DCI: Last Alliance is the independent sequel to Dúnedain Counter Invasions: Tôl Acharn and is a WIP (Work In Progress) submod to Third Age: Total War.
For faction previews, see below (click READ MORE)

Take the role as Gil-galad, last High-king of the Noldor, or Elendil, High-king of the Númenóreans in exile, as they rally Elves and honourable Men into the League which is called the Last Alliance, at the end of the Second Age.
The counter-invasion Tôl Acharn, 'Vengeance Comes', allow you to move mighty hosts against the Dark Lord.
Strenghten the cause of the League if you wish to, as the indomitable Durin IV of Khazad-dûm or as the brave riders of Rhovanion (using DCI mechanic).

Unless you instead fulfill the will of Sauron? Unleash the hunger of Orcs and wolves, be the warlord over the Easterlings, command the savage natives of Eriador to recapture their homelands or reign as a Black Númenórean lord at the head of the grim Haradrim, in the Invasion of the West.

Will the Men of the Mountain be loyal to the Númenóreans or become the Oathbreakers? The choice is yours.


Official thread, at Total War Center
French fan thread, at MundusBellicus
Our Polish friends cover our progress here

Tôl Acharn and DCI mechanics in short

The "Tôl Acharn" is a 'counter invasion', the M2 Jihad-feature renamed; just as TATW have the "Invasion" for the evil factions, which in turn is the Crusade-feature renamed .
Factions with the culture 'Hosts of the West' [religion islam] can join the Tôl Acharns at will. The uniqe DCI mechanics allow factions of other cultures [religions] to temporary join the Tôl Acharn, if allied to the calling faction of the 'counter invasion'.

Features examples:

  • Third Age campaign map adapted to Last Alliance era - Preview
  • New battle map settlements - Preview#1 * #2 * #3 * #4 *
  • New UI (interface, menu, loading screens, units cards) - Preview faction symbols
  • Extensive new rosters and unit models
  • All new unit stats, prices and recruitment system
  • New buildings
  • New scripts (exemple: Tôl Acharn script, Immortal Nazgûl, the One Ring-events)
  • Palantirir: six truely useful palantirs, now without drawbacks
  • Extensive AoR system for the Númenórean Kingdoms, and corruption-balancing for them, the Kingdom of Khazad-dûm and the Kingdom of Lindon
  • Ample lore credibility - Background overlook
  • etc, etc

Playable Factions:

League members that can call and join the Tôl Acharn

Non-League members (can join the Tôl Acharn if player)

  • Kingdom of Khazad-dûm - ancient Dwarven realm Preview
  • Rhovanion - the Northmen riders Preview

Sauron's followers (can call Invasions)

  • Hill-men of the North - Barbarians and sorcerers Preview
  • Orcs of the Misty Mountains - the Goblins rally Preview
  • Wildmen of Enedwaith - Primitive but cunning tribesmen
  • Mordor - realm of Sauron Sneak peak
  • Rhûn Confederacy - the East is moving Preview
  • Harad - southrons under Black Númenórean lordship Preview

Invasion, Tôl Acharn or neither depending on player choice (Oathbreaker, Oathkeeper or neutral Middle-men)

Active team: Ngugi, Witwhnar, Araval, Earl of Memory, Veteraan, xHolyCrusader and misteed

As for all our esteemed former companions, the freelancers and other contributors, see our official page.

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Withwnar presents us

Preview: Settlement Models - Part 4

For previous settlement previews, browse the Articles. For larger images, click on the images.

~~~~ Strat Map Models ~~~~

Some new campaign map models.


Elven Castles
New castle models, uniquely Elven, for all three Elf factions. No settlement begins as Elf-built Motte & Bailey; no M&B model is needed for Elves, only these three: Wooden Castle, Castle and Fortress.

(Nevermind the pink roads, they won't be that way in the mod.)

Also seen here is the Stone of Erech.

Goblin Town
As the battle map is inside a mountain (Leo's Goblin Town custom settlement), so now also is its strat map model.

Mt Doom
Retextured and the addition of the entrance to Sammath Naur - the "Chambers of Fire" - where the Ring must be taken to be destroyed (on the northeast shoulder of Mt Doom).
Also seen here is the Eye-less Barad-dur.

