various scenes.
  • Made changes to every castle and town scene.
  • Removed old port menus and port blockades in assaults.
  • Replaced honour with reputation.
  • As requested I removed the animations from the player special traits as it could leave your troops vulnerable for a few seconds.
  • All castles now also belong to a religion.
  • Changed all menu backgrounds for new. Some are much higher resolution.
  • Updated thrust animations to make them quicker/better.
  • Added 1 handed overhead stabbing.
  • Added 2 handed overhead stabbing.
  • Adjusted stats of all spears, lances, javelins and staffs.
  • Updated Unsullied soldiers.
  • Adjusted core diplomacy settings and fixed some bugs relating to this.
  • Updated the weapon break scripts and triggers.
  • Weapons can be repaired by weapon smiths.
  • Changed prices for all armours, hats and shoes.
  • Made quite a few adjustments to all VC presentations to fit AWoIaF and GoT's.
  • Added shaders from VC.
  • Updated Bloodloss code to VC system.
  • Added Wights.
  • Added Whitewalkers.
  • Added feature that only allows Wights and Whitewalkers to be killed by certain weapons.
  • Added 2x Whitewalker armours including boots and gloves.
  • Added 4 x Ice weapons.
  • Added harbours to various towns that needed them.
  • Added updated HD textures from Warband update where needed.
  • Changed a few locations names.
  • Correctly gave Lemonwood to Lord Deziel Dalt.
  • Added 5 more villages to Essos.
  • Added 3 more villages to the Free Folk.
  • Added Great Sept of Baelor interior.
  • Some Dothraki didn't have horses which they now do.
  • Finished Bolster the Black quest.
  • Added the Lands of Always Winter quest.
  • Adjusted simulated battles if attacking Wights or Whitewalkers.
  • Re-instated Old Valyria quest.
  • Added Troop Quarters from VC.
  • Added second outfit from VC.
  • Replaced all quick battle and multiplayer scenes for native.
  • Added formations AI plus other templates to quick battles. Now you can re-enact your own versions of the Battle of the Bastards.
  • Adjusted the range in which parties will travel and attack, this should hopefully allow factions to move into other territories easier.
  • Updated villagers ai.
  • Updated shield bash code to VC system.
  • Removed lots of redundant items and replaced others with higher quality versions.
  • Re-worked Lannister army troop tree.
  • Re-worked Lys troop tree and items.
  • Re-worked Crownlands troop tree and items.
  • Re-worked Mercs troops tree and items.
  • Re-worked Volantis troop tree and items.
  • Re-worked Pentos troop tree and items.
  • Made adjustments to all other troop trees.
  • Added more bridges.
  • Added King feature: - if the player is king of the seven kingdoms,
    - Various special events will occur
    - You can force an imprisoned lord to take the black.
  • Added more weapons.
  • Changed colours of all factions to be a bit more lore friendly.
  • Added animations for giving charge command.

    New Scenes
  • Lys - created by WollyTheModder
  • White Harbour - created by mikeboix
  • Storms End
  • Ashefa Athaozar
  • 3x new Septry scenes.
  • Golden Grove
  • Norvos
  • Fairmarket
  • Lorath - created by WollyTheModder
  • Adjusted/Fixed Kings Landing siege scene.
  • Adjusted/Fixed Braavos siege scene.
  • Myr - created by Akathir
  • Lorath - created by Akathir
  • Brightwater Keep - created by Moose
  • The Crag - created by Moose
  • Greywater Watch - created by Pheonix
  • Moat Cailin - created by Moose
  • Cider Hall - created by Kaampper
  • Tyrosh - created by Moose


  • Fixed several meshes missing textures.
  • Fixed several trees with low level LOD's causing issues.
  • Fixed issue with several missing trees on the campaign map.
  • Several small tweaks and issues resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where some Lords would stay as part of an eliminated faction.
  • Fixed a tonne of string errors.
  • Fixed the forest random battle scenes that started you on the edge of the map.
  • Fixes to Pyke siege.
  • Various other siege scenes tweaked.
  • Fixed some bugs related to companions.
  • Fixed 24 random scenes that did not have spawn points allocated. (could cause you to sometimes
  • start at the edge of the map).
  • Fixed moat cailin ai mesh.
  • Fixed pyke prison entry.
  • Fixes to lots of scenes regarding floating meshes etc.
  • Fixed transgender dothraki armourer.
  • Fixed various vertex animation that was causing issues with some models disappearing at various distances. The Westerlander shield being one of them.
  • Fixed an exploit regarding the last part of varys quests.
  • Fixed a bug that could stop your child from being born.
  • Fix Highgarden passages.
  • Fixed all instances where factions would sometimes declare wars on others irrationally - ie when speaking to religious dudes.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could steal enemy troops if working as a farmer in a village.
  • Fixed an exploit with sieges that allowed you to easily starve locations.
  • Fixed an exploit with ulfs dialogue.
  • Fixed exploit in brotherhood of banners dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug regarding troop factions.
  • Fixed an issue with the Free Folk Marshall.
  • Fixed some Essos villages not being raided by the correct bandit parties.
  • Various fixes made to the first scene.
  • Fixes to incorrect ui text.
  • Fixed exploit where giving lords troops (even if you had none) would result in huge relationship bonuses.
  • Tonnes of minor bugs fixed.

