Download C&C Shockwave here. It's really nice.

This mod includes a new .big file for Shockwave to run, as well as some updates to Challenge Mode (WIP). There's instructions for installing when you download. As of Update 6 (April 4), the Chaos Mod also requires the !Shw_Textures.gib file to run properly. Installation is as easy as copy and paste. Also, as of Update 7 (April 18), the Chaos Mod requires !ShwAudio.gib to be installed correctly as well. This is the last file that's going to be added, I promise.

For quick clarification, and to avoid confusion, SWR is aware of this mod and is cool with it. Obviously all the models, voices and stuff were made by them (or EA). Credit goes to them.

For those interested, here's a link to the beginnings of this mod with many screenshots of what to expect.

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Here's a spooky scary update to send shivers up your spine.

All Factions:

  • Added a buildable money truck for your multiplayer needs. It costs $3,000 and can be destroyed to create $3,000 in money crates for a poor ally to pick up.
  • The following powers have 5 minute cooldowns now: USA Command Truck Airtrike, GLA Command Bus Hijacker Strike, Chinese Defector power.

Murican Factions:

  • Sorted out some CommandSets. Button 1 is Drones. Button 2 is IR Smoke. Most units should be unified now.

USA Vanilla:

  • Burton grenade launcher becomes a Fuel Air Grenade Launcher after the equipment upgrade.

Super Train General:

  • Nerfed the Omega Aurora Bomber.
  • It is no longer super sonic while attacking, and immune to damage.
  • It has more hp than standard aircraft, but is not a 'kill this superweapon pls kthx' unit anymore.
  • It gets a shiny B3 model though.
  • And +3% flare evasion rate.
  • Decreased the health of Robot Tanks by 50.

Rave General:

  • Attempted to make Ix Drones easier to click on and target. Results may vary.

Chinese Factions:

  • Battlemaster machine guns do slightly less damage.
  • Battlemaster machine guns now burst fire 30 rounds before reloading.
  • Battlemasters now use the machine gun only, when targeting infantry.
  • When the 3 Hopper tanks are created from a destroyed Battlemaster, it is possible to destroy them before landing on the ground, thus preventing it from becoming a threat. (AOE damage weapons only).
  • Hopper tanks cannot crush infantry anymore. Also their health is slightly reduced.
  • Covert Officers are now better against infantry, but much much worse against all other things. Explosive charges, I choose you!
  • Flame Troopers require 2 generals points to unlock, and take 10% more damage from sniper type damage.

China Tank General:

  • Fixed a mistake where the Covert Officer would fire faster when attacking buildings.

China Man Spam General:

  • Berserk Artillery build cost increased to $2,000.
  • Berserk build time increased by 5 seconds.
  • Berserk firing modes changed to 2, 3 and 4 missiles per second at each mode.
  • Optimized the explosions for the missiles. They don't look as pretty, but it prevents the game from crashing now.

China Scumbag Artillery General:

  • Added 2 new upgrades.
  • Need a boost lategame? Pick from 1 of 2 Military Doctrine upgrades for your army.
  • Iron Dragon Upgrade: +25% vehicle armor. Vehicles auto repair.
  • War Wolf Upgrade: +25% vehicle speed. Vehicles do not get slower when really damaged, and vehicles are 15% cheaper when your Command Tank is alive.
  • Only ONE Doctrine can be chosen, and is permanent.
  • Choose your Doctrine from the Command Tank today :D
  • Slightly increased the health of Ravage Tanks.
  • Ravage Tanks now have a machine gun. It deals less damage than Battlemaster machine guns, but never has to reload.
  • Added Autoloaders to Ravage Tanks via Autoloaders upgrade. It adds 5 shells in a clip. The clip is not reloaded until all shells are fired.

GLA Factions:

  • Moved the AA Boat to the Advanced War Factory for all GLA's.
  • Changed the AA Boat's damage to JET_MISSILES, making it better against Kirov's.
  • Windmills have a max targeting angle now, which prevents them from juggling a tank into the sky forever.
  • New GLA unit. Scimitar Tank, from the Advanced War Factory. It's decent at everything, except infantry.
  • Nerfed the damage of the High Altitude Bomber.
  • Rebel Ambush cooldown is now 4 minutes instead of 2. It was 2 minutes for a very long time and I didn't notice...

GLA Vanilla:

  • The Assault Worker no longer flies off the map when using his mega turbo hammer. He most certainly dies, however.

GLA Demo:

  • Recoilless Riflemen in the Anti-Tank Redoubt no longer give exp when killed.

GLA Sneaky General:

  • Moved the Jarmen/Worker Booby Trap upgrade to the Black Market.
  • Made the Gap Generator effect an optional button to enable. Makes multiplayer games more interesting, since the black circles no longer give away your location unless you activate the gap generator.
  • Added optional Gap Generators to all structures, even Demo Traps.
  • >Build Demo Trap.
  • >Make it into Gap Generator.
  • >Your friend thinks its a barracks or arms dealer.
  • Mind games increased to 100.

