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Bleach:Zanpakutou Senshi is a totally free Total Conversion of Half-Life 1. It´s based on the japanese hit Anime Bleach.

You will be able to play as Kurosaki Ichigo and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez for the first release.


This game features:

  • Open sword system Hack 'n' Slash
  • Dashing and dodging
  • Blocking and deflection
  • Kido attacks and bindings

This game is under development and we don't know when it will be done yet.

This mod is not related to Studio Pierrot or its production.
© All Bleach related characters, locations and other copyrighted materials remain the property of their respective owners.
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Back in February we were able to show Grimmjow doing a single attack, with no delay between the attacks and the animation wasn't even part of what you will see in the combo tree. ( see: (Very) Early melee implementation )
Since then we both worked with the melee implementation and support for Linux servers. We made good progress on both parts, but we are not done with them yet.

Melee update:

For starters, there have been quite some changes since the last news we posted here. Including a very basic concept of the melee implementation. In the last news update we talked about how we wanted to prevent the melee system from becoming too dull, by using some small reiatsu related attacks that either was ranged or had areal effects.
These effects can take quite some time to implement, as both the behaviour needs to be written and the graphics also takes some time to make.

While we do have an idea of how to support effects, ranged attacks and AoE attacks will most likely not be implemented as part of the melee system.
Not only does it require time, but it also adds complexity to the melee system. If we plan to include an ranged or AoE attack, then it has to be working properly before we can fully test the melee system.
However, should we get time to make these attacks, then the attack will first become a part of the kido system. If we then consider it stable for being part of the melee system, then it can be added there.

Charged attacks, clashing and stamina are also postponed for now, but these requires less work, so we will surely keep them in mind as we progress.

Since February we have been able to create the combo nodes, which will contain the information necessary to perform the attack, and use them in the melee system. The results can be seen in this video:

As seen in the video, the synchronization between animation and attack isn't implemented. This will be resolved when each attack has a delay value assigned to it. The video was recorded back in march, but visually the melee system resembles that.

Meanwhile we have been testing whether the client prediction was necessary or not. The result was that it improved the smoothness of the animation when the latency is high. Some of our former developers didn't include that in their weapon development, and as such we are currently updating them to include that.

Last week we held a meeting, where we planned the combo tree for Grimmjow. (Ichigo's will come next)

Grimmjow combo tree

The RRR combo is shown in the video. There will be updates to some of the current animations as well as new ones. Getting this done has made it possible to continue working on the attacks codewise while Angel makes the animations.

Codewise the combo tree now supports a value to define attack delay as well as an effect identifier. The effects themselves has yet to be coded, but since they resemble each others it won't take too long to make.

Another thing we are working on now is to be able to traverse the combo nodes in a tree. It seems redundant to write a system which builds a tree, compared to simply writing the tree manually. This is due to the tree being relatively small and the attacks are all static. You can read more about it here: En.wikipedia.org

So to sum up, our next milestone for the melee system is to synchronize attacks with their animations, traverse the combo tree based on button clicks and add more animations. The effects will come at a later stage.

Linux support:

If it is easy to support, then one should support it.
It isn't the first time we considered making Linux support, but it is the first time we are actually trying.
With aid from this article at the wavelenght: Articles.thewavelength.net , Debian 3.0R6 and a windows batch script running dos2unix. We have been able to convert it all to ANSI c++ and compile a .so file.

That took a bit of time...mostly due to the requirement of gcc 2.91.4, which does not work on newer Linux kernels.
Unfortunately Steam_CMD have been giving us a headache and therefore we haven't been able to test it yet.

The good part however, is if we get it running, then we will maintain Linux support for the mod. We know a lot of web servers running the old Goldsrc engine, runs on Linux. And we know it is important to support that, as Linux servers are so much cheaper than windows servers.
So we will do our best to resolve the issue and get it working.

That is it for now. Joshua might turn up with some images from his maps at some point.

How do you like our videos? We don't have any one on our team who is a magician with video editing, but we try to keep them relative small and content related. Feel free to give us feedback.

In the past 3 months we have progressively written small updates in the comment section. What do you think of that?

And don't forget to follow us on Facebook. We have updated the profile and made it easier to maintain the page as well.

Thanks for watching and following.
See you next time :)

Taking the second step of fighting system production

Taking the second step of fighting system production

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When reality interferes, drastic measures are taken. At BZSmod we are some who wants to be 100% ganbaru* and hence we proceed with the second step of...

Happy 2014

Happy 2014

1 year ago News 4 comments

Bzsmod is now entering its 5.th year in development. Upcomming is an interesting season which will be working on a new fighting system.

BZSmod anno 2013

BZSmod anno 2013

2 years ago News 2 comments

A recollection of what happened with BZSmod in 2013 and what we currently are working on.

Facebook campaign

Facebook campaign

3 years ago News 5 comments

Help us build our fanbase at facebook by liking our facebook page :)

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Design sheet

Design sheet

3 years ago Other 10 comments

This is the design sheet for BZS mod. Latest version: 26 April 2012.

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Terra1993 Nov 10 2015 says:

Geee guys what an amaizing work!good job keep updating it until the final release! i know you are just few guys that are working on this project and maybe you don't have a lot of time to work on it, i really like the facts that you keep the page updated! i'll support this project even if it will die (but i don't think so) you are great :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
jrich144 Creator
jrich144 Nov 7 2015 says:

Added another view of our Fifth Tower map. Let me know what you guys think?

+4 votes   reply to comment
Terra1993 Nov 10 2015 replied:

Really cool love it, hurry i want to see getsuga tensuo and a green cero ;P

+3 votes     reply to comment
jrich144 Creator
jrich144 Nov 10 2015 replied:

I am just as keen to see those ;)

+2 votes   reply to comment
eliasr Creator
eliasr Nov 10 2015 replied:

Make the sprites and we might figure something out. - Though I hope that we can make a stable release by summer.

(getsuga and cero is more or less something we can base on the red fire code - though I think we would have to make a model for correct collision with getsuga. Which in turn would blow up when colliding with walls or go straight though.
Alternatively, just basing it on a sprite, means a different collision method, more like a point.... i guess i will have to look that up)

Catch me on skype or steam when you get time.

+1 vote   reply to comment
eliasr Creator
eliasr Nov 6 2015 says:

The new ki-punch effect sprite has been completed.
Since the sprite tends to be cut (half covered) by the walls, I implemented a dummy to show it off on.

Before making a video to show this, I would like to synchronize the newer animations, so their timing is right. Some feedback from you the at the last video was that the animations seemed a bit slow. If it still seems slow after the synchronization then it is something we will look at.

+1 vote   reply to comment
eliasr Creator
eliasr Oct 28 2015 says:

"we're still working on the goddamn game guys, don't worry." ;)

+2 votes   reply to comment
IEveRtoNI Oct 25 2015 says:

Dude, if you keep giving us regular updates(even if it's just a "we're still working on the goddamn game guys, don't worry."), we're all gonna love you forever.

But in all seriousness, good work, nice game, pure awesomeness. Take your time.
Also, compliments to the artist/designer... I mean, dammit, compliments to everyone else involved in the project.

+2 votes     reply to comment
eliasr Creator
eliasr Sep 18 2015 says:

Quick update:
Implemented several sound effects.
Fixed various bugs

Implementing more animations for grimmjow (almost got every attack covered now).

Add weapon selection to the HUD and remove HL HUD elements
Add effects to last attack in a combo sequence.
Implement blocking

+3 votes   reply to comment
eliasr Creator
eliasr Jul 29 2015 says:

Synchronization between attack animation is working now.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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