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"Ladies and gentlemen of the Congress...", US President William Bradford raised his voice. "One month ago, the entire world stood still for a moment when the French leadership decided to deploy its nuclear weapons against the Russian forces that were converging on the last fighting ECA positions in southern France..."

Posted by MARS2588 on Dec 21st, 2012

United States of America, June 2048

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Congress...", US President William Bradford raised his voice. "One month ago, the entire world stood still for a moment when the French leadership decided to deploy its nuclear weapons against the Russian forces that were converging on the last fighting ECA positions in southern France. It is estimated that more than three hundred thousand soldiers of the Russian military, including some of their most elite tank divisions, were wiped out in this desperate attack. Only time will tell whether we're going to witness a total, unrestricted nuclear escalation in this conflict but one thing is for certain: To this day, after three years of fighting, the Russo-European War has already seen five million military casualties and a staggering number of innocent civilian lives lost in the carnage. It has seen a new generation of Russian soldiers once again raise their flag above the German Reichstag. It has seen an amphibious invasion repelled at the coast of England. It has seen the complete moral bankruptcy of Russia's President Suvorov, who decided to yield control of his military to a brutal thug who calls himself a General. And now, it has seen the deployment of a weapon of terror, an ultima ratio that hasn't been used by a Western nation in over a hundred years. It is for this reason that I'm asking you, ladies and gentlemen of the Congress, to authorise the use of military force...against the Russian Federation!

The President took a deep breath while observing the immediate reactions of his audience: There was murmur, protest, faces of skepticism and uncertainty, but also a lot of applause.

"Let us remember that this entire chain of events roots back to the failures of the Paulson administration. In 2028, our nation caved in to the threats of terrorists and backed out from its responsibilities, ruining almost an entire century worth of global commitment and sending catastrophic tremors across the geo-political landscape. Let us not make the same mistake again! The nations of Europe must not fall to the rabid expansionism of Suvorov's evil empire. If this man succeeds, I promise you that the world we pass over to our children will be world of darkness, fear and brutality. A dystopian world locked in perpetual warfare. Through the course of today's session, you will be presented with a number of top-level intelligence assessments, including confirmed intel on the war crimes committed by the Russian Shock Divisions as well as an insight into one previously top-secret incident where Russian forces have attacked and killed US servicemen during a covert incursion into Alaska five years ago. These startling details paint the picture of a severe and persistent threat to the national security of the United States; a threat that must be neutralised while we still have the ability to do so. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a daunting task ahead us and a day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day! On this day, we will pay our dues and re-assume our global responsibilities. On this day, we are all in this together, whether we are Republicans or Democrats. On this day, we will follow the call of history and do the right thing! May God bless America -and- the brave, fighting people of Europe!"

Operation 'Blue Trident'
Off the Portuguese Atlantic Coast
7 July 2048

"Damage report", Admiral Mikhail Zakharov asked anxiously on the bridge of the aircraft carrier Kuznetsov whilst another volley of high-velocity ramjet shells obliterated a nearby frigate. What was initially planned to be the decisive blow against the rag-tag remains of the ECA navies near the Azores had turned into a battle royal after the Europeans had successfully avoided an early confrontation and linked up with the most advanced vessels of the US Atlantic fleet. "We've just lost the Velikiy and the Kulakov!" reported one of the bridge officers. "The Ustinov has taken a bad hit to her rudder and the Captain of the Vepr has reported contact with enemy submarines!". Meanwhile, the bright flames of several dozen wreckages illuminated the night and thousands of sailors, Russians, Europeans and Americans alike, fought to survive amidst the raging waves. "Admiral!" shouted the radar operator, "I've got at least one dozen air contacts coming in at mach-3 from the north-west!" The Admiral simply walked by without saying a word, his mind overwhelmed by soul-crushing terror. He stood still in front of the armoured bridge window, watching his fleet disintegrate while his second-in-command gave the order to abandon the ship and hope for mercy. Moments later, a full squadron of American Aurora bombers zoomed down from the stratosphere. Their 10.000 pound penetrator bombs tore right through the flight deck and detonated in the steel belly of the Kuznetsov, slaying the mighty leviathan and dragging almost two thousand poor souls into the abyss.

