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Bleach:Zanpakutou Senshi is a totally free Total Conversion of Half-Life 1. It´s based on the japanese hit Anime Bleach.

You will be able to play as Kurosaki Ichigo and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez for the first release.


This game features:

  • Open sword system Hack 'n' Slash
  • Dashing and dodging
  • Blocking and deflection
  • Kido attacks and bindings

This game is under development and we don't know when it will be done yet.

This mod is not related to Studio Pierrot or its production.
© All Bleach related characters, locations and other copyrighted materials remain the property of their respective owners.
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Since the last time, we have been posting videos rather than articles. The most recent video ( Moddb.com ), with humor in mind, shows how far we have gotten with the melee system. Since then we have improved the dummy, applied an push effect to one of the combo finishers, and also implemented blocking as well as parry.

There is still a lot to be done with the melee system. Many of you have suggested us to increase the speed, and the last video was a result of trying to accommodate for such changes. There are other combo finisher effects that has to be implemented - simple enough, but takes time to get it right. Finally it all needs polishing, and not to forget, the blocking and parry are just at its prototype stage.

Changes in the game design:

It takes a lot of time to implement even small features, especially when you are exhausted after a day of study or work. By November I was working close to 50 hours a week, due to engagement with my studies. - January mercifully gave 1 weekend and 1 day of vacation. That is an issue as coding is necessary to implement all the other work and in the right way too (see next section). With a full thesis and a course this spring, it would not be good to aim towards the ideas and visions we had included in the old game design. The game design is self-contained, that is that it also contains comments about what we changed since the last time and why we did as we did. To avoid repeating a lot of its content, i will simply encourage to read the document: Moddb.com

By late November we decided that we would proceed towards melee and 1, or 2, ranged attacks for both Grimmjow and Ichigo. We agreed to change the Redfire attack into a Cero for Grimmjow. If time allows for it he will have a charged attack which we assume to be a beam Cero instead of a ball. Imagine a straight Kamehameha from ESF, but instead of exploding and removing the tail, the tail is dispersing over time and during that time the player continuously takes damage. As if the mean is actually a link of many small Cero attacks.
The idea is straight forward, and therefor we hope we can make it. But we first have to put the base attack into place and remove all the bugs with it.

For ichigo we agreed to make Getsuga Tenshou. It has its own difficulties in achieving the effects of making the model feel alive. NNK has inspired to a solution for that, and we are currently implementing a prototype (oh there goes my 1 day of vacation :P ).

Getsuga Tenshou prototype:

Or should i say, bloody collision system? Experimenting with implementing a model that has to have a precise collision detection or a bounding box all of sudden gives a different perspective to what an attack is, to what an entity is.

Understanding collisionboxes in HL

Usually we consider an attack to be a package of a model with some direction and some code to give damage. But like everything else it is an entity, with its core implementation being a location and an rotation.
The model itself is actually just cosmetics in a sense (it does have hitboxes after all); the collision is NOT calculated based on those hitboxes, they are calculated based on a bounding box aka collision box. And even though you define one in the qc file of the model, studiomdl might choose to simply ignore it.

Understanding collisionboxes in HL

We had to define the collision box by using UTIL_SetSize( vec_mins, vec_maxs); It can be a help to get those numbers from studiomdl itself by calling " this->ExtractBbox(0, mins, maxs);" - It seems as if it simply calculates the size of the model and return the vectors you need.

Understanding collisionboxes in HL

And then one should think it was all good and nice, but no. The size is in relation to the world and not its local reference. Meaning that shooting 90 degrees left or right results in this:

Understanding collisionboxes in HL

So hopefully we can simply rotate the collision box, but in case we can't we will have to start within the safe zone of the model. Meaning whatever angel it has, the box stays within the model.
But that would limit the collision to the center of the model and that is not what we want. Though some struggle we can resolve the issue, even if we can't rotate.

So an attack is an entity that has position, angel, collision box and a model - but it is also just an object.
So imagine that a main attack, holds the model, the code for exploding and then a set of sub-attacks
For all those sub attacks we are only concerned about their ability to collide, and when colliding they can inform the main attack to explode.

This resolves the issue because we can fill the model up with small squared boxes.
The diagonal of a square is calculated by sqrt(2)*a, where a is the length of the side. What is important is the result of the square root, 1.41~ . The smallest part of the model is the height of 4, hence the diagonal must not be larger than 4, otherwise 45 degrees angled attacks will make the collision box stick out of the model.
We can find the appropriate size for a collision box by reverse calculating the diagonal to one of the sides.
4/141 *100 = 2.83~

Then we can place several 2.83 x 2.83 collision boxes in the model along its center line on the x axis. We could even place them to follow the shape of the model, creating even more immersion. This works, because the squared collision boxes are contained inside the model and we can calculate where to place them from the position and rotation of the main attack.

Update #22: Progression with the melee system

Update #22: Progression with the melee system

News 4 comments

The melee system now reads several attacks from the combo tree. We also show the combo tree we planned for grimmjow and how we will implement melee effects...

