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DCI: Last Alliance is the independent sequel to Dúnedain Counter Invasions: Tôl Acharn and is a Third Age: Total War submod.
Take the role as Gil-galad, last High-king of the Noldor, or Elendil, High-king of the Númenóreans in exile, as they rally Elves and honourable Men into the League which is called the Last Alliance.
The counter-invasion Tôl Acharn, 'Vengeance Comes', allow you to move mighty hosts against the Dark Lord.

Strenghten the cause of the League if you wish to, as the indomitable Durin IV of Khazad-dûm or as the brave riders of Rhovanion (using DCI mechanic).

Unless you instead fulfill the will of Sauron? Unleash the hunger of Orcs and wolves, be the warlord over the Easterlings, command the savage natives of Eriador to recapture their homelands or reign as a Black Númenórean lord at the head of the grim Haradrim, in the Invasion of the West.

Will the Men of the Mountain be loyal to the Númenóreans or become the Oathbreakers? The choice is yours.


Official thread, at Total War Center:
French fan thread, at MundusBellicus:

Tôl Acharn and DCI mechanics in short

The "Tôl Acharn" is a 'counter invasion', the M2 Jihad-feature renamed, just as TATW have "Invasion" for the evil factions, which in turn is the Crusade-feature renamed .
Factions with the culture Hosts of the West [religion islam] can join the Tôl Acharns at will, while the DCI mechanics allow factions of other cultures [religions] to temporary join the Tôl Acharn, if allied to the calling faction of the 'counter invasion'.


  • Third Age campaign map adapted to Last Alliance era
  • New provinces and settlements, new ownerships
  • New UI (interface, menu, loading screens)
  • New factions
  • New models & units
  • New buildings
  • New scripts (exemple: Tôl Acharn script)
  • Palantirir: six truely useful palantirs, now without drawbacksExtensive AOR system and corruption-balancing for the Númenórean
  • Immortal Nazgûl
  • Ample lore credibility


League members that can call and join the Tôl Acharn

  • Númenórean Kingdoms
  • Kingdom of Lindon

League members that can join the Tôl Acharn (always; can call if player)

  • Kingdom of Lórien
  • Eryn Galen (Silvan Elves)

Non-League members (can join the Tôl Acharn if player)

  • Kingdom of Khazad-dûm
  • Rhovanion

Sauron's followers (can call Invasions)

  • Hillmen of the North
  • Orcs of the Misty Mountains
  • Wildmen of Enedwaith
  • Mordor
  • Rhûn Confederacy
  • Harad

Invasion or Tôl Acharn depending on player choice (Oathbreaker or Loyal)

  • Men of the Mountains
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[Eryn Galen] Ents [Eryn Galen] Sindar Axemen [Eryn Galen] Sindar Axemen
Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Latest News: Preview of Eryn Galen (Silvan Elves)

7 comments by Ngugi on Jun 28th, 2014

Preview of the roster of Eryn Galen

The vast forest that separate all the upper river Anduin from the plains of Rhovanion is Eryn Galen, Greenwood the Great, in the Third Age named Mirkwood after Sauron spread his dark there. But in the late Second Age it is still fair and lush, home of Northmen villages, traversed by Dwarven traders along the Dwarf-road, and most renowned as the home of the Silvan Elves.

The Silvans differed from the High Elves of the West, and are more dangerous and less wise, but non the less a good folk. They trace their ancestry to the Eldar of the clan of Teleri who never crossed the Misty Mountains but also to the Avari, still they were welcoming when groups of the Sindar in the early Second Age came east to settle among them. Sindar lords became princes among them, and the Silvans of Eryn Galen took Oropher, father of Thranduil, as their king.

The Sindar were soon merged with the Silvan Elves, adopting their language and taking names of Silvan form and style. This they did deliberately for they, and other similar adventurers, came from Doriath after its ruin. They had no desire to leave Middle-earth, nor to be merged with the other Sindar of Beleriand, dominated by the Noldorin Exiles for whom the folk of Doriath had no great love. They wished indeed to become Silvan folk and to return, as they said, to the simple life natural to the Elves before the invitation of the Valar had disturbed it.

During the Second Age Oropher has brought them north, away from the Greenwood's southern parts, to distance themselves from the Noldor influence in Lórien, and from the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm, since a grudge is still held from when Nogrod Dwarves killed High-king Thingol and Doriath was sacked.
Still the time may have come to set such matters aside, a dire matter Oropher is wise and brave enough to comprehend. Sauron aim to conquer Middle-earth, and an Alliance to stop the Dark Lord is calling for aid. It is time for the Silvan Elves of Eryn Galen to march out under the green banner.

Silvan Spearmen

The numerous Silvan Elves descend from those of the Teleri who, on the Great Journey, were daunted by the Misty Mountains and lingered in the Vale of Anduin, and so never reached Beleriand or the Sea prior to or during the First Age. They are thus a kinfolk to the Sindar and more so the Nandor Elves, but also came to mingle with the Avari of the East. Their devotion to Middle-earth can not be disputed, and if invaders come they will impose ancient skill in stealth and ambush. While the Silvan Elves most of all would like to be undisturbed by the outside world they are in no way blind to the demands Sauron's threat put on them.
Armed with a shield and spear and only ligth armour the Silvan Spearmen is a highly experienced militia. They may not look as much to a foe, but then again often the enemy see them only when it is too late, and to underestimate their fierceness or battle skill is a mistake only done once.

