Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) A Supreme Commander 2 Complete Overhaul / Total Conversion Mod

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UEF Navy v01
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kgocb001 Aug 10 2012, 1:13pm says:

Corvette is perfect, science ship is weird and carrier is ULGY!!
Here is good concept for UEF carrier:

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 10 2012, 2:13pm replied:

First of all speak nicer....Secondly the concept you've showed me, does not match the UEF style not even by 20% !

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gty14 Aug 10 2012, 3:08pm replied:

Yes i will admit i am a little against the aircraft carrier. But come on man that concept you gave is a airship! and most of all it looks like something the STAG (SR3) would have :D nice try mate but think before you send!

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tt0022 Aug 10 2012, 3:11pm replied:

well it can be used as a sub like in supcom 1

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MrAzuryZ Aug 13 2012, 3:57pm replied:

THey allso hade it in Sup com 2 :p

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Rossky Aug 10 2012, 6:19pm replied:

I COMPLETLY disagree with you , the corvette is fine ok , but the science vessel is a completly new unit to the game , no faction has even a close unit like that which is great.
i think the aircraft carrier is extremly nice its the first thing i saw on the preview picture and i was already very happy with it.

Keep up the great work guys i hope to see these textured soon!

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 10 2012, 7:33pm replied:

Thanks :)

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Igncom1 Aug 10 2012, 1:57pm says:

The carrier seems OK, but a single deck seems a little strange.

The owl is a interesting concept, are you guys leading towards a TA style floating economy?

And the Corvette/Cruiser is great!

I do have a couple of questions: In regards to navel turrets, have you noticed the difficulty they have in hitting tanks, amphibious or otherwise? The shell is slow, and is more of a bombardment weapon. I would love to see such shorter range turrets be effective in a face to face brawl similar to a rockhead tank battle!

How much stealth/cloaking devices are going to be in the mod? In regular SC SCFA and SC2 there were always too few stealth and cloaking type units for it to have much of an effect on a battle, so will there be more of these devices available to us, and why/why-not?

Thank you for the time, have a brilliant day.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 10 2012, 2:21pm replied:

Thanks...No we're not leading towards something like that, it was just an idea i had and wanted to try out :)

Naval guns, are meant to be inaccurate ;) And to further analyze it, the reason you see the carrier and the corvette having missile silos, is that modern destroyers and cruisers, do not use cannons for main fire power but AS cruise missiles, if you've seen the movie "Battleship" you'll notice that those modern vessels' main firepower are their missiles and not the small cannon tower they have in the front....
Now lets come to those two ships... I chose to have them use missiles in favor of cannons, to further increase the UEF's human-like feel ! The UEF will continue to use cannons (and many of them :P hahaha) in other ships lets say the T3 battleship....but for those low level/tech vessels, I wanted missiles...
Just imagine a sea battle with those small ships unleashing anti-ship cruise missiles...their big brother's battleship's cannons unleashing storms of shells....while their enemy's (cybran) battleships unleashing lazers and photon shells... :D

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Igncom1 Aug 10 2012, 2:25pm replied:

Ok just thought i'd ask, thanks for the speedy reply!

And I suppose that's fair, do you have a plan to address the disadvantage ships have against hover tanks?

As they are extremely menacing to any navel force due to the tanks ability to dodge all of the fire power of the missiles and cannons.

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decemberstorm Aug 10 2012, 3:24pm replied:

yeah hover tanks just stomp on early navy's, especially the uef as they have no low tire good direct fire ships.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 10 2012, 8:37pm replied:

This can be fixed if the missiles and shells get higher speed !

