C&C: ShockWave is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour. The main goal of this mod is to make Zero Hour a more interesting game with more diversity between the generals, making you think twice before you select a certain general, and overall provide more choices, diversity, and strategic freedom than in Zero Hour - while keeping the spirit and design direction of the original Generals game and storyline.

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In this Shockwave media update you will see new transports for China; there is the revised Light Troop Crawler for general Kwai, and there is the new bullfrog light transport and aphibious recon vehicle for all Chinese factions (buildable at the Command Center). More info after the jump.

Posted by NergiZed on May 26th, 2008

Ahoy ShockWave fans,

Today we got a small media update for you displaying 2 new units for the next release.

First of the new troop crawler for General Kwai:

General Kwai has reviewed his tactics recently. After days of exercises, he came up with a new design to replace the standard Chinese Troop Crawler. These new transports proved to have a speed advantage over the old ones. With the removal of non important parts, this Crawler also became much cheaper to produce but also lost some durability. With efforts to reduce weight, transportation has been reduced to six troops. Speedy and efficient, these transports can quickly support Kwai's tank columns.

Second is the new Bullfrog Transport availible for all Chinese factions present in the game.

China recently has employed again an old trasport that had been retired. The Bullfrog is now used as a recon vehicle and light troop transport. Enemy generals have been trying to adapt to this new threat but China so far has been very cunning in it's use. The sighting of a Bullfrog can be very terrifying as they announce China is now aware of one's presence.

Bullfrog are produced at the command center and require no prerequisites. They are very cheap but are also fairly weak, but are pretty good for early game rushes, scouting, and tech building grabs. The Bullfrog may look weird to a lot of you, but it's based on a real vehicle used by the chinese army which you can see here Sinodefence.com.

Special thanks to Overdose for writing descirptions for the units shown above.

That will be all for today see you in the next update smile.gif

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Soul_XP May 26 2008 says:

I like them :).

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king_ghidorah93 May 27 2008 says:

Will you guys bring back the missions of Zero Hour?

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NergiZed Author
NergiZed May 29 2008 replied:

Eventually yes. Currently the changes to the game are too great and they won't function properly. Once that's fixed, we'll prolly release it.

Although we might be making some changes to them ...

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rebel28 Sep 9 2008 replied:

If you do make ShockWave missions, I WILL LOVE THEM.

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synysterkha18 Jul 10 2009 replied:

yeah !!

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Admiral-165 May 27 2008 says:

umm i think the link is broken it wont work

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JJ_ May 28 2008 says:

Yea, the link is broken.

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WolfeVC Jun 9 2008 says:

hey can you guys work on makeing a navel general? i think that would be so cool! i mean, your have a armer general, an air force general, a super wepon general, etc. y not a navy general?

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NergiZed Author
NergiZed Jun 10 2008 says:

There isn't going to be a navel general, as there is no more space for any more generals.

Y not a navy general? Because he would be completely useless on a map without water, or a map that isn't a special navel map. (We plan to have a navy for all factions in 1.0, but navy will only be available on special navy-compatable maps.)

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granade-general Jun 30 2008 says:

Please in next version function AI for PC's gen. armor,deathstrike and superweapon , i want destroy it (with devastator from nuke generals :D )

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NergiZed Author
NergiZed Jul 2 2008 replied:

Sadly, I don't think that will happen for a while. Most of our resouces has been transferred to the RoTR team. I'm on the Beta-testing team, and I can honestly say, that SW's development has slowed to a crawl since this media update (and it had already slowed considerably since the release of 0.951)

If stuff's still happening (which I'm sure it is), it's happening in the higher-ups, where the Beta team and the Balance team aren't allowed to venture.

Maybe the AI will be added in version 0.96, but it's prolly not gonna be in the next patch, 0.952.

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WolfeVC Jul 15 2008 says:

The Navy Gen could use the merines and have light tanks. and if there is water he can build a dock or something. Ya the navy Gen sounds like that could be a cool thing to have!

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NergiZed Author
NergiZed Jul 16 2008 replied:

There is and will never be a navy general. Why?; there's no more space for additional generals.

Also, in version 1.0, on specific maps, there will be capturable docks that build General-specific aquatic vessels. (there are various difficulties in building docks, including terriformation, spawning points, and the ability for the game to identify the shore).

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Admiral-165 Sep 13 2008 replied:

so its like in BFME2? you cant build docks but can capture them that sounds fine with me it says everyone the trouble of placing the dock not too far away but not to close to the water

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Blazerunner Jul 20 2008 says:

The whole naval thing is a good point Nergi. The only C&C games with navy were Red Alert and Red Alert 2 (plus relevant expansions). And even there, they were only viable due to the MCV/ConYard construction method, besides the amphibious capacities added to such things as the Troop Crawlers, I doubt anything but a specialized, pre-placed Naval Yard would work for ships and such. Though said shipyards will most likely be fairly large because of the sizes of the ships found in the game. (Kinda hard to have a battleship come from a dock the size of a War Factory after all)

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mpa12120 Sep 14 2008 replied:

umm... have you not heard the news of red alert 3?????!!!!!!?!?!?! The main theme is navel play!!!you can build every building on water except barracks and war factory.And alot of units are amphibias o well not my falt

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