Download C&C Shockwave here. It's really nice.

This mod includes a new .big file for Shockwave to run, as well as some updates to Challenge Mode (WIP). There's instructions for installing when you download. As of Update 6 (April 4), the Chaos Mod also requires the !Shw_Textures.gib file to run properly. Installation is as easy as copy and paste. Also, as of Update 7 (April 18), the Chaos Mod requires !ShwAudio.gib to be installed correctly as well. This is the last file that's going to be added, I promise.

For quick clarification, and to avoid confusion, SWR is aware of this mod and is cool with it. Obviously all the models, voices and stuff were made by them (or EA). Credit goes to them.

For those interested, here's a link to the beginnings of this mod with many screenshots of what to expect.

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RSS Articles

It's time, again, for more chaos.

A new file has been added to Chaos Mod. It's called '!ChaosAudio.big' and needs to be added the same way all the other files are. This contains more voices for units, and helps deal with bloat to the original audio.gib.

USA Factions:

  • New base defense; Cruise Missile Silo
  • It has long range and shoots a missile
  • Benefits from MOAB/Fuel Air Bomb upgrade
  • Missile is capable of re-targeting once, if its initial target is lost
  • Removed Nuke from Leaflets
  • Removed the useless switch weapon button from SEAL infantry
  • Pathfinder is just a sniper again. How tragic

USA Dozers:

  • All USA Dozers now start at Elite rank
  • Dozers have new voices for everything
  • May contain swears
  • Voices from Payday 2
  • Dozers have an extra 200 health by default

USA Vanilla:

  • Humvee is now a Turbo Humvee
  • Can hold up to 8 infantry
  • Comes with 8 Missile Defenders
  • Price increased to $1,200
  • Health slightly increased
  • Pillbox no longer requires infantry at all

USA Airforce:

  • Sentinel Tower usefulness increased
  • Health increased
  • Sentinel Towers will call in small airstrikes onto ground units by firing green smoke grenades
  • Level 3 HALO drop no longer includes a sonic humvee, because its USA Airforce, not Humvee

USA Armor General:

  • Phalanx is now anti-air only again, darn
  • Small damage decrease to Rangers, but they keep their 200 round clip

Chinese Factions:

  • Heavy Anti-Air damage decreased, from 125 to 115 per shot

China Nuke:

  • Mega Nuclear Silo no longer explodes like the Mega Nuke when destroyed
  • Usefulness greatly improved, and there's a reason to build it now
  • New base defense! Nuke Site
  • Basically a Nuke Cannon in base-defense-mode
  • Can get all the upgrades of a normal Nuke Cannon

China Special Weapons General:

  • Grinder Cannon is an artillery unit again
  • Range and damage increased
  • Grinder mobility and health improved
  • The Mine Laying gun is now a switch weapon, rather than a single use ability with cooldown
  • Grinder Cannon benefits from Autoloaders
  • Grinder Mines Ambush GP has less scatter when deployed, lining up with the decal better. Number of mines increased by 5
  • Badger Bomber planes from the GP are now spaced better at level 3
  • Default Commando Worker weapon damage increased, from 90 to 150
  • Stuka Artillery health increased, from 200 to 300
  • Hellstorm Cannon range increased from 275 to 320

GLA Factions:

  • Fixed Tree art
  • It should now work properly on night maps
  • Added a separate build menu for Trees
  • Added a second type of tree; Pine Tree
  • Tree now comes with a machine gun
  • At least one person inside the tree must have a weapon for it to work
  • Tree passengers are no longer burned if the tree is crushed
  • Commando Worker weapons (normal and silent hammer) are now capable of hitting moving targets
  • 'Deconstruction' is still considered anti-building, and will only hit stationary units
  • Leech Tank build time increased a bit
  • Leech Tank health decreased by a tiny amount, but keeps its resistant armor
  • New unit! Added the Soviet T-26 tank to the Advanced War Factory
  • The driver is able to exit the tank and shoot at things
  • Tank Driver is also a form of Pilot, meaning a T-26 with veterancy can evacuate the driver, and add Vet to another unit
  • Tank Driver is armed with a pair of Uzi's, and can gain veterancy on foot
  • This feature might be expanded in the future

