In Brief:
DCI: Last Alliance is the independent sequel to Dúnedain Counter Invasions: Tôl Acharn and is a Third Age: Total War submod.
Take the role as Gil-galad, last High-king of the Noldor, or Elendil, High-king of the Númenóreans in exile, as they rally Elves and honourable Men into the League which is called the Last Alliance.
The counter-invasion Tôl Acharn, 'Vengeance Comes', allow you to move mighty hosts against the Dark Lord.

Strenghten the cause of the League if you wish to, as the indomitable Durin IV of Khazad-dûm or as the brave riders of Rhovanion (using DCI mechanic).

Unless you instead fulfill the will of Sauron? Unleash the hunger of Orcs and wolves, be the warlord over the Easterlings, command the savage natives of Eriador to recapture their homelands or reign as a Black Númenórean lord at the head of the grim Haradrim, in the Invasion of the West.

Will the Men of the Mountain be loyal to the Númenóreans or become the Oathbreakers? The choice is yours.

Official thread, at Total War Center:
French fan thread, at MundusBellicus:
Our Polish friends cover our progress here:

Tôl Acharn and DCI mechanics in short
The "Tôl Acharn" is a 'counter invasion', the M2 Jihad-feature renamed; just as TATW have "Invasion" for the evil factions, which in turn is the Crusade-feature renamed .
Factions with the culture 'Hosts of the West' [religion islam] can join the Tôl Acharns at will. The uniqe DCI mechanics allow factions of other cultures [religions] to temporary join the Tôl Acharn, if allied to the calling faction of the 'counter invasion'.


  • Third Age campaign map adapted to Last Alliance era - Preview
  • New provinces and settlements, new ownerships
  • New UI (interface, menu, loading screens) - Preview faction symbols
  • New factions
  • New models & units
  • New buildings
  • New scripts (exemple: Tôl Acharn script)
  • Palantirir: six truely useful palantirs, now without drawbacks
  • Extensive AOR system and corruption-balancing for the Númenórean
  • Immortal Nazgûl
  • Ample lore credibility

League members that can call and join the Tôl Acharn

Non-League members (can join the Tôl Acharn if player)

  • Kingdom of Khazad-dûm - ancient Dwarven realm Preview
  • Rhovanion - the Northmen riders Preview

Sauron's followers (can call Invasions)

  • Hillmen of the North - Barbarians and sorcerers
  • Orcs of the Misty Mountains - the Goblins rally Preview
  • Wildmen of Enedwaith - light but cunning savages
  • Mordor - realm of Sauron Sneak peak
  • Rhûn Confederacy - the East is moving Sneak peak
  • Harad - southrons under Black Númenórean lordship

Invasion, Tôl Acharn or neither depending on player choice (Oathbreaker, Oathkeeper or neutral Middle-men)

  • Men of the Mountains - Fierce fighters with a burdensome past
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[Númenórean Kingdoms] Elendil [Númenórean Kingdoms] Elendil [Númenórean Kingdoms] Elendil
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7 comments by Ngugi on Mar 29th, 2015

High king Elendil

Elendil the Tall was born in 3119 Second Age as the son of Amandil, Lord of Andúnië. Amandil and Elendil were great ship-captains, and they were of the line of Elros, first king of Númenor, though not of the ruling house to whom belonged the crown and the throne in the city of Armenelos.
From the beginning the lords of Andúnië bore especial love to the Eldar and reverence for the Valar, and as the Shadow grew during the Age they aided the Faithful as they could. Still they were loyal to the kings, revered them and were ever among the chief councillors, until the coming of Sauron in 3262.
Elendil became the head of the Faithful who still dared to stay on the island despite opression and murder, and on his father's advice he did not participated in the war king Ar-Pharazon made upon the Valar. Instead he made ready to flee, and on nine ships he, and his sons Isildur and Anárion and their followers, survived, when Eru drowned the island of Númenor in 3319.

The tempests of destruction overtook their ships, and they were borne aloft on hills of water even to the clouds, and they descended upon Middle-earth like birds of the storm.
Elendil was cast up by the waves in the land of Lindon, and he was befriended by Gil-galad. Beyond the river Lhun he established his realm, and his people dwell in many places in Eriador, while his chief city is at Annúminas beside the water of Lake Nenuial.
Isildur and Anárion were borne away southwards, to where the folk of the coastlands were in whole or in part akin to the Elf-friends and the people of Elendil, and they welcomed his sons. They established a realm in those lands that were after called Gondor, whereas the Northern Kingdom was named Arnor.

Elendil is recognised as High king of all Dúnedain who had not fallen to Sauron. And indeed, their old enemy was not destroyed when Eru unleashed his wrath, but returned to Middle-earth, withdrew to his fortress in the Black Land and meditated war.
In 3429 he come with great force against the new realm of Gondor, and he take Minas Ithil on the border to Mordor. Isildur travelled to his father to ask for aid, and Elendil turn to High king Gil-galad of Lindon to form the League which is called the Last Alliance, unless Sauron shall devour them one by one.
Elendil's fate is bound to the Dark Lords, and it is time to march out to war.


DCI: Last Alliance is proud to present you the hero battle model of Elendil, created by Louis Lux.