Silvan Archers

The Silvan Elves are of the branch of Teleri, like the Sindar and Nandor, but were laggards in the hindmost companies who had never crossed the Misty Mountains to reach Beleriand or Valinor in ages past. Instead they established small yet populous realms on either side of the Vales of Anduin. Among them came Avari Elves, and while they have remained simple and rustic, compaired to their western relatives, their bond to nature is strong and love for their forests uncompromising.
Their way of warfare has always been to blend with the lush landscape and, whenever least expected, send arrows and darts into the enemy columns, only to melt away and repeat further on till no enemy is standing. While a militia they utilize superior knowledge of the land and good camouflage. The Archers armour is light, so they wisely avoid melee, but if cornered they draw sharp daggers.


The Northmen of the Vale of Anduin are of old friends with the Elves of Eryn Galen, and other folks who are enemies of raiding Orcs and wargs. They live in small villages and homesteads, independent and proud, but do not hesitate to band together when threat decend from the Misty Mountains or elsewhere to burn, kill and enslave their families. Then they call for aid from, or is called upon to aid, the Silvan forces, to waylay and annihilate invaders, resembling the old union between the Haladin and the Sindar of Doriath in the First Age.
The Woodmen are very lightly armoured but is renowned for their bravery and carry into battle shield and axe. They should not be kept in the fray or be expected to hold a line against armed opponents for long, still they deliver a devastating charge.
[Faction uniqe mercenary unit]

Silvan Trackers

When beasts intrude or some opponent of the realm of Eryn Galen, the Greenwood, has to be caught up with and elminiated, the Silvan Trackers eagerly set out. They are great rangers and their aim is true, bringing death from afar. The trackers are selected from the best among the common archers, and they often pride themselves by pulling their veil or hood, as they want their victim to see who send them to oblivion.
Lightly armoured they avoid to face close combat, but they bring a shield and sharp edged spear with them, to deter attackers thinking them easy pray.

Silvan Hunters

Companies of the Silvans, sometimes with the princes such as Thranduil at their head, will from time to time ride out on swift steeds to hunt, or to other business in the woods and in the lands to the East. Some few who have travelled trough Eryn Galen or along its boarders have become aware of dim blowing of horns and the sound as of dogs baying far off, as the noise of a great hunt going. The Hunters are ever watchful for fell beasts, and cruel and evil creatures laying their snares, resembling the vala Oromë who pursued Morgoth's beasts across the land while the world was still young.
They are excellent light cavalry capable of encircling and raining death freely against the enemy while remaining safe, making hostile cavalry and bowmen their chief concern. If at need or opportunity present itself the Hunters draw sword in close quarter.

Silvan Swordsmen

While the Elves east of the Ered Luin for long did not clad themselves in heavy armour or carried weapons of steel, the creatures and servants of Morgoth in the First Age proved a mortal threat and came to change that. The Sindar lords who came among them in the Second Age improved their situation, bringing skills and wisdom from Beleriand, crafts enriched by Melian the Maia, by Dwarven smiths and Noldor Exiles. Now the Silvans do not hesitate to march up against enemy hosts even many times their numbers.
In these perilous times the Silvan Swordsmen combine their savage fighting style with sharp steel and good protection and a stout shield. As they fall upon Orcs or beasts or other foes the ground is stained black and red.



Eryn Galen Archers

The Wood-Elves hatred for all Orcs is cold and bitter, and no other opposition can expect to fare any better. To aid allies or simply to make sure no suffering shall fall upon Greenwood the Great, exquisite marksmen line up in service of their king and princes. As soon as the host of their enemies are gathered they send against it a shower of deadly arrows, and each flicker as it fly as if with stinging fire. No mortals may ignore their artistry, and few of the immortals match them.
Their quality protection allow them to shrug off some degree of incoming missiles and even take on melee attacks, still the Eryn Galen Archers ideally should stay out of reach.

Eryn Galen Spearmen

The Elvish folk of Eryn Galen, Greenwood the Great, have migrated from the south, being the kin and neighbours of the Elves of Lórien who dwell west of Anduin. In the Second Age their king, Oropher, had withdrawn beyond the Gladden Fields. This he did to be free from the power and encroachments of the Dwarves of Moria and also he resented the intrusions of Celeborn and Galadriel into Lórien. But times change, there are occasions when old grieves must set aside and the perils of the world be openly confronted.
To this end the Eryn Galen Spearmen assemble from among experienced Silvan and Sindar. They may be less well armoured than their western kinfolks but clad in heavy armour they create an intimidating line of broad shields and acute spear points, and they do are more eager than any of the race to bring the battle to the enemy.