GLA Salvage:

  • Gadfly is pure anti-air again, how terrible

GLA Saboteurs:

  • Updated unit picture
  • He is now the coolest man on the battlefield
  • Image by IamInnocent in the NLS public discord
  • You should join


  • Sweet Tooth now requires passable terrain to be deployed on
  • Particle Cannon no longer deals excessive damage to Demo General buildings; It was a mistake
  • Stealth General Rocket Snipers now use hotkey 'K'
  • Virus Tank added to Stealth General's Advanced War Factory
  • Added a $9,001 cash starting option
  • Added $1,450 cash starting option; It's objectively terrible
  • $50,000 cash option changed to $49,999
  • Chinese Scout Car no longer starts with its 'Infected' suicide bomb weapon enabled
Thank You! NLS Top 100!

Thank You! NLS Top 100!

News 2 comments

Thank you all for your support in getting us to the top 100, but it's not over yet!



News 4 comments

Year after year it's the same thing, so we're changing it up a bit!

Update 27: Nanomachines Son

Update 27: Nanomachines Son

News 1 comment

Easily the most competitive update ever. E-Sports ready confirmed.

Update 26: Loving the Unloved

Update 26: Loving the Unloved

News 6 comments

In the latest installment of 'Enhancing a Good Mod,' we take a look at factions that may not have been the greatest.

RSS Files
Chaos Custom Mission 01

Chaos Custom Mission 01

Singleplayer Map 2 comments

Requires update 20 or any update after 20. The mod is focused around chaos and insanity. So naturally a stealth mission is what you'd expect.

SHW Chaos Mod Update 16 Challenge Fix | Outdated

SHW Chaos Mod Update 16 Challenge Fix | Outdated

Patch 12 comments

Guess who forgot that Challenge maps use different command sets? This guy.

SHW Chaos Mod: Update 11+ Map Pack

SHW Chaos Mod: Update 11+ Map Pack

Multiplayer Map 3 comments

This is for anyone running Update 11 or any update after. It includes a small number of maps with the new Tech Lab structure.

SHW Chaos Mod - Update 28

SHW Chaos Mod - Update 28

Full Version 50 comments

The C&C Shockwave Chaos mod is an 'enhancement' to Shockwave v1.201. Updated on January 8th, 2019. A new year brings a new file, as well as a bunch of...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 414)

Can you add expensive and op lastest units such as contra mod?

Tbh I deleted contra and come back to that mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Are there going to be tesla coils like in RA2? :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZiftEnigma Creator

damn it, why won't the mod creators accept my 7000 word essay on why all the vehicles should look ultra realistic and add apache and abrams tank to GLA. I've been sending them emails every day since last week...

some people man...

Reply Good karma+2 votes

What with the craziness of this mod might aswell burrow some ideas from Generals Crazy Mod

I suggest you start with USA fan truck

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello! I have some ideas if you don't mind.Can you rename the matryoshka tank general to "China Soviet general" because why not? And change the voices of his tanks with the Rhino tank from red alert 2 maybe? Also i noticed the Kirovs have speakers underneath them,so why not give them Propaganda abilities and also subliminal messages upgrade for it.Also give them a taunt button? And when they gain the most experience and become heroic to give them an EMP blast to their bombs? I really miss red alert
XD Oh and maybe for the infantry general kirovs with 10 firepods cuz the infantry gemeral doesn't have any kirov.
Btw I want to apologize if I have any mistakes, i am writning from my phone and my fingers are too big for the keyboard XD
Long live the Chaos!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

That great ideas

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZiftEnigma Creator

uwu what is this mod

Reply Good karma+2 votes

A-mod-of-a-mod. It requires C&C Shockwave to be installed prior. For those of us that enjoy Shockwave, this is something entirely less serious. The goal for this mod is to make it so chaotic, that it is balanced :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
ZiftEnigma Creator

oh thank you i could not have realised without your help. i've been working on this mod for months and yet I would not be told what it is about (you can tell from the creator tag)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

You're welcome :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Give this man a bells 🤣

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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One of the best mods that I played. I love the variety of the generals that make every general feels unique

Jun 26 2018 by OhaahO

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