DCI: Last Alliance is the independent sequel to Dúnedain Counter Invasions: Tôl Acharn and is a WIP (Work In Progress) submod to Third Age: Total War.
For faction previews, see below (click READ MORE)

Take the role as Gil-galad, last High-king of the Noldor, or Elendil, High-king of the Númenóreans in exile, as they rally Elves and honourable Men into the League which is called the Last Alliance, at the end of the Second Age.
The counter-invasion Tôl Acharn, 'Vengeance Comes', allow you to move mighty hosts against the Dark Lord.
Strenghten the cause of the League if you wish to, as the indomitable Durin IV of Khazad-dûm or as the brave riders of Rhovanion (using DCI mechanic).

Unless you instead fulfill the will of Sauron? Unleash the hunger of Orcs and wolves, be the warlord over the Easterlings, command the savage natives of Eriador to recapture their homelands or reign as a Black Númenórean lord at the head of the grim Haradrim, in the Invasion of the West.

Will the Men of the Mountain be loyal to the Númenóreans or become the Oathbreakers? The choice is yours.


Official thread, at Total War Center
French fan thread, at MundusBellicus
Our Polish friends cover our progress here

Tôl Acharn and DCI mechanics in short

The "Tôl Acharn" is a 'counter invasion', the M2 Jihad-feature renamed; just as TATW have the "Invasion" for the evil factions, which in turn is the Crusade-feature renamed .
Factions with the culture 'Hosts of the West' [religion islam] can join the Tôl Acharns at will. The uniqe DCI mechanics allow factions of other cultures [religions] to temporary join the Tôl Acharn, if allied to the calling faction of the 'counter invasion'.

Features examples:

  • Third Age campaign map adapted to Last Alliance era - Preview
  • New battle map settlements - Preview#1 * #2 * #3 * #4 *
  • New UI (interface, menu, loading screens, units cards) - Preview faction symbols
  • Extensive new rosters and unit models
  • All new unit stats, prices and recruitment system
  • Custom prominent genrals on the battlefield like Elendil, Elrond, Galadriel etc.
  • New buildings
  • New scripts (exemple: Tôl Acharn script, Immortal Nazgûl, the One Ring-events)
  • Palantirir: six truely useful palantirs, now without drawbacks
  • Extensive AoR system for the Númenórean Kingdoms, and corruption-balancing for them, the Kingdom of Khazad-dûm and the Kingdom of Lindon
  • Ample lore credibility - Background overlook
  • etc, etc

Playable Factions:

League members that can call and join the Tôl Acharn

Non-League members (can join the Tôl Acharn if player)

  • Kingdom of Khazad-dûm - ancient Dwarven realm Preview
  • Rhovanion - the Northmen riders Preview

Sauron's followers (can call Invasions)

  • Hill-men of the North - Barbarians and sorcerers Preview
  • Orcs of the Misty Mountains - the Goblins rally Preview
  • Wildmen of Enedwaith - Primitive but cunning tribesmen
  • Mordor - realm of Sauron Sneak peak
  • Rhûn Confederacy - the East is moving Preview
  • Harad - southrons under Black Númenórean lordship Preview

Invasion, Tôl Acharn or neither depending on player choice (Oathbreaker, Oathkeeper or neutral Middle-men)

Active team: Ngugi, Witwhnar, Araval, Earl of Memory, Veteraan, xHolyCrusader and misteed

As for all our esteemed former companions, the freelancers and other contributors, see our official page.

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The DCI team is happy to present the kings of Gondor, sons of Elendil, crafted by Luis Lux:

Isildur and Anárion

The sons of Elendil were born on Númenor, Isildur in 3209 and Anárion in 3219 of the Second Age.
They heeded their grandfather Amandil, Lord of Andúnië and leader of the "Faithful", the minority among the Dúnedain, who upheld friendship with the Elves and reverence for the Valar; opposed by the decadent and vicious majority, known as the "King's Men", who by this time passionately envied immortality and hardened their hearts against the Valar.
In 3261 the king Ar-Pharazôn sailed to Middle-earth to challenge Sauron, and took the Dark Lord captive. This was part of a cunning scheme however, and Sauron, in his fair and deceptive form, soon became closest to the secret counsels of the King, and he lied about the Valar and promoted Melkor (Morgoth) as God. Then Ar-Pharazôn turned back to the worship of the Dark, at first in secret, but ere long openly and in the face of his people; and they for the most part followed him.

When Sauron argued to have the White Tree of Númenor destroyed, Isildur in disguise entered the forbidden courts of the King in the cover of night. But the guard was aroused, and he was assailed, and fought his way out, receiving many wounds; but he brought with him a single fruit, the sire of all later White Trees.
Before the end Sauron turned the King's Men into worship of himself and set Númenor on the path of war against the Valar. Amandil advised his heirs to take no part in it, ere he was succeded by his son Elendil. The persecuted Faithful, who had not already emigrated or been killed, then in secret made ready to flee to Middle-earth.
Among them were Isildur's son Elendur, and Anárion's infant son Meneldil, who was the last born on Númenor.

