With more than 25 faction unique upgrades, about 25 new units, as well as various new support powers and abilities, One Vision is the most comprehensive Kane's Wrath mod.
Taking quality CnC mods like Contra, ShockWave, Mental Omega or Rise of the Reds as an example, One Vision is keen on maintaining the game's high visual level and improve upon it wherever possible.

Whereas the original game limited subfactions to a certain gameplay aspect, the vision of this mod is to create 9 diverse factions, each with its own gameplay approach and expanded individual theme.
And unlike the original game, weak units like heavy infantry or T1 defensive structures have been balanced to a strong competitive level.

New content is made with a faction's theme in mind and aims to add new possibilities and strategies which are both fun and powerful to play with.
After years of work, a great quantity of new content, countless balancing changes and all known bugs fixed all factions compete on the same power level and offer their own fun ways to play.

As an example, Reaper-17, Marked of Kane or Steel Talons are no longer the underdogs of the game. With new amor upgrades and experimental techs like Weaponized Firestorm, Steel Talons serves as the GDI's powerhouse.
The devious Marked of Kane utilizes speed and supportive disruptive/supportive abilities to gain an edge on the battlefield. And the brutal cult of Reaper-17 can mutate their own units to serve other purposes.

One Vision is actively been worked on by one person but bear in mind that I am no modeller and cannot contribute new models. To speed up progress, collaboration of any kind is appreciated, whether this would be as a new team member or tester for WIP versions.
I greatly appreciate feedback and constructive criticism, as well as ideas that stick to the theme of a faction.

To play this revitalised version of Kane's Wrath, you can use Bibber's Wrath Ed Mod Launcher.
Download it here: Bibber.eu

One Vision, One Purpose
Peace Though Power!
- Kane

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Hey guys,

I am phantom9399, Events Manager on Gamereplays.org, and I am here to talk to you about the One Vision Tournament that I am going to be running alongside Zocker4ever and Gamereplays.org this January.

This event was meant to be hosted this weekend but due to a few technical errors we have had to postpone it until January. The good thing is that it has allowed us to gain some prizes for the winner of this event.

Please keep in mind that this event will be on the CNC Online Servers so you must make sure you have an account set up. You will also need a gamereplays.org account set up so that I can sign you into the event.

We also would like your help in identifying bugs that are in this version of One Vision, if you see any can you please post them as well as screenshots. We want to make this tournament a fun, balanced event.

During this event you might see some high tier players join up, don't let that discourage you from participating since you will most likely have more knowledge on the mod then they do.

This tournament will be a random only event so that we can see all of the factions getting played. This is also a backup incase one specific faction turns out to be lightly unbalanced. No one will be able to spam that faction to win.

Goodluck out there guys, be sure to test the mod and report any bugs back to us. We will see you in January.

Phantom9399 (Events Manager @Gamereplays.org/kaneswrath

Sign up for CNC-Online to play in the tournament

Sign up to Gamereplays.org to recieve information on upcoming events and tournaments.

One Vision 0.8 - Released!

One Vision 0.8 - Released!

News 23 comments

The newest version of One Vision has been released. This version marks another big step forwards and brings new content, bug fixes and gameplay tweaks...

Announcement: One Vision 0.8

Announcement: One Vision 0.8

News 19 comments

This news gives an overview and the date for the next big release of the Kane's Wrath mod "One Vision".

One Vision 0.75 - It is done!

One Vision 0.75 - It is done!

News 6 comments

The new version of One Vision is ready for download, this news summarizes the most important aspects of v0.75.

One Vision 0.7 - Released!

One Vision 0.7 - Released!

News 19 comments

A short news about version 0.7 which is now ready for download.

RSS feed Downloads
One Vision 0.81

One Vision 0.81

Full Version 22 comments

Attention: This is a hotfix for version 0.8 and is labeled version 0.81 to avoid confusion. Content is identical to version 0.8 but has a serious bugfix.

OUTDATED: One Vision 0.75

OUTDATED: One Vision 0.75

Full Version 40 comments

This is the fifth release of One Vision. Attached to the content of the mod are various textfiles: installation guide, changelog, faction themes and Credits...