GLA Salvage General:

  • Basilisk now deals 750 damage per shot instead of 550.


  • Rocket Buggy nighttime headlight should be fixed on night maps.
NLS Public Discord Server

NLS Public Discord Server

News 4 comments

Otherwise known as the NLS Official Place for Everyone or NOPE for short.

Update 25: Pros and Conscripts

Update 25: Pros and Conscripts

News 3 comments

Excuse me, Waiter, there's some balance in my Chaos.

Update 24: Let's Burn!

Update 24: Let's Burn!

News 2 comments

It's back with more stuff. The only way out is to use the crash button.

Update 23: Panzer Vor!

Update 23: Panzer Vor!

News 1 comment

I said it was done, but is it ever really truly done?

RSS Files
Chaos Custom Mission 01

Chaos Custom Mission 01

Singleplayer Map 2 comments

Requires update 20 or any update after 20. The mod is focused around chaos and insanity. So naturally a stealth mission is what you'd expect.

SHW Chaos Mod Update 16 Challenge Fix | Outdated

SHW Chaos Mod Update 16 Challenge Fix | Outdated

Patch 12 comments

Guess who forgot that Challenge maps use different command sets? This guy.

SHW Chaos Mod: Update 11+ Map Pack

SHW Chaos Mod: Update 11+ Map Pack

Multiplayer Map 3 comments

This is for anyone running Update 11 or any update after. It includes a small number of maps with the new Tech Lab structure.

SHW Chaos Mod - Update 26

SHW Chaos Mod - Update 26

Full Version 48 comments

The C&C Shockwave Chaos mod is an 'enhancement' to Shockwave v1.201. Updated on October 23rd, 2018. We shall blot out the sun with our missiles.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 381)

Stop nerfing more op'ing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I mean you should add ultra expensive things with powerful stats

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello Splinterus,

I discoverd that you have used 121 from the 128 upgrades that can be used. (so not 119 upgrades). So now you can make 7 new upgrades untill the limit :)

Keep up the good work, I love this mod :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Hello Splinterus!
Can you readd that enforcer tank from train general please?
And also that anti-tank canon to all gla generals please?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

All of that for multiplayer to balance multiplayer game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Some ideas:
-Schwerer Gustav for demolition general insead of Karl Gustav(and also increase its damage)
-Tiger I Panzer wich can be deployed from advanced arms dealer.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hello splinterus

You can add neutron shell upgrade to siege soldiers in Chinese generals
And you can add nerve gas upgrade in chemical mortars

My best wishes mighty

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Some new ideas for a new patch:

- Pilots that can hack enemy vehicles
- Drones that can be hijacked.

USA Vanilla and Laser
- Paladin tanks and Lazer Paladin tanks creates crusader and laser crusader tanks just like at the tank general

- Supply drop zone because of aircraft

USA Laser
- Laser raptor because Laser General

- Tomahawk storm becuase Superweapon General
- Spawnable train because Train General

USA Armor
Heavily armored Commanche for extra types of attacking and defending

All China
- Kirov with fire ports

- Overlord with multiple upgrades, like a gatling and speaker or gatling and bunker or gatling, speaker and bunker
- Helix with multiple upgrades, like a gatling and speaker or gatling and bunker or gatling, speaker and bunker

China Tank
- Ability in the warfactory to build pairs of tanks

China Infantry
- Combi squad of mini gunners, tank hunters and conscripts

China Nuke
- Depleted Uranium shells for the gattling cannon and gattling tank
- Helix with multiple upgrades
- battlemaster with a self destruct ability like the GLA

China Special Weapon
Napalm or emp Shells for battlemaster and overlord

GLA Vanilla
- Vanilla demotrap upgradable to toxin or advanced demotrap.
- Flying Cobra into cobra when dead
- Flying Roach into Roach when dead
- Flying Scud launcher into Scud launcher when dead
- Anti air boat from chemical bunker to advanced warfactory

Vanilla and Stealth
- Hijackers keep their veterancy even if their vehicle is a chinese or gla one.

GLA Demo
- Demo Bomb Truck from reinforcementpad instead of Terror combat cycle
- Buildable Fanatic

GLA Stealth
- Battlebus disguise mode
- Fake structures that can make fake units.
- Rocket Sniper can attack aircraft
- Sniper rounds for the quad cannon

GLA Toxin
- Chemical Bomb truck with neutron/nerve gas upgrade for even more chaos.
- Toxin demotrap with nerve gas upgrade
- Toxin APC with fire ports

GLA Salvage
- Scrap car in more variants (civilian vehicles like cars, trucks and the mighty tanker trucks)
- Blackmarket Tank from reinforcementpad instead of Scarab
- SAM site with rockets that can hit ground units, just like the gadfly

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Mine is
Deathstrike,Ironside,and Fai Challenge
(Mappers needed)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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One of the best mods that I played. I love the variety of the generals that make every general feels unique

Jun 26 2018 by OhaahO

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