Download C&C Shockwave here. It's really nice.

This mod includes a new .big file for Shockwave to run, as well as some updates to Challenge Mode (WIP). There's instructions for installing when you download. As of Update 6 (April 4), the Chaos Mod also requires the !Shw_Textures.gib file to run properly. Installation is as easy as copy and paste. Also, as of Update 7 (April 18), the Chaos Mod requires !ShwAudio.gib to be installed correctly as well. This is the last file that's going to be added, I promise.

For quick clarification, and to avoid confusion, SWR is aware of this mod and is cool with it. Obviously all the models, voices and stuff were made by them (or EA). Credit goes to them.

For those interested, here's a link to the beginnings of this mod with many screenshots of what to expect.

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Spread the love with all this new stuff.

**Added some models from Sleipnirs Public W3D Model thread**

I forgot to write down the names of some of the authors (because hindsight is zero). But all new models in this update are from the public model thread.


  • Removed Crusader Hover Engine upgrade. Tanks fly already.
  • Removed the Vulcan Upgrade for the Supertrain Humvee, since it flies now.
  • Removed the Demo General's HE RPG upgrade. RPG Troopers start with it.
  • Removed the Rebel RPD upgrade. They start with those now.
  • Added a kind of useless upgrade for Stealth General.
  • Added a new science exclusive to Command Buses/Trucks.
  • Switching to the Generals Abilities gives you a new one.
  • Straight outta Twisted Metal.

Most Transport Planes:

  • Planes now have vision range.
  • When destroyed, the plane has this cool burn-up sound while it's on fire.
  • All this work for something that does nothing for gameplay.

Murica Factions:

  • Added new artillery.
  • Made in China.
  • Armed with two heavy cannons.
  • Fires high explosive shells at great ranges.
  • Might be a little buggy with deploying and moving. If it's too annoying, I'll change it entirely.
  • Model by FeDe_
  • Give him love.


  • The campaign works this time. There was an error with the new landmines function.

China Nuke General:

  • Added a new artillery.
  • Typhoon artillery unit. Fast but made of paper.
  • Fires very inaccurate rockets at long ranges.
  • Can be upgraded with autoloaders and fusion reactors.
  • Looks kind of bad until you build five of them and saturate an area with rockets.
  • Gets health and armor upgrades at veterancy 3.
  • Model by Fritz. <3
  • And Just West.

GLA Factions:

  • Hijacker Strikes moved to Command Bus.
  • Added Karl Mortars to all GLA Factions.
  • Flavor of Mortar varies per faction.
  • Fixed an armor error on GLA Vanilla Mortar Site defense.
  • GLA Vanilla Mortar Site builds faster.
  • Reduced armor of Battle Bus Bunker and Command Bus slightly.
  • Improved Rocket Buggy ammo capacity by 2,500%.

GLA Stealth General:

  • Added an upgrade for more advanced stealth generators.
  • The AI is granted this upgrade when they build a Scud Storm.
  • All infantry and vehicles produce shroud with this upgrade.
  • Your palace will occasionally spy on all Infantry on the map, revealing the area around them.
Update 18: Operation Christmas-Storm

Update 18: Operation Christmas-Storm

News 5 comments

This storm has a lot less fire and a lot more cheer.

Update 17.5: Mistakes were made

Update 17.5: Mistakes were made

News 1 comment

Remember how I was removing upgrades? Well, guess who forgot one.

Update 17: It's Super Effective

Update 17: It's Super Effective

News 5 comments

When the going gets tough, General Towne's has a new way to break the camp.

Update 16: That's Alotta Damage

Update 16: That's Alotta Damage

News 1 comment

So much damage not even tape can fix. Tao is now a threat to everyone.

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SHW Chaos Mod Update 16 Challenge Fix | Outdated

SHW Chaos Mod Update 16 Challenge Fix | Outdated

Patch 12 comments

Guess who forgot that Challenge maps use different command sets? This guy.

SHW Chaos Mod: Update 11+ Map Pack

SHW Chaos Mod: Update 11+ Map Pack

Multiplayer Map 2 comments

This is for anyone running Update 11 or any update after. It includes a small number of maps with the new Tech Lab structure.

SHW Chaos Mod - Update 19

SHW Chaos Mod - Update 19

Full Version 26 comments

The C&C Shockwave Chaos mod is an 'enhancement' to Shockwave v1.201. Updated on February 6, 2018. Love is in the air, or is that napalm?

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I have widescreen mod taken from here, it works wonderfully with this mod except for the three added new generals, ironside, deathstrike and ling, I think it might be a great idea to alter the widescreen mod to include these three people for a perfect gaming experience.

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You have taken an overbalanced mod and turned it into an unique mod that is actually fun! I haven't seen a game that's fun in decades! Idk what motivates you, but keep it up!

Infantry is the true OP faction: once it hits level 5 it floods any other faction to death with ease.

Btw, the AI at some point after getting wrecked stops rebuilding the base, even if it has good income of cash and a ton of builders. Kinda sad.

Btw, is it possible to make toxin and radiation kill vehicle crew instead of destroying the vehicle? Well, radiation could kill crew and damage the vehicle over time, but I never found it logical why anthrax destroys vehicles, but not crew inside...

And final btw, is it possible to make rockets and shells to actually kill infantry with 1-2 shots instead of infantry being resistant? I've always hated that overbalance in all RTS games...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Yeah, about the vehicle crew idea...Dr. Thrax has the Nerve Gas ability to kill the crew, so if the Antrhax will kill crew, those Nerve Gas upgrade for the Toxin Rebel and Toxin Terrorist would be useless. Also, the Nerve gas superpower would lose it's function...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Splinterus Creator

Thanks <3
As for toxin/radiation killing vehicle crews, the only way to do that would be the same mechanic that neutron mines use to kill crews. There's no way to make it take time to kill. It would always be insta-de-crewed.
Also, the AI doesn't like unmanned vehicles. Tends to cause a lot of traffic jams and pathing issues.

Rockets that kill infantry? Maybe a perk from HE Shells from Demo gen. Other than that, basic infantry kinda have to counter rocket troops for the sake of whatever balance is left.

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It kinda sucks that this game's engine is limited so badly.
Next thing you know there will be Zero Hour mod on Red Alert 2 engine instead...

I noticed that you added flying ships, which I never expected. But how far can you push it?
Can you make a very slow flying super mother battle ship which has one spherical cannon, like an observation tower, and it shoots a single bright blueish ball at target at 7 second interval or so, and that single hit has aoe of scud storm/nuke and deals enough damage to take down any building with 2 hits?

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The true OP Faction is Tank General
Try face him on challenge hard difficulty
He can send V4 And wipe out yo base quickly

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I downloaded the latest update for this mod but I don't see anything new?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Did you upload the most recent file Splinterus? Or is the file from december 26 2017 the most recent file?...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Splinterus Creator

I may or may not have done that thing where I forget it doesn't autosave and messed up. Maybe... It should be fixed now.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thank you for your answer. I see the new file in the file section.

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