A Lazy child(SS! Chara) who has obssession in C&C Universe
Also Mediocre modder of CNCD2K And Beginner Modder of Pro Gen Mod

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IvanderLim Blog

This is my last blog because i need to apply the skin that Kark-Jocke sent to me

Since i intend internship and playing some MOBA,I Have lack of ideas to do some mods.

Also don't expect for some updates because i only have 4 hours using my laptop

Also i need to try to learn every mechanism from cncd2k,MustaphaTR Really did a great job for this


CNCD2K : The Version 3 of Fresh Finish is still work in progress,In this version the mission is getting more harder than V2 also some small changes

After this i will focus Westwood Gang but for now the map is unfinished because the strings is unfinished

After this i will do some development from my projects

All Subfactions from 2.9.4 will be reworked with concept from my old archived mod

DTA : Added Stavros for allies,A Volkov edit


ROTR : Woohoo @RedDeadSmeg made another campaign this time the its an Aleksandr Campaign A

This is the act 1 version so idk if there would be a 2nd act or third

Gonna try to test it later!


I'm gonna try to play some other games from my yt channel

You know to find some inspirations

That doesn't mean i am taking break from that

I just edited another Ra2 Missions called Commando By ArgCmdr

it's still W.I.P

in that mission instead seal it gonna be another heroine(i am not gonna tell who is it)


Act 1 of Aleksandr Campaign is finished!

In meantime i will go to M.U.G.E.N world to do to do some editing chars however it take some times since i also modding CNCD2K


Lack of ideas for some reason and since internship i always sleep late

My bad btw

I will work CNCD2K Later if i could


Alright i have no progress for CNCD2K

I decide to take a look for some old mod,Here is the example :

Robot Storm,Blitzkrieg,Sudden Strike,And Allied Revenge 2

Since the mod using XCC Mod Launcher when you close the mod

it'll disappeared right?

that means you can't use ares due of that.

When you tried to activate the mod they're gonna drop the file at specified install path so you need to edit it on regedit if you have bunch of YR Mods

When you activate the mod,The mod will run the game

What you need to do is simple,hold on alt+tab or press windows button

Sort your Red alert 2 Yuri's Revenge file from date modified after that make a new folder and copy it

Close the game and copy it back to your YR Folder

And! Download Ares 1.0!

So far i just edit the rulesmd.ini and i only add the bounty for infantry to test some stuff


Just started making a new faction for CNCD2K

Yup one from Allies Revenge 2

It's called Genesis

Basically they're infantry is limited but i'll try to add some like siege infantry and the commando if possible


Well time for the updates,

i found it funny when i tried to import the file from AR2

Guess What?

All files has been overwritten such as the ore stuff or sort of that

Anyway since the mission is W.I.P and i just out of idea for some reason

I planned to make a challenge map based from the Public Multiplayer Map

You'll see how does it look...

My eyes feel really tired,Using My G+ Account felt like a ghost,Everything i've done it does not like

my expecations


Yesterday my laptop keyboard is broken

Some of the letters wasn't responding

I found this problem when i tried to play some NES Games

I can't blame this laptop or myself,This laptop about 9 years old


Shroud challenge is my first challenge map for CNCD2K,however i'm still trying to figure it out how to make the faction automatically set and you only need to set any faction you wanted to play with exception the opponent faction

The Flame weapons is scrapped

Because the Op issues give a problem about this map

In order to make it compatible with other factions

I will try to figure it out later

New Discord Server about CNCD2K

Check it out : Discord.gg


Scrapping the shroud challenge

Next challenge will be Ironfist Challenge

Facing 3 Russian Commander with Advanced Twsla Technology


Dammit i felt lazy also got a blank progress due of project and the time limitations i had


Done testing also the preview for the Ironfist challenge will be uploaded soon

Basically i will fix some crash that cause on this map

Anyway have a nice day


Now i just fixed my Final alert 2 which means i can

Make triggers on my own

However i am still confused for that



IvanderLim Blog
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IvanderLim Creator

CNCD2K Discord Group

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I'm here again just to wish you a happy new year 2018! IvanderLim ( Moddb.com )

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IvanderLim Creator

Happy new year to you too Kark-Jocke

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Happy New Year To You Happy 2018 To You

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IvanderLim Creator

happy new year to you too

Reply Good karma+1 vote

❆❅❆ I'm here now to wish you a Merry Christmas IvanderLim ( Moddb.com ) ❆❅❆

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IvanderLim Creator

Merry Christmas to you Kark-Jocke

Reply Good karma+2 votes

All good here thanks for asking, been working so hard this days xD You got ill? that's not good, but it's good to hear that you are feeling better again :D

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IvanderLim Creator

Sorry for late reply
Yeah i've been felt better since 22 oct

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IvanderLim Creator
IvanderLim Reply Good karma+1 vote

Not bad. But definitely has room for improvement.

Then again, I'm not one to talk, as my mod's first few releases weren't exactly... good enough.

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IvanderLim Creator

Actually this mod is discontinued
I am planning to make another YR Mod
And no i'm not gonna tell the title of the new mod
You'll see it later

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