Total Conversion modification for Men of War: Assault Squad & Assault Squad 2 (TBD) .

Introducing a WW2 modification for DMS, 1C and Bestway studios title, Men of War.

The goal of 'Totaler Krieg 1939-45' is a unique one for an RTS title. It doesn't focus on balancing, or anything 'game' related. No, this modification's sole aim and goal is to bring the most historically accurate portrayal of WW2 as made possible by the GEM engine to your screens - "A total revamp and historical conversion".

Nothing is left untouched. All assets, models, textures except those such as fauna and buildings have been, or are being completely replaced. Each faction of each alliance, Axis powers, Commintern, and those of the Allied alliance will be represented in some form or another with no detail spared; uniforms, helmets, weaponary, soldierly equiptments, voices, soldier portraits, flags and other faction specific items will be present. Each individual texture has been painstakingly recreated with the greatest attention to detail and care in order to preserve the integrity of the modifications goal, and also to honor those who served and fell during the greatest conflict in history.

For those out there who have longed for a game which puts the highest emphasis on realism, regardless of the advantages and disadvantages exposed on the battlefield, then this work is for you.

Support me and you will be rewarded with an experience never before seen in a game.

- Every faction represented to some degree, greater emphasis on the larger powers such as (Commonwealth, Soviet Union, France, United States of America, Hungary, Romanian, Poland, Italy), co-billigarent nations such as satellite, puppet and non-allianced nations for example, Croatian, Georgian Ostruppen, Belgian SS, French SS, Polish Forces in exile, French & Belgium forces in exile, Norwegian SOE agents, Spanish Blau Division, Austrian forces in the Wehrmacht will also feature.

- Historically accurate uniforms and equiptment variations for all nations, for all time-periods from 1939 to 1945, on both the Western and Eastern theaters of War.

- Weaponry and ballistic characteristics have all been incorporated to their realistic values.

- Each armed force of each faction will be featured, including the Army, Airfoce, Navy and other specialist force such as the Waffen SS

- Correct Squad, Section, Platoon and higher configurations of each army to match their war-time numbers.

- Completely overhauled Menu, interface, Ui and Music.

Thanks for reading & maintaining an interest in my work.


When Will Totaler Krieg be released?

"The modification will be released as soon as all work has been completed in correspondance with the current progress report."
Will this modification be available for MoW, MoW AS, AS2 or BoE?

"The modification was originally conceived for the original Men of War, however I have now shifted focus onto Battle of Empires. This was due to a number of reasons, one being improved stability and performance."
Can you list all the nations / nationality of soldiers that will be present in-game?

"Yes, playable nations will include: Britain, Canada, France, United States, Germany, Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Belgium & Finland. Within those nations, other playable units will include Georgian, Czech, Dutch, Swedish & Spanish native soldiers."
Will all insignias including banned Swastikas be present in-game?

"Yes, however an alternate download will be made available to replace banned and 'verboten' symbols"
Do you still take donations?

"Yes, located below is a hot-link that will direct you straight to the modifications donation fund."
Do you still take Beta tester requests?

"No, not at this present time. Therefore donations do not entitle you to a place in the Beta-testing team, although you can still put forward suggestions that will gain precedence . Your name will also be added the the modifications credit list."
Do you require applicants for the DCS developer group, i.e Texture Artists, Composers, Modellers e.t.c?

"Yes, I also offered paid positions, however as of now I do not need applications as the development team is currently scouting the above mentioned positions on a professional level."


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RSS feed Articles

Operation Nordwind,

Totaler Krieg has finally been released and with it Best Way have announced they are interested in making Totaler Krieg an officially supported mod for Battle of Empires. They have offered to announce Totaler Krieg on their steam page for Battle of Empires once I have released a steam workshop version of Totaler Krieg.

Totaler Krieg 1939-45 V1.1 Hotfix

Totaler Krieg 1939-45 V1.1 Hotfix

Thus, I call on the loyal fans and followers of Totaler Krieg to band together to help me make a solid, stable Christmas release of Totaler Krieg for steam.

I intend to upload Totaler Krieg to the steamwork shop page on the 24th of December, this will be Totaler Krieg v1.2, a single, non win-zipped, updatable, steam-friendly release.

However, from now until then I need to fix Totaler Krieg up to be as stable and fun to play as possible. On my side I'am bug fixing, however I request one thing from all of you....

I need mappers!

In the Totaler Krieg 'Work in Progress' map folder within the editor I have 6 maps, Basovka, Cherkassy and Hurgten, Ste Mere Eglise, Valkenswaard and Ramelle. I call on all mappers within the TK community to attempt to 'finish' these maps and make them Multiplayer ready by the 23rd of December. When I say finish, I mean bring them up to TK standard, take the initiative and don't involve me in the process, do what you think is necessary. Make them large, though not massive, add details, make them interesting, but give them polish.

Basovka (Work Required 3/5) - Is a map taking inspiration from the classic Red Orchestra map featuring the same name. In my opinion this map needs making wider, longer with more details around the train station and trenches. This would be a 1vs1 / 2vs2 map at the most. Take as much reference from the RO map as needed, I will post pictures below for help.

