An expansion/overhaul mod of epic proportions, with entirely rebalanced gameplay, expanded factions, new gametypes, graphical overhauls, and five new factions; stealth-based Confederate Revolutionaries, tower defense-inspired Atomic Kingdom of China, economy-focused Mediterranean Syndicate, DotA-esque Order of the Talon and spammy Electrical Protectorate.

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There are some questions that are asked quite frequently around here. Have a question? Check here first - maybe we've already answered it!

Posted by Kerensky287 on Apr 16th, 2009

Newer questions are at the top... because they're generally the ones that people actually ask.

A: This was already answered below but I guess nobody reads this thing so maybe posting links everywhere will help. WE DON'T KNOW. Stop asking. None of us are professionals, we all have lives outside of the mod, and there are always delays. When we have a set release date, we'll tell you. Until then, asking JUST majorly ticks us (Kerensky287 specifically) off.

Q: Are you guys adding the Tesla Tank?
A: Nope. As easy as it would be to make it available, it's entirely redundant. The Soviets already have the Hammer and Apocalypse for anti-tank capability, the Tesla Trooper has the exact same secondary if you want to use it for some reason, and the Stingray is also land-capable if you feel you can't go without lightning guns. The Tesla Tank is just a glorified Hammer, and if we put it in it would do nothing but occupy a spot in the vehicle tab.

Q: What is Paradox, really?

A: Paradox is a total-conversion modification for EA's Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3. That means that we plan to take the core game and more or less flip it on its head. We'll be making enough changes to the gameplay that it almost counts as a separate game from the one it's based on.

Q: Changes, you say! What changes exactly?
A: For starters, we're adding a total of five (5) brand new factions. We are also adding a large number of units to the existing factions to make each one even more unique. For example, the Japanese faction is now getting two different war factories - one for vehicles, and another purely for the Mecha that the faction is so famous for. Click on each faction's symbol at the top of the page to see their army list and what they're about!

We're also adding a number of tech buildings to change strategic aspects of the skirmish game. For one thing, the tech buildings will not be gone for good when destroyed; they will either rebuild themselves or just become neutral when their health reaches 0 (we aren't sure yet). We are also plan to make new buildings for a variety of purposes - defensive, economic, and more.

Q: What does PДЯДАОЖ mean! It's like... Rdyadaozh or something!
A: It's not really Russian, it's faux Cyrillic. Read it as though it were Latin script. We've gotten SO many complaints about this when it's clearly supposed to be a play on Cyrillic text, just like the backwards R in "Red AleRt." None of us speak or read Russian, so when the logo was made the letters were selected based on their resemblance to "Paradox", written as such.

Q: This sure does seem like a lot of stuff. How long will it take?
A: For the full mod? A long, long time. But we realize that people want to see (and play) some progress, so we'll be releasing different "mod packs" to gradually get the entire mod out there. The first mod pack should be released within the year. We haven't had very much time to work with the SDK yet so we can't be sure, however. A more accurate release date for each mod pack will be announced closer to the time.

The planned order for mod pack releases is as follows:
1. Allied and Confederate units + buildings
2. Soviet and Order of the Talon units + buildings
3. Japan and China units + buildings
4. Protectorate and Syndicate units + buildings
5. Campaigns with full-motion video, if all goes as planned

Q: Will you be using the units from Uprising?
A: No. As far as Paradox is concerned, Uprising never happened.

Q: From the videos and content you've released, it looks like some units explode into wreckage from other units. Are you going to be adding custom wreckage?
A: Well... yes. Eventually. The thing is, custom wreckage is less of a balance/gameplay thing and more of a "this makes stuff look pretty" thing. It's important for the polished, finished product, but it's pretty low on the priority list. So yeah, it'll go in, but it isn't a huge worry right about now.

Q: What changes are you making to currently-existing units?
A: We're making a number of changes to the factions themselves, which you can see on their respective army list pages, but we are making a few general changes to the game itself. For example, we're currently (meaning, we've got it halfway programmed) trying to make air superiority units "dogfight", rather than just staying still and getting shot at. This will make them more effective against enemy bombers (they follow them rather than moving, stopping, firing, repeating) and make air-vs-air fights much more exciting.