Operation 'Pope's Revenge'
Berlin, Germany
29 July 2048

"In the name of the sacred Motherland, I bestow upon you, Storm Platoon Leader Kirill Sokolov, this badge in commendation of your bravery and dedication to our righteous cause!", General Aleksandr recited while shaking hands with a man who had singlehandedly taken out five European resistance fighters and almost twenty 'suspicious bystanders' after his patrol vehicle got hit by a roadside bomb in the suburbs. Sokolov received the dubious honour with same cold, mechanical apathy that was expected of a proper Shock Trooper. But suddenly, his brief moment in the limelight was put to an end when a high-calibre explosive/incendiary round ripped through his torso. General Aleksandr, whose shock and disgust at the ugly sight remained safely hidden behind his mask, was quickly rushed into the safety of his hardened command fortress. "Verdammte Scheisse! I missed the damn bastard!", exclaimed an angry Frank Jaeger from the visitor platform of the iconic Berlin television tower roughly 2.5 kilometres further east. "Stay focused, Frank. You -will- get your chance!", Navy SEAL Jeffrey Anderson reassured the German partisan. "Time to get out of here. Bishop, come in and report." The radio crackled. "This is Bishop. Kowalsky and I have the lobby under control and the Russian response force is still nowhere to be seen. We shouldn't overstay our welcome though, Commander." Anderson replied: "We didn't have any luck up here. Frank and I will meet you downstairs in five, then we'll hit the sewers and exfil as planned."

Operation 'Backbreaker'
Near Marseille, France
10 August 2048

USMC General Jeremiah Bradley peeked out of the open hatch of his M1A4 Paladin tank, watching in awe as his Marines hit the beaches of the French Mediterranean coast. Shells and bullets wizzed through the air as hundreds of amphibious troop carriers and heavy hovercraft transports loaded with tanks came ashore, unleashing his battle-hardened 2nd Expeditionary Unit onto the surprised Russian defenders. Their resistance was fierce but badly organised, mostly consisting of second line forces and the leftover bits of units that had previously been routed by the European nuclear strikes. While the ECA was slowly regaining momentum in south-western France, the Marines had been dispatched to slam their teeth into the Federation's coastal supply route. "I love it", Bradley thought to himself in the same dreamy way he remembered the climactic battle of Akmola, where he and General Ta Hun Kwai of the People's Army nearly drove the GLA to extinction for the first time. "Dear God help me, I do love it so!" Bradley descended back into the cupola and sealed the hatch. The hovercraft rumbled as it reached the beach and the tank rolled forward, joining the assault. The computer-operated laser module mounted on top of the turret took out missile after missile while the infantry pressed on. "Gunner!" Bradley exclaimed, "Get me some fire on those sons o' bitches in that machine gun nest at two o'clock!" Seconds later, the tank rocked back, accompanied by a loud thud and the hostile position was wiped out. "Push forward, Marines! Tear their fuckin' guts out!"

The European Deployment Zone serves two distinct purposes: Aside from fielding and maintaining the ECA's arsenal of helicopters and VTOLs, it also acts as a central drop-off point for reinforcements that are delivered by an airship. Due to the extreme losses of aerial equipment in the wake of the Russian bombing and missile raids, the ECA's remaining air assets are spread so thin that every front sector can only operate one Deployment Zone at a time, forcing commanders to conserve their aircraft as they can only be produced - and replaced - at a single facility.

The CL250 Airlifter is a heavy-duty transport airship capable of carrying approx. 250 tons of cargo. It is the spiritual successor to an ambitious project from the late 1990s when a German company came forth with its plan for an entire fleet of efficient point-to-point transport airships. Unfortunately, the project failed to take off, the company went bankrupt and the enormous assembly hangar built on a decommissioned airfield in Brandenburg was converted into an indoor water park. A few decades later, a new generation of these airships is roaming the skies above Europe in service of several logistics companies. Some of the airships have also been refitted into large luxury skyliners and the sultan of Oman has reportedly tried to purchase one to turn it into a literal flying palace. Due to the airship's amazing freight capabilities, it comes as no surprise that it proved to be a valuable logistics asset for the Continental Army as well, which uses the Airlifter to rapidly deploy standardised, role-specific battlegroups to the battlefield. This allows the ECA to build up a task force more quickly than via on-site assembly, albeit at a higher price.

