The true method of knowledge is experiment. So, strapped to the underside of a stolen Combine helicopter, you're part of my latest scientific investigation. Objective: To infiltrate and observe this peculiar little island a few miles off shore, its heart burrowed out by our ever-loving benefactors...

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This mod was the very first Half-life 2 mod I have seen and has completed changed my way of playing games and looking at mods. Before, I was merely an ignorant who thought mods were nothing more that virus-inducing modifications that made your guns shoot wooden logs, spawn teleporters randomly, and maybe crash your computer. But then I saw a video walkthrough of this mod. My first thought was "Did steam release a new Half-life game?" I was delightfully wrong. This was a mod, a personally developed game by a half-life 2 fan like myself. With a little research, I stumbled onto a place called Moddb, where hundreds of free game mods were being developed. With no money and adamant parents, this discovery incited by Minerva was fantastic. With the only games I had in the Orange Box, I can download hundreds(actually twenty since most mods are screwed up) of games that are even better than the Orange Box, with this mod topping them all!
I praise the existence of this mod for introducing me to a whole new universe of entertainment. I praise the superior mapping of this mod, making every time I play a fresh new experience. I praise the difficulty curb of this game. Most of the time when I'm caught in a frustrating spot I would normally blame the game developer, but this mod was so good that I could only find fault in my play style. I praise the story and especially the ending of this mod, you wont find yourself randomly fading to a black screen!

If this wasn't the mod that introduced me to the modding universe, I would only give it a 10/10, but since it is that very mod, Minerva rightfully deserves a 100/10. But this damn system only lets me give a 10. Excellent work CargoCult!

P.S. I scorn all who congratulates Adam's new job in Valve, for my anticipation for Minerva's next release exceeds far more than that I could have for any of Valve's videogame releases!

A 10, plain and simple. I've played through it a half dozen times since it's release, always finding some new aspect to appreciate more. It's earned an eternal spot in my personal top 5 favorite Source mods of all time.

it's very ... drab

after some time you want changes, some eye candy but you don't get it

Its a improvement over Half-Life 2. That in its self says alot about the mod.
Its got more of a story, its got better visuals (that has a more eerie atmosphere which HL2 should have done to its combine bases), its harder (YES!!), and it has perhaps the best level design out of the HL2 mods I've played so far. Its got beaches which I was sort of mystified by. Its got its own soundtrack, its got a actual ending that leaves you satisfied.
Its also got a long length for a mod. You know its a labor of love when its had work done on every aspect of its design. The only thing it misses is voice acting but its always a hit and miss with that sort of thing.

Amazing level design and ambiance, excellent soundtrack and story!


Dimitrios04 says

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I just finished my playthrough of the Mod and I have to say I love it. The basis of an entire story being an experiment for the satisfaction of a unknown guider has its allure. I love this mod and If it ever does happen, will be right in line for the next mod.

One of the best mods for Half-Life 2. Excellent.

Cons - NONE
Improvements - NONE

MINERVA, or MINERVA: Metastasis are one and the same thing. Throughout the years I've heard people using both names and so I thought there was a sequel, but in truth it is not. This is the sole mod.

I enjoyed it. From a well-delivered story to outstanding level design, MINERVA is packed with non-stop action. It contains what made Half-Life 2 great, or shall I say...Episode One?

Now that I think about it each Half-Life game (aside from the first's expansions, mostly) has had its own, unique taste. Episode One, for example, had those creepy encounters and focus on Antilion/Zombie combat, but is at the same time hideous in pacing. You get the crowbar waaay later on.

This is another story, but even with that said I'd have to compare MINERVA to Episode One. It does not have the same horrible pacing, but it has the same familiarity. Half of the game is Combine combat, the other is mixed. You can feel the same vibes present.

I will not spoil the story more than I should, but the text-on-screen method of storytelling worked nicely, unlike most of the time you'd seen it fail. You are an ex-Combine soldier who's gone head-on into a Combine facility buried deep within an island. That's it for one, but it gets much more interesting along the way.

Now the only significant thing that has bothered me (no bugs/glitches encountered, guess I was lucky) was that our protagonist still wears the HEV suit model from the original game. Like, yes, it is a hazard suit, but why the same look? Wouldn't it be a little more fitting to have some black jumpsuit with armor pieces strapped on? I considered this to be a little immersion-breaking, but to be honest it's not something that will bother you a lot. The constant tension in between will make sure of that.

A great deal of work has been put into this map, and I'd like to congratulate the author. A must-try for Half-Life fans. Let's not even talk about the fact that it's free, but you still need to own Episode One.

I suppose you do, innit?

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