In 3319 of the Second Age, Ar-Pharazon invaded Valinor in an attempt to gain immortality, and the divine punishment was the drowning of island of Númenor.
The Faithful escaped the Downfall in nine ships; for Isildur three, and for Anárion two. Elendil eneded up in the north and founded Arnor, while his sons landed in the south and founded Gondor. There, to Pelargir, for a long period only the Faithful of Númenor had come, and many therefore of the folk of the coastlands in that region were in whole or in part akin to the Faithful and the people of Elendil, and they welcomed his sons.
Osgiliath the brothers founded; and eastward Minas Ithil, the Tower of the Rising Moon, as a threat to Mordor; and westward Minas Anor, the Tower of the Setting Sun, as a shield against the wild men of the dales.

In Minas Ithil was the house of Isildur, and in Minas Anor the house of Anárion, but the brothers shared the realm between them and their thrones were set side by side in the Great Hall of Osgiliath.
These were the chief dwellings of the Númenóreans in Gondor, but other works marvellous and strong they built in the land in the days of their power, at the Argonath, and at Aglarond, and at Erech; and in the circle of Angrenost, which Men called Isengard, they made the Pinnacle of Orthanc of unbreakable stone.
In time it became apperent that Sauron had not been destroyed when Númenor sank, but the accursed spirit had returned to Mordor where he wrought himself a new, terrible shape and meditated war.

When therefore Sauron saw his time, in this year of 3429, he came with great force against Gondor, and he took Minas Ithil, and he destroyed the White Tree of Isildur that grew there. But Isildur escaped, and taking with him a seedling of the Tree he went seeking Elendil for aid.
Meanwhile Anárion holds Osgiliath against the Enemy, and he knows that unless help will come the kingdom will not long stand... but this is the time for the Last Alliance.


Isildur means "Devoted to the Moon" and to reflect his relationship to the moon [Ithilien, Minas Ithil], his harness goes in a colder tone reminiscent of the night shine.
Anárion on the other hand means "Sun-scion" and to reflect his relationship to the sun [Anorien, Minas Anor], his outfit goes in a warmer tone reminiscent of the day glow.

Click on the images for better resolution. Enjoy!



For Elendil, see here: Moddb.com

Textures by Louis Lux
Model by King Kong; edited by Louis Lux

Screenshots by xHolyCrusader

Preview of the Men of the Mountains

Preview of the Men of the Mountains

News 58 comments

This is the roster of the Men of the Mountains, in the campaign of DCI: Last Alliance that is a WIP Third Age: Total War submod.

Settlements part 4: Umbar, Dunharrow and more

Settlements part 4: Umbar, Dunharrow and more

News 23 comments

The fourth sample preview of both new and uniqe start models and battle maps. DCI: Last Alliance is a Third Age: Total War submod that take the game to...

Preview of Wild Men of Enedwaith

Preview of Wild Men of Enedwaith

News 13 comments

This is the unit roster of Enedwaith, in the campaign of DCI: Last Alliance that is a WIP Third Age: Total War submod.

Settlements part 3: Orcs

Settlements part 3: Orcs

News 16 comments

The third, wicked, sample preview of both new and uniqe battle maps. DCI: Last Alliance is a Third Age: Total War submod that take the game to the late...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 519)

Hey Ngugi
What is there left to do until the mod is complete?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ngugi Creator

Hello hello
A never ending story perhaps, hehe. A bannerman here, a captain model there, unit cards for faction X, unit info cards for faction Y, Mordor roster, faction rebalances, videos, some sounds, some description texts... a long list it feels, but then again, shorter than ever and shorter every day, yes, we see the light in the tunnel.
And it ain't no train ^^

Reply Good karma+5 votes

You already made clear that you don't know the exact release date... but, when will you post the next preview?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ngugi Creator

Not really. I ponder if to make a short video to show map edits, (new regions and changed borders) done by DCI, soon.
As for other material, it will be quite spontaneous, hehe.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yes sir i would like to see some of that campaing map

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The hype is real!....or almost real... what percentage of the mod do you think is completed? Just want to know how much longer until the hype will officially be real

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ngugi Creator

Almost ^^
Even if I could give a reliable answer to that, it would not tell us much I'm afraid. "1%" of one kind of content could take a few days to finish, while another "1%" of another kind of content could take a month.
What I can say is that in August DCI:LA been in development for five years, and do not intend to see 2017 pass without v1.0 out.
Now let's knock on wood together, haha

Reply Good karma+4 votes

ok, so 1 percent left! I'll see ya in a few months...or before 2017 ends! #onepercenthype

oh....and wood has been knocked on

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ngugi Creator


Goodo :P

Reply Good karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ngugi Creator

Working on it ^^

Reply Good karma+4 votes
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