When President Suvorov stepped in front of the public to announce his decision to declare war on the Europeans in the summer of 2045, the Russian fleets in the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea were already underway. In an extremely literal example of 'gunboat diplomacy', an armada of over a dozen vessels led by the aircraft carrier 'Potemkin' passed through the Bosporus unopposed by Turkey. After the collapse of NATO, the country had virtually nothing more to do with the Europeans and turned its attention to stabilising the war-torn Middle East as a regional peacekeeping power instead. Upon entering the Aegean Sea, the fleet was picked up by the Greeks. Shunned and ignored by the new European community and isolated between Russia's Balkan allies, the leadership in Athens coldly decided to let the Russians move on without warning their former allies. As a result, the European governments only noticed the Russian incursion into the Mediterranean Sea through news reports rather than diplomatic channels. Soon after, a mobile long-range radar unit in Calabria detected the fleet just a few kilometres off the coast of Italy. The government reacted immediately: All air, land and naval forces were mobilised, the Alpine redoubts in the far north of the country were prepared to shelter thousands of civilians and even the Pope was hastily evacuated to Ireland mere hours before hundreds of cruise missiles rained down onto Rome, destroying many historical landmarks of the 'eternal city' in what could only be described as an indiscriminate terror attack; an unsanctioned but common occurrence during the early days of the war when the Russian military was still hungering for revenge after the alleged attack on Kaliningrad. It was only thanks to these sophisticated radar systems that an even higher magnitude of destruction could be avoided. As such, the Mobile Sensor Array remained a valuable tool for the ECA, providing the troops with reliable long-range reconnaissance and detection.

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Cam-C&C Dec 21 2012, 11:21am says:

I getting so Excited!

+17 votes     reply to comment
Guest Dec 21 2012, 11:37am says:

Is that a reused RA3 IJA naval base being used as the US Navy MOB?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Arcus2611 Dec 23 2012, 1:08am replied:

Why, yes it would appear so.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuttah Dec 21 2012, 11:38am says:

Not sure if I should commend the LotR reference or note that it might be a bit overused at this point.
Also: Sounds like Frank had a bit of a bad day there.
As well as the rest of the Russian army.

+2 votes     reply to comment
nomaner Dec 21 2012, 11:43am buried:


"USS Spirit of Freedom"? Did the Americans stole something called IRSS Spirit of the Emperor that fell through a time vortex that landed them in a different universe? And Europe has TS sensors? What's next? Is GLA going to use Nod stealth tanks and Chinese use Kirovs?

-9 votes     reply to comment
((;^GrimReaper^;)) Dec 21 2012, 11:47am replied:

lol...i seen the RA3 Japanese Floating fortress and i was like,"wait, what?"....Kirov's for china? remember the big propaganda blimps they have? may not have bombs but you see my point.

On a side note...its kinda cool to see the US get involved...i just asked about this yesterday actually and bam...this shows up today

+1 vote     reply to comment
Vladimir_Deathstrike Dec 21 2012, 6:42pm replied:

You know, that Spirit of Freedom actually make sense if USA have it in the year of 2048 instead of Empire of Rising Sun on 1980. That is my "logical" conclusion :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
DEathgod65 Dec 21 2012, 11:50am says:

**** yeah! Those yanks are always stealing the spotlight haha!

+2 votes     reply to comment
P-98 Dec 21 2012, 11:50am says:

Situation becomes too hot.

+2 votes     reply to comment
DanielKeller Dec 21 2012, 12:21pm says:

4 more presents to unwrap! HELL YES!

+1 vote     reply to comment
SDF-1 Dec 21 2012, 12:56pm says:

Great Story by ROTR group. I am wondering what the Chinese are going to due? The GLA side is going to interesting too..

any thoughts.. (i think Chinese-Russian Alliance)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuttah Dec 21 2012, 1:05pm replied:

They reportedly don't really like each other all that much.
But of course, there have also been harsh words with ECA as well.
So they could quite possibly swing either way.
Or just stay out altogether.

