HYP is real time tactical shooter with chess like awareness and high skill ceiling. The game focuses on intricate game design while offering a unique way to be immersed in the shooting culture.

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Lots of fun, and also addictive. :)

This game may not have something for all people, but it definitely has everything for some people. From the pro gun sounds to the incapacitated system, Hypovolemia has been very strict on keeping a productive gamestyle similar to Counter-Strike.


- Brandon (Alpha/beta tester :3)


Very addictive gore-mashing fun.
With all the upcoming contents to be made, I believe this is a must-play for all

Very cool mod !


No servers, new mod so that's ok.
When i could find a game it was wonderfully fun, would be great to play with people that you know.
Balancing needs work, but its still wonderfully fun

waiting for next update SO I CAN PLAY but looks good

Extremely fun, this mod does 3rd person perfectly.

awesome mod continue like this and make it better

everything is amazing for the gameplay the most i like is how the camera movement, it feels alot more better the Alien Swarm's camera.

the gunplay seems to be good, this should be on steam


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