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Klinkhammer Aug 10 2012, 3:33pm says:

what about guided rockets instead of cruise missiles ... i would like to see some turreted rocket/missile launchers (direct firy way?)

we need more dakka !

well i actually just hope all three factions gets a full navy, fast agile small ships and big and ugly gunbearing dreadnaughts ... cruiser, destroyers, corvettes, subs, carriers, battlecruisers, battleships and so on :D

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 10 2012, 7:35pm replied:

Oh they will....I have maaaaany ideas on the way...and so does Avitus of course :)

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Shockmatter Aug 10 2012, 4:39pm says:

Out of the 3 I think the Carrier isn't the best, I like it, but if it could be re-done I think it should.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 10 2012, 7:35pm replied:

Constructive criticism ? any suggestions ?

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IMAZOMBIE358 Aug 11 2012, 12:03am replied:

neva thought youd ask.

the aircraft carrier is too much like something from red alert 3. it was a good game but that thing looks like a structure, not a ship. if you dont already have something similar in higher tech,

ships are an interesting subject when you consider tech. the lowest tech ship is equal to a t3 land unit. a t2 ship would be like a minor xp and a proper t3 ship would be just as powerful as a major experimental.

a really good idea to think on would be to make it so the xp pillars are amphibious, and much like the towers from dark colony. you dont build new structures individually, they are just addons.

for example, you build a pillar. its got nothin on it. just a pillar. you want it to build land eh? well you buy/build a land tech addon for it. boom, you can now build all non amphibious land born experimentals. no other addon can build those type of xps but it allows you only to build those types. you have to get other addons for different types.

you want amphibious xps? well give it an addon for that too. the amphibious addon would be the only addon that allows it to build the amphibious xps, but only amphibious xps. that would include amphibious ships and aircraft if there will be, and so on with other types.

that would make it so it isnt just one structure that builds all xps. its one structure that needs certain addons for certain xps. that way it doesnt take out the entire idea of no more individual factory.

also, this probably isnt the place to say it but this is pretty much the center of attention for this mod so, instead of being research, could it be experience points?

that would make it so someone who has xps in means they earned their way to them. you want it to go faster? start fighting! the more you fight the more experience you get and then the faction leaders say well good job! we trust you with this awesome schematic for a monkeylord!

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Shockmatter Aug 11 2012, 1:27am replied:

Personally I think it looks a bit too wide, I know you must be thinking "hey it's a carrier, it's not supposed to be narrow or tiny" but that's just me. Love the mod btw been a follower for a while.

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kgocb001 Aug 11 2012, 7:53am replied:

I also think that the carrier is somehow similar to Red Alert 3 carrier - this make it looks more like a toy than badass warship. However if we're looks at other C&C inspiration I think that something similar to this would be nice UEF carrier:

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 11 2012, 9:08am replied:

I agree, today I felt the same looks like a Red Alert warship...the concept you gave me IMAZOMBIE is quite nice, I might consider it...

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IMAZOMBIE358 Aug 11 2012, 12:43pm replied:

if your still considering ships have a tech, that idea would be best used in something big. if you think about it, possibly even an upgrade? cant wait to see the t3 aircraft carrier.

one thing to bring into consideration is the flying experimental aircraft carriers. each faction has one. the mothership, the mega fortress and that epic cybran air fortress. they outmatch other aircraft carriers with their ability to fly. im guessing the sloution to it isa bigger, heavier normal aircraft carriers.

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OminousSpudd Aug 10 2012, 6:19pm says:

Is it supposed to be Widowmaker? Windowmaker does make sense as well but I was just wondering if that was a spelling mistake.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 10 2012, 7:36pm replied: opens has a VAST array of weapons, and it's only T1....

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OminousSpudd Aug 11 2012, 1:50am replied:

Ah, thought so.

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Igncom1 Aug 10 2012, 7:42pm says:

The carrier looks too conventional, for a suggestion?

Like in the flying factory, have 3 decks stacked for multi launch capability.

And it may possible a little to rounded.

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DethInACan Aug 10 2012, 8:12pm says:

In my opinion, the corvette and the science ship are nice, the carrier just seems a little short. The proportions seem a bit off, I know it is just a T2 carrier but it just seems short and pudgy to me. Maybe adding a lower deck and an aircraft elevator instead of that crane? Like how real carriers store aircraft below deck?

