Absolute Corruption is one of the most entertaining mods ever released for EaW/FoC, but it is a very old mod and hasn't seen regular updates in quite some time. You can get it here.

The purpose of Absolute Chaos is to enhance and expand ACM while preserving the basic formula which made it so successful to begin with. We are updating its look, adding in new units and features, and overhauling the AI while keeping the basic game play mechanics and balance in place. Here are some of the things we have added in order to help this classic mod reach its full potential:

-Fully functional AI that can now build and utilize the new structures and units. This was one of the biggest problems with the original, because the stock AI had no idea what to do with any of that new content. The AI has also been tweaked for aggression and strategic planning, making this mod much more of a challenge than the original.

-New Galactic Conquest scenarios, including full integration with the massive Ultimate Galactic Conquest mod. You can now play all with all of those new features and units in a full scale, 136 planet galaxy map complete with unique land maps and planetary bonuses.

-New tech system for the Zann Consortium, which balances out the underworld faction and requires them to access new units and weapons through tech advances just like the original factions.

-Improved game play balance, with lots of minor tweaks to unbalanced units and heroes, ensuring that more time is spent enjoying frustration-free game play.

And now, with version 2.0, you can expect:

-New content- units and features that were once part of the mod but were cut are being added back in to give this already loaded mod even more content and variety! The already sizable unit roster from ACM 2.4 is being expanded and many new ground and space units are being added, making this expansion one of the most content rich mods in the entire EaW/FoC community.

-Improved visuals. A better GUI system and updated particle effects will keep this baby looking fresh, as will the addition of finishing touches like the re-introduction of proper death clones, upgraded models, new ground and space maps, improved textures and space skydomes, and much more. As newer and better content is made available, many of the dated looking models will be replaced.

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I am pleased to be able to report that progress is moving quickly on version 2.0. I have even contacted a few of you about helping me out with a closed beta. I expect this to be a short testing period, mainly just to ensure that the re-written perceptual equations will work in both the steam and retail formats.

Here is the change log for version 2.0 of Absolute Chaos:


  • The perceptual equations and scripts have all been rewritten, keeping most of Reeb99's basic ideas in place but without the new tags and labels that caused parsing errors. The AI will now run in a .meg file format, similar to the set up now used by Republic at War 1.2. This overwrites the main data AI files without breaking either the vanilla game or your other mods.
  • The Hard AI will show you no mercy whatsoever, so you are warned!
  • Emphasis on the first release is UGC, which has been overhauled dramatically. All planets are in their canonically correct positions, and more starting forces have been added. Some planets are now heavily fortified pirate strongholds that cannot be taken until late in the game: (Hapes, Bakura, Csilla, Bonadan, Muunilinst).
  • The UGC map has lots of interlocking trade routes and clusterwebs
  • All of the GC scenarios from ACM 2.4 have been added back in with 100 planet GC maps
  • Three UGC style GC scenarios with 136 planets have been added in addition to two local campaigns with 45 planets each
  • Battlecruisers have been nerfed across the board
  • More starting forces and trade routes have been added to the local campaigns for UGC
  • Infantry health has been tripled, making them more resilient in combat.
  • Capital ships and Battlecruisers have had their build locations changed, so there is no longer any one planet where you can build all of them. More planets now build capital ships, but they are no longer universally available at Star Base 5.

swfoc 2018 01 17 08 36 35 47


  • Empire gets the Harrow Destroyer
  • Empire gets the Eidolon Missle Cruiser
  • Empire gets the Galaxy Destroyer
  • Empire gets the TIE Interdictor
  • Empire get the Tyrant Cruiser
  • Empire gets the Galaxy Destroyer
  • Empire gets Novatroopers
  • Empire gets Storm Commandos
  • Empire gets XR-85 Tank Droid
  • Rebels get General Dodonna in the modified Assault Frigate Mk. I
  • Rebels get MC-75
  • Rebels get Strident Star Defender
  • Rebels get Blue Diver
  • Rebels get V-Wing Airspeeder
  • Rebels get T1-B Tanks
  • Princess Leia now uses Tantive IV in space combat
  • Underworld gets the Bloodstar Battlecruiser
  • Underworld gets the Mandalorian Cruiser
  • Underworld gets the Kyramud
  • Underworld gets the Lictor Cruiser
  • Underworld gets the Wavecrest Frigate
  • Underworld gets the Kandosii
  • Underworld gets the Mandalorian Tank
  • Underworld gets IG-Series Droid Mercenaries
  • The Hapan Battledragon is now buildable on Hapes by all factions
  • Arquitens Light Cruiser buildable by all factions on a handful of planets
  • Invincible Heavy Cruiser buildable by all factions on a handful of planets
  • Valiant Destroyer buildable by all factions on a handful of planets
  • Underworld gets Mandalorian Mercenaries, comparable to SpecForce in ground battle
  • Empire gets Navy Troopers
  • Rebels get Mixed Assault Company (Infantry squad with plex soldiers, specforce, and wookies)
  • All factions can build an XQ-3 Space Station after the Construction Shipyard
  • Three new buildings: The Rebels now build the Medium Vehicle Factory from AEM 5.1, and the Empire now builds an Advanced Barracks Facility. Underworld grand arena unlocked for GC.
  • All factions can build Golan I, II and III defense platforms
  • Empire and Rebels can once again build CIS land units on Raxus, Mechis and Ord Mantell

