Total Conversion modification for Men of War: Assault Squad & Assault Squad 2 (TBD) .

Introducing a WW2 modification for DMS, 1C and Bestway studios title, Men of War.

The goal of 'Totaler Krieg 1939-45' is a unique one for an RTS title. It doesn't focus on balancing, or anything 'game' related. No, this modification's sole aim and goal is to bring the most historically accurate portrayal of WW2 as made possible by the GEM engine to your screens - "A total revamp and historical conversion".

Nothing is left untouched. All assets, models, textures except those such as fauna and buildings have been, or are being completely replaced. Each faction of each alliance, Axis powers, Commintern, and those of the Allied alliance will be represented in some form or another with no detail spared; uniforms, helmets, weaponary, soldierly equiptments, voices, soldier portraits, flags and other faction specific items will be present. Each individual texture has been painstakingly recreated with the greatest attention to detail and care in order to preserve the integrity of the modifications goal, and also to honor those who served and fell during the greatest conflict in history.

For those out there who have longed for a game which puts the highest emphasis on realism, regardless of the advantages and disadvantages exposed on the battlefield, then this work is for you.

Support me and you will be rewarded with an experience never before seen in a game.

- Every faction represented to some degree, greater emphasis on the larger powers such as (Commonwealth, Soviet Union, France, United States of America, Hungary, Romanian, Poland, Italy), co-billigarent nations such as satellite, puppet and non-allianced nations for example, Croatian, Georgian Ostruppen, Belgian SS, French SS, Polish Forces in exile, French & Belgium forces in exile, Norwegian SOE agents, Spanish Blau Division, Austrian forces in the Wehrmacht will also feature.

- Historically accurate uniforms and equiptment variations for all nations, for all time-periods from 1939 to 1945, on both the Western and Eastern theaters of War.

- Weaponry and ballistic characteristics have all been incorporated to their realistic values.

- Each armed force of each faction will be featured, including the Army, Airfoce, Navy and other specialist force such as the Waffen SS

- Correct Squad, Section, Platoon and higher configurations of each army to match their war-time numbers.

- Completely overhauled Menu, interface, Ui and Music.

Thanks for reading & maintaining an interest in my work.


When Will Totaler Krieg be released?

"The modification will be released as soon as all work has been completed in correspondance with the current progress report."
Will this modification be available for MoW, MoW AS, AS2 or BoE?

"The modification was originally conceived for the original Men of War, however I have now shifted focus onto Battle of Empires. This was due to a number of reasons, one being improved stability and performance."
Can you list all the nations / nationality of soldiers that will be present in-game?

"Yes, playable nations will include: Britain, Canada, France, United States, Germany, Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Belgium & Finland. Within those nations, other playable units will include Georgian, Czech, Dutch, Swedish & Spanish native soldiers."
Will all insignias including banned Swastikas be present in-game?

"Yes, however an alternate download will be made available to replace banned and 'verboten' symbols"
Do you still take donations?

"Yes, located below is a hot-link that will direct you straight to the modifications donation fund."
Do you still take Beta tester requests?

"No, not at this present time. Therefore donations do not entitle you to a place in the Beta-testing team, although you can still put forward suggestions that will gain precedence . Your name will also be added the the modifications credit list."
Do you require applicants for the DCS developer group, i.e Texture Artists, Composers, Modellers e.t.c?

"Yes, I also offered paid positions, however as of now I do not need applications as the development team is currently scouting the above mentioned positions on a professional level."


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Faces Of War

Today I like to demonstrate what I have been working on during the last two months. These are still works in progress, but they are at a stage where they can be revealed. I had a goal, to create unique faces, hairstyles, facial features and war scars to allow me to have enough variations present in-game to give the impression of individuality and a degree of randomness between soldiers appearance. Therefore I created 16 totally original face models. I then began to minimally tweak these to create new facial structures and expressions. Finally I began to apply various hairstyles, bruises and blood stains to increase the different iterations. What you will see below is a fragment of these designs, soon to be completed I hope to have in excess of 50 genuinely different facial personalities ranging from Western European, Northern & Nordic, Eastern European and Slavic. I hope you all appreciate what I'am trying to achieve.

Once again I would like to praise the community for it's continued support, it was a momentous landmark reaching 1000 trackers, and for that I'am truly grateful. There will be another news update within the month outlining how the port to Assault Squad 2 is shaping up.

Thank you,


Totaler Krieg Update #8 September 2013

Totaler Krieg Update #8 September 2013

2 years ago News 12 comments

News from the front! September 2013 Update for Totaler Krieg 1939-45 Mod.

Totaler Krieg Update #7 September 2012

Totaler Krieg Update #7 September 2012

3 years ago News 13 comments

News from the front! September 2012 Update for Totaler Krieg 1939-45 Mod.

Mappers required - Nearing Beta phase

Mappers required - Nearing Beta phase

4 years ago News 26 comments

Quick request to all MoW mappers and mod followers, time for us all to pull together to make this mod happen. Help us all out and voluteer your superb...

Role-call for closed Beta testers

Role-call for closed Beta testers

4 years ago News 67 comments

Quick heads up regarding the latest closed Beta to be held within the following 2 weeks. Require 6 persons with high spec, capable systems to playtest...

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Totaler Krieg Anthems OST - Complete Album

Totaler Krieg Anthems OST - Complete Album

3 years ago Music 7 comments

Totaler Krieg Anthems OST - Complete Album 6 Tracks. Enjoy. Sturm.