I quite like the model for the science ship (its is my favorite) but the aft deck of the corvette seems a bit empty. Maybe place a turret or CIWS or something there?

On an unrelated note, will the UEF get a T3 carrier? Something along the lines of a Nimitz class would be awesome. A PROPERLY HUGE carrier. =)

As always, I love the mod and I like how you keep in contact with the community and listen to feedback. It has resulted in some great stuff so far!

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ParaCombatant Aug 10 2012, 8:21pm replied:

Regarding the corvette I think that is where the SAM turret will go.

And might the rear hangar looking structure house an aircraft elevator? It might be, maintaining some form of structural integrity compared to having one on the side.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 10 2012, 8:54pm replied:

As I already stated, and Warwolf re-stated, it is the place were the AA turret will be placed...

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ParaCombatant Aug 10 2012, 8:16pm says:

Regarding the T2 Carrier:
Will aircraft be shown taking off from the "hangar"/ deck? What is its capacity? And is that a crane/ recovery system opposite the missile silos?

I think it could do without the crates, as this is a robotic unit I don't see the sense. Might the hangar be lengthened and brought out over more of the deck, just a thought? And the silos and crane(?) could be integrated into the hangar or moved forward as well should it be done.

I'd say the cruiser is the most "conventional" by today's standard, but since this is the UEF and it's T1...

And the science vessel is quite interesting.

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ZTT1997 Aug 10 2012, 8:37pm says:

All the units look great, but there are things I would change, mostly on the carrier.

1. I would make it a little bit bigger. Like in a diferent post it is a little pudgy.
2.The thing on the back...What is it? Is it a control tower or something? Because if it is it doesn't even look right with the SAM launcher on it. the SAM just looks like it was ducked tape on with a flat board as its base.
3. Also will it be just one deck? I know its only tech 2....but why not add another deck so it looks more futuristic...this is a game that takes place in the future?Right? or do we have this stuff already.

Thank you for all your hard work on this mod but this set of units needs more work. They do look good though.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 10 2012, 9:06pm says:

I want to thank all of you guys for the support ! I see that most of the talk is around the carrier, now lets clear some things up:

1) The upper deck is split into two sections, a) the command tower, b) the AA site.
2) The carrier has only one deck because it will be small and quite mobile as a ship and not huge as normal aircraft carriers are...and since MOST of the jobs there are made by machinery and not men, it doesn't need to be as huge as real carriers are nowadays.. but I could work on a two deck version...maybe for veterancy
3) The crates were just placeholders, I wasnt even sure you're gonna notice them in the first place..HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
4) The elevator is quite a good idea, I might actually work on it too...
5) As for the missile silos they were intended to be in the back, but i changed my mind...

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Durog25 Aug 11 2012, 10:25am replied:

I like the model so far. Perhaps extending the back so it looks a little better balanced, it just seems to end a tad too abruptly.

Loving the concept of having lower tech vessels use missiles, keeping them competitive late game.

Oh and I take it UEF get a T2 carrier because they don't get a T3 carrier since they get the Atlantis.

Finally if UEF get ballistic weapons and missiles, Cybran get lasers and photon shells (and give them swarmer missiles like their cruisers did in SupCom 1 and FA), what do aeon get?

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Igncom1 Aug 11 2012, 2:58pm replied:

Sonic, plasma and Star-trek photon-torpedo's.

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SwiftBlizz Aug 11 2012, 5:57pm replied:


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Igncom1 Aug 11 2012, 11:10pm replied:

I swear it! look at the Aeon Nuke!