OUTDATED: One Vision 0.7

OUTDATED: One Vision 0.7

Full Version 19 comments

This is the fourth and biggest release of One Vision. Attached to the content of the mod are various textfiles: installation guide, changelog, faction...

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Is this skirmish and multiplayer only or do the changes apply to the campaign the conquering game mode as well?

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Zocker4ever Creator

it affects single player and multiplayer. Sadly, it does not affect Global Conquest but that's due to limitations of the modding tool.

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Since we have this specific time of the year, I want to say that I relly appreciate what You do for the community - that You sacrifice Your attention and time just to make something fun for us, completely free. Have a nice time as the New Year comes and don't drink too much }:)

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I remember this mod... it's first release and the times when i wanted to help with it... but my e-mail was screwed up taking my "Shiasnira" acount down to pieces. Its time to check it out how good it is now :3

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Zocker4ever Creator

cool. The mod has indeed come a far way and I can tell that you won't recognize the mod ;)

Please do share your opinion and rate the mod if you want.

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would C&c 3 kanes wrath one vision work on windows 10

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Zocker4ever Creator

Yes. I don't see a reason why it would not.

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Quick question: what about WrathED mod launcher? I have free avast version, and it says it's suspicious/infected. And I cannot find any other site from which I could download it besides official one.

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Ugh, and now, when I finally solved it, it just doesn't open the mod, saying that "cnc3ep1_english_1.2.skudef" is missing. I'm using steam version of the game, but anyway: damn it, I'm out. Sorry for wasting Your time.

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Ok, nevermind. Managed to solve the problem and finally had to try Your awesome mod. And it's (surprise) awesome! Most units are pretty well balanced - at least with GDI and Nod, as I had little time with Scrin - and the new abilities are cool. Of course there are some things I'd love to change, but these will come at the very end.
The things that made me open my mouth wide in awe were sound effects - I really though they will be worse (in many ways - mostly because I thought that they would repeat often). IDK if You fount them all somewhere or recorded some, but You did really good job.
Visuals are great, too. I didn't look too close on the units and buildings, but I think that you've put some work in them. At least that's my feeling.
I also must mention that You did projectiles very good - I'm talking mostly about Titan's cannon and Thermobaric Missiles. These things are really nice!

>>> Whining section <<<
>>> Ok, more like suggestions than whins. Anyway: <<<
1. Man, this GDI support power with repair drone is TOTAL! It's exactly what I needed, it could replace my idea for repair stations with ease! Too bad it's only for GDI... And yes, I know about Myrmidon, Scrin supprot power and Corrupter. It's not the same.
2. Did I already mention that it's similar case with Armory? Scrin and Nod could also use some infantry healing. It could be added as additional function to Secret Shrine and Chamber.
3. Agh, I though those stylish black Orcas are already in-game! Well, there's no reason to blme You for my disappointed hopes.
4. Still no heavy anti-armor weapon for Reedemer. GDI has Zone Trops and Raiders , Scrin Shock Trops and Ravagers. I thought about settling fanatics in Reed to give it cannon similar to that of Juggernaut... Well, quickly realised that it won't be the case when I saw the new Titan.
5. Renegades nuclear tech is awesome. But... don't You think it's a bit too weak for how it looks and how much costs? Maybe double the damage, but decrease fire rate (for Specter; Vertigos could require much more time to rearm)?
6. Dawnbringer self-detonates. I guess it's determined by it's stance... I hope so, because I raged over 10 minutes when three of these didn't reach destination }:D
7. Do You think that walls could be built by cranes? It would make things a lot easier. The thing that they can be built only within control area is reasonable.
8. I think that making some units shoot "Heroic-looking" projectiles by default makes actual heroic status less rewarding. I'm talking about MoK, of course, and their already-blue lasers :(
9. Is there any simple way to turn vanilla veterancy system back? I would use it in skirmishes with AI, as I always liked promoting units to Heroic. It was rewarding :D
10. I'd say mutants would fit Scrin, or even Nod better than GDI. Yet though, it's just a thought.
11. I just thought that Bulldogs could get GDI watchtower gun instead of Shredder after AP ammo upgrade, because they become somehow useless later - but I really like them :(
LAST. Making Zone Shatterer's ability a bit more powerful wouldn't propably change much... I feel it's not worth it's price, especially considering how fragile they are.

