With more than 25 faction unique upgrades, about 25 new units, as well as various new support powers and abilities, One Vision is the most comprehensive Kane's Wrath mod.
Taking quality CnC mods like Contra, ShockWave, Mental Omega or Rise of the Reds as an example, One Vision is keen on maintaining the game's high visual level and improve upon it wherever possible.

Whereas the original game limited subfactions to a certain gameplay aspect, the vision of this mod is to create 9 diverse factions, each with its own gameplay approach and expanded individual theme.
And unlike the original game, weak units like heavy infantry or T1 defensive structures have been balanced to a strong competitive level.

New content is made with a faction's theme in mind and aims to add new possibilities and strategies which are both fun and powerful to play with.
After years of work, a great quantity of new content, countless balancing changes and all known bugs fixed all factions compete on the same power level and offer their own fun ways to play.

As an example, Reaper-17, Marked of Kane or Steel Talons are no longer the underdogs of the game. With new amor upgrades and experimental techs like Weaponized Firestorm, Steel Talons serves as the GDI's powerhouse.
The devious Marked of Kane utilizes speed and supportive disruptive/supportive abilities to gain an edge on the battlefield. And the brutal cult of Reaper-17 can mutate their own units to serve other purposes.

One Vision is actively been worked on by one person but bear in mind that I am no modeller and cannot contribute new models. To speed up progress, collaboration of any kind is appreciated, whether this would be as a new team member or tester for WIP versions.
I greatly appreciate feedback and constructive criticism, as well as ideas that stick to the theme of a faction.

To play this revitalised version of Kane's Wrath, you can use Bibber's Wrath Ed Mod Launcher.
Download it here: Bibber.eu

One Vision, One Purpose
Peace Though Power!
- Kane

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Join the Brotherhood - Become a beta tester!

Kane Eye 1
Greetings Commanders, today starts the open beta of One Vision 0.9!

Click here to become a beta tester

Staying true to the One Vision design philosophy, we try to achieve the best experience for the game with as much playstyle diversity and options as possible. Which is why this is open beta is happening.

The next version is in its final phases of development but still requires much more polishing. A lot of effort already went into playtesting the mod but we need a bigger playerbase to properly test the new version before its release.
Therefore, I welcome everybody with a sincere interest to improve the mod to join us in multiplayer testing.

More Information

Primarily we play team based and FFA games, but also play AI matches and art of defense maps as well. Naturally, I (Zocker4ever) will also be present. And don't be afraid to join, every player regardless of level his level of skill is welcome.

Our forum on Thundermods will serve as a central hub, where we share replays, find people to play, discuss balance or just bring in new ideas. Everything you need to know about how to apply is found here: Thundermods.net

One Vision 0.9 Prospects

Version 0.9 will primarily resolve around balancing the game and making the matchups more even. Moreover, all ZOCOM buildings and units as well as all Black Hand units will be retextured for their own faction-unique style.

But this is not all, new content is also present and primarily resolves around new late-game units such as faction unique T4 units.

Below, you find a sneak-peak of the Marked of Kane's unique T4 unit, the Basilisk Cruiser:

Basilisk Screenshot

That being said, I hope to see you all online very soon and I am confident that together we can make the best possible version of One Vision.

But as always, stay tuned!

One Vision Tournament Announcement

One Vision Tournament Announcement

News 4 comments

Details for the One Vision Tournament. Before you sign up for this tournament make sure you can log into the CNC Online Servers and that you have read...

One Vision 0.85 - Release

One Vision 0.85 - Release

News 16 comments

A new version with more content and better balance is about to be finished! Read the news for more details and the upcoming tournament!

One Vision Tournament

One Vision Tournament

News 6 comments

This post contains information related to the upcoming One Vision Tournament being hosted by Gamereplays.org

One Vision 0.8 - Released!

One Vision 0.8 - Released!

News 23 comments

The newest version of One Vision has been released. This version marks another big step forwards and brings new content, bug fixes and gameplay tweaks...

RSS Files
One Vision 0.86

One Vision 0.86

Patch 17 comments

Version 0.86 is a revision of 0.85 with a range of bug fixes and other small gameplay adjustments. No major changes were made and this release replaces...

OUTDATED: One Vision 0.81

OUTDATED: One Vision 0.81

Full Version 23 comments

Attention: This is a hotfix for version 0.8 and is labeled version 0.81 to avoid confusion. Content is identical to version 0.8 but has a serious bugfix.

OUTDATED: One Vision 0.75

OUTDATED: One Vision 0.75

Full Version 41 comments

This is the fifth release of One Vision. Attached to the content of the mod are various textfiles: installation guide, changelog, faction themes and Credits...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 678)

Hey man Absolutely love the mod! I think you have done a fantastic job of fleshing out the other faction and making them all feel unique! Keep up the great work!

I just had a couple of questions regarding possible future content.

For Steel Talon will there be a higher tier defense turret like the the shock wave emitter? e.g. a firestorm railgun maybe?

Are there any plans to add flame turrets to the black hand at all? I think it would suit them.

Thanks again for the great work and I look forward to all the future content.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Fantastic Mod Bro :)

Just one question, are you going to replace the Marked of Kane commando with a cyborg one?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I've been wondering that as well.

We've seen GDI all have unique Commandos which are all awesome, but it would be great to see NOD get their own unique commandos also (such as the Cyborg Commando).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i didnt download the mod yet but just looking at the images tells me this mod will be bad***

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

It's like saying a food tastes bad without tasting it, Download the dam thing and then post your opinions

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

if u dont like what i said or care about it why care to reply :D ever heard of mind your own business

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

Unfortunately, when you post something for everyone to see, it is no longer just "your business". Don't talk **** if you can't stand being **** on.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Actually it is when I speak about others but I didn't I didn't insult or talk about any one I just complemented about the mod and if that hurts you I don't care and I didn't ask for anyone's opinion I just said what I want and I don't see a law telling me not to your HONOR :) + I won't post because **** heads gonna tell me to speak in the way they like and here's a thing for the internet **** heads GET A LIFE

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Will 0.9 be out soon?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zocker4ever Creator

I hope so, there are some obstacles holding me back still.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

All good mate.

It's better to have a mod that will function at 100% then one that will be faulty, take your time mate either way this next update is going to be awesome.

Can't wait to try out those Basilisks!

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Sep 28 2013 by SunShining

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