~~~~ Dunharrow ~~~~

A castle, and an unusual one at that; this is Leo's Dunharrow with some additions.

A gate leads to the castle proper within the mountain, containing the living quarters and other structures that a castle requires. (In battle this cannot be entered and its internals cannot be seen, just as normal keeps in castles cannot.)

Outside are more structures: bowyer, garrison quarters, stables, etc., depending on what buildings are currently constructed here.

To the north lies the chasm which one may walk through to eventually reach the under-mountain pass that was later to be known as the Paths of the Dead. The chasm is part of this battle map, the Paths of the Dead are not - there is no battle map for those. The gate mentioned above is not the entrance to the Paths of the Dead.

So this is a castle mostly hidden from view within the mountain rock.

~~~~ Orc & Troll Camps ~~~~

The Hill-men of the North may have access to Orcs, Trolls and Wolves but even a fool would not let them live within the settlement walls. No, they have their own place...

Orcs Camps and Troll Camps are buildings that provide their recruitment. If constructed then they are present on the battle map*.

* Maybe. It depends on the settlement model. They are available to all HotN-built settlement types, and many types for some other factions. But no custom settlements will show them, nor some factions. e.g. An Elf-built settlement will not show them even when HotN has captured it and constructed the Camps there.

The first image is an Orc Camp. The second a Troll Camp. The rest are both combined.

~~~~ Umbar Port ~~~~

Preview 1 shows Umbar, the huge city that is the Black Númenórean capital. It is also a major port. Umbar just got even bigger...