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 12 2012, 10:58am replied:

hahaha, true Igncom1... :P

@Durog25, thanks, and I'm on a UEF T3 cruiser battles will be full of options in revamp :)
It's going to have maaaany differences from the submersible atlantis...atlantis may be able to sneak attack everywhere and do surprise attacks, but the T3 carrier would be able to withstand punishment, while delivering a vast array of defensive punishment !

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Durog25 Aug 12 2012, 3:06pm replied:

@Igncom1 Now that you mention it.

@leosake, thanks for the speedy response.

So is that a T3 cruiser or a T3 carrier or both. Both would be good. Yes, definitely, both would be fantastic.

But let me get this straight UEF are getting both a T3 carrier heavy armour, slow, good defensive armament (what kind of armament, SAMs, AAA, or something more like the buzzkill) and then they are also getting th
Great to hear that you are adding some real diversity and depth to naval warfare.

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Durog25 Aug 12 2012, 3:21pm replied:

Dratted editing system!

Here is what I meant to ask.

But let me get this straight UEF are getting both a T3 carrier heavy armour, slow, good defensive armament (what kind of armament, SAMs, AAA, or something more like the buzzkill) and then they are also getting the Atlantis, mobile, submersible, hard to detect. How are the other two factions going to be able to cope with these plus the T2 light/support carriers? What are you planning for the other factions to allow them to compete.

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leosake Author
leosake Aug 12 2012, 5:54pm replied:

Yes, I'm working on a T3 Carrier aswell... It will act as a defence platform against aircraft, but also produce aircraft, the differences will come (when OverRated of course settles up the balances and his own taste of things ;) ):
1) Different productions speeds (one of them will build aircraft faster)
2) Different aircraft being built...
3) Uniqueness (the one will submerge)
4) Different speed
5) Shielding in one of them
6) Different amount of health.....

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IANF1 Aug 13 2012, 6:05pm says:

i really like all three designs and how the uef have modern day aspects in their military but also have future type spinoffs. like that carrier. it resembles the modern day carriers very well but the hanger gives it a nice aspect of the future. when i saw the designs i was very interested in the science vessel and i honestly think i like the main design of it where you can't see the second pontoon thingy. i think it would look a bit better with only 1. the cruiser seems a bit "empty" i like it but it just needs a bit more textural things.

Heres an idea to counter the hover tank threat.
i think you should have a unit buildable from the naval factory that is a T1 Direct Fire Hovercraft. the unit should have several weaker small cannons that can be designed to rip apart smaller numbers of land units. although it tends to have trouble with larger/tougher units. it should have a relatively inaccurate set of guns but very quick rate of fire. this would allow for the "splash" damage necessary to deal with land units but it would have trouble with singular sea units/land experimentals or things like high health tanks. by being a hover unit it can travel on land BUT there should be a way that it cannot handle hills and therefore can't go everywhere that a normal land unit can as to not make it too powerful. ideally it would be great early game but as the tanks get stronger and the big ships come out (and the experimentals)it would lose it's usefulness other than a nice support craft and attack craft when the bases are exposed. maybe give it low health to balance it a bit

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[UEF]SubZero Mar 6 2013, 12:53am says:

What are science vessels for?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest May 1 2014, 3:19am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

wheelmandan Online
wheelmandan Feb 19 2015, 12:31am says:

hey its your art work but like i said it looks small and it needs more guns. and things i can't think of.

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Behold...the first vessels of the mighty UEF Navy !

"Freedom" T2 Aircraft Carrier
*It can build and store aircraft
*It has 3 missile silos for anti naval warfare
*It has an AA upgrade pod on top (the tower is not seen in the render)

"Owl" T1 Science Vessel
*It is a mobile research generator
*It has a shield dome
*It has the best radar & sonar systems for its tech level
*It has an AA tower (not seen in the render)

"Windowmaker" T1 Corvette/Cruiser
*It has 6 missile silos for naval warfare
*It has a single barreled fast firing rail gun turret
*It has an AA turret (not seen in the render

So what you guys think ?

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Aug 10th, 2012
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