I'm Riley Walker AKA poshgaloo and I am a lifelong fanatic of the Half-Life series. I have also been involved in the modding community for a few years now.

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Half-Life: White Shift

Mod review

I'm sorry, but this is ****. It's simply the same boring, uninspiring, abysmal reskin mod I have seen from time to time.



Mod review

Um uh I don't even know what this is. Fireman? I don't even see any images pertaining to the title. Just strange anime along with an out-of-place Master Chief. Why??? :/


The Half-Life Crowbar Massacre

Mod review

Well, all I can say is that this is an example of a good idea poorly executed. The models are horrific, especially the butchered Yoda model. 2/10.


Half-Life Uplink Addon

Mod review - 1 disagree

I remember way back in the day when I first played Uplink just thinking if someone would actually add the cut chapter to the original game's Lambda chapter. Well done! If only someone could do the same with HL2: Lost Coast. That would be cool to see.


The Timeline Trilogy | Remod

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Very nice to see an updated version of one of my all-time favorite HL1 mod series. A job well done! :)



Mod review may contain spoilers

I remember playing this a few years ago and being quite blown away. The main problem is that the end of it was left unfinished so there isn't really any sort of payoff which kinda sucks. Oh well, it's still a great what-if mod nonetheless.


Fallout 4

Game review

Goddamn is this game an addiction! I've had to actually control the urgency to play this masterpiece at one in the morning when I should be getting to bed for school! Every problem from Fallout 3 and New Vegas is simply improved in what I call the greatest and most groundbreaking game since Half-Life 2! That is saying a lot since barely any game IMO has surpassed the awesomeness of the Source engine. I will not spoil and I will simply just let you all check this beautiful game out yourselves. Keep a box of tissues nearby because the soundtrack, gameplay, and aesthetic may hit you hard. It certainly did me. Absolutely a 10 even though the game does have its bitchy glitches you'll need to get by. :)


Military Duty

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 disagree

I loved it. Almost flawless in every way, besides some laggy moments. The final fight with all of the enemies was ruthless and fairly awesome at the same time. Plenty of cover and space to run around in. I like ;) 9/10


Brutal Half-Life

Mod review - 2 agree

What can I say? It was a great idea from the start and it is overall just a fun mod. Getting to kick NPCs like Barney or scientists is just pure comedy gold.


AvsM 2: Project XEN

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

I never played the first AvsM so I didn't know where this was continuing from. But I finished this just now and I must say that it was better than I thought it was going to be. Pros and cons.
-some pretty damn good mapping in spots
-clean running with no crashes or glitches
-some sweet new textures and retexturing
-the trigger_camera sequences done very well
-the twist ending with Nihilanth and the turned-friendly aliens

-some tedious backtracking and wondering around
-lack of noises or ambience leaving some areas rather boring
-some over-the-top moments leaving you with lack of ammo and health
But otherwise, not bad at all and definitely worth a look. 7.5/10 :)

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