Men of War: Totaler Krieg Infantry Combat Guide

Men of War: Totaler Krieg Infantry Combat Guide

4 years ago Guides 23 comments

Men of War: Totaler Krieg Infantry Combat Guide Extract taken from the Red Orchestra Tactical / Historical Guide.

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Guest Nov 21 2015 says:

In all honesty though, Poor PR work. (Cule and Sturm) Very poor communication and very bad to make release dates and then fail to upload at said date.

I don't know what's going on, but you guys need to be more open on what's going on. You're hiding something.

Please improve.


Someone who does Public Relations.

+7 votes     reply to comment
JG54_cule Creator
JG54_cule Nov 21 2015 replied:

Hey there,

Please consider that I am not aware of the upload schedule and all I can do is express what I know. I can't give dates because I am not responsible or aware of them. If Sturm sets a date and doesn't reach it there's nothing I can predict or do about it, and there's probably a reason for the delay, all I can do is manage the community the way I can, and it's not easy due to the frustration, which in most ways is well diserved, but there again it's our mod, our release and we have other things going on in our lives. The 'hidden' element is that I am not aware of how the actual posting/releasing is going, and hence I do write a bit of indirect comments here.

All in all, thanks for the comment, and that's my situation at the moment.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Guest Nov 21 2015 replied:

You're saying "its OUR mod" and yet you have no clue whats going on?
I find that a little bit hypocryptic but maybe thats just me.

You could at least ask him WHY he keeps delaying not one, not two, not three times but four times and more. and if he chose to not answer your harsh question or he's avoiding it, you should at least say that to the community and that would lessen the damage alittle bit. Atm we are just confused and nobody really know whats happening, nobody exept Sturm ofcourse.

If your position really are some kind of "supporter" or "voice to the community" and tries to answering/helping the community.
Its your goddamn respossibility to have somewhat of understanding on whats being going on with the project and talking with Sturm. Thats something you can't exuse or its just plain simple laziness.

And if you really have no idea whats going on,
then Cule, it just seems as you're not even part of this mod.

For example the mod DCG, ZekeWolf always have a nice communication with the fans/players and from what I can see, hes keeping in touch with Jason1 (He also replay sometimes in the comments)and the other within the DCG team.

Sure, they have been dalaying their new version of DCG too, but they do NOT set a chosen release date/day over and over.

+10 votes     reply to comment
Damian21 Nov 21 2015 replied:

Well said!
Sturm tell your fans what is realy going on??
Cule I don't think you are the right person for your position if you do not know what is going on.
Cule please please tell me you talked to Sturm and told him what is going on with the delays??

+8 votes     reply to comment
philiprouzers Nov 21 2015 says:

IF ANYONE BUYING GoH , PLEASE MAKE A BAD REVIEW FOR SAVAGE :) STURM DONT DESERVE ANY SH1T :D Upvote all the negative reviews , since Sturm treat us like **** ( Cheating donators's money and wasting a huge amount of time and huge delay ) . We gonna treat his game like **** too by losing his customers :D This mod is actually the actual game for GoH thats why they love delaying !

No modders take 5 years to release a demo , after 5 years . Nothing , no release . Can u feel the frustration ? MONEY CHANGE THINGS

+4 votes     reply to comment
NawM8 Nov 21 2015 replied:

Goh is not surms game, however if it was i would feel the exact same, these are to many delays and it needs to STOP! im the exact same as many other people i bought Battle Of Empires for this and now need to buy gates of hell, Im buying gates of hell for realism and to support Cule and also the models because they are fantastic looking sturm. Cule released the WW2 chronicles mod when it was supposed to be released and that was a fantastic mod. And this could have been if it was not going to be moved and people didn't need to pay for the full content.


-1 votes     reply to comment
philiprouzers Nov 21 2015 replied:

Sturm is part of the GoH Development team , what are u talking about ?

+5 votes     reply to comment
NawM8 Nov 21 2015 replied:

I must have read it wrong, sorry

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Nov 21 2015 says:

Buuuuuu !

+3 votes     reply to comment
TurboTom98 Nov 21 2015 says:

did you really believe he would release it? i sure as hell did not. i just checked now to see the comments. Sturm is not a good person, he only toys With you. report this page please!

+10 votes     reply to comment
zakattack04 Nov 21 2015 says:

I just want to say, I am not outraged at you Sturm but more disappointed. I assume you find everyone mad amusing otherwise I see no reason for you to continue this endless cycle of ********.

I spent $20 on the piece of **** cash grab Battle of Empires just to play your mod, now realizing that was a waste and I have to throw down another 20 cause you're going to make us pay for this in Gates of Hell I am assuming. That is what I am furious about.

But mostly I am disappointed how poorly you treat your fans, it seems you really couldn't care less. I find it sad how you get us all hyped up to finally see the day come, and then pull some stupid excuse out of your *** like "18 hour session of testing". I curse myself for believe your stupid ********.

It's disgusting to me how you lie to your fans and treat them like ******* dirt. So congratulations, if ******* everyone of your fans off was the objective of this whole scheme, you have accomplished that.

I have but one more question, directed towards the fans.
Were the donations worth it? Was the countless years of patiently waiting worth it? Because to me, it was all one big ******* waste of time and money.

+10 votes     reply to comment
sbellomo Nov 20 2015 says:

:( i am sad

+8 votes     reply to comment
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