+1 vote     reply to comment
CptIstvanofArdeal Dec 21 2012, 1:34pm replied:

I think that it's not likely possible since the Kurmuk defeat plus the Chinese may want the Russians far-eastern territories

+1 vote     reply to comment
middle-kingdom Dec 22 2012, 6:04am replied:

China is USA's Alliance,and China has interests in Europe,so...

+1 vote     reply to comment
attackmike Dec 22 2012, 7:30am replied:

I suspect a Chinese civil war..

+2 votes     reply to comment
Orange_Tomato Dec 21 2012, 1:31pm says:

'Muricans! 'Murica is coming to save the day! Russkies will all die! *America FFFUUUCK YEAAAH*

//my thoughts when reading this...

+1 vote     reply to comment
MARS2588 Author
MARS2588 Dec 21 2012, 1:40pm replied:

The ECA has already done most of the hard work before this happened. The Russians took extreme casualties in the Be-Ne-Lux countries where the ECA merely lost a bunch of robo-turrets, the invasion of England was an utter failure that cost the bigger part of at least two Shock Divisions, France was a brutal slog and the nuclear strikes wiped out over three hundred thousand soldiers in one sweep. This isn't America saving the day. It's America tipping the balance in favour of the side that just reclaimed the initiative all by itself and the Russians are now realising that they pushed their luck beyond the breaking point.

+5 votes   reply to comment
p*a*t*t*o*n Dec 21 2012, 2:26pm replied:

Actually now that you point that out it seems as though with the exception of a few minor differences this conflict has played out not unlike that of the first world war, except with the Russians instead of the Germans

+2 votes     reply to comment
Nuttah Dec 21 2012, 2:40pm replied:

But with the war going much further west than last time.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Kornet555 Dec 21 2012, 2:03pm says:

Russians fight to the death!!!!!

+5 votes     reply to comment
rkraptor70 Online
rkraptor70 Dec 21 2012, 2:15pm buried:


Major disappointment. A story that's been so far was an amazing piece of unique artwork regrading two evenly match sides now apparently became a common ''Murica save the day" story.

However I have hope. the SWR production has so far shown great skill in forging the story and I find it hard to believe that they will ruin this wonderful masterpiece so badly. I am looking forward to see/read the US will suffer even greater losses this time and will have a complete economic collapse or at the least get kicked out by the ECA in the end for not being there when needed. Mainly something that will hopefully teach them to keep their nose out of conflicts that has nothing to do with them for good.

With the hope of reading the USS Spirit of Freedom get nuked/tremored and the 2nd Expeditionary Unit get sentinelpided in the next chapter, I finish my comment/review.

-9 votes     reply to comment
MARS2588 Author
MARS2588 Dec 21 2012, 2:29pm replied:

Explain to me how 'America gets completely buttfucked to square one again' amounts to a less biased depiction than 'America saves the day'. Beyond that, there's also a major difference between 'America saves the day' and 'America seals the deal after the Europeans did all of the fighting and bleeding for three years and nuked their own land in order to get America to care at all'. They had to get involved somehow and only involving them for the sake of wrecking them would be a total disservice to the work we're putting into their in-game faction. Thank you very much.

+12 votes   reply to comment
p*a*t*t*o*n Dec 21 2012, 2:35pm replied:

Gee, bitter at America much? We'll just overlook normandy, chateu-thierry, and those other places that had nothing to do with us, then

+1 vote     reply to comment
MARS2588 Author
MARS2588 Dec 21 2012, 2:38pm replied:

Precisely. People need to understand the difference between 'America, **** yeah' and America acting like a responsible superpower instead of going 'Hay guys, let's just sit this one out while Europe gets bombed to pieces and let the Russians dominate all of Eurasia; brilliant geo-political thinking!'

+9 votes   reply to comment
DalekDan Online
DalekDan Dec 21 2012, 9:20pm replied:

Actually it is good planning. They could mended brides with Russia, and when the dust settled they could've achieved security for the States. A responsible power would've hung the French premier out to dry, or at least offered their services as a mediator.

