HYP is real time tactical shooter with chess like awareness and high skill ceiling. The game focuses on intricate game design while offering a unique way to be immersed in the shooting culture. Read More...

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Great followers of Hypovolemia.

This is what you can expect in HYP 0.5

( We are no longer calling this version 0.2 )

- Many guns have been added.

- Handgun model blowback animations.

- Optimized server-side ragdolls for faster networking, as a result - ragdolls now appear to move faster, suddenly and more violently.

Curb stomping is now a possible method of execution, by repeatedly jumping on top of incapacitated bodies! *death by trampling is possible

- Character Randomization

In Free For All, everytime you spawn, a random model will be picked for your character. Skin and body groups are randomly chosen.

While in Team-Based-Modes the randomization is more narrowly set for each Faction.

- Networked inventory system.

  • Ammo and ammo containers are now accurately weighed. Asymmetric balancing with US and RUS faction. Accounting for "Firepower and Less ammo" vs "Fire Rate and More ammo" dynamics.

Firing heavy caliber or grenade based weapons will now noticeably decrease weight per shot.

- Improved sound

  • new custom recorded footsteps sounds for all default materials.

  • increased the amount of custom surface props materials for variety.
  • Bullet whizz sounds if tracers near miss you. * sounds made already
  • Bullet impacts can now be heard just as far as gunshots.
  • Bullet impact sounds now have a different realistic sound for distant echoes.( Distant concrete can be heard being slapped, instead of sounding like it's happening next to you )
  • All new vox from being incapacitated, hit by explosives, arm shots, bleeding to death or actually dying. Screaming is heard interrupted mid gibbing.

* Improved Physics

  • Push forces for world objects is now scaled per weapon.

( I.E. Railgun will fling barrels across the room, or in many cases instantly gib the prop and send the gibs flying at high speed )

  • You can expect manual weapon handling for all rifles and handguns now and not just shotguns like before.

Upper-Receiver/Bolt-Carrier/Slide racking, audible cues that give your position away.

With rifles it's possible to do a quick reload by skipping racking, if you change mags before expiring the last bullet.

Equipment Changes:

  • Carrying over 15kg now enables equipment rustling sounds accompanying your footsteps. And enables the backpack bodygroup.

Heals 150hp with faster healrate. Regular medkit heals 50.

  • Introducing “medkit sacrificing”. You may sacrifice an unused medkit to increase your max health by 5hp. The maximum achievable overheal is 200hp, but be careful overdosing on nanocain leads to death.
  • Russian faction spawns with two vodka bottles, each healing 25hp. Charging sounds are replaced with drinking sounds.
  • Added variety of magazines for most weapons, including drum mags and c-mags.
  • New mechanic "encumbrance" momentarily increases your spread, scaled by the weight of your weapon and how fast you turn.( I.E. Handguns have low encumbrance while swinging around, while machineguns take longer to zero in after turning quickly. This accounts for swaying motions. )
  • Three types of shotgun ammo. Civilian Buckshot, Double-Ought buckshot and Shot ammo.
  • Civilian buckshot has only five pellets, While military buckshot has nine. Civilian buckshot will now be seen as red and double-ought as military green. Shot ammo is a single more powerful slug. Slugs are more accurate and will allow shotguns to play the sniping role. What will happen when somebody uses slugs in a fully automatic shotgun saiga-12 with drum mags!?!!11 1

- Modular Weapon Scripting.

  • No more duplicating weapon classes, this will decrease weapon code bloat a lot. We can easily support and add more weapons now.

