The Vision of this mod is making Kane's Wrath a truely worthy expansion for Tiberium Wars, even more than Zero Hour for Generals. Taking quality CnC mods as Contra or ShockWave as an exmaply, One Vision is keen on maintaining the game's high visual level and improve upon it wherever possible. Whereas the original game limited subfactions to a certain gameplay aspect, every side is now given its own gameplay approach and expanded theme. While factions are still away from being made truely unique, One Vision can already account for a great quantity of changes and additions. This includes many unique upgrades, new units, various support powers as well as several bugfixes for all sides.

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Messenger-8 Combat Shield
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Im sad its no longer an upgrade, but this balances it out for sure, cant wait for next version,. :D

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we were nearly to kill all those bastard already,suddenly an aurora falling down,those bitch have protect by the light,the condition is twisted,we need support power,we need ......(communication offline)

From GDI frontline combat forces---before the ...... fall

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=.=,you are in the mood already......

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Zocker4ever Author

glad you like it >:D

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Messenger-8 got a reworked T2 and Attenuated Forcefields are no longer a researchable upgrade (for them). Instead, it is a support power that only works once on a group of unit (however, you can apply the shiels also to Devourers, Corrupters and Stormriders).

As a replacement for the missing shields upgrade I added the "Wormhole Transport Training" which grants all new produced Seekers, Gunwalkers and Devourers veteran status once construced.

Due to these changes Messenger have a stronger lategame/steamroller approach. Shields are more cost effective if you already have a huge army and you need to research the Training Upgrade before you build your army (at least if you want it to be cost effective).

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