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1 Review

Mod Review on Jan 27th, 2015

Well first of all, what a generic title: WALL. Second of all, it seems like this mod is going to be another McPoker try-hard mod, which I absolutely detest. And third judging from the only image posted, this mod just looks unappealing in many ways. Sorry, but I must say I am not too impressed with this mod so far. :/

TWHL Maps and Mods
8 Review

Mod Review on Nov 27th, 2014

It's cool to see some custom maps. Good stuff!

Base Defense
9 Review

Mod Review on Aug 18th, 2014

Despite some bugs I found, it was a cleverly well-done mod. I certainly enjoyed it.

10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 28th, 2014

Well I saw this mod (or map I should call it since there's only one level) was made by Unq, the creator of Radix, a great mod, so I figured I'd take a stab at this mod. And I loved it! Sure it was quite terrifying with the hordes of headcrabs, but it was fun and definitely something I'd play again when I have some spare time. Great work once again! 10/10!

Time to Run 2
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Mod Review on Jul 25th, 2014

Time To Run 2 is just a boring sequel. It doesn't improve on any of the problems that were in its predecessor. Bad mapping, random locations, killboxes, millions of unbreakable boxes, and just no consistency to any of the maps at all. Also, I found lots of bugs. I had to noclip past three parts due to the game glitching out. Overall, TTR2 is just an inexcusably bad mod that's no different than its primitive predecessor.

Time to Run
3 Review

Mod Review on Jul 25th, 2014

For a first mod, it's just so-so. I can see the mapper knew how to make sequences with enemies and such. The mod ran cleanly and had no glitches or crashes. But it was very boring. The maps were very silent, boxy, and well nothing but killboxes mainly. Overall, I'm giving Time To Run a 3/10. It really was a very amateurishly made mod with little to no compelling aspects to it.

Project:"High Definition"
1 Review

Mod Review on Jul 13th, 2014


F.E.A.R. 2
8 Review

Game Review on Jul 10th, 2014

Nowhere as good as the original, but still a good game.

10 Review

Game Review on Jul 9th, 2014

******* amazing shooter! One of my faves. But I am too much of a pussy to play it because man it scares the **** out of me!

Halo 2
7 Review

Game Review on Jul 7th, 2014

Not as a good as its predecessor, but still fun and brings back great memories.

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