This battle map port cannot be entered at all by armies. If the port building is destroyed on the campaign map then it will be absent in the battle map; rebuilding the port brings it back.

~~~~ Credits ~~~~

leo.civil.uefs - for Dunharrow from his Alternative Patch.
Red_Devil - for kindly donating the wheel winches and ship sails for Umbar Port.
xHolyCrusader - for some efforts and advice.
Wilddog & Makanyane - for the IWTE tool and their shared knowledge and help in the Workshop.
TATW for various bits and pieces used in the strat and battle models.
Thanks folks.

Preview of the Men of the Mountains

Preview of the Men of the Mountains

News 44 comments

This is the roster of the Men of the Mountains, in the campaign of DCI: Last Alliance that is a WIP Third Age: Total War submod.

Preview of Wild Men of Enedwaith

Preview of Wild Men of Enedwaith

News 13 comments

This is the unit roster of Enedwaith, in the campaign of DCI: Last Alliance that is a WIP Third Age: Total War submod.

Settlements part 3: Orcs

Settlements part 3: Orcs

News 16 comments

The third, wicked, sample preview of both new and uniqe battle maps. DCI: Last Alliance is a Third Age: Total War submod that take the game to the late...

Preview settlements part 2

Preview settlements part 2

News 18 comments

The second sample preview of both new and uniqe battle maps. DCI: Last Alliance is a Third Age: Total War submod that take the game to the late Second...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 504)

I was just wondering but what will be some of the scripts when the mod is released?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ngugi Creator

Hello epic-mithrandir,

we have a few, not surprising since my brother-in-arms is Withwnar, one of the best M2 scripters there are, a blessing for the mod ^^
Certain scripts will be a secret until we release, to surprise the player, hoho, but here are some examples;

* The Kingdom of Lindon and the Númenórean Kingdoms can by default call the Tôl Acharn (the Last Alliance's counter-invasion), while if the player is a Silvan faction a little trek must be accomplished by their herald to unlock the option to call them.
Also, if the player is Rhovanion or Kingdom of Khazad-dûm there are scripts that allow these factions to join the Alliance assult, which they normally can't.

* The starting option to make Nazgûl "immortal" (they reappear a couple of times but not forever; in this Age there were enough High Elves and enchanted weapons in circulation for them to expect a final demise sooner or later, if unlucky in battle).
The script is alike older submods, but is made from scratch for DCI:LA.

* Total Diplomacy, implemented to DCI, made by Withwnar long ago and best TATW submod ever, IMHO.
TD allows the player to force the AI to accept deals (this was created to correct when the AI behaves illogicial: like a faction not sharing map information when you two from a RPG perspective and lore perspective are close friends and allies who naturlaly would shared info).
TD also contains options to propose two allies of yours to also ally, or to instruct an ally become extremly aggresive against a specific faction. For example, in a Rhovanion test play I instructed Lothlórien to be extremly aggresive against Mordor, so I could focus more of my men against Rhûn.

* Men of the Mountains have the uniqe option to switch culture so they either join Sauron or the Alliance, or if the player is MotM he/she can stick to the own traditonal culture.
If the player is Mordor or Numenorean Kingdoms actions can be taken to encourage MotM to chose your side.

* Hill-men of the North can aquire Orcs and beasts by making alliances with other evil factions; but this may come at a peril.

* A better and cooler version of the Palantiri, without drawbacks and with a higher degree of control.

* If certain characters (like Gil-galad, Galadriel, Elrond, Cirdan or Elendil) are controlled by the player, acquire the One Ring and holds on to It instead of destroying It, expect the rise of a new Dark Lord, or Dark Queen...

And so on ;)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Thanks, as always continue your great work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ngugi Creator

Thank you, we shall :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey just wondering could you give an approximate date as to when this mod will be released?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ngugi Creator

Hello, nope. 2017 is as far as I dare go, hehe.
Actual release would be after any optimistic date I'd given anhow; that's how modding works ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


hey guys, the numenorians look really awesome, btw when do you think the mod will come out? (not asking a specific date but just if it will come out before summer, but if you do maybe know wich month we would gladly whant to know)
Good luck ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ngugi Creator

Hello there! Happy to hear you like it. No, I can definitely tell that before the summer we won't be out.
Thanks! :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Im curious, the dac thread on twcenter was made in 2012, what was the first predicted release date as in the moment somebody said this time in this month or year :3.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ngugi Creator

Hello Centuriona1. The current DaC thread on TWC is actually from 2016 (the date 2014 of the OP is a admin trick; an OP from an older DaC thread is cloned for the new thread, because copy paste can cause coding issues).

DaC however began back in 2009, and the first public beta in its current incarnation was released in December 2013.
During those years I can imagine many dates were suggested, but a golden rule among ALL modders is "Never give dates, things always get delayed".
So presumably the answer was mostly "It's done when it's done". ;)

As for any specifics, DaC history is no deep speciality of mine - I've seen their development since 2011 (and often slow or lack of development; honestly did not expect it to ever release, until Emperor of Hell became DaC's leader in 2012), and I known and know many of its members.
But you can find the original thread here, and perhaps find what you're looking for, if it amuses you :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

...I miss typed, iv been using dac for to long now obviously the DCI thread.... most likley why both start with a D and have 3 letters

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Ngugi Creator

Ah ^^ Can understand that slip hehe
Well, when I initiated DCI in 2012 my plan was a small mod that would be done in ca a year (!).
However, the ambitions of the team kept rising the bar. For example, I came and suggested "Can we add/replace two-three units for that faction?" and the reply I got was "Naaw, let's replace most/all of them!" so the mod grew and grew ;)

A couple of times (three I think, between 2014-2016) I wanted for us to get a public beta out, to which I gave vague dates now and then. They all failed, apperently, as there was always some more content to complete or we wanted to add before a beta feedback would be of use to us, and so the deadlines flew away :P

After last time, when I hoped for the second quarter 2016, the team settled that we drop the idea of a beta all together.
Partly because the game we already is so free from bugs that we have no crucial need for it (it has been a priority of ours to minimize problems), and partly because that we want the first impression a player get is the full and proper experience.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

:3 so 5 years and counting, lets hope its well worth the wait.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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