I started out building custom levels for Zombie Panic! Source in 2008, spent a couple years with Tripmine Studios working on remakes of Blue Shift and Opposing Force ("Guard Duty" and "Operation Black Mesa" respectively), and then took up 3D modeling. Currently I am co-founding Majesty 3D as an independent game development studio, and focusing mainly on Android development with the Unity engine for the time being.

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Ratboy601 Apr 1 2013, 5:31pm replied:

technically... it IS a cartoon. Just sayin.

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Ratboy601 Jan 24 2013, 7:27pm replied:

OBVIOUSLY not trolling. Trolls never make unfounded unoriginal inflammatory comments to complete strangers about matters they have zero knowledge on. Thanks for clearing up that you are absolutely NOT doing that. Please continue...

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Ratboy601 Dec 24 2012, 8:56am replied:

I see two options. 1. MODDB recognizes that Black Mesa clearly has bigger and better things coming to it completely independently of this community, and doesn't want to overshadow all the other amazing mods with one thats already receieved a GIGANTIC amount of attention, and was among the first to be Greenlit on Steam. 2. Black Mesa, despite its voracious fan base, is simply a remake and nothing more and therefore undeserving of mention in comparison to other games that all brought original gameplay concepts to the table rather than just touching up some old ones.

Beyond that... I can't think of a single reason why BMS would not have come up here, and agree that it should have taken at least one of the 3 that were given to CoF. Yes Cry of Fear was great and deserving of 2nd place best overall OR best community AND/OR best single player... but all 3? I disagree.

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Ratboy601 Oct 15 2012, 12:33am says:

I'm sorry that you have some jerks trolling you apparently on the behalf of Guard Duty, or on some principle of what makes a mod a mod. You clearly have your work cut out for you even if you hire a team to make a few models/textures/codes, and map the whole thing yourself. Although your intent to make this mod (which has a nearly identical end-product goal as an already long existing one) seems a bit impatient and slightly arrogant of you, I still admire your tenacity and the fact that you are DOING something about it instead of whining about the wait for Guard Duty like every other impatient baby on the internet. And for that, I solute you and support your mod. I wish you the best of luck.

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Ratboy601 Oct 4 2012, 7:02am replied:

1.Why should a completely separate project aim to be even slightly "accurate" to another?
2.They're welcome to copy and paste BMS into another game and call it a mod if they want to, and if it makes you happy that its more like BMS then I'm happy for you. But its hard to create a "re-imagining" of a game when you're using materials from somebody elses imagination (or in this case another teams). Our games may not be exactly like BMS, but they will have complete internal continuity and integrity. Nobody can take that away from us.

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Ratboy601 Oct 4 2012, 6:54am replied:

We are two teams sharing assets including developers, not one team making two mods. This will be much faster and give both games continuity.

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Ratboy601 May 3 2012, 2:17am replied:

Honestly, Blue Shift was easily the darkest HL game of them all. Especially the Power Struggle chapter. I remember playing and being really annoyed that my flashlight kept running out.

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Ratboy601 May 3 2012, 2:14am replied:

I also suspect BMS will be released this year, as well as Ep3. But please don't quote us. We're not affiliated with BMS or Valve in any way.

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Ratboy601 May 3 2012, 2:12am replied:

No, it will be included and an option in the main menu, as if it were the hazard course (which will also be there).

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Ratboy601 Jan 23 2012, 12:08pm replied:

So, 11 months later I came back to this and I got it to work! Hooray! It works great when faceposer isn't crashing. Even when this plugin is not installed, I can't get faceposer to not crash when I try to move words and phonemes. Any idea if there's any way to stabilize this?

Anyway, good job on the plugin. Its a HUGE time saver.
Sorry, meant to post a new comment, not reply to mikeanderson...

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Ratboy601 Jan 7 2012, 2:17am replied:

why would they be in Black Mesa's warehouse? They're HECU supplies...

+2 votes   media: April Media Release
Ratboy601 Jan 5 2012, 2:13am replied:

yes sir, if I have anything to say about it (and I do!) then that scene will be much more "sourcey."

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Ratboy601 Jan 5 2012, 2:01am replied:

Wow, I knew nothing of this chumtoad business until right now... *le sigh* and I call myself a fanboy.

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Ratboy601 Dec 22 2011, 1:01am replied:

We have no affiliation with the Black Mesa mod and will not be sharing any content. Also, I don't believe there are any areas that appear in both games, with the exception of the very beginning scene where the tram drives past the guard knocking on the door.

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Ratboy601 Feb 4 2011, 1:02pm says:

There are no .dll files of that name or type in my sdk directory. Also ep2 doesn't even have a phonemeextractor folder. Should it still work when I create those directories? I did, and it doesn't.

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