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Zocker4ever Creator

Thank you for appreciation, if you really like it rate and watch the mod ;)

1. Nod actually already can heal infantry in secret shrines. Scrin cannot, but that is because I think Scrin can already heal their infantry with Tiberium, so it's fair. You can also recycle infantry when putting them into the Foundry.

4. More weapons on epic units will come eventually, it just wasn't a high priority so far for me.

5. I will consider it, I just wanted to be cautious about this upgrade.

6. Thank you for reporting the bug, I noted it.

7. Well, technically they could be. I didn't want that somebody just spams walls easily.

8. I am just limited when it comes to the choice of colour :P. It's also hard to justify another colour for MoK, as CABAL already had blue Obelisk lasers in Firestorm.

9. Well, isn't it still rewarding? You still get a lot of extra firepower. A heroic epic units just doesn't mean the end of the game anymore.

10. Mercenaries for Steel Talons was a gameplay decision, as many other factions already have unique starting infantry units. And out of the 3 GDI factions, they match ST the most. Besides them, there was nothing else I could have given them.

11. They used to have guns and AP Ammo, but it was too strong and they basically replaced the APC.

12. Thing is, in pro matches it already is very powerful because it allows you to basically shoot twice in a row which is especially good if the Shatterer is about to die. I wanted to change the beam, but the way the game is programmed it is extremely hard or impossible to give it something else.

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When I saw that reply, I really didn't think that it all may be as reasonable as it is.
About the veterancy: yes, it's rewarding. But in fact it was the main reason for which I still like C&C3; after all those years - as I really enjoyed training units to Heroic - and it was making it really unique. I got used to it, and even made it basis for some of my tactics (eg. training flame tank to gain firepower without spending money).
Anyway, whether it's reasonable or not, I think that the old, vanilla veterancy system is better. I thought of two ways that it could be restored without any arguments about balance - either tell me how to do it myself (if it's not that much of a problem, then I should be able to do it), or (if it's not much of a work) introduce it back in a small, optional addon for mod. What do You think about it?
And for the balance - indeed, Heroic Epics can be a problem, but I'd say that it's due to them being OP rather than H. status. For 2x price of a Mammoth (3x if counting building), You get unit about four times as powerful, more if upgraded. And still, EMP + firepower (eg. greadiers + zone troops, buggies + beam cannons, tripods) can quickly take down even Heroic marv with 2/2 railgun/grenade turret. Tested in MP in vanilla KW.

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Try take down a Eradicator Hexapod Equipped with 2 aa disks and a teleporter equipped into it being teleported by a prodigy while playing as steal talons in vanilla.

Try counter a stealth Redeemer as a scrin faction with it equipted with duel flame throwers and constantly using rage gen

Lastly try beat a zocom marv with full zone raiders with no anti air. :P

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Now when I spent more than few hours playing this mod, I can say sth about the factions overall.
* - subject will be discussed later
As such:
1. RRF
One of the best balanced factions. I like it, as it's fun both to play as it and against it. Their infantry, vehicles and aircraft are good, but not OP.
Aside from having no artillery and being slightly weaker in the beginning, they have nearly no real cons. Their vehicles are a little bit weaker than most other factions', but it's compensated by infantry, which has one terrible issue - Echo Troopers. *
3. Steel Talons
As far as I can say, now it's this faction that's "cheesy" instead of BH. They are not as much OP as badly balanced, but in the direction of too much power. **
1. Renegades
Hard to tell something about them, they're just like RRF - well balanced, without too many weaknesses or strenghts.
2. Marked of Kane
They are also pretty good, though somehow imbalanced with vehicles. While their beam cannon is too strong for it's price (special effects also counted), their Avatar (Myrmidon) is just a bad unit. ****
3. Black Hand
If You tried to make them less cheesy, or even balanced, then... You succeeded. Aside from having their artillery slightly too strong with Black Cloak, they are pretty well balanced. Yet though, Specters always needed that.
1. Messenger-8
Just like other "vanilla" factions, I cannot say they are OP or generally badly balanced. While their Devastator Warship is a bit too strong for it's price, it was always the case for both Scrin and Traveler.
2. Traveler-59
Custists are still heavily spammable, and these "floating brains" could be confused with reapir drones due to same model. Apart from that, they are interestingly versatile on the battlefield.
3. Reaper-17
They are too strong in the endgame, though I'd say it's way to compensate for their lack of artillery.