Dreadnought now goes out with a proper death clone


  • The GUI has been returned to the classic Empire at War blue theme
  • New MC80A model for the Rebels, replacing the re-used "Home One" model
  • All new explosions, particles, and high-def textures added courtesy of The Farseer's particle and projectile packs
  • New skydomes and starfields
  • Proper death clones have been added for many units, including the dreadnaught, Assault Frigate, and Customs Station
  • Many icons have been changed out for better looking replacements
  • New Splash screen
  • New shield penetration effects
  • New music files and sound effects
  • New Turbolaser models
  • Dated looking models have been replaced and upgraded for the Victory I, Victory II, Venator, Star Destroyer, Star Destroyer Mk. II, Nebulon B, Calamari Cruiser, Calamari MC80, Praetor, Titan, Allegiance, Viscount, Lucrehulk, Recusant, and more.

111563 1


  • Admiral Daala now builds on The Maw instead of Coruscant
  • Victory Destroyer scaled up
  • Original Tactical cameras restored
  • More planets now have unique space tactical maps, including Hapes, Bastion, Ralltiir, Ord Mantell, Yaga Minor, Rendili, Sluis Van and Druckenwell
  • New Land maps added for Hapes, Duro, Ralltiir, Etti IV, and Bastion
  • Alderaan is back in its pre-destroyed condition
  • New GC planets: Ralltiir, Denon, Tynna, Mechis III, Etti IV
  • Cinnagar is now Empress Teta
  • Serpindal is now Mythus VII
  • Underworld plasma projectiles swapped out for new Yellow Turbolasers
  • X-Wings now fire proton torpedoes
  • Underworld can only build CIS ships on CIS-y planets now e.g (Geonosis, Mechis, Muunilist, Cato-Neimoidia, Mustafar, Saleucami etc.)
  • Dauntless rescaled
  • SpecForce now use Forest textures only in order to visually distinguish them from regular infantry
  • Some fighters rebalanced
  • Loronar Strike cruiser has been nerfed
  • Fire rates have been reduced for all battlecruiser class warships
  • Star Base garrisons reduced but hangars now spawn continuously, making the hangar a legitimate priority target instead of just another damage sponge
  • Many, many more changes. See the Readme for credits and Details!
Steam Crash Fix

Steam Crash Fix


What is going wrong with the Steam version, and (probably) the solution

Absolute Chaos 2.0- Coming Soon!

Absolute Chaos 2.0- Coming Soon!

News 4 comments

New directions for the mod, and what to expect for the next release.

Absolute Chaos 1.08

Absolute Chaos 1.08


About the version 1.08, some big changes, some small changes.

Absolute Chaos 1.07.1 bug fix

Absolute Chaos 1.07.1 bug fix


The AI fix is up. I went ahead and changed the full version as well.

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Absolute Chaos 109 beta 2

Absolute Chaos 109 beta 2

Patch 21 comments

This is a beta test version released on July 1st, 2017. This is a patch version, apply over absolute chaos 1.07 or higher to help me test this out.

Absolute Chaos 1.08 Patch

Absolute Chaos 1.08 Patch

Patch 1 comment

Download this one if you DID install Absolute Chaos 1.07 or above previously, and want to update to 1.08. In that case, you do not need the full version...

Absolute Chaos 1.08 Full

Absolute Chaos 1.08 Full

Full Version 47 comments

Download this one if you DID NOT install Absolute Chaos 1.07 or above previously. If you install the full version, you do not need the patch version also...

story mode map enhancement

story mode map enhancement

Singleplayer Map 5 comments

a simple xml edit that adds forces to the planets added by the ACM mod and tweaks the Maw because of early access to heaver ships.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 360)

Since your using a lot of models from z3r0x, is there anyway that his Yuuzhan Vong faction can make it into the mod some day? Would love to see more factions come into this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
killdivas Creator

As for the Vong, probably not any time soon. There are already two very high quality Vong mods out and a third coming out later this year. I figure if you want a Vong fix, you will have plenty to satisfy you and so there is no need for us to go that route.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Just wanted to know, are you giving the X-Wings proton torpedoes?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
killdivas Creator

Yes, they have them.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hey Killdivas If you decide to edit the models for CIS units on the mod page for the FOC Alliance mod you can find free models to use for the cis and they are amazing .

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
killdivas Creator

Hi Airman- right now I am mainly using the free release Evillejedi models from back in the day. Those come with no strings attached and so they are my go-to right now. I will probably update the Providence and the Lucrehulk in time, but I am pretty sure I would need to get permission to use the models that were rigged for Alliance. Thanks for the suggestion, though, if you come across good free releases by all means let me know about it!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

For sure

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

OMG man, those Nebulon B and MC80 Liberty pics are beautiful. There are both some of my favorite ships. This might be my favorite mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Will this mod have planet exclusive ships? Like Corellian ships on Corellia? Or the Viscount only on Mon Calamari?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
killdivas Creator

Yes, this mod will have lots of them. Corellia, Hapes, Bakura, and Csilla will all be places where you can build special units. There will also be units that can only be built on planets like Kuat, Rothana, Mon Calamari, The Maw, Bilbringi, etc. If you know your Star Wars, you can probably guess what a lot of these are.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Awesome! Cant wait!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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