The name's poshgaloo AKA Riley Walker and I am quite possibly one of the biggest Half-Life aficionados you will come across in your lifetime. I am also a mapper for the Goldsource engine. So there you go. ^_^

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Hey, in case you weren't aware of it, Cry of Fear is on Steam! I figured that rumpel would have to put it as a stand-alone game someday! And wouldn't you know, here it is! It's free BTW and cooler than ever. Though I still prefer Afraid of Monsters and wish that was released as a stand-alone game. But either way, go get COF now on Steam! Just thought I'd let you know. ;)


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It's my birthday today everyone. So I'm now 13 and in progress of making an addon to Sky Mesa. I'm quite glad to be here today. It's all snowy outside where I am and it is frigid cold. Anyway, you can wish me a happy birthday and a happy new year this midnight. I now have to get back to mapping. Merry Christmas Moddb.


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I'm back everybody! After almost a 3 month hiatus, I am back at moddb! I am going to continue doing reviews and continue accepting friend requests if I get any. I really have missed playing half life, so I'm back! BTW, my vote on MOTY is Cry Of fear! Awesome mod that really amazed me! Anyway, I'm back and I will continue to make mods! XD


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I am back in school people. I started 8th grade on the fourteenth. So i will probably not be online on RARE ocassions due to HOMEWORK! YEAH DAMN HOMEWORK! Nevertheless, i'm gonna still be working on Sky Mesa and i will still be able to answer any PM i get. I just hope i don't get a mountain of homework one night and have to not get online. Anyway, i just was just informing you pplz that i'm back in school. :/

I have changed alot of stuff from map 3. The images you are seeing are out of date. I have made a newer area of map 3 due to just too much clunky stuff. So i will post some images of the up to date map 3 soon after i finish creating it. This mod is TOTALLY not dead. I just have run into some technical difficulties that's all.

Hello pplz. I have recently just posted a mod thread for my half life mod Sky Mesa. Plz enjoy the thread and images that i am posting and be sure to track my mod. That would really help me out. Anyway; i am currently tweaking map 2 of Sky Mesa. I will probably soon finish the third map and FINALLY move on to the fourth map and get to the action of my mod. :D!!! Nevertheless; stay tuned for further images tomarrow for sure and good night everyone! ^_^

Great news everyone, my laptop is fixed! Yep! It's been about 8 days since my laptop went bad. I really was worried. But i got it back. One problem though, my hard drive f***ed up! So i had to get a new one. For like the fifth time! Nevertheless, i'm back on the saddle with muffy laptop! So my tutorials and stuff will be easily done here now! Anyway, just wanted to inform you pplz about this astounding news! :D!!!!

Hey people i got some bad news. My laptop has screwed up after some software or hardware was installed on it. Yeah... so i am currently using my Mom's computer to type this blog. I just want to convince my parents to get me a brand new computer. But it will cost a lot of money. So for now i probably might just have to use Mom's computer. I am still gonna check my laptop. I'll let you know if something happens and it somehow works.

Happy fourth of July everyone. I just uploaded a another tutorial on youtube. I basically made for those newbies out there that are struggling on making a room in VHE. I will probably make one more or maybe a few more before i am ready for any requests. I will accept any requests only if they are relevant with valve hammer editor. Anyway, better get going now. Later everyone.

I am taking a break from uploading half life mod play through videos. So now i am doing tutorials. I am doing them on VHE (valve hammer editor). I hope you all enjoy them. They are on youtube remember. I probably will post them on here after i get the ones i want on youtube. Here is a link to my account:
PS: I have already uploaded one tutorial. It's on how to apply decals on VHE.

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