Iron Islands

Myr Harbour

A huge thanks to everyone that has helped out thus far, anyone that has donated, created assets, scenes and helped bug fix the dev and beta builds. Also a big thanks to the guys on the VC team for not only creating some of the awesome code I have used but for also allowing others to make use of it.

Lannisport Updated

As usual please post any bugs or suggestion over at our forums:

A Clash of Kings version 3.1 released

A Clash of Kings version 3.1 released

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones) 36 comments

Version 3.1 of A Clash of Kings has been released on April 23, 2017.

The Death's Hussars

The Death's Hussars

Independence of Chile 9 comments

The Death's Hussars was a paramilitary body formed by Manuel Rodriguez after the disaster of Cancha Rayada, the 23 of March of 1818 in the period known...

Chile's Infantry Grenadiers

Chile's Infantry Grenadiers

Independence of Chile 4 comments

A grenadier is a soldier of high stature belonging to a company that formed the head of the regiment. The use of hand grenades made it necessary to create...

Release 1.75

Release 1.75

The Red Wars, Calradia 1923 10 comments

New Dev for The Red Wars.

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March of Rome Full Version 2 comments

Version 1.5.6 for March of Rome, dubbed "Crixus' Tribal Initiative Patch".

A World of Ice and Fire v1 0

A World of Ice and Fire v1 0

A World of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) Full Version 41 comments

The full release of AWoIaF modification. You can go ahead and delete your old version before installing this. Works with Warband version 1.168+.

PARADIGM WORLDS 0.86 patch Shades of the Past

PARADIGM WORLDS 0.86 patch Shades of the Past

PARADIGM WORLDS Patch 3 comments

This is a quick fix for mod PARADIGM WORLDS. Please see details in description.

TLD Scene Replacement 1.7

TLD Scene Replacement 1.7

TLD LOTR Scene Pack Full Version

v. 1.7a; compatible with steam releases and nightly patches at least up to 24th April 2017; NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER SUBMODS! MAKE SURE YOU GET THE LATEST...

A Clash of Kings 3.1

A Clash of Kings 3.1

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones) Full Version 33 comments

For Mount and Blade: Warband 1.172. Based on "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin.



Yunan Ateşi Full Version 1 comment

Moda girin 'languages' klasörüne girin oraya atın ve değiştirin.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 708)

Hear now Lads:

master_copypaster Mar 27 2017
Hello Parabellum mod fans! Mod was deleted for unknown reason by administration of ModDB. I'm now contacting with them. Developing continues, and you can still check this page for new images from developing and this page - for new versions.

I've got in touched with the Mod Dev, it's actually ModDB's fault..... (No Offense on ModDB)

Here's the given link Lads:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

What is about the mod now? Any news?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Nah... Mate.... Developer's are quite not in touch with the mod but I'm sure they'll figure something out to bring it back in the good ol' ModDB

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It really got deleted....... :(

Man, such great expectations........

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Aa, but see it was tuned pit to be a joke, man. It was no pomising thing that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes

Alright hang a bit now, I'm tryin' to understand your gibberish English.

No mate, I contradict with ya. It's definitely deleted, unless if it is still searchable in the search box.

*Before you give a Bad Karma, investigate first - click the given link and I'll show you me evidence to your plead*

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes


Aa, see ut was not mmeant that delete was jok, it was Modd that was UNACCEPATL and so was taken to the ABYSS by Mods who modeate the content on this sit.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-5 votes

What in the Davy Jones' Locker are you talking about?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I kinda guess he means your mod is 'offending' (?)
(Spoiler: it's not)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Man I think he says it is "Unacceptable"? or the mod itself " Unacceptable " for him and he is trying to say that it deserves to be deleted......

[No offense - I'm just trying to interpret it]

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

NAh nah, I not saying that tis UNACCEALT to ME, I say to you that it was DEEMED THUS by the UPPER ONES, the Modds o those bug things.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

Still don't understand you Lad........ But well, can't blame you for your OWN "English Dialect".......

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Did HE downvoted us? :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Yep, He surely did Mate......
No worries, we can Down vote him..... *Hahaha*

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

And I can upvote you ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Well yes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Was he purposefully trying to **** you guys off?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey, how dares tee. I am arguing REASON FOR REMOVE, not ******* off. Somple discussion and no ill intension. Now I know nauthing strange was whit Mod, and havv pulled back my case. ::))

No strong case! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Okay. I hope someone just remove this weird comment thread ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I guess.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
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