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Smiley_Riley Dec 26 2014, 1:49am replied:

Yes we have plans for Police NPCs (both zombie and human); the National Guard models were finished first, their amounts will be tweaked on a later patch

NMRiH2 will release when hell freezes over, wait whenever there's an official non-facebook post for further details

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Smiley_Riley Oct 30 2014, 11:52pm replied:

Nothing's stopping anyone from making their own modifications to the game. We haven't done anything on our end to hamper the efforts of the custom community out there!

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Smiley_Riley May 23 2014, 5:11pm replied:

Is it all the maps or just a specific few?

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Smiley_Riley Mar 29 2014, 7:02pm replied:

I've read the article. I know the dilemma they're facing. We went through the same deal with Valve in No More Room in Hell.

Although we could've sold our mod as a Source title on Steam, we chose not to. We simply wanted to allow people to enjoy our game through a nice digital distribution service, for free. None of us on the team became modders with the intent of making money.

It'll be a shame if the rest of the greenlit Source projects go the way of Black Mesa's choice.

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Smiley_Riley Mar 29 2014, 3:01pm says:

> Marked as Free to Play on Greenlight, initially advertised as such
> Once greenlit, announces possible plan to turn mod into paid product on Steam, instead of their original free project
> It isn't even an original IP

That's nice

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Smiley_Riley Mar 17 2014, 8:21pm says:

I dabbled with mission scripting for those old Jane's Combat Sim games in '98; emulating Ace Combat in a flight sim didn't exactly turn out well. I later got into scripting scenarios/level editing in Age of Mythology.

After a few years of that nonsense, I learned some C++ and tried to make my own personal HL mod. By now I realized that I was better at breaking things, rather than creating new things. I shifted gears and decided to be a simple tester. Sounded simple and easy to do, just play games and mods until they break.

That small tester thing later turned into 8 years of madness, working in several dozen mods at the same time (never do that). In some of those mods I became QA Lead and I had to start that stuff up from scratch. That was problematic at times since most 'testers' simply want to play the game. The second you say "please submit your issues to the Bug Tracker", they all flee. It was really stressful ensuring each release and patch was as stable as it can be, noting down as many issues as you could, knowing that some of them cannot be resolved (due to deadlines, or us not having access to the full Engine) ZPS was a bit stressful, since it was a Steam Mod (ZPS Team was well kept so not too bad), but NMRiH was the worst. Even though we tracked down most of the issues (around over a thousand tickets were submitted, spread across TRAC/Mantis/GitHub) and fixed a good deal of the worst bugs, we couldn't fix a select few of them in time for some of our releases (we made Source 2007 do things it shouldn't be doing). I couldn't sleep for two weeks after our initial Beta 1.0 release. I didn't sleep right for a full month in the case of our Steam release.

But those were an interesting 8 years; In addition to the QA, I got dragged into Level Design, more scripting, PR, community and team management.

Nowadays I rather just sit down and roll 10 sided dice. 'Modding' tabletop games is significantly less stressful and more enjoyable (table flipping antics ftw)

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Smiley_Riley Mar 11 2014, 6:43pm replied:

If you played TF2 or CS:S it's the same idea; you can open up a server browser and join a pre-existing community dedicated server, or create your own Local/Listen server

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Smiley_Riley Feb 15 2014, 10:11pm replied:

"huge shallow pumpass"

I'd think hypocritical carpet muncher's more suitable

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Smiley_Riley Feb 15 2014, 2:40pm replied:

Feedback, good or bad, is still feedback. That's why we all take the time to read the Steam Forums and our ModDB page to see what we're doing right and more importantly, doing wrong. Some of them have valid points and arguments (the others are fun to read).

Otherwise I personally think we did something right if people still play and talk about our ****** mod after 3 years of its initial release. Better to be talked about, than to not be talked about at all.

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Smiley_Riley Feb 12 2014, 5:04pm replied: +1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
Smiley_Riley Jan 19 2014, 2:56am replied:

Tell us something we don't know

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Smiley_Riley Jan 1 2014, 1:32pm replied:

A lot of stuff happens when you manage to successfully greenlight a project (lots of boring legal redtape)

However contrary to what the other Greenlit projects said (blah blah blah we had to make our game retail), you can still release your game for free; you just need someone who actually speaks and understands legal jargon

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Smiley_Riley Dec 27 2013, 2:09pm replied:

Alright that makes sense

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Smiley_Riley Dec 27 2013, 5:40am says:


Also uh, why is PR:BF2 up there? They already won so they can't be on the list?