Amon Lanc Archers

Long before the War of the Alliance the Silvan Elves east of Anduin had left their ancient dwellings about Amon Lanc, the Naken Hill, a thousand year in the Third Age it became better known as Dol Guldur.
At the end of the Second Age Oropher dwell in the western glens of the Emyn Duir, and his numerous people live and roam in the woods and vales westward as far as Anduin, north of the ancient Dwarf-Road. Non the less, in memory Amon Lanc still is remembered with love, and there are among them unmatched marksmen and warriors who pledge to make it a safe home once more. Situated at the south of the forest the menace from Mordor, or Sauron's servants from the East or across the Anduin, that is a risky oath to utter, but one honoured with blood.
Although armoured, enemies who expect them to be easily assulted archers will soon regret it. In the tradition of the Sindar of Beleriand the Amon Lanc Archers fight with great axes, giving even the heaviest of adversary a nasty surprise.
[AoR unit]

Eryn Galen Swordsmen

Despite the desire of the Silvan Elves, and more so their Sindar princes, to meddle as little as might be in the affairs of the Noldor and other Sindar, or of any other peoples, Dwarves, Men, or Orcs, king Oropher had the wisdom to foresee that peace will not return unless Sauron is overcome. Sindar and Silvan Elves do not fear to go out into Middle-earth for the sake of their land and freedom, and trained warriors form the companies of Eryn Galen Swordsmen.
Their kinsmen from Lórien and Lindon might be better equipped, yet the bloodthirst of the Swordsmen of the woodland is the greater. Their swords shine with a gleam of chill flame, so deadly is the wrath of the hands that holds them.

Sindar Axemen

War-scarred veterans among the Sindar honour their ancient epithet as the Axe-Elves, and do it with mighty prowess. Some among them even fought in the wars of Beleriand against the first Dark Lord under the banner of High-king Thingol of Doriath, with Beleg Longbow or next to Mablung of the Heavy Hand. Three thousand years passed have however not put a dent to their conviction and when their king summons them they fear no darkness.
These noble Sindar are hardy and valiant, and do not mind to lead the first assult against whatever challenge. Heavy axes put any armour to the test, and even terrible trolls plunge into the dirt. Whatever superiority their western kinfolks may have in quality of armour, the Sindar Axemen intend to more than compensate for it with one ravaging, decisive assult.


These shepherds of the forest are the answer to Yavanna's prayers on behalf of the tress of Middle-Earth. Created during Arda's Spring in the First Age the Ents were intended to safe-guard the forests of the world from greedy axes and ensure the survival of Yavanna's fruits. Indeed Ents differ greatly in size, appearance and form just like the different species of trees that they guard and which they tend to resemble.
Unfortunately Sauron's wars, and more so the Númenóreans building their armadas, wrought great destruction upon Middle-Earth's forests and by the end of the Second Age the Ents became isolated and contained to Fangorn Forest. Feeling betrayed and forgotten they care not for the wars and struggles of Middle-Earth's peoples, spending their time tending to the last remnants of the ancient primeval forests. As the conflict between the Free Peoples and Sauron escalates it may soon spill out into Fangorn, the Ents' last refuge, and should that come to pass the forest shepherds wrath may become known once more. Till then persistent Eldar may at best hope that some few, almost hasty, younger Ents might prove compelled to aid in the defence of the forests outside Fangorn.
When enraged, the apparently docile forest shepherds can turn into frightening opponents able to crush most flesh and blood creatures with a single blow or swipe of their powerful limbs.
[Eryn Galen and Lórien uniqe unit, avilable only under certain conditions]


All units, with the exception of the Ents, have been created by Curufin. For full credits to each units sources, see each units image in the image gallery.

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Dutch_Gamer Jul 7 2014, 4:03pm says:

Nice work on the elves i like there units alot

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ngugi 16hours 30mins ago replied:

Glad to hear D_G!

+1 vote     reply to comment
-ASM- Jun 29 2014, 3:14am says:

good jobe!)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ngugi Jun 30 2014, 6:20am replied:

Thanks -ASM-, the support is appriciated :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
BalinofKhazadDûm May 9 2014, 7:33am says:

Ok im really tired of waiting now... when will the mod be released?

0 votes     reply to comment
Ngugi May 9 2014, 6:53pm replied:

Haha, considering we began working on DCI:LA in Septemeber 2012, I'm the first to second that opinion! ;)

The teams aim is to get a beta out this summer, but as we're exprienced modders we will not give any dates or even lose estimations, and no promises hehe. Beside that we're onto it :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
FeánaroTWC Feb 24 2014, 1:23pm says:

Hey Ngugi, didn't know you were around here. Nice progress on your mod by the way.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ngugi Feb 24 2014, 1:50pm replied:

Just got it hehe, for editorial purpose and to aid echuu in the labour ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ngugi Feb 24 2014, 1:12pm says:

Revision done to The Númenórean roster: Cardolan Swordsmen and Dome Wardens images replaced with the updated units,


the Kingdom of Lindon: Lindar Archers, Lindar Infantry and General Bodyguard images replaced with the updated units.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ngugi Feb 13 2014, 3:49pm replied:

Hello Balin'
DCI: Last Alliance will use a modified version of the TATW map.

/Ngugi, DCI:LA team leader

+3 votes     reply to comment
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