Welcome fans of BFME and LOTR
On this page i will introduce you with my mod for Rise of the Witch-King, on which i worked on for the past 2 years
Before playing this mod, be sure that you have patched the game with 2.01 version
The Battles of the Third Age (BOTTA) mod is a mod for The Battle for Middle Earth - The Rise of the Witch King.
This mod tends to follow the lore of books and films along with bringing the realism in the gameplay, and generally concentrates of the happenings in the Third age of Middle Earth, so you will see almost every character that fought in the battles of this age, for example: Bolg, Beorn, Imrahil, Shagrat etc.
Lots of the balance from the vanilla games is fixed so be free to expect some new gameplay styles and new strategies and tactics that you will use in order to destroy your enemy.To do that, you will get help from the new Heroes and Units and their new Powers that are in this mod.
No rush tactics anymore, AI wont charge on you in the first 5 minutes, giving you no time to expand your camp and upgrade your economy. Gameplay now focuses on defense, rather than offense like in the vanilla game. So you will have a lot of time for preparing for battle, upgrading your units and level up your Heroes.

General changes:
- Stronger Heroes
- Stronger Structures
- New Game balance
- New Heroes, Units, Buildings and Powers
- New and improved Textures for every single Hero or Unit in the game
- Smaller battalions
- New Upgrades
- New Siege system
- New Upgrade systems
- New sounds and effects


- War of the Ring mode is buggy

Stay tuned for more news and screenshots

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BotTA Mod Installation - Step by Step

Starting a mod Tutorial 23 comments

This is the installation guide for all the noobs out there who bother with the installation. If this doesn't help you, than i really dont know what to do any more...

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

That's it, now start your BotTA icon and play the mod

Installing Patch/BugFix

Step 1:

Step 2:

That's it...

BotTA BETA - 1.0 Patch

BotTA BETA - 1.0 Patch

News 10 comments

This is the first update for the Beta version of BotTA Mod. It fixes many bugs and adds some new features. However, it does not fixes Custom and Ring...

BOTTA Mod Installation Tutorial

BOTTA Mod Installation Tutorial

Installers Tutorial 23 comments

Video Tutorial for installing BOTTA Mod and play it along with Edain with no problems

Announcing Beta version of BOTTA 3.0

Announcing Beta version of BOTTA 3.0

News 22 comments

Today i would like to announce the release o f long awaited BOTTA 3.0 Beta version.

Mordor Faction Update

Mordor Faction Update

News 39 comments

Hello guys, it's been a long time since i posted some news, but finally i found some spare time to share with you some rework of my favourite faction.

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Installation Guides   Step by Step

Installation Guides Step by Step

Tutorials 15 comments

NOTE: Before installing, make sure you patched your "Rise of the Witch-King" with 2.01 patch!!! Here you can download an Installation guides to help you...

BotTA BETA - 1.0 Patch

BotTA BETA - 1.0 Patch

Patch 79 comments

This is the first update for the Beta version of BotTA Mod. It fixes many bugs and adds some new features. Also, it FINALLY fixes the Custom Heroes, Ring...

Battles of the Third Age - 3.0 Beta version

Battles of the Third Age - 3.0 Beta version

Demo 108 comments

This is Beta version of BOTTA Mod. Contains all required files. This is NOT an installer, it is a zipped BOTTA folder which you unzip in your C drive...

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I have this strange bug that prevents me from summoning Smaug. Whenever I play as Gundabad and use the Smaug summon power, the spawning animation plays (The flame effects, I don't know what else to call it)but Smaug does not appear. Another issue I have are with attack trolls. They don't use the right model when they spawn (However, upon death they change to the correct model) and their animations are glitchy and bugged. I have no idea why I am getting these issues and no one else has reported them... I'm pretty sure I installed everything correctly. I'm running this on Windows 10. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

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I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mod without the 1.0 patch to see if it would work on the regular Beta 3.0 version, I still get the same issues on the unpatched version of the mod.

After scrolling through some the pages here, I see a couple other people seem to have the same problem, with Smaug, glitched trolls and apparently issues with the Great Beast of Gorgoroth's head being pink. Speaking of which after further playing, I found a few other glitches. I forget off the top of my head which exact units they were, but the weapons of certain Gundabad orc units (I think I remember them being pike men) were purple. Also, when I use Bolg's mount warg ability, Bolg himself becomes invisible, but his warg remains visible.

And yes, ROTWK is installed with the latest patch (2.01) and I also installed the latest patch on regular BFME 2 as well. And have no other mods installed for ROTWK or BFME 2. This is pretty frustrating that most other people do not have these problems, but a few of us do and no one has found a fix.

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Hi Aubis,

Pink textures appearing during a game are caused by too high graphic settings.This especially happens if you play at big maps with many players.The game engine cannot handle the huge amount of battaillons and the high graphic textures of the models as the engine isn't able to use more processor cores than one for example. Please lower the graphic settings. Especially lower the shadow settings as they need a lot of ressources. You will not see a great difference when lowering the model settings either. Lower the other settings to medium.. On my laptop, I've always had a direct3d error after having a lot of pink units and sometimes buildings on big maps before doing that.

I'm not sure if this helps regarding the invisible units. That sounds weird to me.

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I really enjoy playing this amazing mod.Is there any chance you'll give us information about the date of the new update/patch?
I await eagerly but we are all hungry for more content.

Best of luck.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Can't wait.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Hi Morgulord,

what do you think about the revision of the spellbook the Edain Mod Team did?
It seems to me, that it additionally brings a much more tactical aspect into the game which would also fit with the botta mod. So, it would be possible to support defensive factions as Gondor a little bit better at the beginnung of the game. In the meantime of your mod development, especially Gondor gets diffuculties to protect themselves against the relatively strong goblin factions in my opinion. The gundabad ai for example is able to build the heaviliy armoured orcs quite early, while Gondor have to struggle with slow building and unit build time. When then the gundabad ai rushes to your Gondor base with well euqiped orcs and additionally some trolls, it is often hard to defend. Such a revision of the spellbook as the Edain team did, could support and compensate that a little bit. In addition it brings a new interesting aspect into the game, which can intensify the philosophy of a faction even more than now.

I always found that your spellbook is much better thought-out than in other mods. It already has a lot of tactical aspects. So, what do you think? Will we see an update of your spellbook in the next versions as well?

Many Greetings!

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Whan will the new update come Morgullord? Last autumn you promised "very soon" and in decembre you sayd you are ready for announce the updats. We wait eagerly!
Your mod is the best by the way!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

We not even get a hint, Morgullord?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Hi MorguLord,

I know it must be very annoying to be always asked about the actual status of your mod as you have a life besides modding and as you're definitely busy while working on it. On the other hand we are highly curious and impatient regarding the new version of your awesome mod. We haven't heard anything from you for months. Would it be possible to give us a very small information how it is going so far? That would be really great! Thank you a lot for your work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+10 votes

How's the mod coming along morgul, I still play daily and have a blast with it. Hopefully you have a lot going on behind the scenes and that's why you don't post here anymore =).

Keep up the good work

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one of the best mod ever !

Apr 10 2013 by KingDain

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