Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) A Supreme Commander 2 Complete Overhaul / Total Conversion Mod

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UEF T1 AA tank
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OminousSpudd Sep 25 2012 says:

This would be the first unit that you guys have made that cracks me up...
I actually don't know why, but to me its hilarious.
In a good way I've course!

It probably looks great in game, don't get me wrong it looks pretty cool as it is.

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Avitus12 Author
Avitus12 Sep 25 2012 replied:

Doesn't look funny to me... :|
This is in game.

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OminousSpudd Sep 26 2012 replied:

As in we won't be zoomed in inspecting a very small unit during gameplay, if you know what I mean.

And hey, its funny in a good way, as in cute funny!

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drillz007 Jan 18 2013 replied:

first thing that comes to mind is the mighty ducks

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wheelmandan Feb 19 2015 replied:

its not the size its how you use it that matter! gosh

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Res_Novae Sep 26 2012 says:

Looks like a mechanized turtle with a gun on top, which isn't a bad thing at all.

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!!Nova!! Sep 26 2012 says:


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Ahrimansiah Sep 26 2012 says:

well i should confess this does looks simple compared to all ur past work :P

i dont mean its bad, its just simple not more nor less :P

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leosake Sep 26 2012 replied:

UEF architecture is simple ;)
it's a T1 unit, we didnt want it to be glowing ;)
as all human weapons, it is designed to work good not look good ;)

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IMAZOMBIE358 Sep 26 2012 replied:

looks like you guys seriously fattened up the flash from ta. god, he really let himself go didn't

i think what they mean is it doesnt look tanky enough. at least make it look like a tank. this looks like a toy.

what kgocb001 says. give it wheels or better yet, make it a tiny hovertank. theres no reason why it couldn't or shouldn't be.

love the style of the gun but the rest is way too...bleh. no offense.

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yavuztezcan Sep 26 2012 says:

yea no need so much love for t1 cos we won't use them alot...

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OverRated Creator
OverRated Sep 26 2012 replied:

Yep T1 models only need to be basic there going to be small and only help you get of the ground.

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kgocb001 Sep 26 2012 says:

Don't take this as offensive - but this model looks low poly to me. I know it's T1 unit so it don't have to be detailed, but the model itself looks kida like pre-2000 game.

Yes I know that it's in fact better than I described, but something makes it look bad.

IMO the tracks are the cause of this. The rest of the model looks OK, but the tracks are horrible and lower the overall quality.

What about getting rid of tracks and adding 3x3 or 4x4 wheels - this would be perfect for T1 unit and would looks way better than these blocky tracks.

EDIT: BTW if you have models for both UEF T1 and T2 AA, then what is the place of vanilla mobile ground AA? Maybe it would be better to make it T2, while your T2 could gain SAM missiles in addition to guns and promoted to heavy T3 AA? (but then the missile mech would be less useful - of course if it's AA mech).

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OverRated Creator
OverRated Sep 26 2012 replied:

SC2 AA is T3 we have a T2 AA already, This unit may be basic but its only a T1 unit which is low Tech.

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Igncom1 Sep 26 2012 says:

This unit looks like its from TA, which I LOVE!

Interesting choice of weapon, Will it be similar to SC1 T1 AA with its inability to hit really fast targets?

How will the unit maintain use in the late game?

What upgrades will be applied to this unit?

Will this unit have any special abilitys?

Thanks for your time, and this unit really is great.

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OverRated Creator
OverRated Sep 26 2012 replied:

T1 units wont be getting any upgrades because there only basic units to get you though till you can research better.

The weapon will be some think like FA i would think when i finished.

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Igncom1 Sep 26 2012 replied:

Fair enough, I still believe that T1 units should still serve a purpose in the late game as cheap cannon fodder or as un-specialized spam units, but I respect your decision.

Have a good day.

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OverRated Creator
OverRated Sep 28 2012 replied:

they will get armor research upgrades things like this but not any addons, Also you can rank them up if they can live that long.

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DaJoXTeR Sep 27 2012 says:

Why does the front of it remind me of Pacman?

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OverRated Creator
OverRated Sep 28 2012 replied:


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This unit was a team effort between Leo and I :)

Sep 25th, 2012
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