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Global Liberation Army:
The Global liberation army is a more inconspicuous and terror based army in the brotherhood, while armed with less powerful heavy arms 'Even lacking an Avatar assault mech' they can more then make up for it with dirty, guerilla and downright 'Dick' combat tactics, but unlike most army’s their bases are only lightly defended and all of their units are produced from omni-production centres called 'Cult Factory’s', but this all in-turn makes bases harder to find.

International Inc.:
International Inc. is the public face of Nod in all yellow zones and are therefore completely absent of any cloaking technology, but they want to be seen, as almost all of the brotherhoods recruits come-from the propaganda and recruitment centres that the company uses. with close ties to terror cells, mercenary’s, businessmen and even corrupt politicians. The company can create and move army’s across the world, right in the face of GDI without interruption due to their connections. while they lack the high technology of, well, Nod, they are able to work extremely effectively with older Tib War 2 technology and even Tib War 1 technology, they even lose the black and red colours of nod in favour of Tib War 1 white and grey and are known to work well with conventional arms and strategy’s. Surprisingly the company’s bases are some of the most fortified and well protected in the world, and are always located in or around large city’s or towns, to prevent Ion Cannon bombardment outright.


Task Force Kodiak:
Operating form orbital space stations, task-force Kodiak are able to deployCrawler based forces to any point on the globe, their only weakness would be that they are only able to deploy 1 crawler at a time for and operational commander, preventing a commander from commanding multiple fortresses. While this task-force is the most modern they do have weaknesses in Tiberium harvesting with crawlers only having two refinery docks and in production (One build queue for units) but the ability to pack up all facility and base functions into a single moving crawler cannot be underestimated in the era of mobile warfare. Able to deploy field defences and mobile forces to protect the crawler whether it is moving or not makes this faction very powerful, albeit vulnerable to kamikaze attacks on the crawler itself.

Redalert 3 Country’s:


Europeanallied forces are centred around the already mighty German blitzkrieg with French defences, Turkish aircraft reserves and English Ships for direct support in favour of hitting the Soviet Tanks with a piece of their own medicine.

Pacific allied forces centred around Australian mobile war fair, Philippine amphibious divisions and Indian infantry for direct support in favour of mobile and elite attacks on slower or weak

American allied forces are focused on the USA's air superiority with Canadian technological advancements, Brazilian Support weaponry and Mexican Artillery for direct support, in favour of high powered pin-point ranged warfare to disintegrate single strong targets.


Soviet forces centred on Ukrainian armour assaults with support from Russian infantry hordes and Kazakhstan magnetic technology, they are in favour of direct assaults and cannon fodder infantry to batter the enemy to death through attrition and expert tanks.

Soviet forces centred on Chinese Heavy Assault Blimps with support from Mongolian Walker divisions, and Vietnamese Defences, They are in favour of turtle tactics and raiding until they are able to steam-roll opponents.

Soviet forces centred on Argentine Tesla Technology with support from Chilean Helicopters and Cuban Submarines, They are in favour of avoiding opponents attacks while quickly dishing out their own.

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thashepherd Jan 2 2013 says:

Thanks for watching Sonata, man! I'm sorry that "Minuet" never saw release, but hopefully seeing Sonata on here gives you some satisfaction; a lot of the lore we developed together will make an appearance!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nazara May 23 2012 says:

Nice avatar


PS:its an image from MLP show you are a fan of.

+2 votes     reply to comment
AlliedG Apr 4 2012 says:

Hi thanks for following AGSA

I have just subscribed to your YouTube channel. If you use any social media, would you kindly follow or like me? :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
The_Mastodon Oct 25 2011 says: Look who posted it! :D

0 votes     reply to comment
IFork Jul 26 2011 says:

*those with community and mod support

+2 votes     reply to comment
IFork Jul 24 2011 says:

It looks pretty decent, I might one day reinstall Civ 5 for the awesome mods that get churned out

+2 votes     reply to comment
IFork Jul 18 2011 says:

What are good mods to use? Currently I'm just waiting for Rhyes and Fall because that's the most awesome mod that came out of Civ 4

+2 votes     reply to comment
AlliedG Jan 21 2011 says:

thanks for commenting on mod =)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Phoenix^^ Sep 13 2010 says:

does anyone know were igncom profile is it doesnt seem to Exist. i get 404 when i click the link?


+1 vote     reply to comment
Luka_Grunt Aug 22 2010 says:

Wow,i almost dint noticed that you joined my SE fanboy group :D

Atleast you know how to mod now,gl!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Igncom1 Creator
Igncom1 Aug 28 2010 replied:

thanks m8

+1 vote   reply to comment
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