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Guest 12hours 23mins ago says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Randy0570 20hours 34mins ago says:

Will you include Numenor (The island) in the map?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ngugi Creator
Ngugi 17hours 28mins ago replied:

No, this war occur 110 years after Númenor sank under the sea (3319 Númenor was drowned, 3429 the War of the last Alliance begun).

+1 vote   reply to comment
GeneticCrane Apr 3 2015, 6:44pm says:

I am going to play this mod so hard.

+3 votes     reply to comment
DieWalküre Mar 21 2015, 2:35pm says:

Dear Ngugi, if you want an advice from a little and humble fan, I would suggest that at least one settlement of Lothlórien remain as an enchanted and sacred place in the forest (like Caras Galadhon in TATW); I think that this type of settlement is a significative element of this faction.

I understand that there could be some problems concerning the siege system, but Lórien is a magical and 'unusual' place, in which lies a great hidden power that protects it (we know very well who is the source of this power XD); even though Galadriel can't use Nenya openly (because Sauron wields the One Ring), her presence already permeates this realm, and thus I think that a generic settlement wouldn't represent fully the atmosphere of Lothlórien.

Just some thoughts of mine :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ngugi Creator
Ngugi Mar 21 2015, 8:00pm replied:

The forest of Lothlórien was a normal forest and only 'enchanted' because of Galadriel raising her fences there, and Nenya's removal of the influence of Time when used.
However it was not simply so that she could not use it openly in the Second Age: she could not use her Ring at all, because Sauron held the One.
Nenya in itself wouldn't given the ability to raise the fences though, that's Galadriel's own capacity (but obviously much improved in the Third Age when she wore her Ring); so we have taken the path that, for as long as Galadriel is alive, any non-allied forces who enter Lothlórien are affected by "Veil of Lórien", giving them a morale penalty.

Our policy is clear that game play goes before eye candy, and that applies to settlements as well.
If a custom settlement is somehow broken, a pretty face will not save it, and as we anyhow have no battle map modder it's not on our agenda to make a new or updated functional one.
If you really care for it, grab some tutorials and learn the trade, you may enjoy it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Barseil_Pellaeon Mar 19 2015, 3:54pm says:

Hello again, Ngugi ! I have a few questions for you (don't know if they have been asked before, so apologies if they were) :

Concerning Minas Ithil, will it be given a new custom settlement "skin" ? Given that when Sauron took it for the first time in 3429 S.A. he only occupied the city (okay, he also had the White Tree burned, but that's a detail :P), and that it would only become Minas Morgul as we know it when the Nazgûl took it in 2000 T.A. , I think that Minas Ithil should have a more pure and immaculate look, with white walls and things (without the green halo, the barrow-like mist and the spikes on top of the walls).

Nearly the same thing for Angrenost, will it have a more "garden"-like appearance, similar to what we can see in the Fellowship movie before Saruman reveals his treachery ? I would really like to be able fo fight on grass and between some trees, surrounded by the tower of Orthanc :D

Finally, are you going to give a great importance to the Nazgûl ? Since Sauron had the One Ring in his possession until his demise, the Ulairi must have been incredibly powerful during the whole Last Alliance War.
And are you going to let them with their "Black Rider" appearance from vanilla TATW, or are you thinking about giving them something more similar to what can be seen in the last Hobbit movie, with a wraith-like appearance ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ngugi Creator
Ngugi Mar 20 2015, 2:07pm replied:

Yes, Minas Ithil is reskinned what colours concerns. The spiky parts are left, as we have no modeller of battle maps, nor is it a topic so important we will devote time to it considering all else we have to do, hehe.
Added an image in the gallery to see.

Same applies to Orthanc: it will be in a green land, but with pits and so still in; that one we presumably will try to amend as soon as we aquire a free lancer for it, or someone get onto that kind of modding, though.

Ring lore is a field I spent quite some time with (Saruman my friend!), as it's a field filled with much misconceptions.
The other Rings don't get more powerful because there is someone weilding the Ruling Ring.
Possibly the Nazgûl would been more powerful at this time still, because they might wore their Rings, something they did not during the LotR (Sauron held them then), since the Rings of Power enhanced the natural powers of the weilder (see Letter nr 131 to M. Waldman). Though, in these games they always have them ;)
The Nazgûl will remain as Riders, as it is only in physichal form they would pose a relvant threat. Their main ability was to cause fear, but that fear did only seriously affect mortals (while the game do not allow us to restrict that) so unless made physichal, when they can use real weapons against their enemies, the Elves could just ignore them hehe.
The wraiths will have great stats, but it will not be unbalanced, this is an Age filled with great Men and Elves with weapon froged to kcik their kind of ***** ;)

(The general rule of this project is that we ignore the existance of the Hobbit films all together, with some minor exceptions like that Araval got inspiration for loads of new Dwarven portraits to the game.)

+2 votes   reply to comment
Bercor Mar 21 2015, 2:46pm replied:

Damn Jackson and his spiky obsession!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Ngugi Creator
Ngugi Mar 21 2015, 8:21pm replied:

Hi Bercor, lurking here too I see ^^

+1 vote   reply to comment
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