- Improved Hud

  • Vector based panels. Borders will render properly on panels that resize dynamically. It's possible to use animated VTF for the background of these panels!
  • Better fonts that now read more clearly on most video resolutions.
  • Icons for PUMP-ACTION, indicating if the slide is in the forward or back state.
  • New font color code for brown ^&
  • New font effect ^s for shaking text. ( limit to 5 max for anti-trolling )
  • New font effect ^x randomized rapid color changing text "ACID TEXT"

- Vastly improved particle FX

  • More extreme muzzle flashes and more intense wall impacts - yet more optimized.
  • Energy weapons now leave glow sprites on impact
  • Russian thermobaric grenade fragments leave walls temporarily on fire.
  • Added support for "onbreak" spawning unique particle FX when props gib

- Casings are scaled by distance to the camera, to make them more noticeable further away. At all the close ranges the casings will be sized true for realism, while the camera zoomed out will have the casings scale up.

HYP -  New video! Greenlight! Facebook!

HYP - New video! Greenlight! Facebook!

1 year ago News 4 comments

We working hard to deliver a good 0.2 release. New video. Get your friends and help us achieve 1k likes on our facebook before we release!

Hyp 0.2 Prerelease gameplay!

Hyp 0.2 Prerelease gameplay!

2 years ago News 8 comments

Hyp is nearing release, we've been busy smashing and gibbing bugs. Here is some gameplay footage for you all.

Hyp - Progress 10/18/2012

Hyp - Progress 10/18/2012

3 years ago News 8 comments

New updates, original soundtrack, maps, models and general progress.

 Hypovolemia - Update 8/5/2012

Hypovolemia - Update 8/5/2012

3 years ago News 3 comments

We've been making some big changes to Hypovolemia!

Spetsnaz reskin

Spetsnaz reskin

3 years ago Players Skin 6 comments

Just a nicer skin for Spetsnaz team. Made for Hypovelemia v0.1 Alpha.

Hypovolemia 0.1 Alpha

Hypovolemia 0.1 Alpha

3 years ago Full Version 10 comments

Hypovolemia 0.1 Alpha has been released! Come and get it! EDIT: 12/8/2013 this verison no longer works, don't download it

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realfear Jun 8 2015 says:

Oh damn, have you guys always been working on this steadily all this time, or did it just recently jump back into gear?
I remember playing this mod on Desura way back when 0.1 was released and there was a (relatively) active server or two. It was rough around the edges but definitely very fun. Glad to see some signs of continued progress.

+2 votes     reply to comment
defragen1 Creator
defragen1 May 26 2015 says:

Plz 666 watchers 2 release hidden media update.

+3 votes   reply to comment
defragen1 Creator
defragen1 Apr 21 2015 says:

NAME CHANGE!!! Attention the game is now called Occult Scrim and will have a rebranding of the appeal. Due to the high amount of people unable to speak the name of the game or spell it, we've decided to go with something more obvious and that describes the game more accurately anyway.

The word Occult means hidden, plus it sounds cooler than calling the game Covert Warfare or some ****. Al thought I did enjoy playing C&C covert operations when I was a kid. Occult word can also encompass aliens, drugs, spiritual subjects - besides covert warfare. Get ready for some brutal carnage.

The shadow government and military industrial complex has a bad case of anarchy.

+4 votes   reply to comment
Makr6e6 Nov 4 2014 replied:

The devs are busy. Last update was a week ago, just be patient...

0.1 Alpha is decent and hell of fun,if you got peeps to play with.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Kwerty May 23 2014 says:

Two years since 0.1 release. Seems like you put a lot of work since then. Do you guys want to work on this more and do 1.0 after 0.1? Can we expect new version any soon or it stays with TBA status?

+1 vote     reply to comment
defragen1 Creator
defragen1 Jul 17 2014 replied:

Were kinda nuts like that ahaha.. were still working hard, were spending a lot of time working on stuff that will speed up development.

Expect lots of attention to detail ( game looks at least twice as good now ), insane particle fx and overall fine tuned and improved game play

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guest Oct 9 2014 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Alternate076 Feb 6 2015 replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Apr 18 2014 says:

ETA for version 0.2 if ever?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Corvatile Mar 29 2014 says:

So, erm, are we going to get a downloadable version soon? Even if it's just a beta, it would be awesome to have something playable.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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Lots of fun, and also addictive. :)

May 17 2012 by Kwerty

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