Download C&C Shockwave here. It's really nice.

This mod includes a new .big file for Shockwave to run, as well as some updates to Challenge Mode (WIP). There's instructions for installing when you download. As of Update 6 (April 4), the Chaos Mod also requires the !Shw_Textures.gib file to run properly. Installation is as easy as copy and paste. Also, as of Update 7 (April 18), the Chaos Mod requires !ShwAudio.gib to be installed correctly as well. This is the last file that's going to be added, I promise.

For quick clarification, and to avoid confusion, SWR is aware of this mod and is cool with it. Obviously all the models, voices and stuff were made by them (or EA). Credit goes to them.

For those interested, here's a link to the beginnings of this mod with many screenshots of what to expect.

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Welcome to the latest update of Chaos Mod. While the mod is technically completed, I can never resist on adding a few more things.


  • Rebalanced the cost of all Sciences available to all factions.
  • Price ranges are tweaked so multi-level powers are more costly.
  • Maximum science cost remains 5.
  • Demolition General is still the most expensive to acquire all powers.
  • Renamed General Ranks lower than rank 6. Be a Loser General, an Okay General, and even a Great General now.

USA Factions:

  • Added a brand new defensive structure.
  • It's Trump Tower. Yep, this is actually a thing.
  • It costs $50,000 to construct and cannot be sold.
  • It will target ground and air units with great range with even greater scouting range.
  • Trump Tower will hold a number of your finest infantry units and produce tons of money.
  • When destroyed, the CIA will emerge and fight the enemy to the bitter end.
  • Trump Tower has access to various special powers only found on the Tech Secret Lab as well.
  • Added a field hospital as well but who cares about that.

Armor General:

  • Added a sell button to the Battery Emplacement.

GLA Factions:

  • Added a Maus tank.
  • Model and texture by a cool dude in NLS <3
  • Maus is deployable from your Black Market.
  • All Maus recharge timers are shared between all Black Markets and Scrap Yards.
  • It's deployed by a great feature called gravity.
  • Maus will deal high amounts of crush damage on its target location, destroying vehicles and even weak structures.
  • Defend your Panzers with an even bigger Panzer.
  • Maus is armed with a beefy 128mm cannon, and a smaller 75mm cannon.
  • Maus is not a one man army. While it can take a beating and survive, it's low rate of fire makes it vulnerable to swarms of enemies.
  • Uses authentic German voices from Blitzkrieg.

Challenge Mode:

  • Fixed the Stealth Generals challenge. It is playable again. Thanks for telling me about this one.
  • Added a Maus to GLA Challenge maps.
Update 22: The End is Nigh

Update 22: The End is Nigh

News 7 comments

What's that on the horizon? Is it a plane? A train? No! It's a forklift!

Update 21: Command Tonks

Update 21: Command Tonks

News 1 comment

Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my command tank!

Update 20: Smells Like Balance

Update 20: Smells Like Balance

News 5 comments

Update 20 consists of basically no new content but some fixes for old content.

Update 19: Sweet & Sour

Update 19: Sweet & Sour

News 4 comments

More references, more mortars, more everything that doesn't really make sense.

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Chaos Custom Mission 01

Chaos Custom Mission 01

Singleplayer Map 1 comment

Requires update 20 or any update after 20. The mod is focused around chaos and insanity. So naturally a stealth mission is what you'd expect.

SHW Chaos Mod Update 16 Challenge Fix | Outdated

SHW Chaos Mod Update 16 Challenge Fix | Outdated

Patch 12 comments

Guess who forgot that Challenge maps use different command sets? This guy.

SHW Chaos Mod: Update 11+ Map Pack

SHW Chaos Mod: Update 11+ Map Pack

Multiplayer Map 3 comments

This is for anyone running Update 11 or any update after. It includes a small number of maps with the new Tech Lab structure.

SHW Chaos Mod - Update 23

SHW Chaos Mod - Update 23

Full Version 41 comments

The C&C Shockwave Chaos mod is an 'enhancement' to Shockwave v1.201. Updated on June 12, 2018. With thicc armor comes thicc responsibility.

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hi splintous

you can return CLA ageant stealth

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German title? :D and when new version and campaign? :3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Splinterus Creator

The latest version is from June 12th. And all three campaigns are done finally.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Yeah "done" but when we'll be ably to play them?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Splinterus Creator

Just play the minigames and hit Continue after you win/die/cross the bridge...?

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hello mighty Splinterus!
I have some ideas,I hope I don't bother you.

-Nuclear terorrists(well the name says everything)
•Make them explode with a thiny nuclear fireball(like those from groups of nuclear artilery)
•add upgrades to every one of them(like those upgrades to bomb trucks)
•1st one will make them explode like a nuclear missle and the 2nd one will make them explode like one of those super nuclear missle from nuclear general(the upgrades are just for fun:P I always wanted to load a battle bus with 8 super nuclear bombs)

-Dirty convoy truck
•A nuclear truck from nuclear general,loaded with a dirty nuke
•Make it buildable in the toxin bunker
•just a thing you might didn't know: if you play with the salvage general and build a dirty nuke and launch it,it will explode with a green mushroom(the standard Anthrax cloud).But if you capture a GLA general who has Anthrax Beta(the blue one) as an upgrade in the palace and the Anthrax upgrade,then the nuke mushroom will also turn blue.
•so the dirty convoy truck will explode by default with a blue mushroom because the toxin general starts with Anthrax beta upgrade.
•But can you please make it explode with a pink mushroom and also deal more damage once the Anthrax gamma(the pink one) has been purchased,please?And if you can do it then can you also make this avalible for for the dirty nuke missle from the salavage general?

For all GLA generals:
-Suicide cargo planes
•you know these huge planes wich appear once general powers are used like Anthrax bomb or deploy Sturmtiger?Can you make them please buildable from GLA airpads?
•Make them be recruitable like normal units.
•every general has its unique suicide plane:
*the plane from the salvage general will explode with a huge phosphor bomb
*the plane from the toxin general will explode with a huge Anthrax bomb
*the plane from the deomolition general will have a huge radius of explosion(also leaving a bit of radiation)
*the plane from the sthealth general will be compleatly sthealthed
*the plane from the normal general once it has hit the targed the plane will explode violently and it will also ignite the ground.

Can you turn the superweapons back to their normal size please?This isn't very important,just a thing for immersion because when I use the SCUD storm for a example the rockets are thiny and cute and when they get launched then they literally turn to their normal size XD
But as I said,it isn't very important.Just if you want to.

So that's it!
I hope I didn't bothered you with my requests or with this long
text.And thank you for all the work you have done.Without you this game would be dead. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

The superweapons being tiny allows users to stockpile them in their base. If anything, maybe more superweapons should be shrunk (or maybe the mega nuke should be buffed to make up for its size).

Anything from contra might also be cool. Like Acid sprayers or toxin clouds.

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thanks to add 2 great add trump tower and maus penzer tank but i need to add great add to chinese generals

my best wishes

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

There's already lots of great stuff for the Chinese as well. Check out some of the earlier updates, they get Kirov airships, Golem tanks (from Rise of the Reds), et cetera.

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