Welcome fans of BFME and LOTR
On this page i will introduce you with my mod for Rise of the Witch-King, on which i worked on for the past 2 years
Before playing this mod, be sure that you have patched the game with 2.01 version
The Battles of the Third Age (BOTTA) mod is a mod for The Battle for Middle Earth - The Rise of the Witch King.
This mod tends to follow the lore of books and films along with bringing the realism in the gameplay, and generally concentrates of the happenings in the Third age of Middle Earth, so you will see almost every character that fought in the battles of this age, for example: Bolg, Beorn, Imrahil, Shagrat etc.
Lots of the balance from the vanilla games is fixed so be free to expect some new gameplay styles and new strategies and tactics that you will use in order to destroy your enemy.To do that, you will get help from the new Heroes and Units and their new Powers that are in this mod.
No rush tactics anymore, AI wont charge on you in the first 5 minutes, giving you no time to expand your camp and upgrade your economy. Gameplay now focuses on defense, rather than offense like in the vanilla game. So you will have a lot of time for preparing for battle, upgrading your units and level up your Heroes.

General changes:
- Stronger Heroes
- Stronger Structures
- New Game balance
- New Heroes, Units, Buildings and Powers
- New and improved Textures for every single Hero or Unit in the game
- Smaller battalions
- New Upgrades
- New Siege system
- New Upgrade systems
- New sounds and effects


- War of the Ring mode is buggy

Stay tuned for more news and screenshots

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Battle for the MOTY

News 6 comments

I cannot believe it, but we finally made it, and all thanks to you guys :)

One part of our journey is over and another begins. I said if we get to the top 100, i will do my best to finish up the new version.

In the next few days i will upload some images of new Mirkwood Units, Buildings, Heroes and other stuff, so be prepared. Besides that, im preparing some news update about the new version, so stay tuned if you want to know what the new version brings.
Ok, i cannot waste anymore of my free time, im back to modding.
Once again, let us unite as an army and go for that MOTY award, or at least top 10.


BotTA Mod Installation - Step by Step

BotTA Mod Installation - Step by Step

Starting a mod Tutorial 36 comments

Step by step installation of the whole version and patch/bugfix

BOTTA Mod Installation Tutorial

BOTTA Mod Installation Tutorial

Installers Tutorial 29 comments

Video Tutorial for installing BOTTA Mod and play it along with Edain with no problems

Mod of the Year 2018

Mod of the Year 2018

News 14 comments

Greetings to all those who patiently waited, asked and craved for some news and update from me. I know you waited for a long time, but finally here i...

Announcing Alpha version of BOTTA 3.0

Announcing Alpha version of BOTTA 3.0

News 22 comments

Today i would like to announce the release o f long awaited BOTTA 3.0 Alpha version.

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Battles of the Third Age - 3.0 Alpha version

Battles of the Third Age - 3.0 Alpha version

Full Version 68 comments

This is the Alpha version of BOTTA Mod. Contains all required files.

Installation Guides   Step by Step

Installation Guides Step by Step

Tutorials 25 comments

NOTE: Before installing, make sure you patched your "Rise of the Witch-King" with 2.01 patch!!! Here you can download an Installation guides to help you...

Battles of the Third Age 2.0

Battles of the Third Age 2.0

Full Version

This mod tends to follow the lore of books and films along with bringing the realism in the gameplay, and generally concentrates of the happenings in...

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I am glad you work further on Mod, especially Mirkwood. But i not understand your post. So when we can expect new version now roughly?

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The mod is good. He pleased me for a long time. But time is up. Appeared AOTR. Yes, I know that they have a whole team and therefore more beautiful models and frequent updates, but Bottа is good with his ideas. I like the way MorgulLord showed the skills of the heroes.But unfortunately I think the new Mirkwood faction will not change the situation for the better. Great respect to the creator! Respect! Think over the crazy idea of ​​joining the AOTR team with your work. Together you will create a masterpiece and a new symphony ...

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes
sebi.costa Online

AOTR is a pretty mediocre mod dude
Doesnt even have Angmar, heroes are boring to play and uninspired
The only thing it has going for it is that it is pretty.

If MorgulLord wants to join any team, it should be EDAIN. Now that is a great mod full of content. With great gameplay, ideas, even a campagne, plenty of maps, huge community.

Edain > BOTTA > Base Game 2.02 > AOTR in my honest opinion.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
MorguLord Creator

Hey hey hey guys, sorry for the absence, im very busy with work, I didnt quite tested the uploading again, because i found some free time to work on the mod, and trying finishing Mirkwood and some other stuff. Im woring very hard, collecting money to go on Malta to work untill the start of the July, so be patient, as i am patient.

Reply Good karma+5 votes
sebi.costa Online

As long as I dont die of old age before the next update goes live, its all good. Wish you best of luck and yes finishing Mirkwood before release so we get a more complete version is ideal.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thanks for the update man! Unfortunately, I don't understand your 2nd sentence, though….do you working as hell at the moment to go to Malta in July where you want to work on the mod? Or you are working as hell on the mod as you will go to Malta at the beginning of July? Or are you working as hell at work to go to Malta for working?

Didn't get it, sorry.... :( Would be really nice if you would clarify that especially in regards of the mod, please.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Elladan2605 Online

Why does this post remind me of a certain scene from The Hobbit 🤔?

"What do you mean?" he said. "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

No need to hurry, take your time, as always. Thanks for info. And of course - good luck with the things from real life ;o)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Yo dude, what is the current status of the upload of new version? When can we expect it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

current status is: keep patience

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

To be honest it's quite strange situation - MorguLord told fans that there is problem with uploading the new version ... and instead of explanation or uploading by his tester he remained silent for the whole month.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Jesus, it's only a month. I follow this mod since 2013. For over six years, new version has been uploaded only three or four times. And you can't stand a month :/

He's adult, working person and he's NOT our employee. He told us that he can't upload this on this site and apparently he didn't find solution for now.

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one of the best mod ever !

Apr 10 2013 by KingDain

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