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9 Review

Mod Review on Apr 29th, 2014 - 2 people don't

2004 called, they wanted to make up for Shadow of Chernobyl's initial release with this beauty

10 Review

Mod Review on May 2nd, 2013

If you haven't played this mod, you should; level design is tight, it looks great (surprising since it only uses what's there in the base Source SDK), and the gameplay is fast and solid

After 7 years this is still one of the best mods out there for any game, and shows that you can make a Source Engine level look good with default HL2 content without making it look like something from 1998.

Zombie Master 2
6 Review

Mod Review on Mar 17th, 2013 - 10 people agree 12 people don't

I was a fan of the original Zombie Master so when I heard that there was a sequel in the works (back when ZM2 was called ZMI) I was excited to see what could be done. 3 years later, it finally comes out and unfortunately I was disappointed for the following things:

This is a Patch, not a sequel: generally when a game has the number 2 attached to it, you'll expect to seem some amazing changes (new art assets, greatly improved engine, new gameplay, new maps, revamped everything, etc.) and unfortunately this isn't the case. With the exception of Z3R0's custom content, and the under the hood engine changes (most notably the conversion to Orange Box), the game is exactly the same as its predecessors, down to the heavy usage of HL2 models/textures/animations and gameplay.

The game itself hasn't aged well: ZM1 was fantastic back in 2007, and I was excited to see if ZM2 improved upon its gameplay. Unfortunately little has changed in the 'sequel' so it feels like a fossilized dinosaur. Having default HL2 values for movement/damage/etc. for humans (with high powered guns) and pairing them up against crippled Zombie AI (one would think they made large zombie horde navigation better; they still get stuck on one another) = not fun in 2013.

Questionable Design Choices: The autopick up feature for guns/ammo was fine back in 2004 for HL2 (which had one pistol, one smg, etc.) but for a Mod that has multiple weapons for each category, it gets annoying when I want to pick up a specific gun only to pick up a weapon I didn't want which was closer to me (this is a big issue in massive gun piles). I had no clue which gun accepted which ammobox (the ammo looks pretty but there's no clear indicator to what gun they're matched up with). The default keybindings also bugged me (why is B = drop gun when it's G for every other game?).

I hope this project succeeds in the coming updates, I really do but at this moment it's simply a glorified patch masquerading as a 'sequel'.

Dino D-Day
6 Review

Game Review on Mar 13th, 2013

No review provided

Invasion 1944
10 Review

Mod Review on Dec 5th, 2012 - 2 people agree

Best mod to live out your Band of Brothers/Saving Private Ryan fantasies with your best friends!

Sword Of Damocles: Warlords
9 Review

Mod Review on Oct 5th, 2012

No review provided

Vector Thrust
10 Review

Game Review on Sep 29th, 2012

No review provided

6 Review

Mod Review on Sep 15th, 2012

No review provided

Kung fu 3.0
10 Review

Mod Review on Sep 15th, 2012

No review provided

Black Mesa
7 Review

Mod Review on Sep 15th, 2012 - 2 people agree 16 people don't

Note: just got past the Tentacle boss

Visually, the mod looks outstanding, prop design and art are top notch though there are some oddities (like the lowres stuff on the tram's ceiling in Inbound, and some textures) but otherwise the team did a good job. Levels are excellent too, filled with various levels of detail.

Audio wise, there are some problems (music overpowering voices/gunshots/etc.) but it's good overall; the Magnum feels satisfying to use. Voice acting's also good but it was odd to see Eli Vance (and other fellow African American scientists) with a 'white guy voice'. The soundtrack is excellent but as mentioned before, occasionally overpowers the in game sound.

Gameplay: This is the best (and worst) part of Black Mesa. It's basically just Half Life 1 but with Source graphics. Sure, there are some minor differences (mostly story related, you can use the zoom in feature with the revolver, etc.) but generally it's a close 1:1 match to HL1. So, your enjoyment level is strictly based on whether or not you love Half Life 1. If you loved it (or if you never played HL1) you'll appreciate the 8 years spent on the project. If you're like me and didn't really enjoy HL1 in its initial 1998 release (or you just got tired of it after finishing), you'll won't like it as much

Misc: The game suffers some stability/performance issues, which is unfortunate. Crashed several times (mostly death related) and the FPS can really drop in open areas. I'll attribute those problems to the Source 2007 engine though, since it's extremely outdated and unstable for detail oriented TC mods. I ran this mod on a i7 ivybridge clocked at 3.2 GHz with an AMD 7970.


In conclusion, this mod is worth a download to see how much work the team did. They really did a good job. However, don't expect too much on the gameplay side. In the end, after all the hype, it's Half Life 1 on Source and for some players who've been waiting for 8 years, that's a disappointment.

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