-2 votes     reply to comment
alexeistukov87 Dec 21 2012, 2:53pm replied:

I don't mind if America is involved as long as they are not described as "white, fluffy, stands only for good and won't take power or make dirty tricks" and Russia is described as "evil empire, always attacks first and plays not by the rules, with nukes and drunkards, sometimes does random stupid things" just like in 99% of the games and films.
So I won't comment on particullary this news post and will see for further story development.

+7 votes     reply to comment
MARS2588 Author
MARS2588 Dec 21 2012, 2:57pm replied:

Unlike the Shock Divisions which are meant to be narrative villains, the actual nation of Russia will still be depicted in a decent fashion. They are a bit rough just like in RL to a certain degree, but they aren't monsters. You can legitimately root for Zhukov and Orlov.

+8 votes   reply to comment
alexeistukov87 Dec 21 2012, 3:10pm replied:

I got your point when you replied me several weeks ago. I told this guy that it isn't so bad. :D
I actually respect the way you do the storyline. I find it refreshing. Don't mind me - I have such point of view for all game industry, which lacks new ideas like yours.
Follow your own path.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Orange_Tomato Dec 21 2012, 6:14pm replied:

Once again, why did Russia produce them? Now Russia has become synonymous with the Shock Division, since they basically took over power from the goverment. So now we once again see an army of gasmasked, fanatic convicts-mass-murderers-turned solduers who tesla the **** out of every civilian, randomly destroy all the landmarks and dont care about their own losses.

So, ofc, once again the shining 'Murica comes in and buttfucks the Russians after they senselessly wasted thousand of their own lives. I'm even fine with that, but PLEASE, make the 'Muricans at least a bit more selfish and dark, and no, putting them into isolationism for 20 years in order to come back now doesnt count and pwn in the deicisive moment doesn't count.

+2 votes     reply to comment
DEathgod65 Dec 21 2012, 6:36pm replied:

Letting the Europeans nuke their own soil before caring is kinda dark if you think about it

+4 votes     reply to comment
Nuttah Dec 21 2012, 6:44pm replied:

Yeah, but I'm pretty he's specifically talking about the Yanks in this case.

+1 vote     reply to comment
GhostEdge Online
GhostEdge Dec 21 2012, 9:04pm replied:

Reminded me of Belka.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Alguien Dec 21 2012, 7:40pm replied:

You really think they aren't going to try to cash in the reconstruction of Europe after the war?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Katana_ Dec 21 2012, 11:27pm replied:

The US is still paying reparations to France for WW2 damages.

...so, cash in? Really?

+2 votes     reply to comment
p*a*t*t*o*n Dec 21 2012, 7:42pm replied:

With few exceptions, "murrica" has kind of always acted in its own self-interest, they've just usually coincided with everyone else's, e.g.: ww2-not letting the nazis take over the world, cold war-not letting the sovs take over the world
Also, to anyone who thinks the American govt is "white, fluffy, standing only for good" nonsense, you obviously have never been here
(I'd still take it over the current EU)

+3 votes     reply to comment
MARS2588 Author
MARS2588 Dec 22 2012, 1:40am replied:

The Shock Divisions haven't 'taken over power'. Producing them was a mistake, but one that happened several years before this war broke out. These guys made their first major move in Africa, where they kicked the butts of America and China at the same time, thus creating the false impression that they are former criminals who mended their ways and became patriotic hero-badasses for Russia. Cue Aleks going mad with power and increasingly detaching himself from the Russian cause and treating the whole thing as 'his' war instead. The guy will get his personal comeuppance in the future. One such occasion even involves Zhukov.

PS: Agreeing with Patton here; coming from a European.

+5 votes   reply to comment
pajdun Dec 21 2012, 2:16pm says:

Maybe its just me but i think that the big blu one is the 2.0 relase.

+1 vote     reply to comment
The_Freedom_Fighter Dec 21 2012, 2:42pm says:

And so the Americans once again join in a war. The last thing they expect is to have their ***** kicked again by the GLA. May third time be a charm (to not get their ***** kicked)... Also,

"A dystopian world locked in perpetual warfare."