* Echo Troopers cost too small for their power - only 1000 for tremendous range and good damage against armor. But the problem is that after upgrade, You can get full squad of them "in pieces" - buy four squads of Riflemen, and You will have four Echo Troopers. While they cannot use jumpacks, they still have same firepower as full squad, cost only a bit more and have good amount of meatshield with them. Effect is better than if we bought the Echo team.

** Steel Talons' only disadvantage is lack of Sonic Emmiters, which is compensated by their T1 base defenses being a lot better. Their only other disadvantage - lack of adv. infantry - was completely eliminated, even to the point of having incredibly strong Commando. I think that it's bad idea to give them Firestorm Troopers and Falcon Commando in their current form, especialy when they can be garrisoned inside MARV. Their vehicles more than compensate for soldiers, but now they have also tremendously good infantry.

*** Steel Talons' Hammerhead seems for me to be slightly unbalanced. It's a bit too expensive at start (as it cannot garrison units).

**** Vanilla Myrmidon is just weak for T3 unit, while his upgrades are badly packaged. Currently there are 3 mixed multipurpose upgrades, but this way there is no specialised upgrade, which would be much better IMO.

Starting from the Myrmidon, I'd suggest to change upgrades from:
Aurora - Stealth, stealth detection, increased speed, tiberium sprayer
Anuket - Repair drone, corruptive systems, anti-structure beam
Erebus - Secondary laser, cyborg improvement
(Anuket, Aurora & Erebus names would be assigned later) To:
Assault - Secondary darklaser, Tiberium Sprayer
Vehicle support - Repair Drone, Increased speed, stealth
Infantry support - Nearby cyborgs improvement, stealth detection, anti-structur beam, corruptive systems
I'd say it would not only make more sense, but also be much more useful.
For me, Dawnbringer is awesome tool. But just like with the nuclear Specters/Vertigos, the explosion is too weak for how awesome it looks like. Maybe raise both the vanilla and Nuclear Dawnbringer damage (1,5-2x vanilla, 1,25-1,5x nuclear), but also raise it's cost to 3000-3500?
As for the hammerhead - maybe make it a bit cheaper at start (1400?), but also raise the upgrade price, or make it increase unit's cost (if it's possible)?
About the Steel Talons advanced infantry - while I think that they should be removed, it would be a lot of work wasted... Maybe just give them normal commando, and make the Firestorm Trooper ungarrisonable in the MARV?

Ok, that's all. Hope it won't make Your head explode, or get bored before reaching this point ^^

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Zocom has the Aurora Airship, that is their artillery unit.
Steel Talons can still easily be countered even though they are quite strong, just like in the vanilla kw they lack emp apart from shockwave artillery.
MOK is getting some changes done to it soon
Black Hand is still cheesy, I just havnt played him yet to show him the cheese builds ;)
messenger is a tad op but not in a bad way, devastators have not been touched so they have the same stats
traveller relies on cultists to win games, the floating brains help counter inf spam. Traveller is still a dominant faction
reaper is strong but really hard to use since you have to wait for mutations.

I will have a look at eco troopers soon to look for a way to balance them. Perhaps getting rid of them from rifles and adding them to missile squads instead?

the firestorm troopers and commando are still being balanced properly at the moment, once we work out the balancing they should be suitable for talons. The heavy hammered is quite balanced considering it can take on bikes, harvs, pits and seekers with ease.

Myrmidon is getting a re-work I think. Dont quote me though.

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Also noted some minor bugs:
1. Specters without stealth still look like if they had it. It's about "Nuclear" renegade specter.
2. Grey Wolf's support radius shows on map even if it's not selected. While it has no impact on game balance, it's slightly irritating.

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Zocker4ever Creator

Could you make a post in the forum section with everything you just wrote? That would help a lot to make it easier to read and answer, the comment section really isn't made for such long posts.

I will answer right away.

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Sorry for this, I just thought that judging by last posts date on forums, they're dead. But no problem.

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KW NEEDS more mods like this.

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