Taking the second step of fighting system production

Taking the second step of fighting system production

News 0 comments

When reality interferes, drastic measures are taken. At BZSmod we are some who wants to be 100% ganbaru* and hence we proceed with the second step of...

Happy 2014

Happy 2014

News 4 comments

Bzsmod is now entering its 5.th year in development. Upcomming is an interesting season which will be working on a new fighting system.

BZSmod anno 2013

BZSmod anno 2013

News 2 comments

A recollection of what happened with BZSmod in 2013 and what we currently are working on.

RSS feed Downloads
Game design document (2016)

Game design document (2016)

Other 0 comments

A revisited and more specified game design document, which focuses on the immediate development and less on the vision. The document also reflects upon...

Old Design sheet

Old Design sheet

Other 10 comments

This is the old design sheet for BZS mod, originated from 2010. Latest version: 26 April 2012.

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eliasr CreatorSubscriber

Hey everybody
I bet many of you have been longing to hear about progression in bzsmod.
I resume to continue with the coding from the 21. June.
We already know how to resolve the rotation of getsuga, but have yet to implement it.
I'm looking forward to start working again.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Lol just checked this comment on the very day you said you would resume work. Excellent to hear i shall be watching with much interest.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

when the first beta released..??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
eliasr CreatorSubscriber

Currently we aim to make a smaller version that can stand alone as a full release. We are only a few core developers and as such we want to ensure we don't come out with a bug filled and half featuring mod.

We tend to follow up every half year. By now i can say we won't release by summer, my master thesis has prevented me from doing some proper work in the last 1 to 2 months - this might not change until May.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
eliasr CreatorSubscriber

Small update:
The implementation of sub collisionboxes and the rotation of them seem to work. However a small issue with an inverted x axis (pitch) provides some issues for the rotation around the z axis (roll). Even though it isn't strictly necessary to resolve, it would be preferable, as it then can be reused as a general solution instead of an ad-hoc solution.

It is something i intend to cover in the next video we make. Angel have also created a beta model for the getsuga attack, which has yet to be implemented.

I'm currently sick (damn social events), which leaves me behind on all my schedules - so it will take a few days before i'm able to continue with the mod.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Where the fuc... is the download!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
jrich144 Creator

There is none.....yet

Reply Good karma+2 votes
eliasr CreatorSubscriber

Hey guys. A small update on my progress:
I have written the new design document, but I also been under pressure by exams and the final week of writing my paper at the university. There have been an extra deal of pressure due to the possibility of a publication, which i have been prioritizing.

In short no real development progression in January, but I expect to be stitching something together during February. The design paper will be released with an article, as the article will elaborate on what we have discussed about the project.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Heyy, i think you should focus more on your studies, just for now. Seems like a lot of pressure. It's not like Zanpakutou Senshi have a deadline anyways.

And also, there's no need to sacrifice all of your vacations days, or vacation hours XP, over this. Sometimes, taking a break is really good.

By "regular updates" i actually meant to not wait like three or five years to give an update XD.

Remember, take your time. "We know that you're still working on the goddamn game!".

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
eliasr CreatorSubscriber

That is nice, but i was actually burning for figuring out why the collision of the model was way of. The colleague I'm working with on my thesis said good morning to me around 4 am in the morning, and we shortly debated the issue. I "accidently" ended up meeting 2 hours late because of my tendency to kill my alarms in my sleep and flip over (yet a sms or messenger beep wakes me most efficiently, but i had been in the movies and my sound off).
No issue about it as we are just pitching ideas for the thesis with our two other colleagues which we are required to split from. (stupid project requirements -.-)

We had a great work last semester, and tomorrow we will talk with our supervisor about publishing the work, that is also everything has sort of been paused since the start of december.

No matter what i prioritize my project before bzsmod (not always my studies - i have modeling physical systems again, yay more bzs :D ), because it will give me a future, bzs is just a bonus and learning medium.

BUT BZS has a deadline. While studies can be very time demanding, you at least have economic stability (in my country), no matter how much you fail. Recently the government has applied more challenges in enforcing 30 ects work no matter what. SO i would of course not be interested in taking a year extra under those circumstances.
That stability is gone when one has to acquire a job, and therefor I can't just use the easy and boring courses though your workday to improve on the mod - that said, there is potentially more spare time which can be used on a mod.... until one might get kids. *shudders*

I don't think we can assume the future for the us at the moment, so it would be golden if we could be done by summer or the end of the year (which is more likely). There aren't many game development studios in denmark, quite fewer in my region. But i know a few friends who are active in game development, so i do hope to stay in that area of work. I'm specializing in HCI, quite interesting to do some research and the last project just slightly makes me consider the idea of a ph.d, but i think it would be hard and part of me would like to have a rest from the books.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Well then, since you have everything under control! I wish you all the best in your future career!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Jun 12 2015

Hey everyone, Elias here. I really want to upkeep the progress with the coding, but unfortunately it is difficult... Fb.me

May 19 2015

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