The Vision of this mod is making Kane's Wrath a truely worthy expansion for Tiberium Wars, even more than Zero Hour for Generals. Taking quality CnC mods as Contra or ShockWave as an exmaply, One Vision is keen on maintaining the game's high visual level and improve upon it wherever possible. Whereas the original game limited subfactions to a certain gameplay aspect, every side is now given its own gameplay approach and expanded theme. While factions are still away from being made truely unique, One Vision can already account for a great quantity of changes and additions. This includes many unique upgrades, new units, various support powers as well as several bugfixes for all sides.

One Vision
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Announcements and Status Announcements and Status

Forum Solidarity (Zocker4ever 3 years ago)

Known Bugs

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Tournament Tournament

One Vision Tournament (monstertaimer 1 year ago)

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Bug reports Bug reports

0.86 Bug Report (olegluft 3 months ago)

0.85 Bug Report

0.81 Bug Report

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Suggestions Suggestions

Few ideas (Proxwarrior33 4 months ago)

Global Conquest Alternate Victory...

Suggestions for NOD Faction Themes...

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Balance Balance

General suggestion(s) (GC_dzbanek 10 months ago)

Balance tweaks plus some ideas

Misc Balance and reasoning

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General Talk General Talk

WrathED launcher (unleech 5 months ago)

is there a list of all unit statistics?...

Launch issue

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