Cherkassy (Work Required 2/5) - Needs to be converted to a winter setting, this is a map that requires little work, just made slightly larger and textures changing to winter. More mud to represent a boggy, quad-marsh of a Russian village as the Germans march to Moscow in 1941. 2vs2/3vs3 map at the largest.

Hurtgen (Work Required 5/5) - Requires alot of work so only a dedicated mapper could undertake this in the time required. The map is laid out in its entirety, this is basically a forest verging on the edge of Hitlers 'Westwall' fortified line aka the Siegfried Line. What is required are small pockets of houses / farms around the map, a defensive trench line system in the middle of the map on the hill and more bunkers along the West Wall portion and general detailing to fill out the map.

Ste Mere Eglise (Work Required 1/5) - Requires little work, however detailing is required, something interesting, maybe Historical from a band of brothers scene, I feel the fields are a little bland and the village or spawn areas could do with some touching up. The map size is fine.

Ramelle (Work Required 3/5) - Needs to be made slightly larger, for a 2vs2 game, more reference to the Saving Private Ryan film, the town needs to be matched 1:1 scale to the movie will all houses, angles and items e.t.c matched as closely as possible. The map is a good base, but could be made better with the right dedication.

Valkenswaard (Work Required 2/5) - I like this map, but its too small and bland. This was supposed to be a 'Hells Highway' type map during Operation market garden. It needs to be made larger, with more larger open fields, gliders that have crash landed all over the map, jeeps burnt out, long tree lines and just generally more detail and interesting land marks added.


The Deadline is the 23rd of December.

I need the map in Win.rar format uploaded to a file host, with the link posted to my moddb inbox.

I do not request any contact during this period.

All submissions will be viewed and will be evaluated by me.

The best examples will be included in Totaler Krieg and will feature in the Launch trailer on the Best Way steampage and on Diplexheateds youtube page.

You're name will also forever be engraved in the Totaler Krieg hall of fame credits section of the mod.

Please help me, I would really appreciate any mapping support at this moment.

To edit maps, extract the map.pak file so you have a 'maps' folder instead of the .pak, that way you can edit the map.

Good luck to all of you!



Totaler Krieg Update #11 December 2015 - Release

Totaler Krieg Update #11 December 2015 - Release

News 16 comments

Total Conversion realism modification - Totaler Krieg 1939-45: An overhauled experience in a much loved franchise, a concept now fully realised and ready...

Totaler Krieg Update #10 December 2015 - Pre Release

Totaler Krieg Update #10 December 2015 - Pre Release

News 14 comments

The time has finally come, after almost 7 years of time and effort, Totaler Krieg, once a mere concept, is finally to see the light of day.

Totaler Krieg Update #9 September 2014

Totaler Krieg Update #9 September 2014

News 24 comments

News from the front! September 2014 Update for Totaler Krieg 1939-45 Mod.

Totaler Krieg Update #8 September 2013

Totaler Krieg Update #8 September 2013

News 12 comments

News from the front! September 2013 Update for Totaler Krieg 1939-45 Mod.

RSS feed Downloads
Totaler Krieg 1939-45 v1.0 Public Release

Totaler Krieg 1939-45 v1.0 Public Release

Full Version 61 comments

Total Conversion realism modification - Totaler Krieg 1939-45: An overhauled experience in a much loved franchise, a concept now fully realised and ready...

Totaler Krieg Anthems OST - Complete Album

Totaler Krieg Anthems OST - Complete Album

Music 7 comments

Totaler Krieg Anthems OST - Complete Album 6 Tracks. Enjoy. Sturm.

Men of War: Totaler Krieg Infantry Combat Guide

Men of War: Totaler Krieg Infantry Combat Guide

Guides 23 comments

Men of War: Totaler Krieg Infantry Combat Guide Extract taken from the Red Orchestra Tactical / Historical Guide.

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I would like to donate this great Mod but i had no Paypal. Can i donate you with Paysafecard? Gives a Option to do this this way?

And another important Question: Is it true that the full Version of the Mod will be released for Gates of Hell? That would be good too

Sorry for bad english

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

If by Paysafecard you mean something like a prepaid visa card (like the ones you can get at stores), then you can just put the money on Paypal and donate that way. And yeah pretty sure the full release is going to be for Gates of Hell.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hello i have 1 big problem der panzer man ss camo don't have textures they looking as cheese board white pixel+black pixel please fix it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Also try to re-download the mod.

Could be corrupted while you downloaded it. Happends to me alot.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Its just u that has the problem, download the hotfix?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

HD Vehicle models pls

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

Can u give me a torrent link to download it? Ill be much appreciated and i will post many videos on utube so that all arabs see ur mod and make famous in middle east and gulf states ill try to help u as much as i can

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

So any word on the new release date then?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Its not far off

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Highest Rated (11 agree) 10/10

Well worth the wait, cant wait to play it. Amazing looking models and it is such a privilege to play such an amazing looking mod, I cant imagine the hard work and effort the devs put into this great piece of work.

Oct 17 2015 by freedom4ukraine

Lowest Rated (20 agree) 1/10

Lies about upcoming factions and lies about pretty much every feature of the mod.

Oct 1 2015 by Keyword22

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