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Smiley_Riley Dec 23 2013, 3:17pm replied:

Sorry to break it to you but, not every mod focuses on ModDB for their community efforts (see MTA:SA for an example)

Also, HL2 is no longer the modding haven it once was; all the major Total Conversion mods are either out (and dead) or were dead long ago.

We'll be seeing more small scale fun mods like Jaykin' Bacon (it looks great), and mods for more popular titles like Skyrim (If you haven't heard of the SureAI team you're living under a rock)

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Smiley_Riley Dec 23 2013, 3:49am replied:

We have Law Enforcement NPCs planned, along with other ones

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Smiley_Riley Dec 11 2013, 10:26pm says:

Just so you know, the IndieDB of the Year logo @ Indiedb.com blocks the sign in drop down panel if you try to log into your IndieDB profile

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Smiley_Riley Dec 5 2013, 3:34am replied:

ov_runner_chance 0

Have fun

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Smiley_Riley Dec 2 2013, 6:45pm replied:

There aren't any plans to have AI teammates (at least, not like the L4D bots), but we're planning on implementing various NPCs (like the National Guard) that can either help or hinder your goals

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Smiley_Riley Nov 27 2013, 2:53am replied:

Willem Dafoe's a better choice :P

Can't wait for those Friendly Fire incidents!

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Smiley_Riley Nov 27 2013, 2:47am replied:

you don't know man, you weren't there

+4 votes   article: In Country: Vietnam - Gameplay Teaser & Screenshots
Smiley_Riley Nov 20 2013, 10:36pm replied:

They're not done, but you can spawn them in with npc_create npc_nmrih_nationalguard

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Smiley_Riley Nov 19 2013, 9:34pm replied:

Speaking as a consumer, if the title in question was a new IP, I'd buy it. (The Nameless Mod on Unreal Engine 4 = I'm happy)

I'm more skeptical on remakes though; on one hand you have stuff like Resident Evil on Gamecube (where it's been remade and redone to the point where it's essentially a brand new game), on the other hand you have something like Halo Anniversary (same game but with better graphics)

BM falls more towards the Halo Anniversary kind of remake and while people may appreciate that, I feel it's not enough to warrant me repurchasing a game I already bought 10+ years ago

I'm happy that they secured a distribution agreement with Valve, but I do hope the "free" version will be available on Steam

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Smiley_Riley Nov 3 2013, 3:56pm replied:

Right click on NMRiH > Go to Properties > Local Files > Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache

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Smiley_Riley Nov 1 2013, 7:41pm replied:


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Smiley_Riley Nov 1 2013, 6:03pm replied:

Unfortunately we don't have access to the Server Browser code, otherwise we would've done that way before release

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Smiley_Riley Nov 1 2013, 2:54am replied:

We'll have to fully reanimate the crowbar since unfortunately the source files for that weren't updated

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Smiley_Riley Oct 29 2013, 2:56am replied:

Crawling animations are done but they aren't fully coded in, that'll be fixed when our programmer gets up in the next few hours

+2 votes   article: Steam Closed Beta Keys
Smiley_Riley Oct 25 2013, 1:26am replied:

I'd recommend just waiting for the Steam build, that comes out within a week

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Smiley_Riley Oct 16 2013, 11:47pm replied:


This changelog isn't final though, stuff gets added/fixed every day

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Smiley_Riley Jun 25 2013, 7:05am replied:

If everything goes well we'll have a bunch of new our objective maps out shortly after Steam Release (we were going to have them in 1.07 but things never go as planned :P )

Highlights only really pop up if you're standing really close to a usable weapon/tool and if your cursor's over it, one of the problems players had was not knowing if they could pick something up or not

+8 votes   article: Development Update June 2013
Smiley_Riley Oct 6 2012, 7:04pm says:

Man I reinstalled M&B just to play this 14 hours ago and now I have to redownload the mod

y u do this to me D: but seriously I'm excited to give this new version a shot

+1 vote   article: Star Wars Conquest 0.9.4-preview Released
Smiley_Riley Dec 19 2011, 1:18pm says:


seems to work fine (Downloaded from that just now)

+2 votes   download: Beta 1.02b Hotfix [Outdated v1.02b]
Smiley_Riley Dec 6 2011, 1:45pm replied:

Because Valve is smart enough not to exclude a good deal of their lower pc end gamers just to appease those with dual sli video card configs

+2 votes   article: C17 Episode One | Real Time Global Lighting in Source
Smiley_Riley Jun 17 2009, 2:15am says:

Good to see that you guys are back on track hehe

+4 votes   article: No More Room in Hell is back in action on ModDB!
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