We're also going to make defensive structures a little more durable. It seems ridiculous that you can lose 8000 dollars worth of guard towers to a pair of artillery units in seconds - the durability boost is just to give the player that little bit of extra time to respond, and to make turtling a viable tactic.

Q: I've been looking at the stuff you're planning to do, and I think [insert idea here] is stupid and/or impossible.
A: Very little on this Moddb page is final. It's entirely possible that we'll find things that we wanted to do but can't do within the limits of the RA3 engine... or that we'll change our minds entirely on. Information will be updated as our plans change, but what you see is what we want to do at this point.

Q: This sounds like a ton of work for such a small group of people. I have some skills that could help, can I join your mod group to help accelerate the release process (and give me a chance to test the game)?
A: Why, of course! Possibly! We're always on the lookout for new people who want to help out with the mod and if you PM either Kerensky287 or Open_Sketchbook, we will get back to you as soon as we can (which should be pretty quickly). Currently, we are desperately in need of programmers, and we would appreciate new modellers and texture-makers. Mappers would be nice to have as well.

Q: I have a question that seems like it would be asked frequently! Why the heck isn't it up here?
A: I'm sure this FAQ hasn't answered every question you guys have. If you have a question, feel free to ask in our comment section or forums; we'll answer it there, and if it's a good question, we'll probably add it to this FAQ as well.

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ℒuna-tic™ Dec 28 2009 says:

This might need to be updated...

Made in April 2009, yet it is almost 2010 now.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ImSouperCursed Jan 4 2010 replied:

It seems like it is going to be hard to balance 8 different factions, how are you going to pull that off?

Also, C&C 4 is right around the corner (70 or so days I do believe). This project really needs to pick up its pace! Im sure there will still be people playing RA3, but i think your going to lose some of your popularity to C&C 4, and at this rate, once you get the first mod pack out, its going to take another few years to get to the last one. I wish I could help, im pretty good with textures and animations, but im working on a mod for Oblivion.

-1 votes     reply to comment
killing_j0k3 Apr 1 2010 replied:

not likely since C&C 4 is "ENTIRELY" different from what command and conquer is about...

+3 votes     reply to comment
Shadowterm Jan 17 2010 says:

I know it's in the FAQ with my readme, but I have to ask, you do eventually plan to make it steam compatible right?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kerensky287 Author
Kerensky287 Jan 30 2010 replied:

It MAY already be Steam compatible but we just don't know how to install it on Steam. None of us have it, so testing options are a little limited.

+1 vote   reply to comment
kijebe Jun 16 2010 replied:

RA 3 on steam is moddable, steam even has mod support for some

+1 vote     reply to comment
BlackLiger Jan 31 2011 replied:

Fully steam compatible. Though being a beta, it's kinda ... crashy.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Graven_Image Apr 10 2010 says:

Here are some new questions:

-"Are you going to make unit info movies for the new units?"
-"Are you going to make custom announcers for the new factions?"

+1 vote     reply to comment
Graven_Image Apr 10 2010 replied:

Sorry about that, I only just found the "take it to the comments forum" clause.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Igncom1 Jun 29 2010 says:

one way to get around the custom wrecks is to make the vechicals explode really big, my english and grammer is getting worse.

+1 vote     reply to comment
xsistance Mar 28 2011 says:

how install red alert 3 mod ?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Slunko May 30 2011 says:

Ok now I got a fresh RA3 copy, and ive extracted the 2 files into the my documents/red alert 3/mods folder (that didn't exist, so i had to create it), but nothing changes ingame... do i have to do anything else or?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Trempler Sep 20 2011 says:

Could anyone help me plz, i want to install it but only own CnC Red alert 3 Uprising. How can i install it !?

+1 vote     reply to comment
shadowvangura Mar 10 2012 says:

would this mod work with a amazon downloaded copy of red alert 3

+1 vote     reply to comment
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