To reiterate: in the grim dark future of the 2040s there is only war...

+4 votes     reply to comment
MARS2588 Author
MARS2588 Dec 21 2012, 2:45pm replied:

That's actually another 1984 reference. In that story, there are only three super-states left on Earth: Oceania, which spans the Americas, parts of the Pacific and the former UK, Eastasia which is basically China + some large parts of continental Asia and Eurasia, which rules the former USSR and all of continental Europe. And they all fight each other, forever. Even though the ideologies aren't quite as grimdark in ROTR, a Russian victory would result in exactly this kind of triangle and the President consciously invoked that cultural image in his speech. 2084 anyone?

+4 votes   reply to comment
GJK21 Dec 21 2012, 4:14pm says:

All that is left is China And Russia Resolving their Issue and Teaming Up against The West and then the GLA Strikes

+2 votes     reply to comment
z741 Dec 21 2012, 7:43pm buried:


bout goddamn time the USA decided to come and kick ***, Russia better fear the spirit of the eagle!

-6 votes     reply to comment
jade335 Dec 21 2012, 8:25pm says:

Lol, i'm getting so excited. The story is heating up! However what about China or the GLA? Doesn't China view Russia as a growing threat as their neighbor if they succeed? And i see GLA is still doing whatever they want in Africa, however will they have any involvment in this conflict in the future? Sorry for the questions, but heck! This is one great storyline you guys got going. ^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
do_i_ob Dec 21 2012, 8:32pm says:

Lord of the rings quotes love it!

+1 vote     reply to comment
DalekDan Online
DalekDan Dec 21 2012, 9:11pm says:

Personally i'm disspointed with this development, for different reasons perhaps, there was a chance to play the out of control general being hauled over the hot coals over his conduct in the war, which would've made a spectacular Russian Federation mission in a campagain. With USA choosing a side, and the wrong side in my book on account of: Neutron bombs; This has happened too many damned times in modern history/fiction already (most every war with Britain and France in it); And Russia's lost too many times in every other cannon ending in whatever games/mods they featured. Mod good, updates good, plot twist less good (not bad but not good). Please don't screw over Russia any more without screwing over someone else too/more. PS what is the GLA up to?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Briaya Dec 21 2012, 10:52pm replied:

The USA had chose a side from day one and it so happened to be covertly if you were reading the story. They hopped in so there wasn't all out nuclear war in Europe. They just happened to pick the side they liked and had been helping covertly from the start. Not only that but this could also be a political stunt by the president for another term because you can clear see he is talking down about the previous president. Also...

The picture with the Congress as text in the middle stating GLA activity. Its not much, but it is something. Maybe they'll keep throwing us bones so we can see what they'll be doing.

+2 votes     reply to comment
DalekDan Online
DalekDan Dec 22 2012, 12:15am replied:

you are right, though i interpreted it as one general lobbying (spec-ops) and not the faction but yeah it was well foreshadowed. Its just until something left of field happens an original story is losing some of its originality. Russia getting spanked in games and movies (and real life) isn't new. RA, RA2, assorted cold war movies/books/comics, WW1, Battlezone. I hope i'm wrong but 2.0 will see them rolled all the way back to Moscow at this rate - or worse.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MARS2588 Author
MARS2588 Dec 22 2012, 1:46am replied:

There won't be any ECA/US troops marching on Red Square. Neither the ECA nor Russia (or any other faction) will come out as the clear victor in this conflict.

+4 votes   reply to comment
Guest Mar 12 2013, 6:28am replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

p*a*t*t*o*n Dec 21 2012, 11:56pm replied:

it can be argued that the russians won canonically in Red Alert if you follow the TS storyline instead of the RA2 storyline. plus you can't fault a nuclear power for using its weapons in self defense if it's a choice between using them now or losing your country

+3 votes     reply to comment
OhNoesBunnies! Dec 21 2012, 10:42pm says:

*Runs around with her new toys, making zoom zoom sounds and bewms with her mouth!* :3

+1 vote     reply to comment
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